Monday, March 12, 2012

No Sudden Movements!

Today was a slow turn from Friday!! At least Steve spit out the "secret"-He made a choice to  save one and not save the other!! Then he's rationalizing it.  Like it's no big deal. Weird. Lisa LoCiccero is the only good thing about that story. You can tell it was changed-- why would he want  Maggie around in the first place?
SONNY was trending on Twitter at 3:23! LOL THEN Todd Manning trended worldwide and US at 3:26!! 

Todd Manning and Sonny-- well, it was interesting.  Todd,  don't pull a gun on Sonny, it's like a daily thing with him. lol..Not scaring him at all! Oh, some of my OLTL Humor? Todd's earlobes are totally dinner plate size! LOL

Michael/Starr-- how long is she going to bitch at him? LOL  

Kate/Connie-- so she thinks she may  have done the shooting. Interesting. And she called Dr. Ewan. More interesting.  Johnny wants to do Connie!! WOOT! did you see that look? Heh 

Dante believing Lulu who JUST started working at the PCPD over his partner? Um, no.

Liked the Blair and Carly bitchfest about their ex's.. nice. Two dames of the same cloth. Talking about their marriages!! LOL...too fun. Warmed my bitchy heart.


  1. Aaaaahhhhh!!! Blair and Carly!! I'm in soap heaven, LOL!! They were so great together.

    I'm actually liking Michael and Starr. They certainly have a lot in common. Let's not forget that Michael just recently lost Abby. Maybe they can help eachother heal a little bit.

    Go away Delores.

    Johnny and Connie could be totally hot. I'm okay with it, because I'd rather see Carly stirring up trouble with Todd and Blair. She has way more chemistry with both of them. Maybe Carly and Blair could swear off men and start a new life together as lesbians. ;-)

    SO GLAD to see the promo for Robin's funeral. It's about time we had some action on that story! And so glad to see that they're giving her a funeral. Let's hope she gets a proper send off, or as good of a send off as possible after the way they've botched this up.

    Oh, and as much as I hate Dr. Ewan, somebody needs to get on that. He is smokin' hot.

  2. Carly and Blair: Oh love it!! They were comparing notes about their ex's hahahaha!

    Michael and Starr: Poor Starr!! Still angry! Still taking it out on Michael. :(

    The courthouse: DELICIOUS!!! Sonny vs Todd!!! :) And then the ex's, Starr, and Michael show up! :)

    Police station: Woah Mulva is very defensive!! Did she erase the pictures? I THINK SHE DID!!! :) Johnny shows up! Johnny and Mulva scene love it! Come on just sleep together! :)

    Ewen and Kate: Kate thinks she was the one who shot Papa Z's tires but she is trying to make herself think she didn't do it! :)

    Johnny and Connie: Connie is happy to see Johnny hahahaha!

    Steve and Olivia: Oh boy! So he killed a bad guy to save a good girl. Now what Olivia? :)

    Karen Sonny and Todd trending on twitter! Awesome. :)

  3. Classic RC when Todd, in mid stream, completely switched gears and asked Sonny why it's called Port Charles when he hasn't seen any ports around! That's one of the reasons I love RC so much. And Blair putting up 5 fingers to say she was married to "Todd" 5 times but only 3 times to "this guy"!

  4. Oh wow I love the Carly and Blair scenes and how well they clicked with one another. I hope that GH is finally going to give Carly a female friend in Blair because I loved the vibe between these two women.

    LOVED the Todd and Sonny face off. I LMAO when Todd asked Sonny do you know how easy it is to buy a gun here and then was like oh I forgot who I was talking to. The scenes were intense and full of drama like any good soap would have. I personally still believe that Sonny didn’t shoot AZ tires out and that it was coo coo Kate that did it but I so love seeing Todd and Sonny face off. Both Mo and Roger (I think that’s the name of the guy who plays Todd) rocked their scenes in today’s show. Cant wait to see the fallout between them now that Carly, Blair, Michael and Starr are there.

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  6. Loved the Michael and Starr scenes too. I love how both Michael and Starr seems to understand each other.

  7. Fun scenes with Blair/Carly. Somehow, I suspect they won't stay friends long though...LOL!

    Sonny/Todd. Hysterical. Loved it. Todd with his random babbling, Sonny realizing he's not the only loose canon in town...brilliant!

    Steve/Olivia. What a pointless storyline. Sounds like they're trying to wrap it up quick and send the blonde doc packing. Good riddance.

