Tuesday, March 13, 2012

McBain's Nostrils Come to Port Charles!!

HE SHOT his gun baby!!

It looked like he shot in the hall. Hope people weren't waiting for traffic court and got a bullet! LOL It took the PCPD 11 minutes to get there after the shot went off!! ahahahaa. So much for safety.

WOW, Starr's bitch face to SONNY WAS AMAZING!! You go little girl. Even though she's wrong I loved that scene!
The fact that Sonny and McBain have a back story?? Nice touch.

"His remarkably attractive hair" says Todd about McBain to Carly when she asks his story lol.
Maxie and Ewan. I like Maxie and Ewan is giving me a headache. I'm trying to like him and we do need a psychologist. Get him a damn office.

Matt and Liz... hopefully Liz isn't PG already ahahhaaa.  Liked they were looking at old Robin photos.

WOW, that Connie/Kate scene was one of the worst I've seen in a long time. What horrible acting. I'm sorry but I'm not going to lie. Her "turning" was just painfully bad. eeshhhhhhh. What a waste of a storyline. 

Olivia was listening to Tracy/AZ!! Interesting!!

Great scene with Liz and Maxie, really nice.

John McBain is trending on twitter. Yesterday we did Sonny and Todd Manning! I wish it counted towards ratings!!


  1. Courtroom: Wow great scenes!!! JOHN MCBAIN YAY!!!!!!!!! :) Aww Karen I love John and his nostrils! :) Todd had got a lot of great one liners today!! He got the lines of the day! :)

    Todd: His remarkably attractive hair.

    Blair: Shut up shut up.

    Todd: I love you too.

    ROFL! And hey look Carly is looking at John. Find him hot Carly? :) Come on writers can we get a McCarly?! Please?!?! John and Natalie don't belong together!! Let McCarly sleep together! :)

    Maxie and Ewen: They bump into each other and Maxie sees Kate's file!!! Maxie it's none of your business!!!

    Maxie and Matt: Poor Maxie!!!:(

    Maxie and Liz: Awww Liz told Maxie all the nice things Robin said about Maxie. Awww!

    Connie and Johnny: Connie is a slut! ROFL! And just as they were about to have hot sex, Kate shows up and freaks out! ROFL! Damn!

    Olivia and Steve: She wants to talk to Johnny about blackmailing Steve! She slips that she loves Steve! OOPS! :)

    Tracy and Papa Z: Great scenes with them! He thinks Tracy is worried about him hahahaha! While Olivia is skulking around. Oh look Steve calls her and wants her to know he cares about her! :) Trying to say you love her huh Steve? :)

  2. Today's episode was good overall except far too much screen time for the OLTL characters in my opinion. Like I've said, I understand integrating, but saturating?? It's not sitting well with this long time GH fan. (Was OLTL fan too.)

    That being said I absolutely love the McBain/Sonny dynamic! Will make for great storylines. Looking forward to that playing out. GH needs that kind of interaction if they're still going to stick with the mob story.

    I was never a big fan of Starr on OLTL, but I did love her getting in Sonny's face, even though she's wrong.

    Todd being crazy Todd was perfect. Really want more Carly/Todd. Loved the two of then together the first second I saw them.

    Was so nice to see some GH characters today, like Liz and Matt. Very good scene having Liz doing a slideshow for the memorial. The scenes with Maxie were so nice too. Poor Maxie.

    And how about Dr. Ewan just popping up everywhere with his walk-by psych service!! Thankfully no more ceiling tile gazing on a gurney!! Karen is right, he needs an office! lol!

    Loved seeing Tracy and Anthony today!! Always fun!

    Johnny and Connie...and Kate...and Connie..and Kate...LOL! UGH, I just can't. Kelly Sullivan needs some serious acting lessons and the writers need to can that storyline ASAP in my opinion. Thankfully, Johnny's (BB's) facial expressions were hilarious!

  3. Best thing about today's show? The previews at the end that told us they're finally going to get back to Robin's exit as, ya know, maybe a frontline story this week. Sheesh...

  4. Matchbox: The Kate story is not original nor new, but only watchable because of Kelly Sullivan? Do you think OldKate could have pulled it off?

    It's ridiculous that people complain of the OLTL folks and also 50-75% of the GH characters, then when the OLTL crowd takes the place of the rejects- or the Jasam dullness and so on, they STILL complain.

  5. Carly: This Todd guy he is dangerous.

    Sonny: I can see that.

