Monday, March 19, 2012

And Yet Jason's Hair Survived the Surgery!!

Doesn't his hair look awesome--?? Just gorgeous!! You see in real life, he'd be shaved. But eh..who's counting!!

Maxie's Meltdown was certainly spectacular. Loved little Emma running out! Maxie was losing it. She had that mask on just like Blue Velvet! Where's Dennis Hopper!?

Jason at the funeral home all alone...Steve Burton's eyes get really REALLY blue when he tears up!  Carly stood her ground to Epiphany didn't she?

 Kate/Connie... I thought she was going to pull her face off for a minute lol..!! UGH If Sonny doesn't figure it out now, well he's stupid.

Loved the brick Liz got for Robin..and then Emma throwing the airplane off ... oh lordy. So sad. OH SNAP!! Anna didn't know about Lisa. whoops. She went OFF on him, wow!

Hey, if you use GET GLUE, they have a GH sticker now! I had no idea!!


  1. Carly and Jason: Carly tells him Robin is dead!!! Jason is heartbroken. :( His eyes are red and teary eyed. :(

    The funeral: Woah Maxie!!! :( She had a meltdown! Great scene! That is some great acting right there!!!! She made me get emotional!! I felt her heartbreak!! She brings up Lisa Niles!! Poor Maxie!!! It was an accident sweetie!!! :( Then later, Jason shows up and everyone is gone!!! :( So not fair!!!!

    The roof: So Liz had a little gathering up on the roof and we didn't get to see it?!!?! It was over before we got to see it!!! BAH! Liz made a brick for Robin. :( Emma and Patrick flew that picture Emma made! They turned it into a plane. :( Patrick and Anna are alone and Anna brings up Lisa!!! Patrick had to tell Anna about the cheating! Anna is pissed! Does it remind you of Duke cheating on you Anna? Great Anna and Patrick scene!

    Jason and Sam: Great scene! He is so pissed! Yes Carly is right, Jason hates to be lied to and to be controlling. Actually, Jason used to know when someone would lie to him. What happened?!?!!

    Carly and Johnny: Johnny looks at the red lipsticked shirt he wore when Connie was over. :) Carly shows up! Oh oh is she going to see the shirt? :) Carly is ticked off at Sam!! GO CARLY GO! :) Of course she don't want Sam to be with Jason! :)

    Kate and Sonny: Zzzzzzz. Where is Connie? OH THERE SHE IS YAY! Wait why is Connie trying to seduce Sonny? I thought she hates him ROFL! What is Connie up to? Oh she is kicking him out of her office ROFL! Kate is so boring! But Connie is fun! I don't care if the accent is bad! Connie is fun! :)

    Maxie: Oh no! Now she is saying she killed Lisa Niles! I think she is only saying it to punish herself cus she thinks she killed Robin!!

  2. Clearly, there's something in the water at Crimson. Everybody who works there is going batshit crazy!!

    Finola Hughes was amazing, but Anna was out of line. I get that she loved her daughter, but Robin and Patrick went through a lot together, and had worked through their problems and were clearly very much in love. She better not even THINK about trying to take that little girl away from him!!!

    Sam got what was coming to her, but Carly still annoys the crap outta me. And since nobody is ever TRULY happy on soaps- here comes the angst. But I love it, because Sam drives me absolutely insane! I don't want here anywhere near John McBain, seriously. I don't care if they were together on Port Charles or not. She's evil.

    Maybe if Maxie goes to jail, she'll have to wipe off some of that freakin' eyeliner...

    Patrick and Emma on the roof made me cry. "Goodbye Mommy!" Sniff, sniff...

  3. Patrick telling Anna that if Emma gets cheated on, he will rip the guy's head off! Love that! :) Also, Carmen is Connie right? Cus I thought so, until someone on another board asked if Carmen is another alter. Hmmmm.