    Now if we can just send Delores/Mulva packing things will be fantastic! I actually did think Dante would believe Lulu over his partner as he really doesn't have a connection with Mulva. Even though Ronnie's an idiot, I could see him not believing Lulu if he was involved as they were partners for years. No matter, I'm liking the Dante/Lulu pairing up on this. I really like them as a couple and they're hardly ever given airtime together.

    Agreed Jaybeezer - Dr. Ewan is smokin' HOT :))

    Still waiting on Robin's funeral. The promos look amazing. A week too late for my taste but at least we're getting a memorial. Yes. I'm still so bitter about Jake. Hope he gets more than a mention this year.

  8. So they finally gave Carly a friend today. I at least got some back story on Blair and Todd from GH. Ron Carlivati on twitter said Sonny vs, Todd, Carly vs Blair, Nuff said.
    Michael is less annoying with Starr but reading OLTL fans' comments on many sites that say they Starr was whiny and annoying on OLTL. Hopefully the romeo /juliet story of michael/starr will see them forge their own path into maturity.
    Kate - don't care
    Dolores-don't care
    Steve/Olivia- don't care
    Ewan- potentially hot

  9. I would agree about the slow turn from Friday, but then, everything seemed to be getting fast paced there for a while on GH, so I guess with the OLTL crew arriving, that's why they might be slowing it down a bit now...we still have John McBain left to arrive. Wonder if he'll join the bunch gathering around Todd about to shoot Sonny?

    The Todd/Sonny and Blair/Carly scenes were very good...but then so are the actors. Some good chemistry there, especially with Carly and Blair. Galpal match made in heaven, I think! I actually had to look up info on Todd Manning. I wondered, is he a mobster, is he just nuts or what? I saw he was a Lord (Well, that name rang familiar to me with Dorian, from my days viewing as a kid with my mom.) and bascially a very powerful guy who gets into scrapes with the law repeatedly. So, he's not completely a "Sonny" kind of guy, but sort of...minus the mob thing. Anyhow...I do wonder if Todd did shoot or not. I had a feeling someone was going to barge in; GH is getting a bit predictable at times!

    OK...well, what happened in Memphis is out of the bag now, so can we please get rid of Maggie? We don't need her! Of course we needed to be reminded of Olivia being a good Catholic gal. It annoys me a bit when stuff like that gets brought up in a fictional setting; kind of like they always have Sonny...a known mobbie who has killed numerous people running to the chapel when one of his own is in peril and he needs a favor from the heavenly powers that be. If they are up there, Sonny, they ain't listening to you! :-)

    Michael and Starr are good together...I just wish I felt enough of an empathy toward the character as deeply as a OLTL viewer would enough to care about her. But, then both of them have experienced sudden indeed, they can bond over that.

    Lulu, my dear, you handled the situation with Mulva all wrong. You should have kept your mouth shut and told Dante your suspicions in private. But then, if she would have done that and wouldn't have made it public, then we would not have had a public "outing" (GH loves those) and a catfight in the making. When Dante, Lulu, Mulva, and Johnny were in the scene today, why was I thinking..."Hey Lulu, if you really want to annoy Mr. "I Love My Badge so Much!" go have an affair with Johnny! That'll get his attention! I have a feeling he'll side with Mulva and Mulva will do all she can to make Lulu look pathetic. As I have said before, Delores can join Maggie in a boat off of GH!

    Kate...get a good lawyer who can use a not guilty by reason of insanity plea, because I think you may need it. I would guess she shot Sonny and also shot the tire out that caused Starr's accident, but was Connie when she did it and does not recall she did it right now.

    I see the previews had this week being about Robin...about time they get moving with that. They had better be planning a fitting memorial to her! I see Rick Springfield showing up as Noah. Made me a happy camper, since I adore Rick. He's not bad for 60 something! (62 from what I read!)

  10. A new video from Kimberly in which she interviews Jason Thompson. *cries*

  11. Did I miss Robin's funeral? I will give it until tomorrow, then shyt needs to start rolling with the end of that storyline. What, we waiting for Friday to come, with a zillion other scenes going on during the funeral?? Kinda mad right now about all Robin stuff.

    LOVE LOVE Blair & Carly. How could you not?? lol

    I giggle everytime I hear Todd say the word CORRenthas!

    This is the BIG SECRET Maggie Mouth and Steve were hiding?
    Puh-lez!! Bye Steve, Olivia & Maggie. Olivia go home and make pasta and do Dante's laundry. Steve you and Maggie are worthless.

    Dr Ewan is creepy. Doesn't he have a desk job??

