Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Wrongful Death


Ever wonder if you're watching Bizarro World GH? Like where all the people you want dead are alive and... well, you know what I mean. Every. Single Thing  I wanted to happen didn't. Every character I wanted to shut up just got mouthier!! LOL.. It was quite a week to say the least. 

Let's get into it 

PSYCHO OF THE WEEK: You all know who it is...this guy. Still walking around. Still jabbering it up. Still pestering Maxie about what a great Dad he'll be and the like. NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE. You sir are the person we wanted on the floor and gone last week. AND we almost got it but...

BLOCKER OF THE WEEK:  OMG!! SAM!! What in the hello?? Just when we think Dante is going to prove useful after getting back from PTSD camp, SHE STOPS HIM. WHY. Whhyyyyyy???? No one would have seen him. You could have taken your little self on those tall boots and crept quietly back out.  No one wants us to have nice things. 

GENETICS OF THE WEEK: So, Finn's the daddy! Angst all around!! Then..on Friday, what do we find out? Cyrus may have tampered with the entire thing. Wow! Who would have thunk it? I mean GH? Screw with tests? Thing is he said "Make it come out the way I want it". That could mean it's true. Finn also said he wants another test at Mercy. I have no idea why they'd want it to reverse itself or how this makes the story more or less intriguing. 

MEMORIAL OF THE WEEK: Seems like we just got done with Sonny's and now we are at Franco's. I did like the Gallery touch and the whole "Patient artwork". Other than that? Meh. Seeing the kids was fun and Hudson West sure has grown. Now Spencer can come back, right? Hudson is 14 IRL so let's go. Scotty was of course, fun. I just wasn't feeling it because of how he died. 

GHOST OF THE WEEK:  Alexander shows up to talk to Cameron. I love Chad and was glad to see him back. Only-- ugh, I really went back to the place of how/why they killed Zander. Sort of up there with Georgie's death. Not a great time for me on the show. Chad and William were awesome...even if it was weird to see Cam talk to a guy he's never met before. 

I NEEDED EAR PLUGS OF THE WEEK:  Of course, we couldn't go the whole week without Carly being an absolute banshee on set.  Good God. Throwing the coffee mug, yelling at Jason, trying to out-talk Jordan at the PCPD; all driving me insane. Then she has the audacity to go to Elizabeth's house and bitch at her! Hey, screaming-mimi, remember when you got on Nina's case for doing something similar at Sonny's gravesite? Liz asked you twice to leave. She's still in her memorial black dress. But you know, carry on. You ego-maniac you. 

ARREST OF THE WEEK: *sigh* Here we go again. HERE WE GO AGAIN! Poor put upon St. Jaysus wrongly fingered for a crime he didn't commit. Enter Diane telling him to shut up and not say anything (like he's going to). Cue Jordan looking blank at the camera. Let loose Carly's tirade against justice. Haven't we all been here 100x? 

FALSE WITNESS OF THE WEEK: Gladys, in cahoots with Cyrus. Having coffee with Brando. At least she's interesting. Can't say the same for her son. 

MEDICAL ISSUE OF THE WEEK:  The ONE story I'm digging right now is Britt's shaking. We know her family history. Kelly is acting the hell out of it. Valentin finally sees her do it. Now--what's going to happen? I do want to know how this will play out. 

GIANT BELLY OF THE WEEK: Um, Brook Lynn is either having twins or... ?? My timing is way off! Is she the size of Maxie ? Yep! Is Maxie about 4-5 months ahead of her? Oh yeah. Ned's reaction was priceless. So was Val's. I also want to see this story.  If it's a girl, it had better be named Helena! 

AND....ON THE SONNY SHOW:  Yes, we are still at the Tan-O where the bar is cleaned on the daily even tho there's no customers. This week we find out that Phyllis had a baby that died shortly after birth (or DID it?? You know GH, she's probably alive in PC somewhere).  Sonny tried to win his rings back at the card game. With the same guys that beat him up!! So... okay. Oh yeah and Nina finally walks in. We've been waiting for it. 


Nina visits Phyllis in PA, will run into Sonny

Franco is memorialized at Ava's Gallery

Michael, Olivia, Ned and Valentin all find out Brook is VERY pregnant

Valentin offers Michael ELQ proxy to let Nina visit Wiley; Michael says No

DNA Proves: Finn is the Father--or does it? 