  4. I felt huge annoyance at Maxie's meltdown! I actually found myself disgusted at how she was trying approach Emma and tell her that ,"I killed your mother!" Regardless of her guilt or grief/ breakdown, that was wrong! I found myself applauding what Patrick said after Maxie left, " Is it too much to ask that we make this day about Robin?!" Lulu saying , " The day is about Robin. Most people here can't stand eachother but they came together to pay their respects to Robin because she loved them. " Who can't stand eachother, besides Sonny?! Hardly anyone was there except for immediate family and friends. That outburst of Maxie was about her guilt and her new need to be flogged/punished, that was not about Robin. The day was devastating enough without her outburst and it took me back to her nasty display at Georgie's funeral when Robin tried to intervene and stop her from continuing her bitter outburst. Maxie is very selfish. Jen Lilley did a good job but it was so shrill that I found it hard to watch.
    Anna and Patrick scene was great!!!Sad that Maxie's big mouth revealed something that Robin had told Patrick she didn't want to reveal to her mother. Loved Carly telling Jason and Loved when Jason told Sam that perhaps she doesn't know him at all. Johnny was on the money about Carly.
    Emma saying goodbye to her Mom on the roof was touching and I'm glad Anna thanked Liz for organizing the funeral since they were too overwhelmed with grief to do it. The writers needed to improve the service by including more guests but I am assuming money is a factor. Clearly the surprises we hoped we would get ( like vets arriving, Robert attending ) are not going to happen.

  5. Sonya..WHO CARES about a rooftop gathering??? They cut it because they knew it was tacky! lol

    STFU-Sam. Jason, kick her to the curb. I get her not telling you before the surgery, but anyone who wakes up from brain surgery with a set of beautiful hair, t-shirt, and is able to move around after being sleeping for a week, can handle the truth!!

    Not discussing Maxie's meltdown. It is understandable, and nobody should stand in judgement of how someone grieves. I wish Liz would have gotten up and left with Emma a little earlier, but then she would miss all the excitment!!

    Carly...GO HOME to your daughter or is she at boarding school too??

    Can Sonny find out about Kate/Connie and let's wrap it up already??

    BRILLIANT scenes today, again with Jason & Fiola. BRILLIANT.

  6. Maxie reminds me of Sonny sometimes. They both go into a huge depression when they have done something that results in hurting someone they love. They do the whole ," Look what I did, look what I did, WHAAAAAAAA!"
    Do they change their selfish behavior? No. They continue to be as selfish as they always are. I do not blame Maxie for Robin's death as I found the scene ridiculous , that two professionals could not hold the door oepn to get the vial.Silly. Robin chose to go back in for the vial. That was not Maxie's fault, but I would like to see Maxie evolve and mature. I would like her to be more responsible and less self-centered.

  7. I'm sorry but causing a scene at a funeral where everyone is grieving and the Mother;s child is present is not acceptable. No one is knocking Maxie's grief. It is the choice she made to disrupt the funeral. She could have told Her uncle Mac outside the funeral. To do what she did hurt people there, Yes, she is hurting and needs help in dealing with Robin's loss but she is not the only one! How she chose to conduct herself was horrible.

  8. My2Cents2 said...Sonya..WHO CARES about a rooftop gathering??? They cut it because they knew it was tacky! lol

    I get her not telling you before the surgery, but anyone who wakes up from brain surgery with a set of beautiful hair, t-shirt, and is able to move around after being sleeping for a week, can handle the truth!!
    ROFL! Yes!! He can be told the truth! All he did was sleep at the hospital for a week right? ROFL!

  9. I would have loved to see a rooftop memorial, but why talk about it if they aren't going to show it? What was seen on the roof was lovely.

    Oh Maxie, thanks for ruining another funeral for me. Can someone please put a muzzle on her.

    Sorry Sam, but you deserved this. You knew what was going to happen when Jason finally found out, now you are just going to have to take it.

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  11. This is off topic as it has nothing to do with today's story line, but has anyone noticed that Carly doesn't use pronouns very much? It is kind of odd and quite distracting when she uses someone's name in every sentence. Is it just me?

  12. Yes love2chat402000, I too felt that Maxie unloading and unburdening her guilt was very misplaced and wrong on all levels.
    Like shit man, Patrick is so right, this day should have just been about Robin!!!

    Why, can't funerals just be the drama on it's own without all the sideshows? That is what was called for. A funeral with people showing their grief and love for a beloved person. No need for the back and forth, outbursts.
    I wished Anna got up and smacked Maxie upside her head when she tried to talk to Emma.
    What's the matter with you? She's a child, for pete's sake!!!

    Really didn't need to see Sonny and Kate/Connie today. Dumb.

