Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Bridge: DAY 2

I saw yesterday's show in about 15 min. 
I'm already sick of the Nikolas fell LOL. I mean I really am.

Spinelli was on point as....Spinelli. 

Liked Mac on. Can he be a real character? In PI biz with Anna/Sam? Get a HOUSE? Please?? 

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Danny's Ornament to Patrick


Pretty dull. 

Morgan/Kiki...whatever. "Hating my mom wasn't getting me anywhere"... Morgan's being a brat.

Dillon/Paul: Talking about Tracy

Dante/Sonny: Talking about Lulu.  Then Dante questions Nikolas about the Jason thing and his fall. 

Johnny/Lulu: Getting ready for New Year's...

Maxie/Pat: Waiting for Robin


Jason: "I don't know you, sorry"... 

Robin: You are the best thing since sliced bread my wonderful St. Jaysus. You saved me!!  

She tells him about her HIV and pills. He says he talks about "Jason" differently from everyone else. Billy seemed interested in these scenes.  HE says he was an idiot to leave her for the "Life" and Sonny. She said he was being true to himself. 

BTW, Robin and Jason broke up because she told AJ about Michael. It was kinda a big deal.

When Robin leaves, Jason sees a flashback of Robin when she was about 22. 

Jordan talks to Val.  Jordan is going out on NYE with Curtis (I think it's him). I hope he's nude.  Some people think he's her brother because he said TJ was his nephew-- but I thought it was her dead hubby's brother? Like her brother in law? Hmmmmmmmmmm.
He was ON today!!  Still can't figure out who he is. They are acting like they went to Police Academy together. 

Morgan over hears Sonny talking about taking down Gun-Runner "Raj" while Sonny is in the GH HALLWAY.
Because you know, that's where you talk about stuff like that. 

REPEAT SHOW Dec 31st on Thurs...no show on Friday the 1st 


  1. The bridge: Oh I love it!!!! Great Robin and Jason scene! Love walking in memory lane! Jason seems very interested in THAT past! :) He wants to hear more! YAY! Love that she talked about Stone. Oh Jason has a flashback of Robin! He is remembering! YAY! :)

    Police station:

    Jordan and Val: Oh look! They both have ponytails and both of them are swaying around and all bouncy. I hate Val's bangs.

    Jordan's ponytail: Hi Val's ponytail!

    Val's ponytail: HI!

    Jordan's ponytail: Do you want to hang out tonight BFF?!

    Val's ponytail: Yeah!!!!

    Jordan's ponytail: My hair is all bouncy and beautiful!

    Val's ponytail: I am a rebel! See my bangs?

    Val's bangs: YO!

    Jordan's ponytail: I love it! What is Jordan talking about?

    Val's ponytail: Oh she has a date.

    Jordan's ponytail: Ohhhhhhhh okay.

    Jordan and Curtis: Hmmmmmmmmm. I still want to know who they are to each other! And her ponytail is still so bouncy when she moves.

    Jordan's ponytail: Damn! Curtis is so foine!!!

    Val and Dante: Oh oh she is ending them.

    Val's ponytail: Oh no!!! I love them together! Don't end!!! *crying* Her fake cat Gunar is going to be so upset.

    Val's bangs: Val can't see Dante. I am blocking her eyes.

    Patrick's home: Oh Maxie has a cute shirt. And she is giving great advice!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Paul and Dillon: Yikes! Dillon called him Paul! You are gonna need a spanking Dillon! I volunteer! :)

    Maxie and Paul: Wow Paul. Blaming Maxie for not helping you control yourself with your dad? Is she your keeper!?

    Kiwi and Morgan: So basically,

    Morgan: Oh hi Kiki. I am not ordering anything.. Not hungry. I just thought on your break we could hang out.

    Kiwi's plate of drinks: Morgan you are an idiot.

    Kiwi: No I don't think so.

    Kiwi's plate of drinks: Morgan you are an idiot.

    The hospital:

    Nik's room: Oh no! Not more chatting between GreenHayden and Nik! BAH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sonny and Dante: So basically,

    Dante: Whine whine whine whine.

    Sonny: Fight for your marriage!

    Dante: Whine whine whine whine.

    Max and Sonny: HI MAX! You and Diane still together? Sonny is talking about RAJ from the big bang theory again!

    The haunted Star: Johnny is being charming again!!! *giggle* :)

  2. Best line (and idea) Karen:
    Jordan is going out on NYE with Curtis (I think it's him). ***I hope he's nude.***

    Hope today was better than yesterday (fell asleep).

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  4. I loved the Jason/Robin scenes and I think that Robin has shown more class with Jason regarding his past than Carly, Liz, Sam, Sonny, or just about anybody else (except Monica). I also think BM seemed more invested in these scenes and yes, it was a nice walk down memory lane. Regarding Jason's question as to why he and Robin didn't work, I think that Robin steered clear of dredging up the Carly/Michael/AJ paternity drama/stuff as to not bog down Jason with more negative memories and that is why she simply told him that she wasn't interested in his lifestyle.

  5. I think it would be a hoot if Robin and Jason got back together. But of course they won't, because Robin isn't sticking around, and only came back to take Patrick out of the story. But wouldn't it be fun if Jason left with them? (Billy Miller related better to Kim M. than he has to anyone else on the show, except maybe Leslie Charlson. And aren't Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco going together in real life? It's a funny world when the real life romances don't show on screen!)

  6. So, basically, what you are saying Karen is that Brad and Lucas were not on today?

  7. It seemed to me that Jordan is NOT going out with Curtis on NYE, she has a date with some man she met while training somewhere, or something.

  8. I wish they'd have Mac on as a real character too, kd, working as a PI with Sam or better still, with Anna.

    "Jason" was really engaged in that conversation with Robin. I enjoyed it. I also chuckled when she said, "How could she do that to you?" when discussing Liz. Not how could she do that to me or us like the rest of his so called friends.

    And if Curtis has evidence that Shawn didn't shoot Hayden why wouldn't he see that Shawn's lawyer gets it? He's supposed to be his friend. I want to see him give it to someone else, or tell Shawn it wasn't his bullet and have him get his lawyer to test the bullet that came from Jordan's head. Have Shawn come back for a new start OUT OF the mob. They need to stop connecting every family to the mob.

  9. OMG.. Brad and Lucas. AHAHAAAaaaaaaa no.

    And yes, the whole Bullet/Curtis thing is stupid but I LOVE him so.. :) And I think he may turn out to be like a 'rogue' justice man that didn't make it thru po po academy because he couldn't deal with authority.

    I have an entire backstory for him LOL!!
    Naked of course

  10. "Karen says And yes, the whole Bullet/Curtis thing is stupid but I LOVE him so.. :) And I think he may turn out to be like a 'rogue' justice man that didn't make it thru po po academy because he couldn't deal with authority.

    I have an entire backstory for him LOL!!
    Naked of course"

    Hahahahaha oh Karen!!! :) I would love to hear his naked backstory. :)

  11. Didn't Jordan say that Curtis was kicked off the force for questionable behavior, or something? I'm assuming they were cops together at one time before she went undercover.

    I'm actually hoping it was just a ploy because Curtis was going undercover and I hope he still is. I'd love to see him on the PCPD.

  12. Sonya said "Hahahahaha oh Karen!!! :) I would love to hear his naked backstory. :) "

    I would love to SEE his backstory......and his frontstory :-)

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