Britt's shaking becomes worse

Gladys bears false witness against Jason

Jason is arrested for the murder of Franco 

Sam stops Dante from shooting Peter  -- ugh

Brook Lynn is home; Valentin is the baby daddy 

Maxie gives away Peter's clothes 

Finn and Anna realize they can't be together; Roxy is going to the Metro. 

Peter and Cyrus make a deal 

SPOILERS:   Jason sees Taggert in jail,  Finn sees Liz and Carly tells Jax to find Nina. GET them ALL on Diagnosis Daytime. 

So, that's that! The ONLY WAY the Peter Story can be redeemed is if we have a murder mystery on our hands and SOON. Like Dead-Dead. Head cut off dead.  The DNA story just went no where especially since Cyrus may have changed the results. :eyeroll: Whatever. I'm so tired of Carly. She just so strident. Any redeeming qualities are just lost in her bitchiness. The teen scene stuff needs to buff up. They spend their time standing around mourning the latest death in PC and not one of them has a dangerous addiction or affliction. No one is even listening to EMO music as far as we know! Plus, if Cam is getting college stuff going, aren't Trina and Josslyn? Did Joss get a volleyball scholarship? Is Trina taking Art History and Business? It would behoove them to go into something medically related to keep them in town and at GH. I'm not even going to talk about the Sonny show. Nope. I'm pretending that's just a whole separate thing over there. 

So are you feeling Dante and Sam? Do you think Britt will be cured or have Huntington's Disease all the way through? Are you happy Valentin might be tied to the Qs forever (I sure am). Sad at the FinnA break up? Let me know! 

Oh, I will be gone Monday and Tuesday for a doctor's and a hair appointment. Sorry!! Can't be helped. 



    "Welcome to Endgame" Helena is great

  2. Thanks as always Karen for great SS. Not much of anything I am enjoying right now on the show. I was wondering if the Brooklynn pregnancy and being so huge is supposed to be comedic. It is ridiculous how huge she is. I like Dante and Sam, but not as a couple. I used to like Laura Wright but her character has just gotten too annoying and she is stealing all the scenes that should go to others. Same with Jason and Sonny. They are stealing scenes and not fun to watch anymore. Have Robert, Mac and Felicia be on more. As well as, Molly, Christina, TJ etc etc. We don't even know what kind of actor TJ is because he is on so infrequently. Never been a Britt fan but starting to like her a little more. Dr. O is so much fun in her scenes. She should be on more. Peter should have died 100 years ago but won't happen.

    What do I like anymore? Hmmm. Not much. I like Anna and Valentin's scenes. I love little Violet. I love Cam because Will Lipton is such a great young actor. That doesn't leave much does it? Oh, I will always, always love anything that Genie Francis does on this show. And, I love anything that Tristan Rogers does on the show. Oh, and Martin Gray has grown on me. I think because they gave him an actual story and not just floating around helping Valentin. Maybe give him a love interest or something. Would be more interesting. And, I still like Olivia (and Ned for the most part). Really like Olivia and Robert scenes; the 2 of them have great chemistry and it doesn't necessarily have to be as a couple.

    Thanks again Karen and have a great week everyone

  3. This week I finally understood the Carly hate. She drove me nuts with the screeching and normally I don't have strong opinions about characters.

    I'm in the minority, but I kind of like the Sonny side show.

    My heart is breaking for Britt.

    I never had a strong attachment to Fanna (see above), but when he closed that door and said "Goodbye Anna" it sort of hurt.

    Peter needs to go. Put all of us out of our misery. PLEASE. I'm pretty sure we've all resigned ourselves to the fact that WR is here to stay, but that doesn't mean we have to put up with Peter.

  4. How about a shake up. Put Carly and Peter together as a couple. Since they are partners IRL lets see how they'd do on the show. Why not?

    1. They can meet at the gathering of the Five Families!

  5. The only good thing that I can see about Francos death is that Jake and Aiden got a release from the basement. They both got so big especially Jake hopefully it's not a temporary release.

    1. Jake and Aiden grew alot while they were "upstairs " this whole time

  6. sunday surgery is perfect. I love the webber-baldwin family. hate they killed off franco and please put viewers out of our misery and kill peter. also carly, jason and sonny need to go on the backburner for a long time. I think I need a long break from GH>

    1. Thinking the same but with RoHo coming back holding out hope.

  7. Great SS! I felt bad for Anna and Finn and how that test was manipulated. I just cannot stomach any more Peter or Carly, and the Sonny saga is awful. Back to the old fast forward.

