Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who's Ethan's Daddy? Uh? HUH?

Can I keep up? Nahhhh, and guess what? Don't care!! 

Blair slapped TODD who has a new hair-do...To people that don't know them, Todd is an evil/bad character that flips from bad to not so bad. They have CarSon type chemistry. They have 2 kids: Jack and Starr. 
OMG when Blair told  Todd...I love Kassie DP she's so good. Was Todd's scar missing?? I think it was!

The opening was different again today, the music at least. It was a mashup of Night Shift maybe? Not sure. 

Maxie remembers she knocked on the gas! oh no..sniff. 

Oh geeesh.... this DNA thing will stretch out forever.  Who is it? Who's not it? Who's tinkering with the DNA test? Why doesn't Luke mention EMMA? It should be ABOUT BEING there for HER, not Ethan!! Luke just starts telling Robert anything so he won't jump LOL! Now Luke wants Ethan to disappear so Robert will go find him.

Connie/Kate: Ok, she sounded  like MAE WEST TODAY!! OMG..this is so bad, I'm sorry but I just can't with this 'accent' sheeze. the ONLY part I liked was AZ after, telling Johnny to basically do her. Johnny says: "I don't know who this Connie person is but she ain't real"... 

This IS MAE WEST! (cause I know some of you are like who?) Listen to her voice/accent. yep. it's her.

I was not really enthused with today's show. Hey, I'm honest. Just didn't me squeal like it has lately.
Heather Webber shows up in PC on March30th!!


  1. As someone from Alabama, I couldn't really tell Connie's accent wasn't authentic. But I do get annoyed when folks try a Southern accent and get it wrong so I understand.

    What does it say that I like Connie better then Kate? LOL

    Karen, Todd had his scar, I saw it in an episode near the last of the show.

    I agree Luke should be talking up Emma nor Ethan, but I do see why he did it the way he did. He wants to make it a life and death situation to get him off the bridge and it wouldn't be possible with Emma.

    Love that Blair is with Tomas. YIPEE!! Missed the Tea reference, hubby was talking to me. I wanna see Todd and Sonny go at it. I'm Team Todd all the way.

  2. Ruke: Great scene!!!! Holding each other so they don't fall awww! :) Love the bromance. :) Altho why was Robert bashing Holly? Very strange. Stop that Robert!!!!

    Ethan and Holly: Ethan brings up Holly loves Luke, then Holly talks about how Luke's heart will always belong to Laura. DAMN STRAIGHT!!!

    Matt and Maxie: Poor Maxie!!!!!!!!!!! She knows the gas at the lab was her fault. :( She is hurting. :(

    Todd and Blair: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!! And yes Karen, Todd's scar was missing for a bit! But then there it is! :)

    Connie and Johnny: WOAH!!!!!!!!!!! Connie wants to sleep with Johnny to hurt Sonny! So that Sonny would break up with Kate! I LOVE THE PLAN! DO IT JOHNNY DO IT! :)

    Johnny and Grandpapa Z: Grandpapa Z loves the idea!!! WOOT WOOT ROFL! Do it Johnny!!!

    Carly and Alexis: Love their scene. :)

    Sonny and Dante: Dante thinks Sonny shot Grandpapa Z's tires and arrested him. Sonny calls Alexis. Where is the proof Dante?

  3. Blair knocked her scenes out of the ball part today. I beg to differ whover wasn't mezmerized by her today.
    Her & Todd, love him or not, made my day on GH today. YEP I saw his scar on his face. They BOTH better be back! Soon!

    Starsky & Hutch (Luke & Robert) Good scenes. Enough though already.
    Who the daddy??

    Jen Lilly, like her or not, knocked her scenes out of the ball park today as well. She is a better actor playing a miserable person than a happy person! lol

    When did Dante have time for a haircut?? All night barber??

    BEST LINE of the day:
    Johnny to Connie: 'I will call Kate an hope Connie is in'. LMAO

    2 excellent non-ffing days for me.

  4. oops..typo....PARK
    Hit her scenes out of the PARK.

    Sonya, could you have died when Papa came down the stairs so excited about Connie/Kate!

  5. I don't go back far enough to remember Heather Weber. What is her story and how is she related to Jason's mother?

  6. Todd's scar was barely there. I could have had an entire show of Johnny's one liners about Kate/Connie. Although Blair/Todd wasn't my favorite OLTL couple (Tea/Victor was) their scenes today was great!

