Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Surgery Alert: SUCCESSFUL Bypass!

Oh what a week. What a glorious, swoon-worthy week. I don't know what to do right now. How to cram in all the great stuff I saw into a blog that actually praises THE SHOW!!
(don't adjust your computer, this is not a test!!) hee hee. Settle in for a long read after the jump!

Let's talk about the technical side of things first. One: the lighting. We've noticed it since the new regime came on but I can't stress enough what a difference it makes. We can see the sets!! I don't think I've seen Wyndemere's interior that lit since..well...never!! Someone made the comment that it's probably because GH didn't have any extras so having the lights dim helped with that. Now, we have extras all over the place! Dang!! In the hospital, on the street--in Kelly's.  I just am so happy they are employing some people from Central Casting again.
Other note able changes: Editing..quick AND TO THE POINT. Cutting short scenes allows way more movement on the canvas. Some don't like the fact we don't get in depth conversations but I welcome the more frantic pace. Especially now--with Robin's death and the shooting, it takes on more of a anxious quality. I would be bored to death of say, Carly and Johnny stuck in his apartment talking for days on end about the same tired subject. Now, we get AZ thrown in and Carly strutting off to the hospital to have it out with Sam.
Pacing--much more vignette style scenes than full out take forever dramas. When I think back to Jason and Sam's honeymoon I shutter. UGH. That kind of pace makes me fall asleep and not want to tune in tomorrow.
Ensemble work: In the old days, no way would Epiphany have talked to Patrick like that. Or if they did, they'd be laying on the gurney looking at the ceiling tiles. Even"Connie" going over to Johnny's was a different surprise.  Everyone is buzzing all over town and even Anna and Luke got to hug!! I'm looking forward to much more of this type of cast integration.

SCENES of the WEEK: I can't pick just one--sorry, can't do it. So here they no particular order:

Epiphany and Patrick

Unexpected, touching and just plain written well. At it's core, GH always had the cranky nurse who underneath harbored a heart of gold. In the first years it was Lucille...then Jessie and now Epiphany. She's been underused for so long now, it was such a great scene,  I loved it. Look at Paddy's face in this one, he's smilin' a bit through his tears. Bravo to both actors. It felt genuine.

Robert and his little Robin..
Heart Wrenching...poignant...just plain sad--and written oh so well. When Robert lifted the sheet, I flinched and shut my eyes. You know when that happens what you're seeing feels real. I honestly believed that scene. No matter how you feel about Robin's dying (or the method there of) you have to admit the aftermath has been a glorious thing to watch. Anna, Robert, Mac-- *sigh* That's good storytelling. 

I loved these scenes and was glad Elizabeth was there as well. Just well written and well played! 

 RUNNER UP:  Such a simple scene, really--just two old friends hugging. It made me so happy to see this. Anna looked disheveled, shocked and just plain heartbroken. Even after his beat-down Luke was there to go find Robert. Just like the old days. 

MADE ME TWIRL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL: Ah Blair, how I've missed you. So good to see you in MY town of Port Charles. I'm so looking forward to Todd showing up too--even McBain and his super nostrils. I miss OLTL so badly-- stupid ABC. As a fan, I'm so happy for the crossover. I don't think it's taking away from the GH stories, I think it's adding to them. 

Other notables:  Sam and Carly. Scenes with teeth and true bitchy dialog. Carly literally stomping her foot over not being able to see Jason was classic. Loved Sam standing up to her--"I'm his WIFE now"... who doesn't love a good ol' catty fight?  
Anything with Mac--cause I love JJY.
Spinelli telling Maxie. Jen Lilley did a fab job I thought, especially when she had to sit down and started sobbing. 
Tracy telling Edward also had me in tears. Jane and John were just so perfect in those short scenes. I'm so glad Tracy is on more. 

Of course, not all of GH was spectacular and there were a few stumbles. I'm going to take that rank wedding dress and strangle Kate with it soon. Her personality shift doesn't feel right to me at all. When "Tess" or "Niki" emerged I got a little jolt of electricity. With "Connie"?? Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. The red lipstick seems clownish and the 'transformation' weak. I tended to laugh when the mirror scenes came. Not a good sign.

