Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ethan: I'm the Product of Two Happy Accidents Then?

New Scoops are up! GO and hit a sponsor to help GaGoo Jammies. Thank you! What do you think about Todd coming and staying in PC? Supposedly he'll be back for May Sweeps after this stint. I'm wondering if Kassie (Blair) is next. She's an east coaster but her son is 17ish...hmmmm.  

THANK GOD Anna said "what about Robin's funeral" to Robert!! 

Carly and Todd--geesh, Carly, her SEXdar is up! LOL... Giving Todd a scotch, a room, whatever. heh. Starr and Michael. Well, I can tolerate Michael now.  That's a plus. 

Starr knew the Corinthos name because Anthony told her Sonny Corinthos ran him off the road and tried to kill him.

Someone on twitter said to pay attention to the Todd/Carly scenes today to see why he comes back to Port Chuck.

Luke's pitch to Ethan and making Robert "chase" him was stupid, imo.  I don't like this whole storyline. Many more things could have been done besides this.  Ethan left Wyndemere through the tunnels? What? That makes no sense lol. 

Maxie is melting down. She's going to remember Lisa Niles!! Oooooooooooooooooooo. Yepper,  You wait.

OLTL HAD better ratings than GH for a long time, so bringing people  over is a good move, imo. Try to get them up to 2.0 for our show!!


  1. Fill me in what does Maxie have to do with Lisa?

  2. Robert, Anna, and Mac: Robert REALLY needs this!! Mac is right!! Robert needs to go find his son. A distraction from the death of his daughter. :( Great scene!

    Luke, Ethan, and Holly: Zzzzzzzz. Come on enough of this!!! And why is Ethan acting like a child? All because he has to pretened that Robert is his father! Give me a break. As far as I am concerned, Robert IS his father! This back and forth, Luke is the father, Robert is the father is annoying. Enough! Yeah Karen, Ethan leaving through the tunnles doesn't make any sense. It's stupid.

    Maxie and Lulu: Poor Maxie! :( It was an accident Maxie! She won't tell Lulu about accidently breaking the gas.

    Maxie and Mac: :(

    Todd and Carly: Oh great scene!!! :)

    Starr and Michael: See Michael? She isn't blaming you. It's not your fault!

    Sonny and Alexis: She is defending him!!! :) LOVE IT! :)

    OLTL characters: It feels like a OLTL/GH crossover. :)

  3. Actually , rumors are that Maxie will say she killed Lisa but that Matt , in his drunken state, killed her and didn't remember. Matt may start to have flashbacks.

  4. I know that everyone understands Robert ( Anna, Mac, and Robin included ) but I was disappointed that he isn't staying for the funeral. Can we not have Robert step up and be there for Anna and Emma. Love that Anna told him not to disappoint Emma.
    Todd/Carly scene was interesting. Of course Carly will try to help him see Starr.

  5. Having Finola back reminds me how much I used to love this show back in the day. Anna was my all-time favorite GH woman. I know for most people it was Laura but for me it was Anna. I wish she were staying.

  6. Does it really matter who killed Lisa? I assume it was self defense, since she drugged Robin and Patrick, threw Liz overboard and killed a few people on board...

  7. I am not into the holly helena story. Hopefully , when they bring faison it will be better.

  8. I haven't seen the show yet today, but didn't they once make a big deal out of there being a tunnel to the mainland from Wyndemere? I could be making things up, as that could have changed EVERYTHING the night of the black & white ball, but for some reason I remember finding the idea ridiculous a long time ago - a tunnel under the water? Okay... that sounds stable.

    I am torn on how to react to Todd sticking around. In the 90s Todd was pretty much the sole reason I watched OLTL. I didn't watch a single episode without him, but I only saw 2 or 3 episodes after Roger reprised his role. I can't tell if it's my memory, the actor, or the character but something feels different. He seemed to lack passion... I know at very least he used to be great at being angry and sarcastic, but he definitely didn't come off like the Todd I loved in yesterday's episode. I will have to see how the next few days go; I really want to love him being there.

  9. I'm sorry but having Robert miss Robin's funeral so that he can go chase after a son that he just found out about (and not really his) is just wrong!

    Yeah there saying that Matt really killed Lisa but he doesn't remember but will soon through flashbacks. (give him an award)

    I liked Todd and Carly scenes also.

  10. Jen Lilley is saying on her twitter that it is confirmed that unless you have a nielson box, it doesn't count to watch GH on your tv or on you tube. Watch at only to make it count.

