Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Galas. Guns and a GPS

20151217 1614(7)

Well, it was an unexpected 4 day week! Thanks to the POTUS Friday's show is moved to Monday and instead of a rerun on Christmas Eve Day, we'll have a new show. Not sure how many of us can actually watch it though!! 

The Nutcracker Gala is starting so let's have some sugar plums! 

CATV 3 20151214 1309(22)

I hate Valerie and I want her gone!

CATV 3 20151214 1309(25) hate her and want her gone. Want me to kill her?  I mean, I'm a fugitive from justice and all but I can still pull off a pretty good death if I need to..

CATV 3 20151214 1310(16)

GOD! DUH.. Hmm..well.. um, no. Geesh,  Johnny, I don't want her killed..but just..gone. You know, away. Far. Vamoos. 

And so Johnny made Valerie's car stop on Route 31, where no other cars ever go. She was on her way to the gun range. They faked us out a bit by making us think he planted a bomb but nah, it was just a GPS. I've never seen a GPS tracker with so many wires but---hey.  I think the plan is to get her in trouble with the Academy and get her kicked out. 

CATV 3 20151214 1319(17)

Um, Tracy, your taste in men kinda Sucks.
Shut up, Monica! 

Tracy got Paul to give the keynote speech at the Gala and they snogged in the park a bit. She is acting all smitten and in love (some of us are hoping she's faking it and playing him). He meanwhile, is sexting up Ava on the side. 

CATV 3 20151216 1355(9)

Like the angry cat, I shall be back!  (said in Puss N'Boots voice)

Paul paid off Carlos to "disappear". Now think about it. Paul would have shot him in an instant, right? Why let him go? Carlos is dead--and threatening you. You just say "Bye"!? He's also intent on getting that baby. (the one Paul is all concerned about all of a sudden). I mean, Paul shot Sloane, why doesn't he just kill Carlos?
I know, a soap. A soap. 

CATV 3 20151216 1357(39)

Anna, we've got a situation here. After years of being in the dark, I finally got the idea Robin might be held captive! I'm in Paris and Emma saw a Cassadine necklace and I think she's really in a lab on Cassadine Island! Meet me there, stat!! 

So, it's finally time to wrap this story up I guess. Jason Thompson is leaving for YR and his exit story will finally get Robin out of the lab.  You know..The OTHER Lab. Not Critchen-Crighten-Clark-Ramma-Lamma Ding Dong, it's the "Immortality Lab" where Jerry Jacks is busy trying to live forever! 

CATV 3 20151216 1329(3)

So you see, God.. I need that formula so I can continue to live the high-life in the shadows and continue being a crime-lord. Amen.  Oh and PS please I want a James Bond car for Christmas. 

Jerry is intent on killing Robin because after years of working on it, she's close and may have an idea to transfer brain information digitally to a new corpse (just go with it, it's a soap, ya know?) But no--he has to kill her NOW. Because..well, it's a soap! He finds out that Patrick is on the island and lets her call to say goodbye. He isn't a total monster people!! 

CATV 3 20151217 1305(19)

Don't look so surprised Patrick, we've always kept in screen! 

Robert is here to save his Robin. Along with Anna they go hunting for her in the halls of Cassa-Lab with guns drawn. (you think they can turn them in for toys later at the Gala?!). Meanwhile, 

CATV 3 20151217 1312(32)

Robin is going to be killed by bad-actor guard guy (really? In all of LA you pick this guy??!) because Jerry has to 'stay behind to clean up the lab".  Robin tries to gain sympathy from  him by talking about Opera. (Because his name is an opera character, duh!!). They leave.  He says he's going to Kill Her (in the same robotic voice as he'd order a sandwich). Later, Robert, Patrick and Anna all burst into the lab to save her and see only Jerry. Bummer.

20151215 1422(54)

Oh, you think you're so high and mighty..well, you're SHORT! SHORT I TELL YOU!! 

Liz and Carly 'face off" (as they call it in soap-land). Carly yells at Liz...Liz snipes back. Carly comes off as the giant hypocrite she is. "How can you keep a man from his children"?? Well, Gee Carly, she probably learned it from you. By the way, Jason is basically Carly's property so,  you know, hands off.  Liz certainly deserves to be scolded but Carly has such a past, it was pretty laughable to hear her go on and on.  I also would have given my right arm to have the writers put in something from Liz like "Go talk to AJ about all this Carly, I have patients that need saving, you bitch"! 

