Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's Show-- How Will It Go!?

I am DVRing it now--Thursdays are too tough for me to manage live--So post away! Wasn't this scene so cute yesterday??
I'm Robin! 

Weak links: Hate to say it but the Cassadine 'saga' with Ethan and all that wasn't my fave. Then again, they had to tie it up and get rid of Cassandra asap. I also WISH that Lucky and Liz heard about Robin together. That would have been powerful. Especially for Lucky because he grew up with her. 

My prediction: Kate/Connie will come out in dramaz fashion at Sonny's trial. That's not much of a stretch, is it??! 

HAVE A GOOD ONE! Thanks for all the support... WUB ya


  1. Cassadine sagas never hold much interest for me. I am thinking Holly leaves shortly and takes Ethan with her. jmo

    Your prediction is correct & brilliant! A 'replay' of Karen Wolek kinda thingy on the stand. Who is being charged? Sonny or Kate. Remember, Papa, John & Olivia know Kate isn't playing with a full deck these days. Perhaps she will be charged??
    I like your prediciton. May sweeps?

    Please, watching Robert walk in and see Robin for the first time reeminded me how old I am!

  2. I am so happy that CasSUCKra is gone! This "saga" never should have happened in the first place.

  3. Hey Karen...did you check to find out why we aren't being notified when others post to a post we also are subscribed to??

    YES Sonny is going to trial. And your brilliant, because Kate is going to be revealed during his trial. LOVE IT! May sweeps?

  4. I was reading the spoilers and misread ballistics evidence as " bullshit evidence". Thanks for the great laugh. ( I'm assuming the misspelling was a Freudian slip and that's what you think of the evidence too.)

    I'm thinking Holly won't be there for very long either, but I hope if what she says is correct, that she lets Robert know before she leaves town.

  5. I felt like we were back in the dump heap with GH today. I wanted to see so much more Robert, Mac, Anna, Emma and Patrick than what we got. I realize Robin's story isn't the only thing happening, but this woman was a major player on this show, there since she was a little girl. The waste of time with other senseless things is annoying...

    Senseless things?

    Sonny and Kookoo Kate...Great Sonny, go ahead and use your dead friend to make Kate crumble! I am sick to death of hearing the old "Your life is too dangerous and I cannot be with you" song uttered by numerous women on this show (Liz has said the same thing to Jason, Brenda has said it to Sonny, Lulu has same the same thing to Johnny, etc., etc.) Kate is truly bonkers if she even wants to breathe the same air as Sonny after being used for target practice twice and also being dropped like yesterday's garbage when Brenda came back. Why would a woman put herself through this? She'd HAVE to be insane!

    Johnny and Carly...nothing says relationship like, "I use you, you use me" and "we don't really trust each other." Is Johnny beyond using Carly as a weapon against Sonny? Nope, don't think so! Is Carly beyond turning on him if her Sonny worship returns? Nope, she's not. This is an absolutely pointless pairing, unless the aim is to get Johnny killed off. Johnny must be losing his touch if Carly was so disinterested in the sack that she was looking for the weather report on TV. I see Johnny may get somehow involved with Kate too, so it's not looking too good for Johnny with his health and well-being when it comes to Sonny and his harem! Sonny's ladies are HIS, according to him, even if he's with them or not.

    Luke, Holly and Ethan...Ok, just wrap this crap up! It's starting to turn into a Jerry Springer episode. "Luke, you are NOT the father...oh wait, yes you are!" I guess Helena will be back with that gun! At this point, I don't care if she shoots all three of them!

    I did like that we got to see Mac and Robert interact. The scenes in the morgue were heartbreaking. I didn't quite understand why they'd have Robin appear to her father to ask why he wasn't there to save her. He's an absentee dad like so many dads on the show, but I didn't quite get why they made that point in that manner. I thought the scene with Patrick and Emma was much too short...last two or three minutes of the show to tell the child her mom was dead. I didn't mind Liz being in the scene, since she was there as a support for Patrick and she could also understand explaining death to a child, with having to explain to Cameron that his brother was gone.

    I do wonder where the GH ratings are since Robin's death. Are they still basically the same or have they fallen or increased? Haven't seen any ratings numbers mentioned lately. Today just didn't hit it out of the park for me, except for a few scenes...too much needless garbage going on.

  6. GH was pretty good again today, although we learned Sonny is sleazier than ever--he used Robin's death to get back in Kate's pants. So sick. "She was like a little sister to me." So is that what you do to mourn your little sister? Good to know that way i know what to do if that ever happens to me.

    Poor Patrick had to tell Emma about Robin. For some reason, Liz was there and tried to help him do it. That was a little weird. I'm a Liz fan, but that was wrong, imho.

