Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good Bye Claire Labine

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Writer of stories, Teller of Tales.
The soap world lost a great one, folks. If you haven't seen her work because you're too young, just watch a few old Ryan's Hope episodes. 100% character driven and family rooted, they were an amazing 30 minutes in daytime television. 

When she came on to GH in 1993, the show just burst with stories. Stone/Robin AIDS. Luke and Laura came back in the Pink Caddy-- she also created the Sonny/Brenda love story. The amazing part is that not only did she respect and embrace General Hospital history, she expanded on it in a way that made sense and also deepened characters. 

Daytime lost a great one. 


  1. SO SAD...

    You were one of the best Claire!

    BTW, what is her son Matthew Labine now doing?

  2. She was my favorite GH writer....didn't she also create Lois and Ned?

  3. So sad! #RIP her era was my fave on GH!

  4. Very sad news- she was one of the greats! She created a a great era in GH and RH.

  5. I keep thinking this week can't get worse but I'm repeatedly proven wrong. people decide to elect an ignorant, racisr sexual predator president, Leonard Cohen dies, and now this. So sad.

  6. Holy crap! I missed this. After Agnes Nixon, I really put Labine up there with one of the definitive voices in soaps. Her work on GH in the 90's was every bit as great as GH's heyday in the 80's IMO. She powered a rich character development that was arguably BETTER than GH's stuff in the 80's as well. Also...Ryan's Hope. Man, what more can be said? She'll be missed.

  7. We need another Claire Lapine. We lost a great one. RIP Claire Lapine.:(


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