    ROFL! That was funny. :)

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  7. Cosmo - Not sure how MW would have done w/DID, although anything would be better than what KS is trying to do. LOL! *imo

    Robin's memorial should have been forefront with OLTL as background story. *imo

  8. Maxie: DID.....what did Kate do? lol&smh

    I liked that they had Liz be nice to Maxie despite everything she has done to her...that's the real Liz not the horrible person she has been written to playup JaSam!

    I also loved Todd's comment about John's hair....classic Todd!

    It's funny how Micheal is acting like Sonny is so much better than Todd and that they are nothing alike. He might as well face it Starr is his female version. Only difference is Todd actually does his own dirty work while Sonny usually have someone else (Jason) do his.

    Today was a good show but I will be happy when they start showing Robin's funeral!

  9. So glad to see Liz today and loved her trying to console Maxie!Liked Liz's cute casual outfit. Court room scene with sonny/ mcbain /todd was good.
    Kate/Connie - not into this storyline at all , only thing I liked was Johnny's shirt off.
    Steve / Olivia boring.

  10. Forgot to add that I saw an interview where Maurice said that he added the little wave to John because he liked it when Denzel did it in his last movie!

  11. McBain's Nostrils Come to Port Charles!!

    DITTO everything Sonya said.

    Now what? Are we all going back to Landview for the trial?? LMAO.
    Can't wait to see Vickie!

    Sonny has 2 new BFF's. John McNostrils & Todd!! LOVED it!

    'You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skys are grey, you will never know how much I love you, please do not take my GH from me'!

    The GOOD: Everything McNostrils, Sonny & Todd.

    The GOOD: Liz. It is about time they showed her as a nice caring person instead of a manipulator.
    I agree, ol Kate couldn't have pulled off that acting.

    The BAD: Ewan. Gross.

    The UGLY: NOTHING!!!!

    See ya all in Landview or Pt Chuckles!

  12. Oh wait..the UGLY: I forgot. Steve & Olivia. BOTH can leave the show now. Useless.

  13. As a non-OLTL viewer I must say Mc Bain does have beautiful hair. Karen, I agree the acting in the DID story is painfully bad. I hope this doesn't go on forever. But on balance I feel the show is better than it's been in years.

  14. I'm still hoping Kate is faking her DID and that when she goes to trial and pleads insanity, Todd will call her out as faking. He'd know, since he used that tactic once to beat a charge against him! Then they can send Kate to jail (and off the show) and Sonny will have more reason to dislike Todd.

    Oh, I can wish, right?????

  15. LaTanya said... Forgot to add that I saw an interview where Maurice said that he added the little wave to John because he liked it when Denzel did it in his last movie!
    Cool! :) What was Denzel's last movie?

    My2Cents2 said... DITTO everything Sonya said.
    Hahahaha especially the part that I said John and Natalie don't belong together. :)

    Now what? Are we all going back to Landview for the trial?? LMAO.
    That's what I am wondering! :)

    John McNostrils The GOOD: Everything McNostrils
    ROFL! Oh boy! John has a new nickname! Thanks Karen for giving 2cents the idea! ROFL!

  16. Sonya said: ROFL! Oh boy! John has a new nickname! Thanks Karen for giving 2cents the idea! ROFL!
    ************ oh NO! I named him that wayyyyyyy back. I even had a photo I was going to send to you thru fb, its a nose and the nostrils flare out. I can't find it.
    You dont' like Gnat with Mc Nostrils either??????
    So where we suppose to go tomorrow? The funeral or Landview?

  17. I have a question. Is it Todd who is supposed to be staying on GH or McBain? If Todd is about to go on trial for murder in another city I don't understand him being on contract to GH. McBain I could see, and actually I'd like him better.

    It was great to see Liz today, looking at the old pics of Robin, and showing compassion for Maxie. I hope the new writers keep her in this mode.

    Kate/Connie: Way too over the top for me. I'll be FFing through this storyline.

    And I'm actually beginning to like Michael again.

  18. The OLTL/GH crossover scenes today were ok. The rest, I could take or leave.
    Still pissed about how they wasted Tristan and Emma! I see Rick Springfield is showing up for the funeral soon - hope that they treat him ok!

  19. BOTH are staying on contract. McNostrils & Todd.

    Todd will be back in May for good

  20. SONYA...can't post photos here. I found the nostril...go to your fb!

  21. @Sonya The movie was called Safe House it came out a few months ago with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Maurice said the grin and wave came of like Denzel was saying "I'm your worse nightmare" and that's what he wanted Sonny to portray to John!

