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Sunday Surgery: Rigor Mortis

 Rigor Mortis:  (Latin meaning "stiffness of death")...I couldn't help but think this week what Robin's doing in the morgue. I absolutely hate it when I can't follow a timeline on a soap. Drives me nuts. Robin died 2 weeks ago.. it's like a day has passed, or two? I mean, come on-- I guess I'm one of those people that are sticklers for time. I hated the JaSam honeymoon--total disregard for any kind of "time".  The show felt choppy this week and like it was trying to 'reset' itself. They really need to drop the whole Dolores/Stripper thing. No one cares.  

Ok, on to the REAL skivvy of the week---the infusion of OLTL into GH. I am trying to be objective here. It's hard because I loved OLTL and so love seeing my old friends on screen again. I do however, totally get where others are coming from. If some characters from  Days of Our Lives came over,  I'd probably have a fit. I get it. Then again, if it was to help ratings, bring it on. We need something-- we all know that.  Katie Couric is "in our corner" lol. For some reason, I think that's not enough but it can't hurt! Keep reading for more!

To try to give you the whole Todd/Blair/Starr back story would take forever. Just know he's changed faces in the last year-- and although this is the original actor to play him, many people liked the other guy's portrayal A LOT. Blair is always picking the wrong man. They usually turn out to be cons, murderers or worse.  Starr got pregnant at 16 and  it was a big arc. Her boyfriend Cole ended up going to jail for murder but got out to 'protect' her when the series ended and was using a false name. (I don't remember it's a mess). His parents are Marty and Patrick...Patrick was Ian on AMC-- Thorsten Kaye. He of long hair and poetry! Starr's father, Todd, actually coordinated a gang rape against Marty a long time ago in college. Todd Runs Llandview's town rag mag...and he started it to go against his 1/2 sister Vicki's paper,  The Banner. 
John McBain is coming. For people that didn't watch OLTL just know that he's basically a super cop--kind of the "Jason" on that show. He solves and knows stuff before anyone else.  He has a child with Natalie-- that involved a big baby DNA switch. LOL. (what else is new?!) He and Blair did have a relationship a few years back and he always took care of Cole when his Mama and Dad were gone/missing. (which was a lot)!! From what I hear, Natalie isn't coming to GH--they'll just talk on the phone. 

I have to say I loved Laura and Roger's chemistry this week. It was contrived and not believable (the story part) but hell, it infused some life into the show. Speaking of life...

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Goes to Sonya Eddy and Laura Wright. I love Epiphany's dressing her down! Just loved it. No, it's not a sentimental clip but I chose it, so there. LOL.  
(Photo thx to Live Laugh Love on Tumblr.  Great gif!)

NOT THE SCENE of the WEEK: Robert leaving to find Ethan. While I think having Anna and Mac in the scene was great and the acting just fine, it rang so false it made me cringe a little. Robert leaving Anna and his granddaughter to find Ethan (and not see through Luke's ruse) was wrong, wrong wrong.  Why the hell couldn't he have stayed for the funeral? Holly could have come out of respect. I would love to see a scene with she and Anna!! 

This is a tweet from Tristan Rogers:
"From what I've read many people upset over Scorpio's departure. I think they'll be upset over lots of things in the next few months."
Well, that's not good news!! What the hell does that mean? LOL.. geesh.  Whatever. Just keep watching so we can save our show.

So...I guess we'll be getting Robin's funeral soon, and it's about time. I don't know how I'll deal with another trial--I only hope it's written  really really well.  Heather will be back soon-- with a mystery about that baby video. Will anyone care about Jason as a baby? Again, the story better be really good. I'm most looking forward to Rick Springfield coming on in because you know his scenes with Jason Thompson will be awesome. 

I see where a lot of this blog is taken up with OLTL and that must be frustrating for people that didn't watch the show. So, yes, it's understandable.  I'm still hopeful that the stories will outweigh the confusion.
How am I  doing with keeping up and work? I hope you can still come here and on the site and get some good stuff.


  1. I'm loving it. I want more OLTL and less Kate/Steven/other people I don't recognize.

    Robert's departure was disappointing but I love that Anna's back and I'm hoping things aren't as bad as TR suggests.

  2. Karen, you are doing great, as usual!! Thanks for all you do.

  3. Karen: it's amazing that they still think Jasam is a fan fave. There is not a GH fan or board that has more than 10% supporters. Nothing against SB & KM, but they bring out the worst in their characters and acting abilities.

    SB can act- as the fantasy show w 4 diff lives showed. My God, give the man a character that can emote beyond simmer and rage!

