Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Prince Charming Vs Christian Grey

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Gala Galore..it's a snore.

In Greece, Patrick awakens Robin with a kiss.
I AM NOT KIDDING. She's in a tomb, similar to the Q crypt and is laying just like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and he kisses her and..AAHAHHA

Jerry gets sent away with the police. 
The family is united. 

Then, over in PC, Ava and Paul are all porno and he's gonna tie her up ala 50 Shades. Get the kids outta the room!

Sabrina admits to Michael the baby isn't his. He guesses it's Carlos'  He's mad. He leaves her in the room. 

Jason/Sam talk. Liz wanders around to try to find him. Carly stops her from going anywhere.

Um, Oh, Jules gives Alexis a ring that looks like Sam's old engagement ring, I think he bought it from Patrick for 1/2 price. 

India singing was nice, great voice. 

Liz goes out on the roof. She gonna jump? What?  Ok this has to happen: 

Jason and Nik start fighting and......well, NIKOLAS gets knocked off the balcony. He lands down on the roof where Liz is sitting and crying. LOL 


  1. My favorite thing today: Robin, who has been held captive FOREVER, and her toes are perfectly pedicured.
    I am so sick of Sam. "Oh, I love Patrick, but not like I love you." If she hadn't been so snarky, I might have some sympathy for her.
    And Jason has some 'splainin' to do, Ricky. Hayden will totally lie for Nic.
    But those toes with that pretty red polish were the high point for me.
    : )

  2. "ishouldreadmore said...
    My favorite thing today: Robin, who has been held captive FOREVER, and her toes are perfectly pedicured."

    That one guard probably painted them.

  3. Hmm, he did do everything she asked of him. Pedicures were probably the first part of his conditioning. Good call.

  4. Cassadine Island: Are they at Cassadine Island I have no idea :)

    Robin's lab: Jerry wins the line of the day!

    Jerry: I'd rather go back to Rome. There's this charming restaurant. It's beautiful. Maybe we can go there one of these days.


    Creepy room: Oh look! It's the Q crypt :) It looks like it anyway.

    Patrick: Robin I love you!

    Patrick's hair: I can't believe you are dead!!! Patrick and I are too late!!!!!! *cries*

    *Robin wakes up*

    Patrick's hair: ROBIN! YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a beautiful scene between Patrick and Robin! I am going to miss Patrick when he leaves.. Alone with Robin and Emma. If Emma goes with them. I won't miss the actor, cus he will be going on Y&R! :) Maybe Emma can come back to GH someday! When she gets older. Maybe when she is 18 in a couple of years. :) Anna, Robert, and Robin scene awwww! :)

    Metrocourt lobby: So basically,

    Carly: Jason is not yours!!!! Take that ring off!!!!! You will never have him!

    Oh shut up Carly!

    Liz: You are clinging to a memory.

    Liz is right Carly!

    BobTodd and Nina: I love how Nina goes from work mode to sweet child like mode with BobTodd really fast. :) So when are they going make wuv? :)

    Nutcracker gala: I love GreenHayden's dress!!! Even though it's the same color as the floor. I don't care. :) Julian and Alexis are adorable! :) India Arie was awesome! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant: More Sam and Jason outside scene. Blah blah we aren't called friends. Blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh and there is Nik! Nik why are you starting a fight with Jason!?!?! Oh they are dancing! Oh Nik fell off the railing! ROFL!

    Ava's hotel room: Woah! Pava are kinky! :) At first I thought he was tricking her when he tied her up!!! Glad he didn't! HOT HOT HOT! Oh the look on Tracy's face!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect! She was in such shock!!

    Tracy's face.


    Presents room: Oh Sabrina was honest with Michael!!! Finally!!! Poor Michael. :( Sabrina almost slipped that Caaaaaaaaaaarlos is alive! OOPS!

    The roof: Awwww Liz :(

  5. sonya said...Oh shut up Carly!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who was saying that to their television set. lol

    And he threw my poor Nicholas off the balcony!! Liz will rescue him!

  6. I enjoyed today, I did however ff thru the porn. Carly is NO better than Liz and I'm sick of her shooting her dahmn mouth off. Jason gave up his jacket to Sam WHO HAD A JACKET already. LOL!!! Yes I felt bad for Liz. Did Nik go up there looking for a fight, I was just home from work and shoving food in my face after a 10 hr day and not paying full attention. LOL!! LMAO to the comment about the guy painting her tootsies. I loved the SCRUBS reunion, HOWEVER....if that were my daughter and I thought she were dead and/or being held captive unknowingly I'd have a much bigger better reaction, they just acted like she had been away on a visit. I can't wait til Emma sees her mama!! :) I know Brooklyn is gonna bring it! :) I felt so bad for Michael and really hoped that he'd stay with Sabrina and forgive her, it was a one time thing and they weren't all that exclusive then and it's not like she's like Carly or anything. Oh well....still stupid that they made Carlos the baby daddy, but whateves..

  7. This bonus scene with Robert and Anna is great, even in only 30 seconds.

    We need this kind of stuff more often - get Tristan back full time!

  8. "Di said...I'm glad I'm not the only one who was saying that to their television set. lol"


    "And he threw my poor Nicholas off the balcony!! Liz will rescue him!"

    Yes she will be supergirl!!! :) Maybe she will be redeemed. :)

  9. I hope this brings Liz and Nick back together... I like them as a couple. I want them to be a couple and Liz turn all evil and schemey.



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