Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"It's MY House, Alan Gave It To Me"!


I don't really need to say much about this episode. It was just sad. Loved the Scrubs scenes. I was trying to see what kinds of products they put in the shower scene! LOL 

Edward looking at all the people Guza killed off on his mantel. HATE GUZA!!

Matt doing ballet was cute...

Sam had a bump I didn't notice last week.

Monica and Tracy and Edward..and Big Alice. EDWARD is down!! Oh, he just didn't take his meds. Thank goodness!!

Of course, Luke and Anna were awesome.  Two awesome actors just talking. Sigh. Notice how Luke never said Ethan was Robert's son?? danced around it.


  1. Jason T nailed his scenes today. It was so sad.

    My husband said Liz looks like Valarie Bertinelli. The scenes with her Matt and Emma were touching.

    Had to explain to hubby about Monica throwing folks out of "her" house.

    Sam honey, you are going to be in deep doo-doo when Jason finds out about Robin.

    Anna and Luke, just sitting and talking was wonderful. Never would have seen it with Guza.

    Can't wait until tomorrow.

  2. Though I have not had a qualm about all the Llandview residents coming to PC lately because I am choosing to treat them as brand new characters, when I watched yesterday's episode and today's within hours of each other (had yesterday's taped), today, I felt like...Ahhh...we have our GH back today! No Mannings, No mob was a refreshing break!

    Two missteps, just my humble opinion....

    1.Robert Scorpio...he SHOULD be there! Shame on the powers that be to do this!

    2. For heaven sake...TELL JASON ROBIN DIED! I was trying to be empathetic to Sam's choice, but she's just being an idiot now and deserves Jason to be POed at her! Today with Spin there to soften the blow (as Patrick had Liz there when telling Emma about her mother)would have been a good way to tell him.

    Oh...why is Jason wearing street clothes and not a hospital gown? Is he ready to go home? Well, he then must be strong enough to hear what happened to Robin then, DUH, Sam! He's not going to be happy with you, no matter how much you keep clutching your tummy!

    The Q's were coming relief amidst all the reminiscing about Robin. I did read that Edward would have a health scare, and I guess this was it. As Karen mentioned, Edward saying about how many people he's lost just reinforced my ire at Guza! Those were excellent scenes.

    Patrick...I was moved by Jason Thompson's acting and have been since this happened. He keeps seeing Robin everywhere!

    Liz and Matt with Emma was sweet. I like Liz and Matt and see more chem there than I do with Maxie and Matt actually. Ewan just falls flat with me and Maxie and Matt, well they spent so much time not showing us their relationship that I just don't "feel" them together.

    Luke and Anna were brilliant as I expect they would be. I do hope Finola stays for a while. I just get ready to vomit everytime I hear the word "fragile" and "Lulu" in the same sentence. Yes, girls are different than boys, Luke, but that seems to be YOUR hang up that you have to treat your daughter differently than your sons. Some daughters I know are even more emotionally stronger than their brothers! I have to think a man wrote that stuff.

    Maxie, Matt and Lulu (glad they had Lulu there to support Maxie...where was the good cop? Not that I missed him really.) were good. Maxie obviously feels guilt, anger and sorrow.

    It is heartwrenching, but I imagine we'll see this play out at least tomorrow and maybe even Friday. Robin should get the time devoted to her. Very good show today!

  3. Patrick: So sad!!! He has a dream about Robin and then when he wakes up, he takes a shower and ghost Robin touches him. He turns around to see her, and she is gone. :( Then he tries to put on his tie, and ghost Robin is there. :(

    Emma, Matt, and Liz: Great job Liz and Matt!!! Love the scene!!!

    Luke and Anna: Anna doesn't believe in God and neither does Luke. They had a really good scene.

    The Q's: Edward looks at the pictures of his family and says to Tracy that everyone is gone. :'( YES KAREN!! DAMN YOU GUZA!!!! Monica and Tracy argue, and Edward colapses!! :( He says he is tired of the arguing. Since when? ROFL! Edward can't go to the funeral. Great scene!!!!

    Sam and Jason: Okay I don't like what Sam is doing. She went from being a wallflower, to be all controlling! She won't tell Jason that Robin is dead and that she is having a funeral!!! And why is Jason in a black shirt? :) He was unconcious for a few days, and is in a black shirt! He just woke up! ROFL!

    Maxie, Mac, and Lulu: Great scene!!! So sad! Maxie rather work than go to the funeral. Poor Maxie. :(