    And, Jason goes off on Sam. Yes. Yes. YES!!!!
    So deserved on so many levels.
    You lied to him. No excuse. You know he doesn't like being handled. Nothing new. And, here we go again with the half truths. Yes, Monica agreed with you at first, prior to the surgery not to tell Jason about Robin. After, she clearly said he was okay hear about Robin's death.
    Btw Sam, you were told that Jason was okay and that he was on the mend. Given the all clear by another doctor.

    Truth is, you don't want to share Jason. Never have. Carly was so right. She has always wanted to cut any female that was getting too close. Be it Elizabeth, Robin, Emily, Monica and ofcourse Carly.

    Another loud truth was spoken today. Sam you don't know Jason best. Or better than anybody. Least of all Carly.

    Dr. Keenan did mention boundaries, and this was one that you lept over with both feet. Your boundaries are way different from Jason's. Wake up call for you, sunshine. SO needed. Can call that a verbal smackdown.
    Gotta say, I was so giddy on the inside when it was said.

    Have to say, Jason Thompson and Finola Hughes by far have been the shining lights of this story. They've brought it. However, Anna, you were out of line. I do think she was projecting her feeling of being cheated on by Duke.
    I do though, understand her feelings. They are so raw.
    Perhaps a reinforcement of the fact that you were never going to have that type of relationship with your daughter, where she would turn to you in her time of need. That was and would always be Mac's place in her life. He earned it.

  13. During Maxie's outburst , there were these extras sitting in the church! Who are these people ? GH staff? Look to the right of your screen when Mac carries maxie out.

  14. Loved all the scenes regarding Robin's death. Really wish the writers had given us the rooftop scene because they were the ones who made sure we knew multiple times, there would be a rooftop memorial. Was really hoping for some hospital members, but I guess it was to be understood. Very nice having the memorial brick and Patrick and Emma were just so adorable. So sad. This was not tacky at all. Very nice way to pay tribute at one of Robin's favorite places to be; the hospital.

    Loved the Patrick/Anna scenes! They definitely are showing how it's done. Kelly Sullivan should pay more attention. Finola and Jason were amazing in their scenes. Mama Anna showed her claws when it came to finding out about Lisa. Perfectly done. Very much looking forward to how this plays out. Soapy goodness awaits!

    Maxie having a meltdown...I'm mixed about this. She was so wrong on so many levels especially in front of Emma. Nice touch having Liz taking care of Emma. True friends do that for each other. Once Maxie was at the hospital, I was so turned off by her "acting". Too over the top for me in the same way Kelly Sullivan does things sometimes. Like today...Carmen? Connie? Kate? Oh please. It is just too ridiculous for me. I know this is Ron's thing, but it's not mine.

    So Jason shed a tear. Hmmm....I love how mixed I felt about Carly telling him about Robin's death but at the same time knew he needed to know...but, still not Carly's business but I do understand where the writers are trying to go with that after the convo Carly and Johnny had. Her obsession with Jason is sure to explode in her face.

    Can't wait for tomorrow!

  15. They were day players. Perhaps hospital staff.

    What was real laughable today was when Lulu said to Patrick look at all the people that were here for Robin. I guess I need to get my eyes checked, because to me it looked real empty!!

  16. Anna explains her anger at Patrick. When you lose someone you love , it becaomes important to know that their life was filled with joy and that she had the right man in her life who loved her. To find out that , he cheated is to feel as if your own trust in him to take care of your daughter was betrayed. Anna wasn't aware , as Robin didn't want her to know, knowing that Anna would be hard on Patrick and want her to leave him. Robin chose to forgive Patrick and stay a family and put her marriage back together. She wanted to put it behind them and to truly forgive and start fresh. I remember Robin's discussion with Patrick about this.
    Anna is just catching up and she will be angry but I hope she would not try to take Emma as Emma needs her dad.
    I think Patrick truly loves Robin and Emma.

    On another note, can you believe that the first words out of Sam's mouth when she sees Jason are , "Say something!" She didn't say jason I'm sorry or walk over and sit next to him and acknowledge his pain in Robin's loss and missing the funeral.

  17. OK Love2Chat..we are getting into a debate here..all I am going to say in regards to comparing Sonny to Maxie, don't you mean Sonny to Liz??
    Over the years, Liz has displayed the same behavior as Maxie. Its all about poor Liz. She is a liar, a sneak and a munipulator.
    I happen to say KUDOS to Maxie for being honest. IMO it is better than being a liar & sneak.
    I am not a fan of Maxies by far, but people grieve their own way.
    I am sorry it happened like it did today, it certainly isnt the worse thing.
    Funerals aren't parties. People break. Its noraml. Not a freak show.