  22. I like what Kelly Sullivan is doing. I didn't find today's scene with Johnny "embarrassing" or overly silly. Certainly no sillier than anything else I've seen on a soap. I kinda think she's rocking it. The fans seem split on this, at least online. It's like we all have DID!

    By the way, speaking of online, the buzz about the show has certainly ratcheted up a lot lately. Everyone's either over the moon loving the show or are complaining about the OLTL influx, wanting more Robin stuff, bored with Steve/Maggie, etc. But, WOW, are people talking! And how long has it been since we could say that?

  23. I thought today was a good show. My thinking is that maybe they were focusing on OLTL characters more lately to set the stage for later. I think when they move back to the Robin story that it will be just that and not flip flopping back and forth?? It is wonderful to be excited about the show! MCBAIN and Sonny and Todd are going to be F-U-N!

  24. OK, I still think RH is PG, she is wearing the "pregnancy sweater"!

    I think the DID storyline is kinda stupid, esp. Dr. Ewen making house calls (not done in our profession) and speaking to people like they are patients before they officially are patients (also not done in our profession).

    Maxie seeing Kate's chart was just unfortunate, of course her dx (DID) would NOT be on the outside, but Maxie is right to care/worry, as Kate is her employer.

    I think KS is a good actress, and that the DID storyline probably was thought up way after she was hired, and maybe she wasn't prepared for it. It's soooo stupid, and badly written, that I think she's doing as good of a job as almost anyone could do.

    I also don't think she's faking it, as she seems genuinely surprised when she "loses time," even when she's alone.

  25. It was great to see Liz and Matt looking over old photos of Robin, and when Liz asked if he wanted to see the slide show I guess, he said he didn't want to bawl his eyes out befoe going to work. TOO much OLTL, but I did like this McBain guy, strange-looking as he is. I like the way they write Todd, too. I just keep getting this sickening feeling that GH is going to morph back into OLTL, maybe because the new crew have planned it this way. I hate Starr and having to see her with sad-sack Michael is going to result in more fast-forwarding than I have done for awhile. Soaptown GH Chronicles has a good article this week.

  26. The only qualm that I have with the DID storyline is how quickly the character is changing back & forth btwn alters (Kate/Connie)?
    As someone that too works in the mental health profession, I've never come across that.

    Antjoan, have you seen such rapid change between alters?

    Another thing that caught my eye was that the same trigger was used to change between the 2 alters in yesterday's episode.
    Was surprised to see it as this did not happen when Sonny and Kate had make up sex. Considering the Connie alter is acting as the personality for self - preservation, could be easily have happened where she pushed Sonny away as Kate pushed Johnny away.

    It is a good sign that fans are talking about the show again. Negative or positive, atleast there is talk.
    I guess we have to understand why fans are upset with OLTL characters taking over as they have for the past 10 days. When the FV and RC took over, they ensured that this wouldn't be the case. Considering a major character that has been a staple of this show for 25+ plus years has just died and we haven't heard anything about her or her family as her body lays cold in the morgue, it's hard not to feel that GH fans have been slighted.

    Put it this way, say if Sam or Carly were killed, would the wait be this long?
    And, I'm sorry, I feel Robin is far more important than either of them to the history of this show, though we haven't seen it in the past decade as history has not been respected.
    So when someone new comes in and says they will respect the history of the show, please do so. And, not the last 10-12 years, because that is not what this show's history is or was even though it was forced down our throats by the last regime.

  27. My2Cents2 said... oh NO! I named him that wayyyyyyy back. I even had a photo I was going to send to you thru fb, its a nose and the nostrils flare out.
    Okay I just saw it ROFL! It doesn't move tho. :)

    You dont' like Gnat with Mc Nostrils either??????
    NO! I like her and I like him, but NOT together!!! Sometimes Natalie is annoying but I still like her.

    So where we suppose to go tomorrow? The funeral or Landview?
    I have no idea! ROFL!

  28. LaTanya said... @Sonya The movie was called Safe House it came out a few months ago with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.
    Oh okay! Thanks. :)

    Maurice said the grin and wave came of like Denzel was saying "I'm your worse nightmare" and that's what he wanted Sonny to portray to John!
    Hahaha that is cool! :) That was a good idea. I liked it.

  29. Watch: The only patient I ever treated who had alters seems to have developed them after I no longer was treating her, so I can't answer your question. What do you do in the mental health field, are you a psychotherapist like me?

  30. Antjoan, I'm a Clinical Psychologist focusing on counselling teens and young adults.

    Thank you for answering

  31. What, what is this about Liz being pregnant?!?


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