    Holly backpedaled today, saying that she lied to Helena. Ethan IS Luke's son. Ick. Poor Ethan has those 2 as parents. Only worse parents are Frisco and Felicia. At least Luke gives a shit about his kids--most of the time.

    Carly and Johnny finally slept together, but we didn't get to see anything. wtf? and they were doing it almost all night long. ooh. those 2 are insatiable. She did tell him that she was the reason Sonny found out about Claudia and he forgave her.

    Robert went to see Robin's body and Mac and Anna tried to stop him. Looks like he is going to try to kill himself. Anna called Luke for help.

    This whole LIW storyline was handled so badly, and it is all Wolf's fault. Carlivati did as best as he could with what they left behind, but it still totally sucked. At least it is over now.

    I really hope that Jason Thompson gets an Emmy for this stuff. He has been really good through this whole thing.

    People actually were finding out today. Carly and Johnny were watching the news and saw the story about Robin's death. Carly was in total shock. Laura Wright's face was priceless. The best was that Johnny sat up at attention when he saw the story. Such a natural reaction, imo.

  7. Today was good. The scenes for Robin's storyline are still far too short for me. Way too much time spent on Sonny/NuKate today especially since they simply rehashed the same old sheeze.

    Robert viewing Robin's body...oh dear. Truly heartbreaking to see the pain on his face. Well done TS, well done. Then the scene when ghost Robin appears and they chat...Robin asking saying to Robert, "Daddy where were you"..why didn't you save me?" Oh my gosh. Gut-wrenching.

    Patrick telling Emma about Robin with Liz there. So well done. So sad.

    Holly/Luke/Ethan - so now Ethan is a Spencer again. LOL! Whatev...

    Johnny and Carly sexing things up. Little Joss with the nanny for an overnighter. Carly is such a good mother. HA. Poor little girl should be living with Jax still.

    Carly and Johnny finding out about Robin's death by watching tv was a nice touch.

  8. Today show was good (mostly)!

    Robert broke my heart and then when "ghost" Liz came to him and ask "Daddy where were you when I was burning!" Tears just started to fall.

    I'm glad Carly told Johnny the truth! I don't mind him and Carly together we all know it'll just be sex for a little while then they won't be together anymore so no harm no foul.

    I didn't mind my girl Liz being there when Patrick told Emma. She was there as a friend and she only spoke up when Patrick became choked up and couldn't speak anymore. I thought she was going to use Jake's death as an example but that probably would have been to much for someone's Emma's age. So she used a goldfish death as instead.

    I use to love Sonny back in the day now I just wish that all the villains from the past would come back and drag him off to hell like the shadow demons from the movie Ghost. He actually used Robin's death to get into crazy Kate's pants.....damn you Sonny!!!

  9. Melody, didn't Nikolas tell Cameron about Jake? I only ask because I thought I remembered being upset that they had Nik do it instead of us getting to see Liz. I may be wrong. (Wouldn't be the first time.) I did like that they had Liz with Patrick. He shouldn't do that alone and Liz has been a great friend to the pair. Anna would have been better, but she needed to get to Robert, so good second choice.
    I have a feeling Carly hears Robin dies and she hightails it to GH to make sure Jason got his surgery instead of worry as much about Robin and her family.

  10. Mac and Robert: Mac tries to stop Robert from going in the morgue!!!! :'( Robert punches him in the gut and goes in! Anna shows up and tries to help!

    Morgue: Poor Robert!!!! :'( He sees the body and then he sees ghost Robin. :'(

    Anna: She goes in the morgue and almost sees the body, but she gets a phone call! It's Robert! Robert sent her a text message saying goodbye!! Oh oh Robert wants to kill himself? :'(

    Wyndemere: Ummmmm. so Holly says she lied. That Luke is Ethan's father. There is got to be more to the story.

    Patrick and Emma: He had to tell her that mommy is in heaven! :( Liz was there to help!

    Sonny and Kate: I was waiting for her to flip out again! ROFL! Oh but they started to make out and about ready to make love. Hmmmm is Sonny making out with Connie? :)

    Carly and Johnny: THEY HAD SEX YAY! But we didn't get to see it rats! Oh but wait they are in bed again! :) But she has to watch TV to see if today has rain, cus Jossy has a playdate in the park. Oh the news is on! They talk about Robin and the explosion!!! The look on Carly's face!

  11. I was glad to see Liz show up and support Patrick. It is exactly what she should do and she helped him tell his daughter about Robin. I think this was very appropriate and exactly what Robin would have wanted her to do. Anna, Robert and Mac were fantastic. All in all, Jason Thompson was great! I wish the whole show was them today.
    I agree that sonny used Robin's death to get to Kate, pathetic.
    Guess Carly and Johnny will attempt to be a real couple since she came clean about getting dirt on him. Carly can't stay away from mob men and she will find a way to trash or get rid of any good man.