    Before you start bashing one character, take a good hard look at someone you defend you isn't a Saint.

  18. I think Sam may perhaps have resented Jason's closeness to Robin.

  19. No My2Cents, Maxie made the funeral A"freak show" or rather , the writers did. Maxie's histrionic outburst was simply ridiculous and I agree that it wasn't needed. Just have the funeral and have people say good-bye to a character they love. I stand by what I said as is. Maxie has a histrionic personality. From her childhood , she was always attention seeking, and even trying very early to have sexual relationships. Remember georgie trying hard to prevent her from sneeking off to do something when Felicia was still in the picture. Perhaps it stems from her parents being absent in her life. Can they let her deal with her issues , and AGAIN EVOLVE.

  20. @Watchintele....I was thinking the same thing when Lulu said that! lol

    I'm glad Carly told and it showed she didn't rub it in about Sam she simply told the truth....shocking for Carly but still I think she did the right thing. I loved Jason snapping at Sam about Carly knowing him better. I know is anger isn't going to last long but I'm still enjoying it for however long it lasts!

    I did not like that they had Maxie break down at the funeral in front of Emma. They could of had her do it at the hospital or show up to the police station and make a scene just not there.

    Could have done without Sonny/Kate/Connie and whomever else is in the bride of chucky's head (someone on GH FB page called her that and I love it!)

    They could of at least had a few hospital staff leave from the rooftop like they had attended the ceremony....goodness!

  21. Since the show is going the root of having everyone see Dr. Ewan , I think Maxie needs to see him about not only her grief but her childhood and the way she behaves.

  22. love2chat...Who you describing? Liz or Maxie??
    Because they both are exactly the same.

    I am sorry, I don't believe the writers turned Robins funeral into a freak show. They showed someone melting down thru guilt. NORMAL. More normal than not having her father stay for the funeral! Or Luke reading a letter from Robert!

    I have to defend Maxie on this one. And that doesn't happen often.

    I been to a funeral (and I don't go to many) where the sister tried jumping into the grave and they had to hold her back.

  23. Yea and while Dr Ewan is trying to date Liz, hopefully he can dig into her mind from her childhood.
    Why she is so deceptive and self absorbed? Why are her needs the only ones that matter?

    I will give Liz this: her approach to Maxie about the death of Robin was heartfelt. Is there hope for Liz?

  24. Actually all the funerals I go to are parties but I guess it's different cultures kinda like how Mary Mae Wards going home service was....that was GH at it's best!

  25. My2Cents, we agree on one thing, and that is Liz's approach to Maxie.But even Liz has been forced to face her shortcomings, her careless actions and decisions. Liz has been humiliated and bashed on the show and made to discuss her actions with Ewan as well as may characters on the show. Even Rick Carlivati plans to evolve Liz.
    What are they doing with Maxie but allowing her to continue her histrionic actions. Sorry, she has issues that need to be faced and dealt with and I think it makes a good story for her to deal with Robin's death and tie in to getting help with herself. She needs to better herself.
    I tweeted Ron on twitter and I think that is the thinking behind bringing back Felicia. They have to make Maxie face her pain and mend her relationship with her Mom and BE MATURE. At least , I hope RC will write that story and really use Felicia in good scenes with Maxie. I would like to see that.

  26. Did you see the promo with John McBain, Sam and Jason. John touches Sam's shoulder and Jason asks if he knows Sam. Jason and McBain go up against eachother.

    1. I did not see that, I am going to YouTube it now. I'm actually praying for a John and Sam pairing. They were super hot on Port Charles and even that "What if John McBain met Sam Mcall?" thing abc did a while back when they did those crossover soap promos.

  27. First of all let me explain why I think a rooftop funeral is tacky.
    Did anyone take notice how empty the Church service was? Nobody could take the time out of there day to show respect? So what, bring the party to a rooftop on top of the hospital and turn it into a picnic?? Isn't March usually cold in upper NY?? Very cold.
    It made no sense. IMO glad they didn't show it.

    As far as Liz goes, she takes responsibility for her bevior when she is caught. She is no better than the next person. We don't have to agree on Liz. I have HATED her for years with the exception of when Jake died. I don't trust her. I don't HATE her as much as I did Natalie on OLTL. But it is close!