    SONYA..yes Mulva erased the photos.
    She is protecting her husband. jmo.
    But Lulu, when did she go from a file clerk to a cop? I too missed that episode.

    The GOOD: Blair & Carly
    The BAD: Starr & Michael
    The UGLY: No Robin mentioned.
    Kate & Ewan

    Lovetochat: Starr doesn't deserve all this airtime right now. NOT interested in her spoiled know it all attitude.

  12. I liked Carly and Blair. They are great together. Could you imagine if they were both on the rampage at the same time!!

    And I even liked Michael and Starr. But this Todd fella is definitely not coming across as some major bad guy. He's too bland for my liking. I certainly didn't find the scene intense. I expected Sonny to say, "Go away. You bother me" at any If Todd wasn't from the other show I'm sure more people would be saying, Who is this guy? Get rid of him. He's about as interesting as Ewan.

    Steve and Olivia didn't interest me much either. I just want that storyline over and Maggie gone.

    I was also really happy to see the promo for Robin's funeral. They've been ignoring that storyline too long.

  13. 2cents says SONYA..yes Mulva erased the photos.
    Hahaha yeah I know. :) Damn Mulva if you don't want people thinking you did it, don't be so defensive! :)

    She is protecting her husband. jmo.
    Yeah she probably is. :)

  14. Sonya...I LOVE Todd & BLair being over in Pt Chuckles!! LOVE!

    Just hate that it is taking from Robin.
    Starr is an idiot. She was on OLTL and she is again here on GH. jmo.

  15. SAW THE PROMO. Sam will hide the funeral from Jason! How idiotic is that.
    Sonny/Todd seen wasn't intense for me as Sonny is ALWAYS facing the barrel of someone's gun regularly and never pays. Sonny was shot just a week ago and walked around bleeding. Sonny is never even in critical condition. So, it wasn't scary for me. Todd came across as unhinged but Mr.Craig/Jerry seemed more threatening against Sonny in the past. It would have been more fun to see Sonny take a beating. I was rooting for Todd to kill him in a schocker, but I know ther isn't any hope of that. They already have 2 funerals coming up with Robin, Cole and hope. I'm assuming they would do a memorial for Starr's family even thoug Gh fans like me, who didn't watch OLTL, don't know them.

  16. Sorry typed seen instead of scene :).

  17. Although if Starr's family has more of a memorial serrvice than Jake, Liz's son, I will be pissed. Jake's funeral wasn't shown and Liz wasn't even given the opportunity to be seen greiving over her son at a memorial. Instead we saw Jax and Carly visit her and Carly telling her my condolences and if you need anything BS that she had no intention of honoring. Still burns me that the anniversary of Jake's death is upon us and , no Liz is to be seen and no Jake mention. It wouldn't surprise me if they have the usual Jason greiving over Jake and now Robin , because it's all about Jason.

  18. I disagree. Its not all about Jason. We haven't even seen him in a week.
    It is all about Sonny though.
    Today confirmed that. I thought with Ron on board we would see less Sonny. We have seen him everyday for 2 weeks, except for one day.

    We need to stop our hatred for certain characters. Let's aim it at the writers instead. How they write the characters. I happen to think alot of people I HATE I hate because of the writing. And the people I like, well some of its writing, some of it they are just good actors!.

    MO is a great actor. Great. But I am tired of him already.

  19. I don't think we'll see Cole/Hope's memorial. In order for that to happen, all the people that loved them would have to come to Port Charles, and that's obviously not going to happen. And as much as I would love that, I understand that this is not OLTL, it's GH and should be centered mainly around GH characters.

    I'm thinking they'll probably head back to Llanview offscreen, maybe? At least this is what I'm hoping. Then Starr and Todd can come back for justice. Is Blair staying? Did she get a contract?

  20. Joining the group ...Carly and Blair were brillant together..Carly needs a gal pal. I wish that Kassie would get a contract. I always loved her fromher very first day on OLTL. Kassie ws one of the best recasts ever done on a soap.
    Eventually though Carly will have to hit the sheets with Todd and that will be explosive. Can't you just tell the hotness potential that those two have. I think that they would b hot the way that the 1st Carly and Jason were in the bar.

    I wanted Carly with Johnnie until I saw her with Todd. Now I want him to do Connie and for Carly to find out..

    I enjoyed the Todd and Sonny scenes..But, Todd eems like he is on valium. A lot of his Toddness is toned down. I wonder how Todd will end up not going to jail for killing Victor and holding a gun on Sonny. How is Todd going to be a regular with all that.