  7. Jason's mother, Susan Moore and Heather are first cousins.

  8. Dar to add onto what My2Cents said. Heather is a total nutjob. She gave birth to Steven (she always called him Steven Lars) told the father, Jeff, that he was dead and sold him on the black market. The Taylor family adopted him, a doc/nurse at the hospital, and Heather decided she wanted the baby back. After Peter died she tried to gaslight Diana, the mother, and doctored her tea with LSD. Heather drunk it by mistake and wound up in Shadybrook. She later found Diana dead and wrote the name of Jeff's new lady, Anne, in blood to make it look like Diana was accusing Anne of the murder. Later still she hooked up with Scott to scam Susan out of the money Susan got as Jason's mother. That is only some of her bad deeds.

    I absolutely love Robin Mattson. She makes you have Heather but still shows times when you feel for her.

  9. I remember when Heather (not played by Robin M) was in the closet with a fake baby doll singing away...lol I loved the first Heather!

  10. Oh wow...you guys have brilliant memories!

  11. Yes!! The first Heather, played by Georgeanne LaPiere...Cher's half sister. Shew as great!!

    There was one other after that...had kind of a long bob hair style...she was actually rather Lucy Coe-esqe (from Lucy's early days).

  12. I thought today's show was just o.k but I did laugh at Connie drinking from the bottle of wine in Johnny's aprtment and then making a face.Liked AZ's reaction to her. I do like Connie more than kate as she's funny (" in bed, in a chair or up against a wall").
    Blair and Todd ( I didn't watch OLTL when they were on it ) : I liked Todd's reaction saying to her that the best of his life came from being with her and their kids as it seemed so heartfelt.
    Maxie : of course you know her meltdown will come at the funeral as she always does that. I remember her drama at Georgie's funeral telling off felicia ).I skipped most of Dante and Sonny as I find that Dante makes lots of threats but doen't follow through with anything much like Sonny ( they waste screen time ). Dante compromised himself long ago so I never feel he's a threat to sonny.
    Hopefully, the nest show will show Patrick and Anna, Liz.

  13. I also couldn't understand why Luke didn't mention Emma. She's his family. She's just lost her mother. Does he want her to lose her Grandpa too?

    I never watched the other soap but Todd didn't really impress me today. I loved Star and her mom though.

    Poor Maxie. She did remember. maybe this will be a wake up call for her and her selfishness. ( Jen was great today!)

    The one-liners between Johnny and Z were great.

    Iconfess to FFing through a lot of the Kate bits. I'm not really enjoying this storyline.

  14. My2Cents2 said... Sonya, could you have died when Papa came down the stairs so excited about Connie/Kate!
    Yes I could have!!!! ROFL! It was great!!

    Grandpapa Z: THAT was an opportunity of a LIFETIME!! OWWWWWWWWWWW!!


    When did Dante have time for a haircut?? All night barber??
    Yeah Cents! I noticed that Dante had another haircut! :)

  15. "To people who dont know them"

    Thanks. I was thinking this today when I was watching. There is no backstory so far and to me, the OLTL characters are "newbies". I have no idea who they are or what their past story is.

    While it is fortunate that OLTL fans know what is going on, some of us are in the dark. And being in the dark makes me not care about these people.

    Maybe GH is doing openings like Y&R. A different one every day.

  16. I can't help it but when I see Robin M. I think of her character from Santa Barbra more than her time on GH!

  17. I hate KS as Kate, but I have to admit, I like her as Connie, bad accent and all! I loved Johnnie's reaction to her too. I also FF'd through the Dante/Sonny scenes. As far as why Luke didn't mention Robert living for Emma, it would not have given Ethan an exit line...I kept looking for Todd's scar and finally found it! I can understand why the Blair/Todd interaction could be difficult for peole who did not watch OLTL to follow. For those of us that did watch OL, it cleared up a few things that were left hanging at the end of the show. Todd was very subdued today. I'm sure he will kick it up very soon...

  18. Just read that an actor by the name of Phillip Fusco has been cast as Lucas Jones. They don't have a set air date for him but it is said to be prepared for a summer loaded with teens. It's on Soaptown USA and they have a picture of him up. Don't mean any disrespect to you Karen by posting info from another website I just wanted everyone to know!

  19. sonya said...
    My2Cents2 said... Sonya, could you have died when Papa came down the stairs so excited about Connie/Kate!
    Yes I could have!!!! ROFL! It was great!!