    Again, these are actors playing a part. Hopefully they are above all that and are descent people in the real world where it matters.

    Yea McBain touch's Sam's shoulder. Is it me, or are they testing Sam with other men?? Ewan. Jawn McNostrils.

    OK EVERYONE....time to watch DWTS and vote for Donald Driver!!!!

  28. are correct. Different cultures do deal with death rituals differently.
    Good Point.

  29. LaTanya said...Actually all the funerals I go to are parties but I guess it's different cultures kinda like how Mary Mae Wards going home service was....that was GH at it's best!
    Where are you from? Since you talk about cultures. And yeah funerals are for celebrating the person who died's life and to say goodbye.

  30. Maxie: YOU SHOULD ALL HATE ME!!!

    Don't worry, even if you hadn't killed Robin, I still hate you.

  31. 2cents says Jawn McNostrils.
    ROFL ROFL! Okay you gotta stop it ROFL!

  32. It would have been nice if we saw the other doctors but there was nothing tacky about the hospital memorial. We did the same thing at our school when one the teacher died. The 1,200 students couldn't assist the funeral so we had a small memorial in his honor. It was a kind gesture.

  33. Carly only told Jason so she could be the center of the world, or at least the center of Jason's world. Carly & Maxie, now those 2 are the same!

  34. @Sonya I'm from Detroit when I said cultures I meant race/ religions. I'm afican american and all the the funerals I've attended of family and close friends were up beat with music, laughing and telling stories. But I have been to a co worker funeral where it was more somber and everyone wore black.

    @My2Cents2 I've also been there where someone has tried to climb on the casket and also where a fight has broken out at the cemetary....smh! It's socking when it first happens but makes for a good laugh later on.

    I could imagine if Maxie had pulled that at one of my family members funeral all hell would have broken loose. My aunt would of jumped up and called her out on everything she'd ever done giving Lucky pills & fake pregnancy all of it. Some cousins would have jumped in and added their 2cents while my mom would try to be the peacemaker and it would only end when my grandma (r.i.p) would stand up and tell everyone including Maxie to sit their behind down before he clocked all of us! lol

    Look this wasn't Maxie's first time making a scene at a funeral which is part of the reason some people are saying o come on! She believes she killed one of the closest people to her so I can understand her hurt I just wish that it was done differently.

  35. Did anyone else catch this?

    Sam was looking directly at Jason when she said "Aside from the fact that I didn't want to lose my husband" but her eyes rolled upwards when she says "I wanted to make sure Robin's sacrifice was worth it" and then reverts her gaze back to Jason.

    Was she just looking up to think of how to best express herself? Or was it just her typical manipulative machinations and finding what lie/justification would best suit her purpose of being forgiven and getting into Jason's good graces?

    For some reason I'm leaning towards the latter...maybe because it reminded of the time when she did the exact same thing when she was trying to justify telling Carly about Jake to Lucky and Elizabeth. She had the same mannerisms and rolled her eyes upwards then too.

    Beginning to think this is her "tell" for lying. Rolling her eyes upwards.

    What does everyone else think?

    Also, noticed how when Jason was speaking with Carly and said "I didn't even get a chance to say Goodbye!!"
    I had a flashback to when Robin spent the night in the boxcar after waiting for Jason when he found the bag of money on the pier and was planning to take off. He came back to find Robin sleeping there. She asked where did he go? He said he was leaving but couldn't because she told him it was important to say Goodbye before you leave.
    The symmetry was astounding.
    Wonder if RC remembered the history or was told about it?
    Just found it fitting

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  37. Getting pissed off more and more with GH.
    Today was a parade of emo women (Sam and Anna) and CRAZY ones (Maxie, Kate/Connie/and sociopathic Carly. Holycrap - Lulu and Eliz were the ONLY coherent, strong women today. WTH is up with that?

    Liked the Anna/Patrick scenes on the roof though. Fin and JT really are showing everyone how it's done...GH is FOOLISH if they don't keep Fin on for the duration. The lady looks good for her age and can act with anyone they throw at her - hell, she makes them BETTER. I'll tell you what though, when Anna was ranting about Patrick being a dog today, I had to laugh - hell, Anna - you have picked bad boys your whole life (Robert, Duke, David on AMC, and Noah) - is it any wonder that Robin would pick them too (Stone, Jason, and Patrick)? Like mom, like daughter!