  11. Unfortunately, is available to US residents only so anyone wanting to watch online outside of US cannot view GH at

  12. I think the ethan story is stupid but i just wanted to tell adora that actually there are tunnels under the water. we have one in detroit that connects us to canada. you can take the bridge or the tunnel. yup tunnel under the water :)

  13. Hey maczackandham I'm in Detroit also!!!! I hate going through that tunnel last time I went through there were so many cracks I swear I saw water leaking

  14. lmao, well LaTanya's description definitely highlights my lack of comfort with the whole idea, but thank you for letting me know maczackandham! I live in the desert so just picturing water can be difficult, forget about underwater tunnels!

  15. What a mess the Holly/Luke/Ethan now Robert storyline turned out to be. Not happy with it at all. Having Robert not attend Robin's funeral is just wrong. Really hope that's not the last we see of Robert and the writers right this wrong.

    How much longer is Holly disappointed with her so far.

    Carly/Todd pairing is hilarious! Love it. Great chemistry with them! GH needs some couple shenanigans like the two of them. Bring on some fun, I'm ready!

    Loved my heartbroken Mac today while he was listening to Anna and Robert talk (before Robert walked out the door).

    Ohhh Maxie.

    The whole Lisa thing...didn't care then. Don't care now.

    Poor misguided Jen Lilley coming out on Twitter tonight saying GH views are (only) counted on for ratings and saying she heard it directly from ABC. Maybe her account was hacked? LOL! Oh the webs ABC likes to weave with their daytime fans and their actors. It is absolutely insulting.

  16. I don't want to sound totally down, so I'll start with the good:
    - Todd and Blair are good additions...He has good chemistry with Carly too. These two could be like Scotty and Heather back in the day!

    - The bad (and there is a lot of it today): They have freakin butchered the Robert storyline to an appalling degree. Faking Eathan to give him the will to live and blah blah blah???? Lame even by soap standards. I do like that he reconnected with Luke, Anna, and Mac but for God's sake, this has taken a turn that is totally out of character for him. And, the dyed hair looked BAD today...Keep it grey, Tris! It looked classier that way.
    - Maxie - WTH???! Her "crying" today was just awful and looked like a high school production. Cringeworthy and I felt embarrassed for the actress
    - Sonny - mob crap. BORING SAME OL SAME OL


  17. GH wasn't bad today...I guess McBain's on the way soon to join in the mix of characters. Hey, if anyone comes to mess with Sonny, I am all for it! I like Maurice, but Sonny just needs to be taken down a few pegs lately.

    Alexis shut Sonny up today when he asked if he could speak in the iterrogation room today. Um, no Sonny...just shut it! No one wants to hear you say how much you love your kids for the zillionth time as your excuse for what you do. Actually, I am doubting Sonny is guilty for causing Starr's accident, but who knows.

    Todd and Carly seemed like a formidable pair...someone else she can play with! I get now why we see Carly and Blair toasting to "never looking back." I guess that means they'll bond over their bad boys!

    The main things I want to see end at this point...

    Who killed Lisa? (Who cares!)

    Wyndemere (Tired of people hanging around there.)

    What happened in Vegas, I mean Memphis, with Dr. Steve and Maggie...don't care anymore. I thought I read that Maggie got the ax, so maybe they will wrap that one up fast, though they have Johnny potentially blackmailing Dr. Steve.

    Those issues have been hanging around so long and should just be dropped!

    I do not like that Robert may not be there for Robin's funeral. I realize Luke was just trying to do anything to prevent Robert from jumping to his death, but really...let me get this straight, Robert's off in pursuit of a kid alleged to be his. He doesn't know him, never met him, and he wants to make contact, rather than be present for his daughter's funeral? That sounds ridiculous. I guess Ethan is gone now? I was disappointed in Holly's return this time and just want her, Luke and Ethan out of that place. Oh wait, Robert just arrived to the party! Missed his alleged son by moments!

    Maxie and the, Lulu. Seriously, her scenes lately are horrendous. I guess she is in the doghouse with the powers that be since she's given so little to do but sit and listen to someone. Usually, it is Dante, so having her listen to someone else for a change was refreshing. What does Lulu actually do now? Sit at home in her jammies or whatever she had on today? I guess she is kind of working at the PCPD. I feel badly for JMB. I see some mention of her being involved in the Delores case...I am guessing her mysterious construction worker hubby may be the stripper attacker and maybe she's covering for him? Sounds like a Lifetime movie plot.