Cassadine Foolery: Oh lord.. you know I love Helena--but this week was painful. I am grateful she had insipid Cassandra shot on the spot but other than that? The script read like a plot right out of Batman (the 1960's version). Holly burst out with a double-blind DNA scare that was then changed again when she said she had lied. Why would Hells let them all go when she didn't have her results back? Who can believe any DNA results EVER on a soap when they can be changed on a whim? Reminded me of living through the Uncle-Father-Uncle- Nikolas- Stavros- Stefan days. Stop. Just stop. 
I have to say that GH is on my "must see" list again and not just because I run a website about it! I really do want to watch every day and even view the DVR. Bravo to Team Cartini for trying to save the show and not just rest on their laurels while it wilts away. Trying something new (the crossovers) or having the vets come back in droves just might bring those ratings up a bit. They were up almost 200K last week. With the Revulsion doing so badly you never know---ol' Anne Sweeney's heart may just melt a bit. (I picture her as Regina in "Once Upon a Time" heh) 

*March is Gagoo Jammie month which means a portion of ad revenue will go to Vanessa's charity. I'm hoping to sponsor 5 children. 

*Alberta Wubs is on her way to California this week as well. Lots of surprises coming from her soon! Hit the link to her FB page and see all the fun stuff for yourself!

*Jack Wagner is on DWTS! Now that Kristina is coming in as Felicia I'm wondering if he'll have the time to drop by as well. Probably not, but it will be fun seeing our Frisco on the show. I am voting for him because it will also show support for the soaps. (in my mind at least!) 

Thanks again for reading. Let me know how you like the show. I for one am a bit hopeful again. At the very least my soap will end with me enjoying the stories again.


  1. Again,LOVE LOVE your enthusiasm with the show.
    I think how the rest of us are feeling, by the number of hits your blog is getting, for the most part we are all happy..

    I feel the pace is still slow. However, they scenes were probably cut and we are seeing what we need to see to move forward.
    EX:Carly & Johnnys went on too long. Even though it was only one night...BARF.

    I for one was very disapointed with the death of Robin and how it played out. That is the past, we must move forward, and how bad can a show be who brings back Robert, Starr & Blair all in one week?
    I hope this week, we start a new day on the show. We have been in the same time period for 2 weeks now. Too slow for me.
    I understand storylines need to be cleaned up to move on, so I do understand.

    *Piffy & Patrick get the scene of the week. Your right Karen, Lucille had that role originally!

    *Robert. EVERYTHING. A man truly in pain, not afraid to show his guilt and well acted by Tristan. He will be missed when he leaves.
    (hopefully to return in a few weeks with Robin)

    *Edward talking to Lila & Robin, when in fact weeks later he would lose his real life wife to the Angels. Very sad moment for me.

    **Carly go home to your kid. The one you wanted so bad that you almost had Jax killed over her.
    **Carly you should have STOMPED on douche'bag when she started in on you. Though I don't disagree with her thinking, she is a douche' bag.
    I welcome more 'CAT' fights Carly. I have missed that in you.

    Scenes of the week I wish didn't happen.

    *Liz & Emma. When there was a knock on Pattys door, you knew who stood on the oppostite side. I don't fault that. They are good friends. Patty told Anna to leave so he could talk to Emma alone, and I felt Liz should have excused herself before Patrick even got started with Emma.

    *Holly, Luke, Helena & Ethan. However, anything to get rid of LIW.

    *Hope. No reason why they are putting a young mother thru the death of her child.
    And Michael with his depression? Oyy! What a couple!

    I am kinda liking Kate/Connie. This is leading up to something big. Also I happen to love this actress.

  2. Loved, loved, loved the show this week. I did not miss a minute! I also tuned in right at 3 which is the first time in a long time I have done that. The actors were outstanding, even Kate (I can't stand that entire story line, but the actress is good). Have not really watched OLTL since I was a teen and just caught it here and there over the years, but I am excited about the crossover as well. I really, really hope Michael does more than sulk and blame himself again in this story line. Chad is such a good actor, I hope they give him more to work with than the whiny brat he has been playing. I will again say, I can't stand this Sonny/Kate/Connie garbage and am to the point where I don't really pay attention until the next scene. Its just like blah, blah, blah to me. Who cares? Sonny, "Its not my fault." Kate/Connie, "We're through now kiss me." Bleck!