    When I seen that, I thought of you!

    The double Kate/Connie..remember how Ron wrote Jessie?? She was more fun as Tess??

  20. As someone from Brooklyn, I can vouch that Connie is NOT from the 'hood!! Just because she says "ain't " a lot does not make it a Brooklyn accent. Why couldn't the actress listen to some people from Brooklyn, or get a coach or something?

  21. Maxie killed Robin. I hope other characters will find out.

  22. Todd made me swoon today. His speech after he stole Blair's phone was phenomenal. He may be a bad boy, but he is the ultimate bad boy to love. Unlike Sonny, Todd admits he does horrible things. If the Beast was a real person, he would be Todd. :) And the scar was definitly there.

    I ffed through most of the Sonny, Dante business. I feel like it's just too repetative.

    The Connie stuff is so bad. It totally reminds me of the old 80's campy stuff that soaps used to show.

  23. Have you guys noticed how wonderful this show is now that that fat ass Steve Burton and equally as horrible Maurice Benard and Kelly Monaco are not on every single day????

    God hated "General Hospital" from 2000-2012

  24. Thanks to all for the Heather information. Does that mean Steve and Liz have different mothers?

  25. Really not liking the personal comments about Steve Burton...That is disrespectful and is not why this site exists..

  26. Matt was a jerk today...how did he leave with Maxie crumbling to the floor? They are not my favorite couple at all...but really?!

  27. I only got to see the second half of today's show...have to rewatch.

    I am glad Karen explained the Blair/Todd dynamic, because through their scenes, I kept thinking, "Hey, these two remind me of Sonny/Carly a lot!" Makes sense now to this non-OLTL watcher!

    I liked what I saw of Luke and Robert, but my head is spinning with Ethan's paternity now. Holly, whose kid is he??? So, is Ethan going to scram because Luke tells him it's best? That is how he goes?

    Poor Johnny...you could tell he had his fill of the crazy train today! I kept hearing that Ozzy Osbourne song in my head during those scenes! With all that, I'd take up boozing too! Papa Z is still a hoot though. Connie...nah, the accent isn't right. If she sounded like someone from "Mob Wives" well, then, she'd be in the Bensonhurst ballpark with that.

    Sonny and Dante...same stuff, different day.

    I'll have to watch again, but it looks like it was an OK day.

    I must say I am so happy to have long time GH watchers here. I totally forgot Cher's half sister Georgianne played Heather before Robin Mattson did. Heather was some twisted fun back in the day...kind of like how Janet from Another Planet was on AMC. Nice to reminisce!

  28. JPink said...
    Todd made me swoon today. His speech after he stole Blair's phone was phenomenal. He may be a bad boy, but he is the ultimate bad boy to love.
    ditto ditto ditto. LOVED his scenes

    So Lucas has been recasted for the summer? Sounds to me like GH is writing for the future. Does this mean Bobbie is not far behind??

    Connie/Kate imo is doing a great job. If you don't like 2 personality storylines, its Ron's fault. He is known for writing them.

    Yes Liz & Steve have different mothers. We don't know who Liz's mother is. I believe her dad hooked up with her in Africa, and then Liz & her sister just showed up one day in Pt Chuckles.

    renegade_killerbee said...
    Have you guys noticed how wonderful this show is now that that fat ass Steve Burton and equally as horrible Maurice Benard and Kelly Monaco are not on every single day????
    Carrie Ann said...
    Really not liking the personal comments about Steve Burton...That is disrespectful and is not why this site exists..
    Thank You Carrie Ann...some people have no class or respect.

  29. I wasn't too fond of Tuesday's epi. I was really hoping for much more with the bridge scene with Robert and Luke. Actually found myself not caring if they jumped or not. I understand the Ethan/Robert plot point to a certain degree but not even mentioning Emma made no sense whatsoever.

    Still not liking the CuckooConnieKate stuff but I really do think it's only because I just can't get behind Kelly Sullivan's acting style and the ridiculously ever-changing accent. Usually I laugh at how awful it is, Tuesday I cringed. Thankfully, Johnny's zingers had me back to laughing!

    Poor Maxie. Long road ahead for her!

    Seemed like same old stuff for Sonny and Dante and Alexis and Carly. Blah, blah, blah, blah. lol.

    Loved the Blair/Todd scenes and of course crazy Anthony Z!