  4. I watched OLTL and am happy to see the characters and I know that they have to spend a decent amount of time on the show in the beginning, to integrate them...But, not at the expense of less Robin scenes. So far, I am very disappointed about how many scenes there are between Patrick, Emma, Anna, Robert, MAC, Maxie. They should all be together at Robin's house and we should see more clips of the past.
    This funeral better not be the debacle of the Jake funeral. I would love to see Liz go visit her own son's grave and maybe see Jason there. I mean, the 1 year of his death is coming up. Do something to mingle their grief for Jake with their grief for Robin...or even Emily.
    And they had better find a way to get me back on Sam's side. After what the writers had her do to Patrick, I don't want to see her on my screen for a long time.

  5. I think what was great about the Carly and Epiphany stuff was something GH has been missing a lot the last few years. A little comedic, funny moment.

    I love Carly and Todd working together. If they can scheme together and be friends that would be great.

    As for Robert, I'm actually not surprised he didn't hang around. One minute he's on a bridge about to jump, the next he's chasing after Ethan. He's doing everything he can not to think about Robin.

  6. Karen, I think my frustration lies with the fact that fans have been asking them to bring back GH vets or characters that they love first and create good stories for them and that would definately bring in viewers. Instead they have chosen to bring in OLTL characters and a few vets to try and boost ratings. The OLTL stars are signing on while Robert( a vet ) is given a short engagement on the show and is leaving, probably before his own daughter's funeral. I would have liked to see him stay and have a story with Anna. I would tune in more for GH vets than I ever would for OLTL stars as I don't know them and I'm not invested in these characters. I also feel that Mob is still front and center as storylines go, and they have shifted it to Mannings vs. Corinthos. Poll fans time and time again on sites and at events and this is not what they want.
    I think it's nice for OLTL fans who are also GH fans because you miss your show and want to see those characters on screen, but many fans have not followed OLTL and don't know their stories. GH hasn't really attempted to clue us in either. Karen, you, and other people on this blog have given us more information about those characters' history than GH, so I thank you for that.

  7. I think the last three weeks have certainly had problems, but overall I doubt there's been another three consecutive weeks on GH in the last decade that have been as good and entertaining. Like others have said, I'm actually watching the WHOLE show these days.

    The Robert stuff doesn't bother me. If he had been a traditional father to Robin, then his absence would be indefensible. But Robert is the same dad who let his daughter think he was dead for well over a decade. Yes, that crap explanation was written by Guza, but it still happened, as much as I and many others want to ignore it. And before that, he was constantly in and out of Robin's life (usually depending on TR's contract status). Robert Scorpio is my favorite GH character for many reasons, but he's never been a dependable father.

    My totally unconfirmed guess for why Patrick didn't air this week is that the actor had aired for many episodes straight, and budget-wise he was probably close to passing his guarantee. FV has made it clear he won't allow any budget overruns, so RC probably had to write him out for a few days. Again, just a guess.

    I only comment once in a while, but I read you every day Karen, and you are doing a super job juggling this and your job!

  8. Never been a fan of jason and sam, and never will. They are one of many reasons I have skipped shows in the past.

  9. You really are doing a great job Karen! I wish people weren't so annoyed with the OLTL crossover. I find it hard to believe that GH fans never once watched OLTL in the last 25 years and have no idea who Todd, Blair, & Starr are. That's how long they've been on ABC soaps!

    Anyway, Epiphany was great this week. This is how she should've been used all along. I still don't like the stories being dropped so much. We haven't even seen Jason for 2 weeks! I know it's only a coupld of days in GH time, but still it is confusing.

  10. Barbara Darlin: Sorry Karen, I don't agree with: "Whatever. Just keep watching so we can save our show."

    The show needs to save itself to give us something worth saving.

    Your points about Robin & Scorpio are spot on. Why bring him back and not keep him for the funeral?

  11. Sorry , I do shift work and would miss OLTL but be home in time to see GH. I also liked other soaps on other stations more than I liked OLTL , so I don't know those characters at all. ABC soaps for me were AMC and GH.

  12. I HATED GH since RC/FV took over because it is OBVIOUS that they do NOT give a shit about GH and clearly LIED when then said it would not become OLTL.I watched OLTL a few times and quit because i HATED that show,all of it's untalented actors and the characters they played.I think RC/FV and all of the actors they brought to GH from OLTL need to be FIRED asap! I will probablt STOP watching GH and only watch the scenes with the GH actors on YOUTUBE to purposly get the ratings down so that it will get canceled because what is the point of any REAL GH fan wanting to keep it on the air when TIIC clearly do not give a shit about the REAL GH or GH fans and only care about OLTL and their fans.I have read alot of other message boards and there are ALOT of other GH fans who feel them same way and are planning to boycot the show because of the OLTL CRAP and the clear disrespect RC/FV have for GH and GH fans.