  12. Johnny in his underwear. SWEET!!

    Robert was awesome. He has a huge scene coming up with Luke. I look forward to that. Hopefully tomorrow, but with this show, who knows.

    FF thru Luke & Holly.
    I don't care about any of you.

    Carly I told you to go home last week. You want to go with Johnny, I understand. But its time to go home to your daughter now. Remember Jossie? She shouldn't wake up in the morning asking for you.

    Did anyone notice when Kate said to Sonny about his 3 kids? Doesn't he have 4 & counting?? lol

    When there was a knock on Patricks door, was anyone really surprised their stood Liz?
    I know she came over as soon as she heard. She did right. However, having grandma Anna leave and Liz stay for Patrick telling Emma was weird. Anna should have been there. Liz should not have been.
    Either way, I can see where this is going, and she will play a vital role in Patricks life going forward. Her kids can play with Emma, and keep Emma's mind busy.

    When is everyone going to be together? When is Maxie going to meet up with Mac? When does Alexis comfort Mac? Still loose threads..but the show is coming along slowly..

  13. SWEET SWEET News. Maggie was fired!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  14. I read that Maxie will have a flashback and remember that she turned the gas on. This will make her spiral down.

  15. When Emma said to Patrick that her Mommy can have one of her bandaids and Patrick choked up looking at Liz, I was glad she stepped in to help Emma understand death.
    Rumors are that Liz will flashback to when she thought Lucky died and this sets up Liz/Lucky reunion. I so don't want Liz/Lucky to reunite.

  16. Maggie is the pediatric Dr who jumps around the halls and shows her huge teeth. She had a 'past' with Steve in Memphis. They have been talking about something that happened when they both worked there for about 8 months. Nothing ever came of the storyline. Which is good. Easier to get rid of her.

    I do want to say, that Frank & Ron are cleaning up big time. Thinking about OLTL and how there shows were done, there was usually 2 storylines a day going on. Then the following week it would be another set of storylines. I think they are cleaning up all over the place mess's, so storylines will be coming to an abrupt end.
    All good!!

    I would LOVE for Lucky & Liz to reunite. However, JJ isn't coming back unless the show gets cancelled. imo

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Today was a real tearjerker with some unnecessary exceptions. Seeing Robert and Anna made me want so much for them to never leave. Tristan was great, as were Finola, Becky and of course Jason T. Liz and Robin were best friends so it was right that Liz showed up. Sonny and Kate were so inappropriate wth all that was going on. Nothing like a dear friend dying to make Sonny want sex. So glad Maggie will be gone.

  19. GH MUSTS main characters:

    Dr Steve

    Optional - small parts

    LIW & now Maggie GONE........YES!!
    Ewan next??

  20. Amazed how Fin and Tris can jump right in and get back up to speed this quickly. Already, both of them have showed more heart and emotion than the LIW did in 2 to 3 months!

    Didn't mind the Luke/Holly scenes as long as they didn't completely butcher the character like they did with that stupid monkeypox virus storyline a few years back. Holly was always a grifter and con artist, but a cold blooded killer???? Eh NO! Glad that at least this time around, the character has been recognizable.

    And tomorrow - a gut wrenching Luke and Scorpio scene? COUNT ME IN - these two are one of the great buddy teams in TV history and if the director gives the scene enough room to breath and to let them improv a little, it could be a GH classic.

  21. Coolest, most filmatic moment of the day...week....month...year? The shadow of Ghost Robin putting the stiff hand of burnt Robin back onto the gurny and under the blanket.

    Eerie and elegant.

    Patrick telling Emma...then being unable to finish it....that desperation in his look to Liz. Killed me. So so good.

    Robin's ghost saying that her daddy could save anyone, why couldn't he save her. Killed me again.

    Other stories were on? How would I know with the magic of my ff button?

  22. Interview with Tristan Rogers here:


  23. Not a good time to be am actor playing a character the fans hate! They're being fired quickly!
    My wish for next to go TJ, Sean and Steve.

  24. Ethan was never going to be Robert's son. Nathan was cast in the part because he looks a good bit like TG and JJ

  25. Chris, no offense, but Nathan looks nothing like either one of them...and wasn't GV playing Lucky when Nathan was hired? I might be wrong about that, but I think he was.

  26. LIW. GONE
    Maggie. GONE
    Ewan. GONE soon?
    Shawn. Soon after Ewan?

    I like Dr Steve. However, there really is no use for him, he has been with the show 3 years and has yet to get a storyline.