    Not thrilled that we may have to sit through weeks of "Let's hide Robin's death from Jason." Sure it will be done to create angst for Jasam. I get why he was not told prior to surgery, but unless he runs into some post-op complications, he should be told as soon as possible what happened. Wonder if McBain and Sam will hook up in future and if she will actually have a baby? I just cannot picture Sam with a diaper bag in tow! She may get a firearm mixed up in there somewhere.

    Not a OLTL fan, but I do like Blair so far and Todd seems great too. It may be harder for some non-OLTL viewers to catch on to certain nuances with the characters, but I am trying to look at them as new additions (no matter where they came from) that will hopefully bring something to the mix on GH. The fact they are giving some characters contracts is a promising thing. I am still not totally convinced they are going for a GH save here, but I am still open to hope.

  18. I don't think Maxie killed Lisa. I think she thinks Robin did, and feels she (Maxie) deserves punishment for Robin dying.

    Love2Chat---If I didn't adore Robert soo much I would be so mad. Why is he leaving so soon? I read he wants back. So why doesn't he show his final respect to his daugher, his daughters mother & Mac and stay until after the funeral??

    I hope, with the signing of Todd, it will mean Blair is next. Though, for the past few weeks, since learning of Todd's arrival, I saw sparks with him & Carly. It was confirmed today! And I thought only Jax was the man for her!

    Ethan is gone. No biggie. Still I agree, it was a stupid storyline.
    And where the hell did Luke get that kind of money??

    Robert, turn your skinny ass around and stick around. Though we knew he was leaving soon, to not stick around for his daughters 'resting place' is bad.
    Also, I read he went looking for Robin. Not Ethan.

    All in all, I am very happy with the show. I am not nit picking.
    I see tremondous growth as each day goes on, and I will patiently wait and watch. I am loving this show again!

    And Scott & Felicia are next!

  19. My rationalization for Robert is that he is still in the denial stage of grief and not ready to deal with Robin's death. He is using the search for Ethan to delay having to deal with it

  20. The GOOD:EVERYTHING - which includes NO Ewan, Maggie, Olivia, Connie, Liz, LIW. (Notice how fast they got her body out and that area cleaned?)
    The BAD: Robert leaving so soon.
    The UGLY: Ethan, Luke & Holly.

    Can't someone burn down Wyndemere since Nik isn't coming back?

  21. My2Cents2 said... (Notice how fast they got her body out and that area cleaned?)
    Yes I noticed!! It was awesome! :)

  22. I thought it was not right that Maxie only saw Mac today. Your cousin died and you should make the effort to be with your family , perhaps go see Patrick and Emma. I also didn't like that Alexis expressed more sadness for starr ( a girl she doesn't know ) than for Robin's death.
    Hear Sam will decide Jason shouldn't go to Robin's funeral. Ridiculous.
    Anyway , I hope they show Patrick, Matt and Liz next episode.

  23. sonya said...
    My2Cents2 said... (Notice how fast they got her body out and that area cleaned?)
    Yes I noticed!! It was awesome! :)

    Who cares, they are GONE!! lol
    Not just Maxie, but everyone not gathering at Patty's house I find strange. Where is Matt?
    For 2 very well known Dr's, where is everyone paying their condolensces? Liz will be back with her brownies. But don't people bring casseroles?
    I guess Patty needed a few days off. He sure earned it.

  24. I thought maybe Kassie lived part of the year in Tennessee. Don't know where I got that impression, except I know she is from KY and visits Nashville.

    So disappointed in Luke still being Ethan's father. Is Robert going to be back? I thought he was on for about 8 episodes and I was relishing watching him. I'd like him to be around long enough that the mourning subsides and he and Luke can be buddies for some sort of adventure. They were gold together.

    When Blaire was talking to Tomas, I wanted to grab the phone to say Hello! I so wish they could bring him over to GH as Tomas.
    Isn't it amazing what a little decent lighting can do. Everything looks fresh and sharp now. Now if only wardrobe would please ditch all the black and grey and brown stuff, and put the ladies in some nice color....

  25. Adora said...

    I am torn on how to react to Todd sticking around. In the 90s Todd was pretty much the sole reason I watched OLTL. I didn't watch a single episode without him, but I only saw 2 or 3 episodes after Roger reprised his role. I can't tell if it's my memory, the actor, or the character but something feels different. He seemed to lack passion... I know at very least he used to be great at being angry and sarcastic, but he definitely didn't come off like the Todd I loved in yesterday's episode. I will have to see how the next few days go; I really want to love him being there.

    March 7, 2012 5:03 PM

    The character is in his 40s, not a college kid. He's matured, but still evil. I hope Sonny will bring out his worst. He can be an all time GH baddy in just mos., and if Faison comes back, imagine Todd and Faison against Sonny and Jason--the bromance that will never end!

