Monday, March 5, 2012

Kin Shriner Coming Back To GH??

That's what Nancy Lee Grahn said on her FB page!! Good Old Scotty back in the fold...can Laura be far behind?! What says YOU Wubbers?!


  1. I can see it.
    Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner)'s return ties nicely into Heather Webber's return. Hopefully the return is not entirely about boring Jasam.
    Spare us the agony. Please!!

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  3. Let's just celebrate Scottie's return!
    We are getting so much right now, lets all write and let tptb how much we appreciate what they are doing!

    I want Scott. Frisco & Felicia.
    In time people, in time. GH isn't going anywhere!!!!

  4. Scott is such a core GH character. He needs to be back, permanently!

  5. If I don't get some Scott/Lulu interaction after she killed his son I'm gonna pitch a fit. That was never really resolved and I think that has great storyline potential.

  6. Scotty is one of my favs although they need to be consistent with the character.
    He went dark after Luke stole Laura and stayed that way for awhile; was redeemed by Dominique and was a pretty ok guy on Port Charles from what I remember; and then returned to GH again inexplicably dark until he left again hiding on Laura's plane.
    Kin Shriner is gifted enough to play the role any which way, so I have confidence in him but am just hoping that the writers take full stock of the character and write in the WHOLE of his background.
    Pair him with Heather Webber again - might be fun. Laura would be ok too.
    _old School GH Fan

  7. Old School fan...good post about Scott. I agree word to word what you wrote.
    He turned so bad after what Laura did to him.
    I always wanted them back together.
    NEVER a fan of Luke & Laura.

  8. It will be nice to have Scotty/Kin back. He's a pot-stirrer and right now we need that on GH.

    Agree that it would be nice to have some interaction with Lulu.

  9. A Scotty return would be wonderful! Can someone help me to remember what happened with Lulu and Scott's son? I am a long time viewer, but I am having a hard time digging up that story from my memory. Thanks!

  10. @GHROCKSAGAIN Lulu and Logan were together but he made a horrible bet with Maxie to get Lulu into bed then slept with Maxie after suceeding with the plan. They tried to patch things up but Lulu met Johnny and fell harder for him. She sent Logan a lot of mixed signals before finally dumping him for good. Logan then became obsessed with Lulu, borderline stalking her until he finally snapped. He blamed Maxie, attacked her at Crimson, Lulu saw it so Logan came over hacked down the door with an ax scaring the crap out of her. He came at her and she stabbed him in self defense. Then Lulu had a mental breakdown seeing visions of Logan everywhere until Laura came back and helped her get over it.

  11. afstubbe92504...Thank you! I remember now!

  12. Every time they bring back Scottie, they try to pretend he was Laura's big love or something, and we who watched back then know better. He was her teen love, but she got way over him, especially after he turned dark and tried to sabotage her with Luke. I really do not want to see it. If he does come back I hope they give him something to do that does involve Luke or Laura.

    Having said that, I do like Kin, the actor, just fine. Give him something interesting to do and he'd be welcome!

  13. Soaplover...I have been a viewer for 35 years and I happen to be one who disagrees about Laura & Scotty. I always loved them together. In the 'real world' they would of had a beautiful life together.
    Who ever hears of a victim falling in love with their rapist?
    I don't blame Scottie one bit for turning black after what Luke did to him.
    I also see no future for Laura with Lucky. (G*D willing)

  14. Sorry, I meant no future with Luke!


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