  13. I have to say I loved Laura and Roger's chemistry this week. Blair knocked her scenes out of the ball park. I applaud all of that. YES as a fan of OLTL it is nice to see old friends again.
    However, This is GH. Not OLTL. Before bringing in Todd & Blair (though I loved seeing them) why not bury a Doctor who was loved by many, helped many world wide and basically has been put to death in a disrespectful way. The surroundings of her death just aren't clicking. Why aren't more people showing reaction? Why aren't dignitaries calling to pay respect for all the research she has done?? This entire Robin story, while it played out, I seemed to be the only person who was disgusted with it. Top it off with Robert running after someone he doesn't even know? TERRIBLE. (and I was never that big a fan of Kimberlys ever)
    Tristians tweet bothered me as well. Does this mean Scott & Felicia are coming back for 2 weeks as well?

    Lets not forget the great actors at GH, who have stuck with GH thru bad times, deserve a storyline. Alexis, Mac, Tracey, Diane, Lulu. I know it would be asking too much to give Monica a storyline.
    Happy to see Carly returning to Carly. Not a butt sniffing sleaze.
    Her & Blair. Friend or Foe, I would love them together.

    I see Shawn fading out, as well as Ewan & Maggie. Steve never had a storyline, I don't forsee him getting one.
    Maxie falls apart, which in turn will bring Felicia back. For 2 weeks.

    All in all, it is getting better. Just please conclude the Robin storyline.

  14. One more thing, why hasn't Aunt Dorian & Uncle David called Starr? Next week? AFTER the funeral??

    1. Honestly, my guess on that is because GH fans don't know who they are. And when you look at it from that perspective it does make sense. When a new character is introduced and they are talking to someone on the phone it generally means that someone is also coming onto the show. Or they are scheming with another person yet to be revealed etc. How many times has Carly and kids been in trouble? Never a Bobbie phone call.

  15. Oh yea Karen you ROCK! Great job.

    Rebeccakeen-Calm down. This is still GH. We were introduced to 3 new people week at GH. Not alot of air time, but these are strong characters, and they RULE their scenes.
    3. Not 30 or 40. Still there is talk of bringing back more past GH people.
    Though I agree that Robin's story should have been center stage since it happened, and that in itself has dampened GH. However, how anyone could doubt the writing is getting better or the editing & producing, lighting, wardbrobe isn't better, then really isn't giving anyone a chance. That isn't right.
    These people have a mess to clean up. Right now GH is hanging by a thread. Don't be so harsh so quick.
    Mistakes will be made, that is LIFE no matter who or where we go.

    OLTL has not taken over.

    More good has come in the past 2 weeks than bad. Though it may be far from perfect, its a start.

  16. oh passion about GH! I love it!! at least we aren't bored..
    HI BOB!

  17. Skeebob- I agree with you that JT probably had to be given time off due to the amount he has been on recently. People need to remember that there are contracts and there are budgets that RC has to contend with. As for the introduction of the OLTL characters now, is it possible that FV and RC know that their time is very limited to improve the ratings and they wanted to bring the OLTL fans over ASAP to boost the ratings ASAP? GH is 4000 times better than it was a month ago...give it time for pete's sake! RC has managed to wrap up some of the crap he inherited, but there is still more crap to go before new storylines can really take over.

  18. While I didn't mind the OLTL characters coming over I do have a problem with them beng front and center while Robin's storyline is still going on.

    I do like Carly being around Todd and Blair their more on her level more so than anyone on GH! The writting of Robert not being there for Robin's funeral is horrible but I'll wait a little while longer before I start going in on the new guys.

  19. General Hospital is so much better now. The OLTL guys are doing their best. The show was unwatchablw til now! OLTL characters are 100 times better than lady in white crap!

  20. I agree with Carrie. I'm loving the OLTL (Todd and Carly = awesome).

    Robert's handling was a bit disappointing. I'm over Doris (or whatever her name is) Kate, Ewan.

  21. The amount of impatience here kinda depresses me. GH was barely watchable a month ago and here we have a good writer and a good, skilled producer trying their best to make it watchable again. It can't happen overnight--too much was already in gear and had to be dealt with. I'm fascinated with the detail that has changed--the lighting for one thing! Small thing maybe, but BIG improvement.

