Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fungal Invasion

Some of you may have found that the Wubs Facebook page is gone. For the sake of my mental health, I've disabled my Facebook for the time being. I really needed to walk away and just hold my tongue. I won't use this blog for my personal reactions either as I know you all look forward to a little break here. 

I've decided that although I'm not keeping up with GH, I can always put in little things here and there for you to enjoy. 

I heard BRAD was on the show for a hot minute and I know Ingo is back. Jax is always a welcome sight. 

AND Hayden got what I am calling a fungal infection LOL. I think having 2 contract players "DYING" is kind of moot know, GH 

Maybe I'll be back into GH next week--it can prove to be a mindless detraction. In the meantime I'm watching the Hallmark Christmas Movies and Food Network! Local news is pretty safe as well. 

I hope you are all finding what you need at this point.  Wub ya all! 


  1. Thank you Karen. Nice to have this haven from the news. For perspective, my daughter is a Wellesley grad.

  2. I'm not all that thrilled with GH right now but it's a nice distraction, as is work...did I just say that?!?!

  3. Karen, everyone who read the blog and posts here cares. Take good care of you, and we will all be here when you return.
    Enjoy the Hallmark movies. They are great. Happy endings. We enjoy them here -- even got hub to watch some!
    Hang in there. H&H

  4. Work is A HUGE distraction! LOL I work with little 3-4 year olds. All they know is joy. I've gotten many hugs and laughs in the past 2 days. :)

    1. Awww such a fun age! ❤ so innocent. That's so sweet. 😊

  5. Michelle Latta said...

    I'm not all that thrilled with GH right now but it's a nice distraction, as is work...did I just say that?!?!

    ** LOL! I don't think any of us around here are that thrilled with it, either! But, it lets us for an hour a day, visit someplace else that is just as familiar to us, as the real world, and spend time with the people there, we know and love. Letting us at least take a short break, from everything else going on in our lives. Sure, for the most part GH is a train wreck on video, these days. But there still are bits here and there, that are definitely worth watching. For those of us who have watched it for so long, it can be frustrating. This has happened in the past, too. I think, because we've only got 4 soaps left on network TV that are broadcast daily, it's become a lot easier to really over analyze them, even moreso due to the Internet, and only 2 magazines now. That's just my theory, though.

    To end on a more positive note: Jax and Brad were easily the best reasons to watch Wed /Thur . Especially watching Brad rant on and on about Finn today (especially to Dr. O!)


  6. Fungal Invasion!!! Hahahaha

    Wyndemere: Yes Finny! Great idea to take RayRay to the hospital!!! She is turning into a werewolf!!! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and Nelle: Boy when Nelle told Sonny that Jax is with Carly, he didn't look very happy!!! Hahahaha.

    Sonny and Krissy: :(

    Sonny: Uh Sonny, what are you going to do with that gun?!!?!?!!
    The hospital:

    BobTodd and Dr. O: Hmmm I wonder what would happen if Liz acted all jealous if she sees BobTodd and Dr. O talking!! :) I want that to happen!!! :) What would BobTodd say? Oh don't be silly we are just friends.. Yes BobTodd listen to Dr. O!!!! BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: You want me to share my feelings with Elizabeth? That's your advice to me? Are you crazy?


    Brad and Liz: Oh boy! The truth has to come out! I don't want them thinking that Finny is a drug addict!! Oh crap Dr. O heard Brad! ROFL!

    BobTodd and Liz: Oh no!!!!!! The man who raped Liz is getting out of prison!!!!! :0 I wonder what he looks like. BobTodd kick his ass!!!

    Carly's home:

    Jax and Carly: Sad!! :( Glad Jax is here for Carly.. Sounds like Ingo has a cold.

    Jax and Nelle:

    Nelle: Is there anything I can do for you Mr. Jax?

    Yeah stop calling him Mr. Jax. Hmmmm Jax why are you so interested in the removal of Nelle's kidney surgery?

    Alexis's home: Wow!!! Sam is acting like a mother!!! Strange seeing her act this way. :)

    The chapel:

    Sonny and Jax: Wow!!!! They hug! :) So basically,

    Jax: Is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?

  7. "kdmask said...Work is A HUGE distraction! LOL I work with little 3-4 year olds. All they know is joy."

    Awwww! :) We all should have joy in our lives. :)

  8. Hang in there Karen. I feel like you do but I had to force myself to watch this last week since I'm home recovering from total knee replacement surgery. I see it as being like Physical Therapy I don't like it but the alternative is worse. I've been holding my nose and watching Y&R and B&B too. Man, what a gag-fest those two are.

    We'll be here when you can face it again.


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