Wednesday, November 16, 2016

For You, From Me

 I would just like to note here that I have been extremely critical of GH lately. I suppose with all that's going on the world I'm very tired of a old gangster trying to (again) reconcile his life choices with reality. And VERY tired of women being used/abused for 'drama' sake. Don't need to see people getting strangled at this juncture when we've already had so much death on the show.

The hospital JUST got reopened, why not focus on that for awhile? They could have taken that direction awhile ago. New interns, nurses, medically centric and compelling. 

I also know some of my fave dialog writers seem to be MIA and the show is just depressing. Don't want to see Alexis do an alcoholic story when we've sat through countless ones over the years. Nope. Everyone is  all separate in their own little stories/worlds again.  I just need some joy. Not sugar-lah lah lah joy but escapism that's a damn good story.

Too much to ask? 

and PS get Ingo on contract.

I will give you this-- thank you for having Kin Shriner on a bit more. His humor is SO needed right now. 

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  1. Kin should have gotten an Emmy in the 90's on GH or PC. Great actor who has given Scotty many layers over the years and has shown the ability to play him from multiple angles. Believable as the vengeful, rejected husband of Laura and as the nasty schemer that could team up with Heather and then as the mostly redeemed leading man in the 90's who was always good with a quick quip and even when he lapsed back into his former bad boy ways in the 2000's. The scenes are always better when he is in them!


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