    I always liked Robin, but there are alot of characters on this show and not all connected to her, and their stories are there also. And I, for one, am interested in finding out about the stripper beatings--a GH mystery that might actually be solved! There are so many that never were. I'd like it if Johnny solved it.

    I, too, felt there was just a bit too much of Blair and Starr the past week, but then, Starr is staying and so she needs to be grounded. On the other hand, I do NOT enjoy getting back someone as fascinating as Robert Scorpio for only a couple days. He's the one they need to sign up. It isn't all that satisfying to GH fans to see old favorites dash in and out--no time to establish story or make connections. It is nice they are bringing back favorites, but I would take fewer if they would stay longer.

    Here's what FV and RC need to consider: Alexis needs a story. She is a favorite with fans, but was not a favorite of the previous regime and therefore we never got enough of her. Nancy can play about anything, drama, comedy, just give her the story. She should be the show's leading lady; not Carly.

    Sonny is only about half as important to this show as the ABC PTB seem to think, so go easy on Sonny story. It's been on overload far too long and was chasing viewers away.

    Bring back Tristan and set up a triangle with Luke, Anna and Robert, or keep Holly around and have her take up with Robert again--they were a nice couple. Have Luke be drawn to Anna--I think I'd like them together. Yes, they are all older folk, so

    Keep Johnny interesting and maybe he does some good deeds and is somewhat redeemed. Tracy and AZ are strangely interesting together--play that out.

    Just don't throw us a whole bowl of old favorites for a 2 or 3 day feast of snips and snatches of stories with no meat. Tristan isn't a 'guest star' here; he's family.
    While you're bringing him back, don't forget Mac, another who has had too little story. What a mammoth complicated job facing the new leaders!

    There's such a lot to do and it will take time.

  22. Here is the problem: Cartini are trying to "clean up" and "transition" too fast and at the same time. The clean up should happen before the changes and ALL the new and old characters return. Let's face it. There was a ton of clean up necessary after the horrendous job that Garin Wolf did as head writer ( I wouldn't have expected much more from the former writer of Batman: the Animated Series and Tiny Toons) I know there may not be much time left to save our show, but they should be taking more time to fix what Garin trashed. Finish loose story lines, kill off useless characters, and respect history while doing it all, then bring in a few new characters, as well as our old favorites. Then, again, respect history and characters. Write Robert as Robert, Holly as Holly, and so forth.

    I do believe the show is getting better and im holding out hope that these guys can save it. I've definitely been entertained. I think there is some good stuff in the works. I am looking forward to April and May when everything will be in full swing.

  23. Here is the problem: Cartini are trying to "clean up" and "transition" too fast and at the same time. The clean up should happen before the changes and ALL the new and old characters return. Let's face it. There was a ton of clean up necessary after the horrendous job that Garin Wolf did as head writer ( I wouldn't have expected much more from the former writer of Batman: the Animated Series and Tiny Toons) I know there may not be much time left to save our show, but they should be taking more time to fix what Garin trashed. Finish loose story lines, kill off useless characters, and respect history while doing it all, then bring in a few new characters, as well as our old favorites. Then, again, respect history and characters. Write Robert as Robert, Holly as Holly, and so forth.

    I do believe the show is getting better and im holding out hope that these guys can save it. I've definitely been entertained. I think there is some good stuff in the works. I am looking forward to April and May when everything will be in full swing.

  24. Re: Wolf and Batman the Animated Series.
    Actually, Batman: TAS is considered one of the better Batman adaptations ever done. It had a lot of depth and character for a cartoon and won accolades over its run. That said though, Wolf only was a writer for one year for it and I am not giving him too much credit.

    Anyways, back to GH...
    - Despite the awful way the Robin's death storyline has been handled and the even more disappointing way they screwed over Tristan and Emma's hurried exit, I am sticking with the show for now. However, if they mess up Scotty "By God" Baldwin in the same manner, I am done and the show can rot for all I care.

  25. I am sticking to the show as well. I have seen it at its worse, it is getting better, and we need to be patient. Remember 3 people came from OLTL. NOT 10! They are very strong characters!
    Hopefully this week, they give Robin the respect they have been lacking, kill off Maggie & Ewan and lets ROCK N ROLL!

  26. Some of the people yelling about the infusion of OLTL characters make me want to laugh; they put me in mind of children stomping their feet over stupid crap that inevitably is good for them. The truth is that GH was in the sewer for so long and if the OLTL people are going to bring in viewers then they should be happy. OLTL had much higher ratings but wasn't Frons's baby so it didn't get to stick around.