    1. And Finn was putting all the blame on Anna like he I perfect. Hated that the writers did this

  8. Thanks for another great SS! I've been moving, ugh, but now all done. In catching up with GH I was so pissed to see yet another missed opportunity of Hiney's death. What I find funny is that since Hiney was 'outed' as a slimeball he is dressing and acting the part. But still whispering.
    I love Amanda Setton. Her belly is comical. I too love who Valentin is becoming.
    Sonny @ The Tan-o...."I'm pretending that's a separate thing over there"...I agree kd. These writers are so darn predictable we all could write what's next. Most likely it would be better than what's happening now.
    Finn/Harry/Jackie/Greg.....who cares.
    I read that RoHo will be back taping in April.
    Enjoy your first spring Sunday everyone!

  9. I am LOVING seeing Valentine more on my screen. Involved with Alexis and her girls, now Brooklyn, Nina, Anna, love this Actor so much. He's funny, handsome, endearing, and dangerous.

  10. May be soapy to have Finn and Liz get together and wham! Hayden returns.

    1. Like that idea Linda. Soapy goodness

    2. Kinda like that but Franco 😭😭😭 sorry still fresh lol

    3. Good grief, no. Not with Finn, or anyone else right now. let Liz be an independent woman again for a while and give her some storylines that don't involve her being anyone's arm candy. Let her get more involved in the hospital and help Britt and Anna take down Cyrus and get our hospital people back on the screen again.

  11. Was it just me or did Ned get this look of glee after it sunk in that BLQ's baby was Valentin's? And isn't there something in Edward's will about shares being split between his descendants, which is how Nelle Oscar's shares, that she sold to Valentin? If the shares were reallocated following news of Oscar's birth, would the same thing happen for the birth of Brooklyn's baby and would that allow the Q's to take back ELQ. Sorry, if this doesn't make sense, I'm on pain meds. 😆

  12. The baby would get shares. Don't know if they could take back control. Maybe

  13. "even if it was weird to see Cam talk to a guy he's never met before."

    They did the same thing with Courtney and Spencer a few years back.

    As far as Peter goes, we all know he will never be a great villain like Faison or Helena.

    BUT, a big part of what made them classic was that they weren't onscreen all the time. The were mostly recurring, and sometimes they didn't recur for years at a time.

    If you are going to have a soap villain on screen nearly all the time, they either have to be on for a shorter period like Shiloh was or you need to at least partly redeem them like Valentin.

    Even if Peter were played by someone of Laurence Olivier's classically trained caliber, the character as written isn't sustainable.

  14. I'm still wondering why no actual Franco funeral. Just the memorial. Anyone else? Holding out hope it's a ruse and he's not really dead? Got the latest SOD with RoHo on the cover, loved his article!
    Don't care about the Sonny stuff!
    Peter should be dead and wth Sam, what was she thinking???? Why???
    I think the Finn is Chase daddy is a mix up, Ponytail switched but why? Can't he leave anything alone???
    Looking forward to tomorrow maybe someone will find out Peter killed Franco and do what's right.. 😂🤣 who am I kiddin'

  15. JaPaStu slayed me this week, culminating on Friday with him melting when Nina touched his cheek and chortling when BrookLyn opened her coat. He's a delight!

  16. I love Valentin now......I still scream about the PCPD doing no investigation. Jordan never even said rope off this area. It’s at a point where I TRULY wonder if Frank and the writers care about viewers. To keep WR because he’s LW boyfriend is DESTROYING General Hospital.
    Liz is annoying too.
    I like Sonny not having memory. But send him back to Port Charles and let him not remember. Keep Lenny and Phyllis!!!!

    1. It certainly seems that they don't care about the viewers. In the recent Tristan Rogers interview he mentioned that the writers don't bother to research GH history but ask the actors about it.
      Who cares what they do in private, LW & WR, he just has to go.

  17. In recent news, GH LOST at the Writers Guild Awards. The winners? Days of Our Lives with former GH head writer Ron Carlivati at the helm. Awkward...

  18. Great SS as always, and I so agree with everything said. Snarly needs to shut up and LW needs to take a vacation and take Hiney with her. Was really wishing Liz had slapped the enamel off of her teeth.

    Mumbles....always an idiot and stopping Dante from completing the mission. I knew it would happen, but like Karen said, we can't have nice things.

    The Sonny show bores me to tears and now Neener is there. Even more of a reason to ff.

    Everything seems so contrived now, and that has made the show boring. Still the bright spots are Robert, Livvy, and Valentin. At least for this past week. And of course seeing Xander. Now that was a treat!


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