    The actor have been so wonderful to watch and so good to the the integration of characters. So good to see some extras. So good to see something that looks halfway realistic. It is wonderful and I really hope is saves our show.

    On a side note, I work from home so at 1 o'clock, I turn on my TV and put it on CBS to support whatever soap is on (truthfully not sure of the name, I think Y&R then B&B) but if Comcast reports in any way, shape or form what I am watching, it will not be those shows that replaced AMC and OLTL. Don't know if it matters, but that is what I am doing.

  3. Melissa ..I work from home as well.. Isn't it great? Well, all that cancelling AMC and OLTL did in my house is I now record more evening tv than I ever watched before and I watch that from 1 to 3. But, GH is so good right now that I have been watching it live. That has not happened since 1989 when I got a vcr for the 1st time. That has to say something for the show.
    Now what did I like best this week? I liked Robert with Robin. I too closed my eyes when he pulled back the sheet. Then I peeked to see if we would see anything. Poor Robert. Then Robin, moving dead Robin's hand back.

    Now when Patrick told Emma, I thought he was great, but Emma did not react at all. That bothered me. It bothered my son(he is 23 and was in the room). Her non reaction made he think they should have kept her face off camera and had her run to her room to cry and be found in bed with the 2 stuffed animals that Robert gave her. I imagine that the little girl who plays her cannot cry for the camera. But, little Kim would have been crying at the same age.

    I really liked having Blair and Starr on this week. Todd is going to explode on our screens when he gets there. No body will be able to hold a candle to his acting. Roger is such a fab actor that I cannot wait. I wish that he would be staying around for a long time.

    Now, I read this morning on Nancy's tweets that Kin Shriner would be coming back to GH soon. I wonder what Scotty will be doing? I hope that he and Lucy get back together for good. I hope Serena pops up as well. Maybe they could bring Bree Williamson (Jess Tess from OLTL)on to play Serena.

  4. I'm with you. I LOVE the show now. I DVR and WATCH everyday and look forward to it. I NEVER thought that would happen again.

    My other comment it that I was disappointed that when Liz was telling Emma about heaven she mentioned a hamster and not Jake.

    I think it would have been more powerful if she said that Robin went to go take care of Jake and now she's here to take care of Emma.

  5. A minority opinion: I don't want Kin Shriner back. I never liked the character and never believed that Laura could have forgiven him for how he treated Lulu. I would be thrilled to have Lucy back but with the shrink (whose name my poor old brain can't remember). They should resurrect the nurse's ball in honor of Robin.

  6. YES on the Nurses' Ball, I did report that it may happen (I heard they were interested when Ron/Frank came in). OLTL guys love to do musicals! Remember?

  7. Loving the show, too. Amazed by how FAST the hour flies by now, and I love the surprises! I avoid spoilers by nature, so this just makes it even better.

    I wish they had kept Holly so she could have visited with Mac/Robert/Anna during the Robin stuff. She was a part of Robin's life, too. But, ah well.

  8. OMG, Scottie, too? Be still, my heart. . . .

  9. With all do respect to manning family fans, this week & the next few weeks should be about Robin. Not Hope and Cole someone we don't care about. I welcome them but just not now. They shouldn't be sharing our screen at the time. My opinion on Felicia returning is why bother without Kirsten as Maxie? Jen is great but she's not Kirsten.

  10. Oh and please put us out of our misery with this awful kate. The actress is good, but not believeable with Sonny. Again we no longer care about Kate so this painful to watch her either crying like an idiot or having sex with Sonny.

    I thought Liz was fine with Patrick & Emma. They're neighbors, we're supposed to believe they hung out as families, etc. She really doesn't know Anna or Robert anyway although I would have welcomed that too. If Kristina Wagner does return I hope she makes the funeral.

  11. I think hell must have frozen over, because even I am excited about this show again! Karen, I am with you on the Kate/Connie thing. With Jess/Tess and Vicki/Nicki, you did not have to see the character put on dark makeup to know...all it took was a look on the actor's face or the way the actor held herself and you knew that the alter was there. It was so subtle, but you just knew. KS could never pull that off. So wish MW was still playing Kate.

