Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Chit Chat

CATV 3 20151204 1330(35)
ALL THAT CHITTER-CHAT!! Makes me As Mad as a BAT! 
As I sit here ready to write my mind is about blank when it comes to last week's show. Certainly didn't have many "highlights" other than Mac showing up. It was more of the same. Supposedly we get some movement next week on the Jason front but whatever. I so don't care anymore. 

The week was also interrupted by more horrible news on the home front which makes the soap world seem small.  So very small.  I guess I do look at it as entertainment that is much needed during this time. 

My son made banana muffins last night (his first try at baking) so I'm having one.  Let's not think about anything but our shallow stories,  shall we? (Just for a moment or two!!)

We got a lot of little talks this week. You know "Stay away from.... (fill in the blank)"

CATV 3 20151130 1358(3)

Carly and Liz have a "chat"

CATV 3 20151130 1358(26)

Patrick and Jake have a "chat"

CATV 3 20151130 1356(14)

Sonny and Paul have a "chat"..

CATV 3 20151130 1346(18)

Lulu has a "Chat" with Dante and Valerie. 
Val gets "chatty" right back. 

CATV 3 20151203 1332(27)

Later in the week, Lulu  had a chitty chat with Maxie who was busy chatting on the phone and didn't notice Lulu left to go have another chat with.... Val and Dante at the PCPD.  What are Val and Dante up to? Why chatting about..going on a date!!!!!

So, Lulu gets so mad she's going to tell Jordan about the fact that Val and Dante slept together. Only--nah, that did not happen. Maxie talked her out of it. So, no movement there. None. 

CATV 3 20151203 1340(10)

Anna and Maddox were on the docks...chatting. About her therapy. The therapy he basically wants to blackmail her going back to. I know they are trying with this but. Snoozah Carlos is alive now. It's only a matter of time before that gets outed.  Are we supposed to like the Doc? Is he really a baddie? whatever.

CATV 3 20151201 1345(1)

Chat: Hey, didn't I use to sleep with you? Like..a LOT? Even when you knew what I did to Michael? Well, then STHU. Thanks. 

CATV 3 20151204 1326(41)

Liz is SICK TO DEATH of Laura chatting, that's for damn sure.

CATV 3 20151201 1348(33)

Liz, after a number of chats , tries to give Jake back his ring. Jake doesn't want it however, and they remain solid. He even writes her a cutsie note telling her how much their future means to him. Awww.  Liz is so happy...for now.

CATV 3 20151201 1346(38)

Other than Mac, my fave thing this week was Nina's make over and Julian's face when he saw her! It was priceless. They chatted about the budget.  I am happy she's putting her own money into the magazine. Maybe she'll just buy it from him.  

CATV 3 20151203 1300(17)

Monica and Tracy chat about the Nutcracker Gala for the Hospital. We know it's going to be for Toys For Tots. Monica goes to Ava and tells her to donate paintings "Or Else". How Monica got to go out on the town is beyond me!!  She got to be all chatty this week with 2 people!

CATV 3 20151203 1309(10)

Paul and Ava didn't chat, they just almost did it on top of the gun shipment that Ava is keeping for him at her art gallery.  Get plot there, guys. Smuggling guns. Great idea.

CATV 3 20151203 1313(39)

Carlos, who can't walk around town like a normal person, is suddenly in Sabrina's ultrasound appointment to chat with her about the bambino. Later, Michael comes in and they see the baby for themselves. Unfortunately for Sabrina, later when she had a chat with Felix (in the HALLWAY), Carlos overhead it was indeed, his baby.  

CATV 3 20151203 1358

Ergo,  these two chat on the docks (where else??!) and Carlos is all: YOU are coming with me!! NO! NO! I am not! I must not GO with you@@!!! 

CATV 3 20151204 1346(6)

Paul chatted with  Carlos and told him to stay far away from Sabby. Not because he cares about her, nope. He's out for himself.  I think Carlos had a lot of chats this week. 

CATV 3 20151204 1349(10)

I missed this chat because of the news interruptions. Wah. I wanted to see Diane. 

