Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Honey, I Grew Up the Babies!

yes, you are the giant baby I have always dreamed of! 

I can't believe it's Sunday already--this week FLEW by. Kinda like the aging of the babies FLEW BY.  They are eating cheerios and babbling already! I realize it's hard to employ little newborns but damn, son! It's so laughable. I would have accepted a tasteful "3 months later" zip in time. It could have worked.

Get on your gowns and remember to lay the sponges out..and mix up some baby oatmeal---here we go!

Of course the BEST PART of the entire week was the post-Morgan/Ava SEX!! WOO HOO!! :twirling: I so wanted this to happen and it did!! It's SO SOAPY--it's why I watch soaps!! Remember  Tad and Marion? Loved it. Joey and Dorian? YEAH!! Now MORGAN "barely 20" with crazy-eyed  Ava.
Be still my heart. 
LOVED how Morgan owned it. LOVED Ava's Cheshire cat grin! She's just a nutter and it's great. 

OMG ...does this baby look JUST like SPINELLI?? LOL She does1! 

Dancing with the Devil: Nice scene.  Having Helena walk out was awesome. Having her act like The Devil and Daniel Webster? Even better.  This of course happened at the same time that Olivia "Saw him' in the coffin. This psychic thing is just weird, but I'm rolling with it.  At least Tracy got the "Spanx" "Spanks" message. 

Things I didn't really care about: Carrrrrrloooos.  NOT at ALL. Shawn being jelly of Derek? Don't care. 

The Christening. I guess having Spin and Maxie as god-parents was a cool idea. I can't get over the fact that Dante said "She's 3 days old" on Thursday.  Goodness. The  Christening itself? Um.. did NO ONE GET invited? Naturally, Morgan and Michael couldn't be there because they were otherwise "engaged".  I thought maybe Anna would turn up?  Well, whichever--Brad got his ass there, which is the point of it all I suppose. 

Gotye? least he still has a band-aid on. This scene was silly--but I guess it's because we were supposed to get into the "Franco-Carly" bonding. I save myself the trouble and just look at him as Todd. Even WITH the Tumah-removal, it's hard to swallow that she'd be even in the same room with this guy. 

SCENE of the WEEK: A classic "Brothers Corinthos" --locked in the horns of their father's mania. It was so great to watch-- Morgan's pain coming out of his years in military school, Michael acting all 'wronged' by the 'lie'. Sonny thinking he's doing the right thing when he's really blowing it all apart. (kinda like his boat was blown apart). Perfect acting from all. Even the food servers at The Metro stood around with their mouths open! 

HONORABLE MENTION: I also loved Carly talking with Sonny, using their history and her know how of the "Sonny Condition".  Laura Wright just was shining in these scenes and wasn't yelling --a big plus in my book. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Of course, it HAS to be the perfectly placed giant glass vase just waiting for Moronigan to tip it over and for Carly to find him! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: None other than the horrified, yet strangely mesmerized Kiki watching her Mama and Morgan. 

There are  still loose ends hanging as we know. Next week kicks off Robin's return, Jerry Jacks and the "Cure". Should be exciting.  

My doggie tore his ACL and did something else weird (Can't remember) and has to see a specialist and get surgery.
wah!! You know how I dote on Gus. It's going to take time and money. At least he has good pain pills. 
Have a good Sunday-- Monday I will be in a meeting and not home until later. I will watch GH but the post will be delayed.

OH and  THE BREAKING BAD FINALE has me DOING shots already this am!! I can't believe the wild ride is over. I can't wait to see the ending, and yet I don't want to EVER know because then it's really done. What a show. 


  1. Great Sunday Surgery.

    Morgan #Stone Corinthos was the best thing of the week. He was Cocky and Quirky just like his Namesake Stone Cates and Sexy and Simple like his Mob Daddy Sonny. All he needed was dimples and would have pushed Ava out the way.

    Beside the planet of Uranus would a Carly/Franco pairing be acceptable. Don't care if he had a tumor or out-of-body experience he caused the sexual assault of your son and the 3 year torture of your "Quote Best Friend" Jason and his family! And in EVERY old clip he enjoyed every single minute of it and loved to throw it in Jason's face. There was NEVER any remorse and there still isn't. HE simply is saying the Tumor made me do it.

    Michael and "The Kiki" are gross on every STARR in the sky. Because u r a pair off screen does not mean u should be paired on screen. Because if and when it falls apart, the viewers are the ones dealing with the fallout. Emily/Nikolas (Thanks for that u 2.)

    Just need scenes with Dr Obrecht, Helena, Faison. Maybe a nice Wedding day with Prince Nik and Princess Britch! #fingerscrossed!!

  2. Good luck with Gus!

    I agree about Carlos, but I did enjoy him pointing out how Patrick still wears his ring. Looking forward to the Robin story!

  3. Get well soon to Gus. I had a golden retriever who had the acl tear and subsequent surgery and he did very well after the recovery. Had the surgery at age 5 and lived to the age of 14.

  4. Everytime Sabrinna says Carrrrrrrllllos I think of Dorian yelling for Carrrrrrrrlllllllllllotta :)

  5. Gus will be better than new! My dog is recovering from the same surgery. She had it 10 days ago and is doing much better. The first 24 hours were tough but after that, she has been improving each day.

  6. great week and great recap

    Even though Olivia visions are odd it pulls her into other stories. Tracy and Olivia were great in the scene together. Love Tracy.

    Looking forward to Robin, Dr. O etc. and more shirtless Nik!

  7. Yes Karen! Baby Georgie looks just like Spinny!!!! :) And she has his eyes. :) Love StarKi's face! ROFL! Shock of the week on StarKi's face hahaha!

  8. I think NuLuLu's not playing the part well for at least one reason -she can't show the right emotion. When she was talking about her dad dying she was smiling! Not that I mind, but why was Nik walking around shirtless? Morgan suddenly became a lot more interesting than Mikey. And how does Mikey justify deliberately going after his brothers girlfriend/wife just because they have feelings for each other? Hope today is Robin day!

  9. For some time now, Olivia has reminded me of Bobbie Spenser. Bobbie was an important figure in PC for many years and was always the tough, say it like it is, romantic--just as is Olivia. Olivia fill that vacancy in many ways...
    Anybody agree?


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