  38. I think we all can agree Sam the laptop dog is a douche bag.

    OFF TOPIC...I have NOT followed Jack Wagner since he left GH.
    WTF?? Bad face job? Too much make up? Fake teeth??
    I looked for Felicia in the audience but didn't see her.

    1. You won't see her either, they divorced years ago. I was hoping for a Frisco and Felicia reunion on GH. Jack Wagner should have done GH, itwas GH that made Jack Wagner a household name. And no doubt plastic surgery, fillers, etc. I wish some of these actors would just take a good long look in the mirror and realize how ridiculous they are starting to look! Or at least someone in their camp develop a set and tell them they are ruining their appearance by "improving" it.

  39. I am Jewish. We bury within 24-48 hours.
    We also wear black for a certain amount of time, it gets real 'different'than normal people. You mourn, you don't party. You have house gatherings and say prayers, no roof top stuff in the dead of winter.
    So depending on what your culture is would make you have a different opinion. Still Maxie was not out of line.

    I LOVED Whitney Houston's funeral. I watched it, mezmerized the entire 4 hours. Jewish or not, I felt the whole country went to Church that day!

  40. Watch: Sam's eyerolling has been mentioned often here, so I have looked for it, but haven't seen it. I guess I'm missing something.

    Re Maxie, I was horrified when she went on and on in front of the child, that was unforgiveable, I kept waiting for someone to usher Emma out, finally Liz did. In Maxie's defense, she said A MILLION TIMES that she didn't want to go to the funeral, she was clear on that, as she does know herself and probably didn't want to make a scene. Then, when EVERYONE in her life wouldn't let up about it, she came, in her red dress (a nod to Lucy Coe, I think).

    I get that Anna is angry at Patrick, but it was THEIR marriage, and they had worked it out and found happiness, and who is she to judge. Of course, I truly believe that the only reason Robin and Patrick were soooo happy was that she was going to die, and we all knew it, if she were staying, they would have made them as miserable as everyone else--as someone posted earlier, EVERYONE on soaps has angst.

  41. OMG the Carly pronoun thing? Dang it now I'm going to notice it EVERY SCENE!! LOL..thanks!!

  42. My2cents...I agree about Jack Wagner...I was watching DWTS and I did a double take. His smile looks like his upper lip goes way up too far or something. Like he has bad fitting uppers. LOL

    People would look so much better if they'd just age gracefully or at least naturally.

  43. Love: I also noticed that our Frisco looked like another person--maybe like his own father, or something. I've noticed him over the years, and always thought he looked basically the same, so I was shocked to see him last night. However, aging gracefully isn't very graceful, most people who speak about it aren't very old, I would love to get something done, but I'm scared I'll end up looking worse.

  44. Glad I am not the only one who was surprised at JW look. Since I haven't seen him in years, it was a SHOCK. In the very beginning they showed a photo of him & Felicia, then him & Heather. That is why I was looking for either of them in the audience.

    This guy had bad face fillers, bad uppers and maybe too much make up on?? Why would he need new uppers? He isn't that old??
    Either way, he looks terrible.

    I NEVER for a moment thought he would return to GH. He thinks he is too big a ROCK star for that.

    PLEASE people, leave Maxie alone!!
    She BROKE! NOBODY else was mad at her @ the Church why should we the viewers??
    I wish St Liz would have walked out sooner with Emma, but when you break like that, you don't take time to take inventory who is in the room. You just MELT DOWN!

  45. First of all, Kelly M. always looks up at the ceiling - that is part of her "acting" and really means nothing. Second, I've been watching Jack Wagner for years on B&B, and he has wrinkles, hasn't had any work done that I could see, and is just aging. He is in his 50's now. Still love him! Finola and Jason T. were brilliant once again. I'm in the camp against the Maxie meltdown at the funeral. There was a little girl there who shouldn't have had to endure that nor her grieving husband. Maxie should have been removed immediately in my opinion. It was selfish of her to subject everyone to that. I can understand her feelings but this was a side show. Kate was a joke and Sonny an idiot for not catching on. Has he ever even wondered how the gun ended up in Kate's office?