  4. Loved the sad scenes of today. Patrick was fantastic and brought tears to my eyes. He captured loss and grief sitting on their bed with tears rolling down. Anna and Luke had a good conversation and I'm glad she re-iterated what I felt: ROBERT SHOULD BE AT THE FUNERAL. Maxie made me angry seeing her ignore the funeral because of her guilt over accidentally opening the gas. I get her pain , but for once, suck it up, and be there!I love the way Maxie said she wasn't consoled at her sister's funeral. Perhaps you weren't consoled because you unloaded all your bitterness on your Mother and made the funeral about how she wasn't there for you.
    Maxie doesn't evolve or change. Selfish , she will always be.
    Quatermaines' arguing , normally great, but I felt it was the wrong time. Monica should have taken her butt to the funeral to honor Robin. That BS that Monica spewed about treating patients is , just that, BS! EDWARD LOVED ROBIN AND SHOULD BE AT THE FUNERAL.
    Loved Matt and Liz with Emma today. Glad he made Emma smile as it is at terrible day for children to say goodbye to their mom.
    At the rate their going it will only be the people we saw today at the funeral.
    Sam is a selfish idiot and I hope jasam breaks up. Can't stand to look at her! If she says one more time that she is Jason's wife , I will throw something through my tv. TELL YOUR HUSBAND THE TRUTH! She better not even think to bother patrick today! Patrick never said that Jason shouldn't know the truth. Glad she and jason have been off the screen for a few days.
    The best thing about today's episode was Patrick, Anna, Matt, Liz and Edward.

  5. Also glad that GH acknowledged that it has been one year since Jaske died. I loved Liz talking to Matt about it. Love seeing these 2 together.

  6. Oh I forgot to mention a couple of things! When Tracy talked to Edward about not wanting him to die, is that foreshadowing? Is Edward going to die? :'( And Liz talked to Matt about Jake!! That tomorrow it will be 1 year since he died. :(

  7. Karen, Sam should be showing, she is about 6 or 7 months along isn't she? She'll have her baby in May/June. Geesh, she should be huge by now! hehehe

  8. I was doing fine during today's ep till Tracey hugged Edward and said not to leave her. She still needed him. I bawled like a baby. She knew exactly how he was feeling.

    Patrick's scenes were so well done. You could actually feel his grief.

    I also felt we were back watching GH today and I was grateful that they didn't stick some newbies in just for the sake of it. I also agree that Robert should have been there!

    I couldn't believe Jason today. He woke up from a coma and looked like he'd just come in from a walk, and in that same darn black tee shirt. It's for sure he wouldn't have been wearing it during the operation. And not even a bandage on his head. They could have tried for a little authenticity.

    And I was thinking maybe it's a good thing Maxie doesn't go to the funeral. I remember Georgie's all to well. She would have made this one all about her too.

  9. And Jason's hair was perfect! hehe

  10. Loved eveything dealing with Robin today. Jason will get an Emmy next year even if I have to use my kids craft supplies to make him one!

    Loved Emma/Liz/Matt scenes I'm glad their writting where Patrick loved ones are stepping in to help that's very realistic.

    I'm not a sam fan so you can take what I say with a gain of salt. While I understood her not saying anything before the surgery I think not telling him now is just plain stupid and controlling. I mean the man is dressed in street clothes and having full conversations. You two made a promise to always tell the truth and you know how he feels about being lied to. When he finds out you lied he's gonna be pissed. Do I think they will break up....NO! For some reason they view them as a super couple and has destroyed everything and one in Jason's past to make sure they are together. Hell he even threatened to kill her once and we all see how that turned out!

    Loved Anna and Luke talking. Loved that the anniversary of Jake's death was mentioned.

    I understand that Maxie is hurting but she is getting on my nerves. We all know that she is gonna show up to the funeral and make a scene like at Georgie's funeral.

    It's sad that the only thing left of the Quartermine's is Edward/Tracy/Monica and a mantel of dead loved ones! SMH

  11. I wasn't that impressed with todays episode. Luke is a hypocrite. SHUT UP!

    Patrick has to be nominated for best actor. Either way, this man has a future, and I think it might be outside of GH. jmo

    Where did that baby bump come from?
    No crap it wasn't there a week ago!
    It is no longer Sam's place to decide NOT to tell Jason. He is fine and he can handle it. Not her right.

    THANK YOU tptb! You did something today I have been asking for, for years. You showed photos of the history of this show. With the main characters. Though it was bitter sweet, my heart hurts terribly for Eddie. Still gotta love those Q scenes. Gotta love Tracey blaming Monica for killing her daddy!

    Matt shave that hideous beard off. There is more beard than there is face!

    Let's not be to hard on Maxie. She is in her own hell right now. She doesn't need judgement past on to her. We all make mistakes in life.

    Am I the only one hoping Robert shows up tomorrow? NOT Sr Drake?

    Isn't Emma kind of young for a funeral? jmo I wouldn't force her to go.

  12. are so funny..."if I have to use my kids craft supplies to make him one." LOL

  13. A thousand kudos to Jason T today. The whole cast, really. This is tough to watch.

    Pretty sure today's scenes were John Ingle's first since his wife passed away last month. It obviously gave extra weight (as if it were needed) to the scenes. You could see Jane Elliot just trying to hold it together.

    By the way, two great lines today. One cracked me up and the other about broke me. When Edward hit the floor, Tracy's "Monica, you killed him" just about made me fall off my chair laughing. What a delivery! The other was when Luke was trying to convince Anna that Robin knew her parents loved her and Finola Hughes choked on the sentence, "Do you think so?".

    Just about killed me.

    By the way, that @finolahughes is officially a Twitter maniac!