CATV 3 20151204 1347(37)

Hayden had a 'secret alley-way chat" with Curtis. How can you tell it's secret? She has on a trench and a hat. LOL. I mean COME ON. It's like she's auditioning for Columbo.  Anyway, he's going to find the shooter. I personally didn't see this, again--news interruption.  I was puzzled as to who Curtis even was! Someone on Twitter told me it's a friend of Shawn's.
Turns out that Jordan knows Chad too! She sees him through the window of Kelly's and is like "CURTIS"? and leaves. So, there's that! 

IDEA: Hey, writers. Somehow make Jordan a Ward. (remember them?) Then, she and TJ could get some ELQ stock and you know, be woven into a family.  And, oh, if you're going to have the ELQ story continue? ACTUALLY SHOW SOME ELQ STUFF.

CATV 3 20151204 1305(10)

On Friday, Alexis has a chat with Sam about the whole Jason thing. She asks her a series of questions about why she's doing all of this. Why not get a divorce and marry Patrick? Why? WHY? Well, Later On...

CATV 3 20151204 1358(38)

Guess who wants to have a CHAT now? 

Please note the black and white blouses the girls have on. I mean..please. Literal much?


CATV 3 20151204 1308(11)

I knew he was coming, but it's still out of the blue. I guess because Robert and Robin are going to make an appearance this month?  He was suddenly in the hall, helping Anna because he's been 'tailing' her. Welp. I'll take whatever I can get. Welcome back Mac Daddy! 

CATV 3 20151130 1340(38)

SCENE OF THE WEEK; If you didn't find Sonny singing to this adorable gumdrop wonderful, then you sir are just a walking corpse. 

CATV 3 20151201 1327(36)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  The make-up kit used to transform Nina. It was magical.

CATV 3 20151201 1328(49)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Nina seeing herself all made-over. It was so joyful. 

This week was interrupted a lot for the horrific news in CA. That was enough to put a damper on everything,  :( 
There wasn't a lot of movement. Sam "figured things out" and is going to confront Liz next week. The Gala is coming. So are Johnny, Robert and Robin.  Jason Thompson is leaving to go to YR. (no shock there) We also have rumors rampant about GH being cancelled. ( To the point of the head of ABC daytime trying to squash them on Facebook.)
And the Soap Wheel Turns. 

I missed Soap Net this week. 

Side Note: a patient of mine in the early 90s was an 85 year old lady that had suffered a stroke. I saw her everyday in rehab. She'd yell at me: WHY!! HELLO! IT'S MY CHIT-CHAT GIRL!! LOL So, as a speech pathologist, I know my chit-chat. Yes, I do. 


  1. Excellent SS, as always! The big reveal is so anti-climactic. I watched all of Thursday's on demand and it was great to see Diane and Mac. Like you said Karen, lots if chit chat but no real action.

  2. Thanks for another great Sunday morning read. You're right on as usual. I saw Mac and Diane on demand too at my local affiliate. It was great to see them back. I don't understand why they bring in all these new male actors but they can't bring back Mac. John is a good actor and the character is a great one. He and Robert together were hilarious.

  3. Speaking of Soap Net, I miss Soapnet, wish they wouldn't have canceled it. Made it so much easier to watch when the Prez or tragedies like this unfortunately interrupt our soaps.

  4. Mac's hair is suddenly very...dark...but I'm so glad to see him anyway! He's been gone so long that the Guide on my TV thinks he's "Marc" (as in "Anna and Marc..." describing one of next week's shows) LOL! John York has such a natural rapport with his scene partners. No gimmicky or hammy acting from him.

  5. I stopped watching GH during the whole Fluke/Nuke/Luke debacle. Your blog keeps me updated as to anything that MAY entice me to fast forward through an episode. Thus's only happened a couple of times.:P

  6. I'm actually been enjoying the day to day on GH again since sweeps. There aren't any bombastic moments that have me screaming at my screen but there's definitely a lot of character development and the flow of the show seems greatly improved.

    In terms of the cancellation rumors, I take the reassurances with a grain of salt. While I hope its not true and would be heartbroken, we've been down this road with ABC before. I guess only time can tell but fool me once...

  7. Happy Hanukkah to all my fellow celebrators!!

  8. "Please note the black and white blouses the girls have on. I mean..please. Literal much?"

    Hahahahaha. Oh wow! It didn't even connect with me about the literal meaning! That is so funny! :)

    "This week was interrupted a lot for the horrific news in CA. That was enough to put a damper on everything, :("

    I know. :(

  9. Thank you AntJoan - Happy Hanukkah to you and all!


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