CATV 3 20151217 1310(1)

Franco is all of a sudden Liz' BFF because they are both the town pariah .. (his word which he used 800 times). He over heard all of the Carly-Liz yelling in his art therapy room and had a listening ear for 'poor Liz'. He convinces her to go to the Gala. Later, she does try to leave but Dr. O tells her it's mandatory for staff to be there. Not sure who's running the hospital but you know, a soap. How do you feel about this friendship? I love Roger so whatever he does is ok with me. LOL. Gets him more involved with the whole situation, right?

CATV 3 20151216 1308(22)

I TOOK THEM, I TOOK ALL OF THEM! At one TIME! Leave me the hell alone!! 

Oh Morgan. Mad, Mad, Angry Morgan. Sleeping on Darby's "couch".  Maybe it's because I have a kid in their early 20's but I so got this scene.  Carly is totally hovering and being on his ass but he was just in the damn psyche ward after waving a gun at some unknown cabin he broke into. Call me crazy but that kid does need some monitoring!! Liked how Sonny tried to calm Carly down and tell her to back off.  Good scene and believable.  We know Morgan isn't taking his meds like he should so another break-down is coming. 

CATV 3 20151216 1316(26)

Well, she's BIG Michael, but not that big...look at this photo of Kate Gossling at the same point in her pregnancy! 

Michael is starting to figure things out. He has to you see, because instead of writing this as a nice new Q baby entering the world they had to F it up with a Zombie-Carlos WTD story. UGH. We all know TC is taking time off after having her real baby. I'm sure you could have written it into the story somehow without involving a walking dead man. But whateverrr. And it's not like Michael wouldn't understand her having a transgression, they weren't even that serious at the time! But..again, whateverrr

20151215 1443(29)

Laura is so stuck in "Mom Mode" lately. Being all sage to Nikolas and Lulu. She's regulated to morality talks lately. I was glad she was at least on, but Genie should have more of a story than this. 

20151217 1408(24)

I almost forgot to mention the Davis Girl's reunion! Yep-- Krissy is home! She did something at college though--something bad and she deleted email to Alexis about it. I'm hoping they are kicking her out so she can stay in PC? Maybe show Molly and she more? Please? 

CATV 3 20151217 1303(2)

Um, wait..turn around... WHO DID THAT TO your hair? I will kill them!! 

20151217 1410(26)

"Oh little Star of Georgie-Land how still we see thee light"....

The Gala began and Maxie and Dillon slipped away to talk about Georgie's death in the park. Oh poor Georgie. Her death was the turning point in GH's Guza killing off the families spree. Ugh. Such a mistake. 

CATV 3 20151217 1310(28)

OMG, Um, Carly have you seen the back of your hair!!?? 

Carly convinces Jason to attend the ball. She gives him a pumpkin and turns it into..oh wait, different story! Anyway, he goes to the Gala only to run into...

20151217 1616(13)
Liz and Sam! Sam had to come to give her mom the check she forgot. Because you know, she had to have it that night or it doesn't count. Anyway, the 3 of them run into each other and...and.?? Fireworks? Chaos? Snark? ANYTHING?
Literally nothing. They walk away. 
Ok then, thanks for that. 

** I am not doing any of the RED-CARPET dresses yet-- I'm going to wait until next week. The show was so interrupted that it will just be easier to do it then. On Friday there was 6 minutes of show and the 'step-repeat" had just begun. So, we can look forward to that whenever I get the time to do it in between holiday festivities. 

20151215 1433(4)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: The ugly sweater.  I loved when Olivia came in with her matching family sweaters and plopped down to interrupt the Julexis lunch. Lisa and Nancy clearly were having a blast and I also liked how they had Julian just go.."um, I gotta go" and run! It was fun and I'm liking the dynamic that is being set up with these 3. 

20151215 1432(45)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Yep, giving it up for the Daddy Sweater with the reindeer! Great table nosh too-- all ribs and beer! 

CATV 3 20151216 1324(28)

FACE OF THE WEEK: The face after listening to Carly go on and on and on... Liz does it. Jason does it..all of Carly's kids do it. Today was Sonny's turn. Bring on the Tylenol! 

CATV 3 20151216 1334(36)CATV 3 20151217 1304(23)

THE TALE OF TWO HOTEL ROOMS:  Oh My Gosh. LOL. Ok, first of all, the Paris suite is totally Carly's house. The molding is the exact same thing. Note the frilly ice-blue Parisian Pillows? Well, switch them out for a nice Greek Folk Art and Voila! We are transported to the Feta Island in an instant!!  You know me and my props. I was slightly disappointed there were no baguettes in "France" but what are you going to do? Maybe Felicia took Emma out for macaroons when she arrived to babysit her.