  14. Fin and Tony blew it up today as did Jane and John. Their scenes were honest and real and made it all worth watching.
    I love Anna and Robert as a couple, but danged if Anna and Luke don't catch my attention now too...She has always loved the bad boys and they have some good chemistry...Maybe they could pair them up?
    Oh yeah Jason T can flat out act...The guy is good and I liked his scenes as well!

  15. You think this was Johns first return? I was wondering that.

    Though it wasn't that great for me today, it was truly GH!

  16. No, Maxie needs to mature and , yes, she is suffering Robin's loss and the guilt of opening the gas in the lab but there are times in life where you need to step up , in spite of your own pain. She needs support but she needs to be supportive.Has she even tried to see Patrick or Emma?! Has she even thought of anyone else's pain besides her own?!Sorry, she needs to grow up!
    My friend just lost her husband to cancer/leukemia and he was 32 years of age. One son was 3 and he insisted on going to the funeral and saying good bye to his dad. It's just as important for them as it is for and adult to be there, and they do know more than we think about the finality of death. So , I think it's good that they show Emma attending the funeral.

  17. GHH posted a response by the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, about daytime tv. He says that ABC had to put profitability first. He feels The Chew's ratings are good and the Revolution is "just getting started". He says GH has seen some improvement with OLTL characters added but he makes no promises. This is not encouraging since I don't think The Chew or the Revolutions ratings are good but they still consider it more profitable to air these shows.

  18. My thoughts on today:

    *Between Sam and Spinelli, it sounds like Jason has been out for weeks, when it is what? 2 days, maybe 3?
    *Jason's hair is perfect, even after brain surgery, but shouldn't he still be wearing a bandage or have a nurse or someone take out his IV's?
    *The previews for the week. How is Jason going to feel when he finds out his Best Friend is dead. best Friend? When did this happen, and who is going to tell Carly?? Is this another ploy to make Robin's death all about Jason?
    *Sam is still making me sick. I don't even want to hear her speak. Kelly can't even look anyone in the eyes when she is saying her lines.. She is always rolling them around. It makes me dizzy.
    *Still love the Quartermaines even though it is the same fight over, and over, and over again.
    *JT is KILLING his lines. Makes me sad everytime I see him act.
    *Glad they had Liz talk a little about Jake, since his senseless death happened a year ago.
    *Becky is a natural in scenes with children.
    *Still loving Matt and Liz way more than Matt and Maxie.

  19. I liked that Luke admitted that he enjoyed being a family man when Lucky was a kid...lately it seems all his lines were about how it was the worst thing EVER that he had a wife and it was nice to see him admit that we didn't imagine the 1990s.

    Also...Spinelli called Jason "Jason" when he was talking to Sam. Not "Stone Cold". He actually said "Jason". Progress people.

  20. An Anna/Luke/Felicia triangle?

    Just sayin'.

  21. Absolutely loved yesterday's episode. Such soapy tearful goodness. Jason Thompson is such a fine actor. He delivered those scenes in such a realistic way...truly heartbreaking. I still can't get the tie tying scene out of my head, the tears just falling down his grief stricken face. So, so sad.

    The Q scenes broke my heart as well. Edward missing Lila..."the mantle of death", (all thanks to Guza) Monica throwing Tracy out were all done so perfectly. Great way to give any new viewers watching a bit of Q history. Nicely done.

    Sam with the instant baby bump cracked me up. Jason in bed looking fresh as a daisy and in street clothes. Good grief. I could understand to a certain point about not telling Jason prior to surgery, but now, Sam is just plain wrong. I hope she gets what's coming to her.

    Absolutely loved the Anna/Luke scenes. Finola is just fabulous.

    Liz/Emma/Matt - they made it so realistic. Loved having a Jake mention. What a disaster that was a year ago. I am still so bitter about it. Wish there was a way Ron could right that terrible wrong.

    Very much looking forward to today and Friday's episodes, with tissues in hand.

  22. Love2chat....I agree, Maxie needs to grow up, step up, etc...But Robin's death isn't the time.
    People grieve differently. Remember, she is just not grieving a loss, she is responsible for Robins death or so she thinks. Why would she want to face Patrick knowing that? That is a strength she doesn't posses. Can't fault her for that. That is how some people are made.
    She will attend the funeral, and it will be a mistake. I recently went thru something personal, and I should have stayed away. I wasn't in my right mind to be in 'mix' of the situation.
    As far as Emma going to the funeral, I guess individually it is ones choice.
    I went to a funeral when I was 6 and it was years and years before I stopped seeing that dead face.

    I also read that article from Iger. IMO it was depressing with no hope. That is what I took from it.

  23. Loved yesterday's show - felt like GH was back on again. Fantastic performance again by Jason T. - he is unbelievable! Luke and Anna scenes were wonderful, as were Matt, Liz and Emma. I can understand Emma going to the funeral since she doesn't have to look at her dead mom in a casket. Jason in the hospital was just plain ridiculous, with no IV or hospital gown. You would think Sam would call a doctor in immediately to check him out. Q scenes heartbreaking. Whoever decided to let Robert leave before the funeral should be fired, or maybe they have already been. Hard to believe I can't wait for today's show.



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