Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smashing Roses

Sam, Liz and Jason... "You're no better than Hayden Barnes"...
Oh "Shut your MOUTH" Jason says to Hayden. EEP! 

He kicks Sam out. "GET OUT, leave us alone"...and the story moves no where. 
Later, Liz puts the kids to bed and when she comes down, Jason is gone. (See bottom)

Hayden and Nikolas.. she dreams about him killing her. "are you playing me"?? He says to her.  Said he's having someone follow her.  She used to be on Wall Street. Didn't she live in Beecher's Corners? LOL
This is SO DULL. 

Val and Bobbie. I really can't with Valerie giving Bobbie "her side" of the story.  They are at Kelly's. Good to see Bobbie. Geesh-- Bobbie and Mac on in the same week? what!?
Bobbie leaves. Dante comes in to sit with her. Dante says he doesn't want to wait to have 'something' with her.  "You're the one I need right now".  He is happy with her but no guarantee on the future. 

Maxie and Lulu doing shots. But those AREN'T SHOTS..lol 1/2 shots! Come on. And Lulu is still bitching about the same old thing. Nathan talking to Dante about cooling his jets for awhile.  Which he obviously didn't listen to. 
JOHNNY walks in! yeah!!  He heard she and Maxie talking about Dante's affair. He's all smiley. She's worried because he's a fugitive.  He talks to her about how bad her marriage was anyway. She cries, he hold her. Strokes her hair.
"I want that Bitch gone" Lulu says

"So, you want me to kill her"?? replies Johnny  ..YES! PLEASE says the audience!!!!
Lulu says "No... It's a figure of speech"
Damn it Lulu. 

Maxie leaves the HS and goes to see Nate at the PCPD and brings ribs.  He talks French to her wearing a BBQ bib LOL. Cute actually. 

Paddy is getting a nice romantic dinner ready for Sam. He asks where she was. She said she was at Liz' house.  He's like "nothing's changed". He totally smashed roses on the floor. Scared the hell out of me!

Jason arrives later...Patrick leaves. Jason apologized to Sam. "you've been nothing but kind to me".  He wants to know what's going on between she and Liz. Sam tells him Liz knew for months who he really was. 

Yesterday's wonderfulness 

WHY ISN'T CRIMSON ON MORE? because...it's not MOBULAR? Huh? HUH? ugh. 


  1. I really enjoyed Jason telling Sam off, although I would have liked it better had he done that with Carly. That said, I am ready to have the truth come out. Liz should have fessed up today.

    Robin needs to hurry home 'cuz Emma will be upset over Patrick and Sam's break-up.

    I laughed at Hayden's supposed Wall Street career as well. Nik never had her investigated? Come on.

    Was glad Maxie told Lulu that they're not in high school any more, although I would have loved to see some mean girl action toward Val - I can't stand her!!!

    Great to see Bobbie - and Johnny. All in all, I liked today's show.

  2. I made a Shiva call today to the family of my dear friend, Karen, who passed away Friday at midnight. We met at work in the 1980s, and found that we both were GH fanatics. We became very close friends, and spent at least half of our time together speaking about GH. We would end our communications with "See you in Port Charles.!" Karen Wubber, my friend Karen communicated with you several years back, when she found out that a lot of actors on another show (I forgot the name now, but it will come back to me), also had been on GH. She asked you if you knew of a connection, and I believe that you wrote back to her.

    Karen had been sick for years, but never complained--she always looked on the bright side of life, and loved her friends, family, music and GH.

    We have lost a member of our GH family, but, Karen, you never will be forgotten, I'll see you in Port Charles!

  3. Haunted Star: Hmmmm. There was loud music, but yet Lulu thought she heard noise and she did! Wow Cujo Lulu has great hearing!!! Man her hair is a mess! Cujo Lulu really wants to come out!! I can't believe that Maxie is the voice of reason!!! So basically,

    Lulu: I want Val dead! I want her dead! I want her dead! Oh it's just a figure of speech.

    Me: 00


    Lulu: I want Val gone!!!!!! I want her gone!!!!

    Johnny: You want me to kill her?

    Lulu: No it's just a figure of speech.

    Awwwww now he is calming the savage beast (Cujo Lulu)

    Police station: Really Dante?!!?! You are having your date at Kelly's?!!?!?! You are so stupid!!!!!

    Kelly's: BOBBIE!!!!!! Val was shocked that Bobbie slept with married men! ROFL! Yes Bobbie can't throw stones cus she was a bad bad bad girl back then! :)Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now Valante date! Oh yeah. Val is MOST definitely going to get hurt very badly! Well Val you were warned!

    Wyndemere: Oh I had a feeling she was having a dream!!! And there is her squeaky shoes!!!! Can she get different shoes please?! Her shoes are very distracting! Oh so GreenHaden worked on wall street!!! Very interesting! :) Although the writers are rewriting history! Before she did have no memory at all, but today she says she had memory when she woke up from her coma? COME ON!!! So basically,

    GreenHayden: My dream means I am skeeeered about wuving you.

    Nik: I feel the same way! What should we do about it?

    GreenHaden: Let's hug!!! Hugs can ALWAYS fix things!

    Laison home:

    Sam: The same kind of bitch


    I LOVED IT!!! So great! Love how he is defending Liz! :)Billy Miller is awesome! :)


    SamTrick home: Emma and Patrick scene awwwww! :) Sam and Patrick scene. I was waiting for him to throw that vase, and he DID! Well he actually pushed it

    Vase: I'm dying!!! Someone call 911!!! *girgle girgle*

    Flowers: The vase is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And the person who wins the line of the day, is you Karen!!! :)

    "I want that Bitch gone" Lulu says
    "So, you want me to kill her"?? replies Johnny ..YES! PLEASE says the audience!!!!
    Lulu says "No... It's a figure of speech"
    Damn it Lulu.


    1. I agree Billy is awesome! LOL@ the last part haha, thought for sure the writers had actually heard us THE FANS.....

  4. I know Karen, I was like, "Yes, finally the writers are listening to us!!" LOL! LOVED Nathan with his sexy French accent, more please :) I kinda enjoyed today. Think the Wallstreet thing is bull, but if that isn't then Beechers Corner is since that was part of the story that went along when she was scamming Jason.....

  5. AntJoan--I'm sorry for the loss of your dear friend. She sounds like she was a bright light in the world! I'm sure watching the show that you two shared will help you through this tough time. Take care...Carey

  6. AntJoan I'm sorry for your loss. :( *BEARHUGS*

  7. AntJoan, so sorry for your loss. The only friends I have to discuss GH with are here. None of my friends watch it.

  8. AntJoan, sadness for your loss. We ARE lucky to share here and thanks to our WubKaren for the forum and the opportunities. xoxoxoxoxoxo


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