The next two weeks will be interesting blog-wise for me. We of course have the Christmas holiday and I'm in and out. Next week I should be around for most shows. The next week we are having company from England so that may be really spotty. 

I will be publishing the 2015 WUB AWARDS soon, so look for those as well! Have a great pre-Christmas few days. 


  1. When you do the clothes remember how gorgeous Nina looked.

    Also, I can't stand Olivia in earth mother mode. The sweater thing was silly and way over the top.

    1. I agree with you, Pat, regarding Olivia. She has become obnoxious, starting on Thanksgiving when she took over in Alexis's home, extolling herself and her "eggplant parm" and pushing her cannoli on everyone. Hardly a gracious guest. She seems to be available to interrupt Julian & Alexis at every turn. It's fun to watch Alexis bite her tongue & try to be the bigger person.

  2. I thought that Monica looked gorgeous! Please explain Carly and Maxie's hair--what is it with the two-toned look? Thanks so much for a great SS.

  3. I'm diggin' the show again finally. Love that Jason is finally "back" almost and had the smack down with Nik. The Dante/Val/Lulu storyline is big time boring and hoping Johnny takes her out soon. Yes - you're right - big miss on not having a Q baby. Love Carlos by why bring another back from the dead...
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Hoping GH rocks in 2016.

  4. Is Kristen Storms pregnant in real life? Maybe that's why she has such roots? Cause if she just wanted to go back to natural, she could color it. Whatever, it is distracting.
    Liz, Sam, and Jason are all forming diamonds in their digestive tracts, and in the new year will be pooping them when all the tension finally explodes.
    I just loathe Julian. And I hate that Alexis has believed his lies all these years. And I do not believe that anyone can just "get out of the mod."
    Have a great Christmas week, everyone. The blog is great fun, and the sharing of thoughts is often amusing, and hearing all the points of views is also great. Whatever you all do this week, be good to yourself. Everyone deserves that.

    1. Kirsten did that with her hair the last time it needed colored also. She lets it go way too long. At one point she was saying she wanted to go platinum and all I could think was how she can barely handle what it is now!

  5. Another great Surgery. Thanks.

    AntJoan, I totally agree. Monica looked great - the best I've seen hew in a long time. She should keep her hair like that.

    Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great holiday.

  6. I totally thought Kirsten looked PG about a week ago..she looked "peeked" like really green around the gills!

    I think the 2-tone is a 'Fashion" now. Where else are you going to go? everything's been done?

    1. I think the two-tone hair color thing is called "ombré." I'm not too keen on it as it just looks like girlfriend has missed a few appts at the salon for a root touch-up. People are paying big bucks go get that two-tone look. Smh.

    2. She is not doing the ombré. Anna did it well 2 years ago. Then it went out of style. She's doing the "lazy".

  7. You have great insights and you are extremely funny! I thoroughly enjoy your writing. Keep up the great work.

  8. I wondered if KS is pregnant too when those roots started showing alot. I didn't like the hairdo but it's Maxie so I'm okay with it. I love how Franco is protecting Liz.

  9. Excellent SS! I thought Kirsten looked beautiful but I don't care for the dark roots either. Laura W. looks like she has a dark animal under her hair in the back. Everyone looked great actually except for Sam-same old same old. Jerry is so evil and will never be redeemed, but the actor is great.

  10. Ombre is somewhat different from the two-tone look being sported by Maxie and Carly, ombre is kind of like highlighting just the bottom of your hair, Anna wore her hair that way around the time she first came back to the show, it was beautiful, then it grew out. Maxie just has long roots, and Carly has, G-d knows what . . .

    1. Lol exactly! I honestly wondered if GH is short on the hair color budget.

  11. Once again the screen caps show the funniest facial expressions and your captions always make me laugh :-). I really like some parts of the show (heaven help me I'm liking Franco's and Nina's new perspectives) and some parts leave me scratching my head, but there are several stories that I am enjoying right now. As for Sonny, carly, Morgan and Kiki, there is the power of the FF button!

  12. Spot on as usual. Carly getting in someone's face for lying? Worst thing of all, why are they making Sabrina do this? So ridiculous and out of character. Second worse thing...the total waste of Laura. I'll take a Genie scene over anyone else in the rest of the cast, but these a real waste. At least it's not Tracy parenting Lulu though, ugh. I would love to see Laura and Robert hook up. I want them to fix this mess and make that baby Michael's. Don't care how they do it. I'll buy it.its a soap.


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