  46. are right about Sam always rolling her eyes up to the ceiling. I take that as bad acting, and not knowing what to do with the scene.
    Natalie was FAMOUS for that on OLTL

    I wish Liz would have picked up Emma and walked out as soon as Maxie had her melt down. Agree or disagree, a child shouldn't of had to see that.

  47. I agree that Emma shouuld have been taken out sooner and I know that Liz was the one helping out, but it wasn't all on Liz to get Emma out of there right away.
    Lulu trying to comfort Patrick was odd. I don't know why....Maybe because they hardly ever have scenes together?
    I think Mac should have stepped in for Maxie WAY sooner than he did. The writers just had Spinelli and Matt doing it forever, when Mac was just sitting there.
    I just hope the scenes with Maxie now are her and Mac more than her and Spinelli and Matt.
    Can't wait to see Jason and Liz talk about Jake today.

  48. I'm guessing everyone was just shocked over Maxie's outburst. Everyone was just staring with a "wtf" look. I'm enjoying the show but, Kate/Connie is laughable. Sonny is being dumb, catch on already! The scene reminded me of Sigorney Weaver and Bill Murray in Ghostbusters. I have to say I laughed out loud at Maxie's huge eyes semi-staring at the screen in that wheelchair.

  49. Avalonn said...
    I'm guessing everyone was just shocked over Maxie's outburst. Everyone was just staring with a "wtf" look

  50. LOL...yes everyone was looking like "wtf" but did anyone else catch Anna role her eyes and look away like "here we go with this bullcrap!" lol

  51. Emma - I still haven't heard anyone tell Emma that Robin is "dead". They just said she had to go to "Heaven" to be an angel. For all poor Emma knows, Robin chose to move away and leave them. A little girl that age doesn't understand what really happened unless you spell it out for her. I keep waiting for Emma to ask "Why did Mommy move to Heaven and leave us?"

    Anna - please! Patrick should have told her to shut up and butt out. She was completely out of line.

    Jason Thompson - he is an amazing actor. I would bet we see him on many other shows after this performance.

    Maxie - Could you be a little more selfish? No, probably not.

    Kate/Connie - I have to FF through the scenes so I don't laugh out loud. I don't know how MB can act them and not crack up. It's like a low budget movie.

    I wonder what reality the writers live in that they think any of this is even somewhat realistic or enjoyable. Blah!

  52. Hey, one comment and one question:

    Comment: Pronoun use. This is a strategic writing technique employed on soaps since their origins back to radio. You'll notice most characters don't use pronouns. This is so any viewer who happens to tune in (esp in radio days) would be able to know who's who and who's connected to whom right away. This is esp important right now while GH writers are hoping to lure in new viewers from OLTL or other places. The sooner you connect to a "person" the more likely you'll keep watching. I noticed years ago that I almost never use pronouns either when I speak, I use proper names, and I chalked it up to being raised watching daytime and writing serialized fiction.

    Quesiton: Maxie said her "Death Count" was up to 3. If she's counting Lisa and Robin, who the heck is the 3rd??? I missed a few years so there's obviously a story there...


  53. I'm not sure about Maxie's "Death Count" Surely they wouldn't count BJ. She had NOTHING to do with that, or her sister Georgie.

  54. LaTanya said...I'm from Detroit when I said cultures I meant race/ religions. I'm afican american and all the the funerals I've attended of family and close friends were up beat with music, laughing and telling stories.
    Yeah I like those kind of funerals.

    Watchintele said...Did anyone else catch this?Sam was looking directly at Jason when she said "Aside from the fact that I didn't want to lose my husband" but her eyes rolled upwards when she says "I wanted to make sure Robin's sacrifice was worth it" and then reverts her gaze back to Jason.
    Yes I saw her roll her eyes!!! I couldn't believe she did that!

  55. I took Maxie's body count of 3 to include the first mate, or whoever that woman was on the the boat that Anthony had arranged her 'confession' and murder. I do talk about aging gracefully and I do wish I fell into the category of being really young and talking about it, but alas, it's not only a good memory that makes me recall the orginal Heather and the days prior to Genie Francis ever being on GH.

    Isn't Jack Wagner 50ish? I don't think he's a lot older than that. I have noticed over the years he has wrinkles and a craggy look about him, but men can carry that off so much better than women. I will give him this...there isn't an ounce of fat on that body and he certainly looks better than Heather Locklear whose face has looked stiff and frozen for several years now.


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