Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Recast Mayor

  Shari Belafonte to GH! She's the recast mayor. I love her. She's married to GH's "Jake" (Bobbie's Jake)  in real life! 


You know Dillon's photos are probably SO vanilla. He's such a white-bread boy. Maxie says their regular photog quit, so would he like the job?  Franco warns Nina again about Julian's intentions about the mag. 

Carly goes and does "errands" . Liz is at GH all mopey. Some new doctor chick talks to her (she took Patrick's 'case' she said)
Carly shows up at the hospital. She goes in on Liz 'Patrick was your friend and you screwed him over" Carly is saying it was horrible to keep a man from his children. (really, really YOU said that?? Okay then..)  They fight some more. It was kinda underwhelming.
Carly and Liz go into Franco's art therapy room. Carly storms out. Franco was sleeping on the couch-- he heard it all. Liz throws stuff, he says calm down. 

Dante goes to talk to Pops. Laura is talking to Lulu.  

See the synergy? See it?  Laura knows Lulu has something planned. Dante asks Sonny about the arms dealer (thank god not the 'legs' dealer....ahhaha..get it?) 

Julian and Olivia are eating at Floating Rib.  Olivia runs in with matching ugly Christmas sweaters for Leo and Jules. AHAHA. She makes Alexis scootch over and asks her if she wants a sweater too! Julian gets all flustered and gets up and leaves. Alexis is like: Where you going!!? 
They figure out they both have babies from Julian and Sonny. Heh. 

Val and Johnny. Zzzzzzz. Just get to it already.  He puts some wires under her hood. Bomb? GPS? What?  It was a GPS.


  1. You know I do not like what Liz did and I think she should pay for lying and keeping the secret about Jason, but geesh where does Carly come off all holier than thou. Here is someone who kept Jason from the Quartermaines, had AJ strung up on a meat hook poured alcohol on him just a much nastier bitch than Liz but yet she thinks she has the right to tell her off. i haven't watched todays yet, but i am sure i will be yelling at the tv lol. I'm still not shedding tears for Liz, because she brought all this on herself. On another blog i read that jason is not going to be like the old version hope so, he needs to be not so "Stonecold" lol

  2. I like Shari Belafonte too. Great recast.

    I hated the Carly/Liz scene. Carly was all screechy and holier than though.

    And mysticcmegg, don't forget when she sent Morgan away to military school and wouldn't tell Sonny where he was. She's such a hypocrite.

    Olivia must think they're in a polygamous marriage...lol Who interupts someone's dinner like that to show them her shopping? I used to like the character but she's becoming very unlikeable. Alexis is going to have to have a serious talk with Julian about boundaries too.

    I can't wait to see how Johnny destroys Val's career. lol A perfect revenge.

  3. Today=boring....Carly is such a hypocrite. Wish Dillon would go back to CA. I agree Di, Olivia is getting on my nerves. Maybe tomorrow will be better....

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  5. What?!!?!?! They are going to recast the mayor and Shari Belafonte is going to play it?!!?! AWESOME! Love her!!! :) When?!!?! :)

    Carson home: So basically,

    Carly: Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason. Jason Jason Jason. Oh hi Dante!

    Dante: Sorry to interrupt.

    Carly: No. I have to run a few errands.

    Translation: I have to see Jason!

    The hospital:

    Liz and new lady: Hmmm who is this nice lady?!

    Liz and Carly: Gee Carly! No hair pulling? No screaming at her?! Come on Carly you are slipping!

    Art room: When Liz was throwing stuff, and BobTodd sat up from the couch, he startled me!!! He is on Liz's side hahahaha! And it looks like she wants to throw up! ROFL1

    The road: Johnny and Val scene! He is so charming to her! I enjoyed the scene! I think I will call them Vohnny! :)

    Karen says He puts some wires under her hood. Bomb? GPS? What? It was a GPS.

    Is it a GPS? I thought he took something out for the car not to start.

    The floating rib: Love the Julian and Alexis scene, but I LOVED it even more when Olivia showed up!!! Olivia is so funny! Alexis looks jealous. :) Olivia wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: I'm sorry did you want me to get you one too?!

    ROFL! And uh Alexis, Olivia doesn't believe in the word boundaries!! I mean for crying out loud, she walked in on Dante trying to put sperm in a cup, in a hospital room! ROFL!

    Crimson: Yes Nina! Fight!!! Fight for Crimson! :) Hey Dillon, now that Nina hired you, you can't go to L.A.! HA! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Olivia and Lulu: Lulu is so robotic! Hahahaha.

    Laura and Lulu: Lulu is so robotic, but Laura sees right through her! :)

  6. "Di said... Olivia must think they're in a polygamous marriage...lol"

    ROFL! Yeah she must! :)

  7. When Franco popped up from the couch after Elizabeth threw something it was like Rhett Butler popping up from the couch after Scarlett O'Hara threw a figurine in the Twelve Oaks library in GWTW. I wonder if that was a nod to the movie. I wouldn't want to see Liz with Franco though! I read in SOD that Becky Herbst said the person who sticks up for Liz is someone she always wanted to work with. I thought maybe Finola or Jane Elliot but I see it's Roger Howarth. Will the scene continue or just be dropped like the Brad/Rosalie story David reminds us of ;-)? For me the lack of follow-through is one of the main areas for improvement. I actually like Nina in this Crimson story.

  8. I like that Becky and Roger get to work together, but I am hoping the writers don't ruin it. I like her with Jason and him with Nina. She's totally grown on me since being paired with Franco and even better with Crimson.

  9. I did think totally of Gone With the Wind today, Panda!!

    I didn't feel too thrilled that Liz wouldn't clean up the mess she made and wanted someone else to clean up after her --- wait a minute! Symbolism?

  10. "Panda says ! I read in SOD that Becky Herbst said the person who sticks up for Liz is someone she always wanted to work with. I thought maybe Finola or Jane Elliot but I see it's Roger Howarth."

    Oh really? Well she picked the right guy to work with. I enjoyed their scene. :)I hope there is more. :)

  11. I liked the Liz/Franco scene - someone had a creative thought there. Nina is much more likable now. At least Carly the hypocrite didn't rant on as much as she usually does. Johnny is so charming!!!

  12. Really enjoyed yesterday's episode. The Crimson story line is so refreshing and fun. I felt so bad for Nina after she realized that Julian had no interest in saving Crimson but I feel like she's going to try to turn things her way. I'm really rooting for the Crimson team. Love all the little nods to the soap business.

    Also really like the Franco and Liz scenes. Those were really good. Both very different style of characters but they worked great together. Roger and Becky seemed really comfortable and played off each other well. Hope they become BFFs.

  13. I once read that NLG removed a picture of Shari Belafonte off of a restaurant wall and threw it into a lake from jealousy of her stealing Sam Behrens away from NLG. This casting should make for some good real life soapiness on the set!



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