    A while back Raven was saying that a major male character was leaving . I thought it was supposed to be about now. So how could that be?? Who would it be?? Or did the new producers and writers convince that actor to stay??

    I heard that Mo was selling his house and thought that maybe Mo was leaving and trying to downsize due to it..I hope that he stays and I hope that Ron writes a better Sonny.

    Glad that the Steve reveal is over..I wish that the story would just be dropped. They can give Steve scenes with Cameron instead. I think that Cameron should start having issues from his brother's death and his dad leaving. Hey, maybe he could have an imaginary friend or see a ghost and eventually it could b revealed that it wa Jake...Just wishing...Since Joslyn has his organs..I know that he has to be dead.

    I cannot wait for tomorrow episode..It is great to say that.

  21. Ingo R. got a role in the upcoming flick I, Alex Cross! Good for him.
    Jason may not have been on bu in the upcoming promo they show him saying that he never even got to say good-bye to Robin. It has been about Jason, Sonny, Carly and Sam for more than 2 years now and I'm certain he will also get caught up in the Sonny vs Todd vs John McBain.

  22. Carly and Blair!!! Clair? Loved their chemistry as much as i loved Carly and Todd's. Could make for an EXLOSIVE story (fingers crossed)Loved today, but i really want to get back to the Robin story like everyone else.

  23. Really liked the scenes with Blair and Carly - could even tolerate Carly. Well written and well acted. Can't remember anything else notable from yesterday. I hate to say it but I really can't stand Starr already - the acting seems one note and with her nostrils flaring she isn't very appealing to look at. I really liked Michael with Abby and though he and Starr may have more in common, I would have rather seen them keep Abby. I've got the tissues ready for the funeral. I know I will need them.

  24. My2Cents2 said... Sonya...I LOVE Todd & BLair being over in Pt Chuckles!! LOVE!
    Me too me too!!!!! Love it! :)

    Just hate that it is taking from Robin.
    The funeral is soon!!! :)

    campus disco said... Carly and Blair!!! Clair?
    Hahaha yes!!! :)

  25. Carly & Blair. Same age, same background history. They clicked ohhhh so sweet! Still I am loving Todd & Carly. Todd, Blair, Carly & Sonny, all very strong actors!
    As far as I know, Blair has not signed on yet, but hopefully she will. She has always been the slut of Landview, I see her hitting up on Johnny as an Sonny for the main course??

    No you are right, we won't see a burial for Cole. His body will be shipped to his parents, and either they take Hope home to Landview, or they keep it simple. At this point I don't care. Robin died 3 weeks ago and she has all but been forgotten. Maybe with how badly her death was done, Ronnie & Frank needed time to fix things and they will give her a proper send off?

    As far as what Raven said, really, are we back to believing everything she says??
    Things change behind the scenes daily. How could she possibly know anything?

    So where we headed on GH? Is Felicia staying, or doing a Robert return? Will she get a story?
    Sonny & Todd...ARCH enemies which will be fun. Oh Todd, how I love you!

    Alexis will have airtime due to Maxies trial. And Sonnys trial.
    We will see Uncle Mac at the trial, but does he get a storyline?
    Would love to see him & Felicia reconcile, however, how long she staying?

    Aunt Heather coming back. TROUBLE.

    Will Doc Steve stay on? Or pasta mama??

    And poor Patty. I have missed him.
    I can almost see the writing on the wall for that one. And I don't like it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is Dante & Lulu headed? Busting Mulva? Then what?

    Filler roles for now: Luke, Shawn, Liz, Molly & Tommy, Tracey & Papa, Monica. Matt.

    I just thought of something. Scottie coming back as a Robert return or contract? Scottie & Liz should get together. Very similar personalities! Now that could be good!

    See you all at the funeral on Wednesday. Karen said Wednesday. Did she mean THIS Wednesday or a Wednesday in 2012?? :)

  26. 2cents says See you all at the funeral on Wednesday. Karen said Wednesday. Did she mean THIS Wednesday or a Wednesday in 2012?? :)
    ROFL! Maybe it's Wednesday in 2013! ROFL!

  27. I completely agree with mosbp regarding classic RC whe Todd switched gears mid stream. I picked up on that and LOVED it. Absolutely perfect.

  28. Old fart Scottie with Liz would be ridiculous. Liz is a legacy character and shouldn't be in the background and she won't , according to Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini. She even has a marriage proposal coming up.

  29. love2chat402000 said... She even has a marriage proposal coming up.
    Liz is going to have a marriage proposal?!!?! Oh I hope it's not with Ewen!! UGH!


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