    That said there have been some problems the last few weeks (some but not a lot). The thing (other than the aftermath of Robin's death) that struck me as off was the arraignment. Witness statements are not taken during an arraignment, but for some reason Dante was allowed to testify. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way.

    I am not crazy about the D.I.D. storyline--i had more than enough of that with Jess/Bess/Tess/Wes on OLTL. Ironically, I like Connie way better than Kate. She definitely isn't boring (her accent can go, though).

    I do like the fact that Sam's sanctimonious face (seriously, you're going to tell Patrick that he shouldn't punish her fetus for Jason's job after you let Jake get kidnapped because you didn't like Liz. Give me a break.) has been off of my screen for most of the past 2 weeks. I wish KeMo would take a permanent vacation to somewhere that has never heard of television.

    I also like that there has been a lot less Sonny since the new writers showed up on the scene. Maurice seems like a really nice guy, but he deserves some time off for the first time in nearly a decade (and we deserve not to have the mob being stuffed down our throats the way it has been for the last 10 years).

    Last, I am glad that they seem to be wrapping up the Steve/Maggie BS. Get it over with and send Maggie to Siberia (aka the supply closet).

  27. I can totally see change on GH. I read this Blog daily (thanks Karen) and everyone's comments. You see the regulars and lately a lot of new people are commenting myself included. Before, I wouldn't even bother the little energy it took to type a comment because I felt the show was just not worth it. Now, I truly believe GH is on the road to recovery. As a long time fan and considering the terrible mess that the show has become, I won't be too quick to judge the new EP and HW, they have their work cut out for them!

  28. @Avalonn, I get that people are upset that there may be even more OLTL people coming on (although the only one we know of is John), but it drives me nuts when everything has been 1000x better than it was with Guza and Wolf at the helm. They act as if Valentini and Carlivati has ruined the show when that happened slowly over the last decade. My favorite comments are the ones about the people from OLTL being rejects when that is far from the truth--more people watched OLTL than did GH, so in my eyes that makes GH the reject.

    1. @Elizabeth. I agree that the show is way better, that's the point I was trying to make too. I have never once watched OLTL but, I knew of the characters. I don't mind them on GH at all. I've said before that I would much rather see these established "new" characters then all these others we've been subject to ie LIW, Shawn, Dr. What's her name with Steve, Delores...I'm also actually really looking forward to this McBain guy coming on because his chem with Kelly Monaco is crazy hot! (sorry JaSam fans) I'm glad the new guys have been cleaning house and hope they do a little more. Like I said they have their work cut out putting the pieces back together that Guza,Pratt,JFP and Brian Frons scattered. I'm actually watching the full show again now everyday without FF and I haven't done that in I don't know how long!!

  29. Yeah, the Daytime Emmy nominated rejects...

  30. Karen, thanks for the backgound info. So far I really like Blair and would rather see her long time than anyone else. I could care less about the chemistry of Carly and Todd since I am so sick of seeing Carly all the time and I would really like to see her gone, along with Sonny. I would hate to see our beloved vets brought back only to be used as wallpaper - Robert should have stayed longer. How about a contract for Finola before giving one to the newcomers? Didn't like not seeing Liz all week although there seems to be budget stuff with Jason T. not appearing. It probably took a week to get the redness out of his eyes from crying so much and so well. Love seeing Epiphany more.

  31. One thing the new crew did right, is they are getting rid of crap ASAP. That is nice. LIW is gone. Ethan is gone. Maggie was just fired. Kate is on her way to Shadybrook. (May sweeps I predict)
    Lose Mulva & Ewan and I say the new executives will be right on target. We have to lose these people. None to fast either!

  32. JFMI-(just for my information)

    Honestly, how many people want to see Brenda return to Pt Chuckles?

  33. I actually wouldn't mind Brenda coming back, if the story and character were written properly, and if VMG would play the character the way she used to. I would NOT, however, like to see her back with Sonny. If she came back and set things straight (she did NOT leave him to be with Jax) then I would be all for it.

    If she came back and was the one to put him in his place and make him see the error of his ways- then hell yes, I'd like to see her back! And if she came back knocked up, that could be interesting, too...

  34. Thanks Jaybreezer...that was the answer I was looking for.

    'I actually wouldn't mind Brenda coming back, if the story and character were written properly, and if VMG would play the character the way she used to. I would NOT, however, like to see her back with Sonny.'

    Can I just add, the girl would need to behave like a women instead of a teenager?


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