    As far as Emma's reaction or non-reaction, I am on the fence. How old is Emma supposed to be? Kids that age do not understand the permanance of death and in some ways her non-reaction was typical. It is the way my children reacted (or didn't react) to the death of my mom.

  12. after OLTL went dark, i started watching GH again after leaving more than a decade ago -- too much mob, too many young unrelated characters played by kids who couldnt act.

    first few weeks were mind-numbing. FINALLY two weeks ago things blew wide open and it's watchable again.

    hope the new brass will do what gloria monty did in the 70s -- toss what doesnt work and go for broke with the rest. that's how we got luke n laura.

    first on the list: lock up, kill, maim sonny. ... frankly, i dont care who shot him. AGAIN. he never has scars from the other times he was shot. new has to go to any kind of rehab. this character is stupid (everyone busts in on him in his office -- can't he afford a lock for his office door?). please dial this character waaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

    second, get the family stories going again. i dont care how they bring alan back -- i'll swallow any plot to get him and more of the q's back in that mansion.

    two strange things this week: how many times did carly get dressed and undressed a johnny's apartment? sheesh!

    and why did luke & co sit around wyndemere talking after hells left and not just make tracks out of there? ever so grateful that plot is over.

  13. dar said...

    A minority opinion: I don't want Kin Shriner back. I never liked the character and never believed that Laura could have forgiven him for how he treated Lulu.


    Dar: can you believe they'd concoct a silly tale where Laura fell in love with her rapist?

    Ritapita: Jen Lilley can act circles around KS. I actually like Maxi now- she's not one dimensional.

    And the new Kate is way better than the old Kate, acting chops-wise, but the story is utterly silly.

  14. GH is improving. Anne Sweeny is not as hidden as Garin Wolfe. Since her picture pops up when you search it. I will say this, while she is a "suit", she must have some heart, since I remember her in a video where she was supporting an Autism group.

  15. The next few weeks should be about Robin? What about the last 2 weeks? It was about almost everything eles. Kate, Carly, Jason, LIW, Johnny & Sonny!
    At this rate, the funeral won't happen until June!

    I agree, I don't think Emma understood about Robin. Which is good, but she is going to keep asking until she doesn't. By then, Robin will be back! lol

    From how they did OLTL, there was always 2 major storys going on with OLTL. However, they usually concentrated at one a week. They would go back and forth. I hope that is the same going forward.
    For me, 5 different scenes in a show, with a major one getting little attention, that lacked for me. We should have seen lots more of Matt, Liz, Lulu, Uncle Mac, Maxie during this death.
    Instead we got more Jason, Johnny & Carly, Sean was even sniffing one day.

    I am positive. It is going to take time. But it is sure on the way!

  16. I thought it was right on when Liz showed up when she did. Patrick needed a good friend. Anna needed to make sure Robert was ok. Now, if they start having Liz over at Patrick's more, I might get a little ticked. They don't even show her with her own family.

    I think that the writers before tried hard to make Sam a good person and then they have her do what she did to Patrick. Yes, it is believeable that a wife would want to do what they could for her husband, but please. She went after Patrick as SOON as Robin died, didn't give condolences, threw her unborn baby in his face...NOT a Sam fan and not sure if I will ever be now. Not like they do anything with her anyway.

    This last week my main focus was on Robin scenes. I ff'd most everything else and don't think I missed much at all. Still, I can see a light at the end of this tunnel and I will watch to see where it goes.

  17. Brender....Liz will be by Patricks side, more than her families side.
    That is a given.

    GH2 has some good new photos up.(Starr doesn't seem so distraught over losing her kid)

    SPOILER: Apparently Holly is playing games. Again. Now she claims to Robert & Luke & Ethan that Robert IS Ethan's father.
    That is Ethan's swan song to the show. I would expect its coming soon.

  18. My2Cents2. I'm afraid you are right. They seem to do that a lot to women characters and their kids. When was the last time we saw Jocelyn? The only time you see a woman with her kids is when Alexis is on and that is hardly ever.

  19. The last time we saw Jos?? Don't get me started on that!!
    Last time we saw Josie was when Jax was in town and got 'glimpses' of his daughter.

    And Jax almost was killed because Carly didn't want to give up Josie to him?

    I am a HUGE Jax fan.