    Wonder when we'll get back to the storyline of Robin's death...remember, Robin died? I'm not so good at having them drag this out so long.

  30. I think they kind of lost the momentum of Robin's death. I felt like I was watching OLTL at times. I really like Blair and wish they would keep this actress. I'm not enjoying Kate/Connie much but Johnny and Anthony were good. Kelly S. and Jen L. seem to be overacting all the time and it annoys me - JMHO. Looks like Luke concocted the "who's the daddy?" card again to get Robert off the bridge and out of town chasing Ethan. Why are Ethan and Holly still hanging out at Wyndemere? Helena could still be there for all they know. Sick of the Dante confronts Sonny repetition.

  31. One of Mae West's best lines (in my opinion) is...

    When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad I'm better.

  32. Karen I hope you don't mind me posting SPOILERS...you said at one time you didn't when OLTL was on.
    I will post this one time..let me know...
    3/12 A showdown begins: a confrontation between the Corinthos and Manning families erupts.
    Johnny prods Delores in a strategic move.

    3/13 John McBain arrives in Port Charles.
    There is a dark past between McBain and Sonny.

    3/14 Jason realizes something is wrong with Robin,
    whose friends and family prepare to say goodbye to her

    3/15 Patrick tries to speak about the time he shared with Robin.
    Alexis and Molly help Sam keep Jason in the dark about his friend's death.

    3/16 Grief overwhelms Maxie during Robin's memorial service.
    Sonny interrogates Kate about Ewen's role in her life.

    Dante and Lulu are puzzled over Delores' behavior.

    Anthony works on Johnny accepting an offer from Kate.

    After Steve opens up about his past to Olivia, Johnny will be their problem.

    Monica and Tracy quarrel over the death of Robin and the funeral service,
    which leads to a set back for Edward.

    Jason makes a special request; Jason is determined to see Robin after Spinelli slips up
    that something is wrong.

    Jason and Sam don't see eye to eye. (See Rumorville, "Jasam Discord" for more.)

    Father Coates will preside over Robin's funeral.

    The citizens of Port Charles pay a loving tribute to Robin;
    Expect some surprises!

    Maxie has a meltdown during Robin's funeral, in more ways than one.

    MY THOUGHTS: Hiding Robin's death from Jason, will put strain and anguish on their marriage. YES!!

  33. Batgary said...

    Dar to add onto what My2Cents said. Heather is a total nutjob.


    Righto. Robin Mattson was the best Heather, though- she was nutso and sexy. Before hooking up s Scotty in the Susan murder I recall a scene where she seduced Joe Kelly away from Rose Kelly after Paddy dies. Robin was hot!

    As for Kelly S's accent, there is no single Brooklyn nor Queens accent. There are different ones for different nabes (NEVER hoods- neighborhoods in NYC are nabes!), and then there are a few generic NY accents, so Kelly's ok, esp. since she's affecting the whole Kate persona.

    Steve and Liz DO have diff moms- Liz's is the same as their sister's, but Liz's mom was never on GH- Jeff Webber got married after he left the show, and we just heard of Liz's mom from Liz.

    AS for Jen Lilley- so much BETTER than KS. She can act in more than one range- she can be a selfish bitch and be likeable.

  34. 2Cents There is a dark past between McBain and Sonny.
    THERE IS?!!?!?!?!?! :-O

  35. I agree with Cosmoteica. Jen Lilley plays Maxie in a way that you actually feel bad for her. I never felt that way with KS's portrayal.

  36. sonya said...
    2Cents There is a dark past between McBain and Sonny.
    THERE IS?!!?!?!?!?! :-O
    GF, did you think new characters were coming onto GH and they were going to push Sonny Gotti to the side??? LMAO

  37. Imagine Sam is going to try to keep Robin's death from Jason even up to the day of Robin's funeral!!Glad big mouth spinelli will spill the beans. I hope he tells her off good.

  38. Michael Easton gave an interview to TV Guide explaining a little about the history between John McBain and Sonny. He also doesn't know yet what will become of his wife and child ( I don't know the character as I didn't watch OLTL for many years ).

  39. love2chat...

    John McBain isn't married. He got Natalie pregant and he just found out the baby was his. Baby name Liam.
    We don't want Natalie on GH.

  40. LOL, Thank you my2cents for clearing that up as I don't know the history of John McBain's character.

  41. Love2chat...anytime you have questions about him, let me know. More than glad to answer them for you! lol


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