Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Can't be Bothered"


Having British guests is enlightening and I've picked up a new phrase!! "Can't be bothered"!! I'm using it for everything now. 

Based on yesterday's show (and Monday's) I'm not going to watch GH.

:) You have at it though. 


  1. I think the show has been good, not great but enjoyable. So sorry you aren't enjoying it.

  2. I kind of agree, it hasn't been great but I am interested in some of the stories. Especially want to see if Valerie will cut her bangs lol. That look does nothing for her :) Not sure why Curtis didn't tell Hayden it was Nicholas's gun. but I guess they have to drag this one out too. :) And just who is this fine looking Curtis? Anyways love this blog, enjoy your guests happy new year :)

  3. I want to thank you for giving us a place to talk and communicate. And to throw ideas and thoughts at each ohter and discuss the show, even when you are not around. I tried to do that the other day for the wubbers.
    (didnt work out as planned)

    I have episodes on DVR and havent really watched. I DO applaud the writers for TRYING to speed things up and for trying to have some storylines move along with something changing daily. I just feel thah the execution is lacking and I am not really enthralled with the way things are panning out. I wish for different things to keep my interest. But they are moving things along, and I have to give kudos for that.

    for example, one day Jason is with Liz. the next with Sam. then back with liz. then back to sam. make up your mind! pick something and stick to it. the volleying back and forth is dizzying.

    Just not the direction that interests me, that's all.

  4. I have viewer fatigue when it comes to Jason. I need a break and it might do some good to just have him off canvas for awhile. I do applaud the writers' effort but it's gone on so long and I'd rather they rest it bit now. I'm actually really enjoying the B story lines the most right now. There is a lot I like on the show right now despite some of the flaws.

  5. I think that Curtis was just checking to see that Shaun's bullet was the one in the wall. That just proves that Shaun didn't shoot Hayden, but there is not evidence at the PCPD to prove who DID shoot her.

  6. Hello winners. David, I enjoyed your thoughts.
    Nik did not shoot Hayden, he has a hit man for that !
    Anyone else notice that Maxie has "grown up" she is running Crimson, teaching Nina, giving Patrick and lulu sound advice. Not so flakey anymore.
    Happy mac and spin are back.

  7. Bored with GH....glad some stories are being resolved but the most "exciting" part today was Robin and Jason. Sick of Dillon and Val. Wish they'd drop off the face of the earth. Sick of Sam and Jason being forced, yes I know they're married but good grief....I may take a break myself!!

  8. Can't be bothered hahaha! Oh Karen. :) Hmmm British guests? Or British in laws? :)

    Pier: BobTodd and ???: ?????????????? What did you buy BobTodd? Love the sister bond on the pier!:) Sam's pants look very difficult to tie up.

    Patrick's home: Oh I love my scrubs!!! They got engaged! YAY! They made love! YAY! Too bad they didn't show Robin's body. They had to hide it and cover it up.

    Carson home: Wow Carly is thinking about Morgan! I'm surprised she isn't obsessing and thinking about Jason! Oh there is Jason.

    Carly's thought bubble: JASON SQUEEEEEEE!

    *Carly grabs him and hugs him*

    Jason, Michael, and Morgan! They are going to bond over college football.. Awwww! :)

    Carly: I wuv you!

    Sonny: I wuv you too!

    And when Carly walked away to get more alcohol, I was thinking is Sonny's leg going to move? No but he can feel something! :) OH IT DID MOVE! :) YAY! The look on Sonny's face! Deer in the headlight look! Hahahahaha!

    The haunted star:

    Charmer #1 Johnny.

    Charmer #2 Curtis

    Nina and Curtis: Nina is attracted to hot Curtis! :) And he is attracted to Nina! Aaaaaaaaaand BobTodd is jealous hahaha. And of course Nina is nieve! :) Oh BobTodd got a necklace from that guy. Hmmmm. Is there going to be a storyline about this? Stolen necklace? Bootleg necklace?

    BobTodd and Curtis: Hot Curtis wins the line of the day!

    Curtis: And even if I didn't recognize your punk ass face.


    Johnny and Lulu: Oh a JoLu kiss!!! HOT! My turn!!!!! :) Uh Johnny, stop kissing her! It's my turn!!!!

    The floating rib:

    College football time!!!!! Love the who's in shirts! :)

    Sam and Jason: Want to play pool? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oops someone bumped into me. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Dante and Val:

    Val's bangs: Yo! Waz up? Val can't see you. I'm in her way. Go away punk!

    Dillon and Val:

    Val's bangs: YO! She can't see you Dillon, but that's okay you can still stay.

    OH Dillon and Val kiss! YAY! Even though she couldn't see his lips. Too bad she isn't ready for a relationship yet.

    Morgan and Kendall Jenner: Morgan is blowing you off for mob thug life, so step off!

    Pier: Oh Morgan! You are such an idiot! You look like one too! Just go home and take your meds!

  9. "mysticcmegg said...I am interested in some of the stories. Especially want to see if Valerie will cut her bangs lol. That look does nothing for her :)"

    ROFL! No that look does nothing for her I agree, but if she cuts them, I can't make fun of her bangs anymore! :( ROFL! When she had her hair in a ponytail with those bangs, I didn't recognize her at first.

  10. What were those pants Sam was wearing? I enjoyed the show otherwise and all the midnight kisses. :)

  11. I thought it was bovered not bothered, but it could be the accent. Happy New Year to you!

  12. Did anyone else notice that there was 2-3 seconds in between the counting down to New Year's? ha!

  13. "Dustin said...Did anyone else notice that there was 2-3 seconds in between the counting down to New Year's? ha!"

    Yes I noticed!! Hahaha! It was distracting!!! 5.............4........3........2......1..! ROFL! Maybe they will reshow it again. :)

  14. I really liked this episode. Wubs you should watch it when your guests leave. Your boyfriend Curtis is all flirty, NiCo are super sexy, Jolu are fun... just a good episode.

  15. i just watched it. it was a 60 minute shameless promotion for college football on ABC


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