  20. Sorry, but we saw the kids A LOT on OLTL- new regime at GH now- can't blame RC and FV for the fact that Joss, Cam, and Aiden are never seen...

    While I think JL is a good actor, I can't get past all the eye makeup and glossy lipstick. Maybe if they toned it down some I could appreciate her more. KS was never made up that much...

  21. In regards to Felicia and Maxie. The question of why bother to bring back Kristina Wagner, when Kirsten Storms is gone....they only ever worked together for a few weeks, there is little history there.....Kristina Wagner's history is with Robyn Richards.

    Anyways, I prefer Jen Lilley to Kirsten Storms.

    Like to see them get Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms full-time and keep Nathan Parsons.

    I found myself fast-forwarding through scenes for the first time, I can't watch the crap with Sonny and Kate....BORING.

  22. I disagree 100% that Jen Lilly can act circles around Kirsten Storms, there wouldn't be so much hate mail towards JL if everyone thought she was great but I will agree to disagree. (and I hate what the fans are doing to JL btw) Having said that I guess I was thinking back to the heartfelt scenes KS put in when Georgie died. Kirsten had the rapor with Kimberly more that's all I mkeant. I think Jen is doing as good as anyone could, she's just not Kirsten.

    There are so many moms on GH that never seem to put their kids first. Carly I'm looking at you first. Michael was on a lot when he was young and I loved how tamara & Sarah's version of Carly always called him Mr. man

  23. Whoever said Robyn Richard was the one who had the relationship with Kristina Wagner was correct. But man I have to say Kirsten Storms must cringe watching the other girl. She's so shrieky. I know thats in character for maxie but her voice is hard to listen to. And those eyes, while pretty, look like a character from it's a bugs life. No chemistry with Spinelli and nothing with Robin either. I did tolerate her with Matt who happens to have grown on me quite a bit. Not sure who Starr and the ones that passes are other than that they're from another show. I say let our actors heal then move on and bring in new people with death stories of their own. bad timing. Also I think most of us want to see old GH actors. the other soap is cancelled. Ship has sailed. This is our show. Leave the money for our actors. Like Laura, and bring back Nikolas, and Emily while you're at it. Have some ridiculous soapy reason that Alan is alive and the same with Jake. I like Lucy and kevin just fine but Scotty baldwin? he's a booger everyone wants to flick off. Anyone that watched the show for decades like me can tell you that. Only Lucy and Dominique made me feel different. Here's hoping we get more of Robin this week. meaning missing her. And more of the old scenes make make this old man cry. -Billo

  24. Forgot to add that I loathe the new kate. -Billo

  25. I loved the show this week. I agree with everything you said and I enjoy the Wubs! I made time to watch GH for the first time in months. It's been years since it was this good!
    Also, I was thinking maybe Jack Wagner is already planning on coming back to GH and this DWTS stint is a way to generate more buzz...

  26. Also, even though I've never watched OLTL and I have been watching GH now for about 20 years I must admit it is bloody brilliant to bring on these obviously popular and beloved characters from this soap. GH needs all the help it can get and by bringing these characters on may bring in some of OLTL's fans and get our shows ratings up. I'd much rather see these characters introduced into Port Charles than these new characters with absolutely no history or ties anywhere. I'd say bring em on and while they are at it get rid of Delores, Kate, Shawn and the new kid mixed up with Molly, and possibly Steve and Olivia. I'm up in the air on Ewan, the residents of Port Charles does need a shrink...

  27. What is up with Kirstin Storms?
    I am her #1 supporter, but isn't she on career suicide?

  28. I might get my head bit off for this, but I think one of the reasons we don't see too much of cam these days, is because of the actor. he was really cute when he was little but i get the impression he's not so easy to control now that he's older. I'm thinking we might see a recast there.

  29. Cam has gotten older,hasn't he?
    I disagree with whoever said they showed the kids more on OLTL than they do on GH.
    It is about the same. I remember plenty of times when there were parties and such wondering where Hope was.
    The reason we saw Liam alot is because he held together a storyline.

  30. Avalonn,
    I totally agree. Especially with Star. GH could really use a likeable new character. There are far too likeable characters on the show. Maybe she can even make Michael likeable. One can only hope.
    I, too, would rather see a "new" character that has already been developed than another new person that they make up as they go along


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