  27. mosbp, I'm going to have to disagree with you, Nathan has a similar features to both TG and JJ. He also has the coloring of ES.

  28. Chris said... Ethan was never going to be Robert's son. Nathan was cast in the part because he looks a good bit like TG and JJ

    Chris said... mosbp, I'm going to have to disagree with you, Nathan has a similar features to both TG and JJ. He also has the coloring of ES.
    Huh? No he doesn't. Nathan looks nothing like TG and JJ. :) I don't know where you see it. :)

  29. Chris, It's okay- we can agree to disagree. As far as ES goes though, you are right- she and Nathan do have the same coloring.

  30. Just read some rumors/spoilers.
    Sounds like Jason will be changing.
    New person? Interesting how this plays out.......
    I do not want to see Jason Q leave the scene. We need Q's on board.
    (other than Michael)
    I don't care if him & Sam break up. I almost welcome that.
    Not saying Sam isn't the love of his life. He loves her like none other. But they are boring.

  31. If they would just have a woman for Jason (or any of the guys) that don't have to change who they are to be with them. I mean, they made Sam a very boring character, following Jason around. They didn't give her, her own life. I mean, there are still opportunities for Sam to have scenes with her mother and sisters and that hardly happens.
    Liz had to follow Jason around too and at the end, had her follow Lucky around.
    More independent women scenes!!

  32. I think Jason has been slowly changing since the first surgery. He has laughed and smiled easier. It isn't often but it happens once in a while. He also has been more receptive of Monica and Edward. He's more understanding to the idea that everything they did for Michael may not have been the best. Yes AJ was an alcoholic but he could have sought treatment Sonny was and always will be a mobster and what did that do to the child he swore to love. He has softened and this treatment may cause more rapid treatment. Sam may not be able to deal with the changes even if others see it as a positive change.

  33. His treatment may cause more rapid change - sorry

  34. The scenes at the Morgue and Patrick telling Emma were heartbreaking. I also liked Carly/Johnny (shirtless Johnny YES!). Sonny is a total sleaze using Robin's death to get to Kate. Scumbag.

    I'm hoping Steve hangs around for a bit mainly due to the fact that Heather is coming back. She is one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to seeing how Olivia deals with crazy Heather. For those of you who never saw Heather back in the day, you have a treat in store. She is a total nutcase

  35. Sonny is heading into total slime territory. I've never been a total fan but I Can't Stand Him At All Now. He is disgusting. Using Robin to get Kate into the sack or on the desk. It was gross. He is gross. All he say's "is protect my children" which put's them at greater risk. "I can't give up my POWER." Soon he's going to have to be put down like a rabid dog.
    I guess I'm not Team Sonny.

  36. are correct. With Jason changing, he will not be compatable with Sam. I look forward to that. Tired of her 'lapdog' role. He seems to have that effect on women!
    I would like to see his character stay single.
    I have no doubt his love for Sam was the strongest of all his past girlfriends. You could see it.
    But married? Together? BLAH!

    I see no resemblence at all with AG & JJ with Ethan. NONE. ZIP.
    Ethan is leaving, we may never know the truth.

  37. Yesterday rocked (as long as I FFWd through every non Robin-related scene). I've watched GH since I was a child (with my grandma). I also liked Liz being there for Robin's family...I am so excited to see the vets back on and REALLY bringing it. FH and TR have injected a long-lost energy into GH. I hate that it was at the expense of Robin. I truly hope her character isn't really gone and she will return for GH's swan song.

  38. I used to like both Sam and Jason, but over the last few years I have started to hate Sam and feel indifferent towards Jason. I hope he changes; it would shake things up a lot. However, i hope he doesn't have amnesia again. i want him to have his memories but realize that the life he has been living is toxic to himself and everyone around him.

    As for Sam, it would be nice to see her come into her own and have her own personality. she has become Jason's shadow and nothing more than that. She has nothing that is separate from him and that is really scary. Honestly, I think she needs therapy. Maybe Kevin can come back and counsel her. The fact that she had no problem watching Jake get kidnapped speaks volumes about the type of person she is when she is alone. people think that she's changed, but she hasn't. If she ends up alone again i wouldn't be surprised if she did something like that again.

  39. I wanted to stomp on douche' bag Sam today.

  40. Did they find Robin's body?

    There is your answer as to if she is dead or not.

    1. They found a body that was burned beyond recognition. It still could be Faison that was involved....Not like it hasen't been done before. Robert and Anna were once believed dead from I think an explosion. Lucky was believed dead in a fire care of Helena and I believe if memory serves me correct Faison was involved in that too.


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