  26. Kassie lives in NY now with her husband & son. Not sure where she is from.
    I am more curious how Todd beats these charges he has.
    On tv anything is possible.

    I think the difference between Mr Gotti & Mr Manning is that Sonny is dirty. Manning is just evil with a heart.

    Read an article where Robert stated he wanted to come back. I can only assume some things with the show are being kept close to the vest. IF Robin is still taping, something is up.

    Would LOVE to know what is going on with Bobbie. WHY hasn't she been asked back yet?

  27. I do want to add. I am surprised Jessie hasn't been brought over yet. She can take over Kate's job. She is a journalist, and Kate is a nut job.

    I don't care if people don't like OLTL people at GH. I LOVE it!

  28. My2Cents2 said...

    Kassie lives in NY now with her husband & son. Not sure where she is from.
    I am more curious how Todd beats these charges he has.


    Didn't you see the OLTL finale? Victor Jr is alive. All Todd has to do is show his bro is alive. He prob has detectives on it. He's rich. And, I also suspect that Todd never shot Victor. recall there was no two shot that showed he shot Victor. I think he found Victor 'dead' and assumed he did it.

  29. I think Maxie killed Lisa on the boat to protect Robin. Maybe that's what AZ has on her? He knows/helped?

  30. I was really disappointed in yesterday's show. The stupid storyline to get Robert away makes me believe they are anxious to get rid of Tristan quickly to make way for the OLTL influx. Todd is creepy - would rather have Robert. Love Anna and I hope she doesn't get the sacrifice, too. Can't stand to watch Maxie anymore-Kirsten really needs to come back. Maxie was never annoying - it was always Spinelli. It looked like the goodbye between Luke and Ethan was heartfelt, since the actors are buddies in real life.

  31. Of course I watched the end of OLTL. It was the best. Todd being alive, after I read in an interview him denying it was an extra bonus.

    Well we know that nobody killed Victor, however alot has to happen between the time Todd leaves Pt Chuckes and goes back to Landview and then returns again to Pt Chuckles. He certainly isn't going to be on the run when he returns.
    The only way he is cleared is if Victor is found. I have a problem with that happening in a short ammount of time. Perhaps down the line...but in a month Victor is found? What about the kidnapping charges? That he is guilty of.
    I couldn't be happier that Todd is on contract, Blair is right behind, and I have a feeling Jessie will be coming.

    Getting back to Todd, alot has to happen in Landview in a month for him to be free of everyting. jmo

    YES I agree. Robert must be in denial. Since Kim (Robin) is still taping, I say we haven't seen the last of Robert. I hope.

  32. My2Cents2: If Victor's found alive, and Todd didn't shoot him, case closed. As for Tomas; recall, he knew and was a participant in 8 years of kidnapping Todd that he could still be charged with-Mcbain has proof. So that's a wash- Tomas doesn't get Todd convicted and vice versa- a simple resolution, and then Todd is free to cause havoc in PC. I just hope they make him a real antihero, unlike Sonny- make him bad but likable, not just comic relief, like they did w Scotty.

  33. Cosmoetica-IF Victor is found alive? Should that be the case, it would bring more questions to be answered. Frank & Ron want to do a crossover, then they owe us an explanation. I know soaps are soaps, but lets bring in some reality. We know Victor is alive. How is he found? What happens to Victor then? Alot has to be explained in a months time.

    As far as Tomas holding Todd for 8 years, are you saying 2 wrongs = a right?
    If Ron & Frank want us to accept these wonderful actors, I want closure to OLTL.

  34. No, not that 2 wrongs thing, just that the statute of limitations is still in effect, and McBain has proof and a confession of Tomas's role in kidnapping Todd, so they can charge each other or let it go.

    Victor is the only wildcard. Recall it was the other loony chick that was holding him, meaning she, or maybe Mitch Laurence, was behind the faked killing and kidnapping, and Todd just blames himself.

    It wd be cool to see this unfold, but I doubt they'll bring so much over to GH. It'll just be explained and then Todd'll have his fill w PA and move to PC for his daughter.

  35. Yes I agree, it will be wrapped up and Todd will be free.
    I believe his sister (Vicki) needs to pay him a visit. lol

  36. Yes, have Vicki say Victor's w Tea, all is well in Llanview, and forgive Todd and move on. I'll bet, in a few mos. after the initial Todd-Sonny story dies down, they'll do this for closure, and have Vicki rehash it all w Todd so GH fans get up to speed on him.

  37. Cosmoetica- I see that happening too if GH is still around.


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