Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Surgery: The Crying Game

CATV 3 20151208 1321(9)
Best Way to watch the show this week? You bet. 
Geesh, more tears flowed on GH this week than in they have in years. Everyone was cryin'. Little,, women, you name it.  I had a very up-down week myself. Some days I thought were ok, others were just boring.  And yes, even ol' cynical Wubs teared up a time or two.

Another long blog.  Epic Long. There were quite a few things happening this week and people moved all over the place. Trying to timeline this was a bitch lol. I'm having a protein shake. I need it to keep up.  I can't believe I don't get paid for this. It only took me 2 days and hours to write! Ah, for the love of our soap. 

This week's blog is dedicated to the numerous tissues that had to be available around the set this week. All that crying. All those tears. 

I really wish there was more on the Gala and on Crimson. You know, things that are fun on the show but-- welp.  Jason and all that drama. Why have any joy?  It was a really strange week I thought. An awful lot about Val/Dante/Lulu. Like A LOT. The Liz-Lie reveal was peppered in here and there, along with a weird Anna-caper (involving Mac) and Morgan's never ending bipolar story.  Hayden met with a hottie but that entire story is feeling a bit stale as well. Just get it over with already. 

CATV 3 20151209 1358(47)

What?  This is the expression you will see EVERY day no matter what seemed to be goin' on. (I was not impressed).

CATV 3 20151207 1311(26)

Believe it or not, this all started on MONDAY. Yep. MONDAY. Seems like I don't know-- years ago. Sam came in, told Liz she knew all about the fact that she knew about Jason before Jason knew about Jason. Yada yada...bunch of stuff, rehash. Liz didn't cop to the fact that she knew anything and then Jason got home and welp. She didn't tell him either.
At first.

Nope, we had to go sit through I don't know how many scenes of Jason talking to Sam and Liz, then to Sam, then back to Liz. 

CATV 3 20151207 1342(1)

But first? He had to be yelled at by Carly for ages.  "Don't go back to Liz... don't this..don't do that..." He finally told her to buzz off. 

CATV 3 20151209 1323(19)

He also told Sam to buzz off and threw her out of Liz' house. Then, he has a change of heart and goes to Patrick's to talk to her again. She explains the whole story that Liz knew. He didn't want to believe it..but he GOES BACK to Liz's to talk to her again. *sigh*

CATV 3 20151210 1358(41)

Liz finally says she lied. She's lied since May and the Nurses' Ball. Jason reels at the information. They have words, he leaves ...

CATV 3 20151210 1338(52)

And, you know, Jason was SO upset.  Can you tell?

CATV 3 20151211 1329(5)

Jason found his way back to Sonny--(violins play) at the gym. They "hit the bag",  talk about  lying women and take a swig of whiskey. I mean.. I was half expecting them to go get matching tattoos next! Sonny told Jason that some women lie--Carly did it all the time. Liz however "did it for selfish reasons" (like Carly ever did it for NON-selfish reasons?) and he shouldn't take her back. Jason leaves and shows up again at Liz. Sam is calling him on the phone. Does he go in? Does he not? What? WHAT!!!?? That boy was back and forth to Liz' house this week more than her kids were.

CATV 3 20151207 1338(47)

On the OTHER end of the spectrum, Patrick was busy talking to Epiphany about wooing Sam and reaffirming their love. 
How did that go you ask? 

CATV 3 20151208 1319(2)

First he got Emma out of the house by telling her he was setting the date with Sam. She was all cute and exited. Off she went with her little Frozen backpack and sleeping bag. 

CATV 3 20151210 1356(10)

Sam came in-- told Patrick where she had been and the whole Lie. He was like "You love Jason". She was all "no I don't"..but she realized she does. He smashes some roses they eventually call it off. 

CATV 3 20151210 1329(53)


CATV 3 20151210 1337(7)

Oh then the damn broke. She came back early to find out the wedding date not knowing that Pat and Sam had had it out and Sam was leaving. Little Emma had a melt down. Poor baby! She had Robin leave, then Sabrina now Sam. She was superb in these scenes. It was heartbreaking.  All she wants to do is call Mommy. 

CATV 3 20151210 1338(7)

BUT! Guess who has Mommy? Why it's JERRY JACKS!! Look at this! He's all mad because Robin has failed with her experiments. She pleads to talk to little Emma. She finally does and...She tells Emma she CAN'T COME HOME!! Even tho Emma is screaming and yelling that she needs her Mommy. 
It was painful. And if Robin knew she'd be killed she just should have shouted the truth really fast and told them the danger that lurks. But nope.  
I am busy praying to the soap gods that they get this adventure of finding Robin right. It's a tricky thing to write, imo. Here's hoping. 

CATV 3 20151211 1334(32)

Sam goes to her Mom's and Jules' new house. I'm happy with this. I love "Central Housing" like they had on AMC and OLTL.  It provides a great catch-all for characters. Sam had a good talk with Alexis. Julian acted all Daddy-like and huffed and puffed about Jason being in the mob. (um, ok). Sam is like 40, right? so... oh well. I guess you always need your parental input. 

CATV 3 20151207 1350(8)

Loved seeing Mac Daddy but this was the biggest waste of time all week. So not exciting and so so dreary. YAWN. Whatever.  Anna went to Sloane's ...called Paul. Paul went in talked to a very interesting landlord and took the phone.  Anna wore gloves so I'm assuming no prints? Who knows. Don't care. 

CATV 3 20151208 1300(30)

This was..well... Lulu just gabbed again and again about she and Dante's status. All of a sudden she's at the HS 24-7. "working" Like the boat ever has customers. :giggle: 

CATV 3 20151208 1308(22)

And Dante talked and talked too! Nathan was telling him to cool it with Valerie. Not only because of the whole "it's pretty early" stuff either. No, WORK forbids it! But, Dante knows best and is like, "um, thanks but no thanks, pal". 

CATV 3 20151208 1310(9)

Valerie gets advice from Auntie Bobbie (which if you know her history is pretty funny). Great to see Bobbie. I kept thinking that they both lived at Carly's still-- and Carly is at Sonny's. So, you see, I was busy thinking about that instead of the Vante situation.  They DO both live at Carly's still right? 

CATV 3 20151210 1306(19)

Valerie and Dnnte met for dinner..and then went to the loft. Olivia dropped off Rocco, who developed a fever. Dante went out to get some aspirin and Olivia comes back to find Valerie holding the toddler. Whoops. She unleashes her Mama Italian Wrath of "Family-First". 

CATV 3 20151210 1306(24)

Dante appeared a bit confused. 

CATV 3 20151208 1356(20)

Then..oh then.. a good thing happened! Johnny Z stepped out of the shadows and into the mix. Never mind he's a fugitive. Welp. That doesn't matter. He is cute and flirts. She laments about Valerie and he says he'll "take care of her" if she wants. Like kill her. Instead of fulfilling my wish, Lulu's all like " make her miserable".  Dillon eventually finds Johnny hiding behind the bar. Dilly decided to not tell anyone he saw JZ because Lulu told him not to.  The one thing I'm intrigued about is how Johnny is going bamboozle ol' Val. That's about it.

CATV 3 20151209 1301(40)

Michael figures out something is up with Sabby's pregnancy. Mainly she's too "big" and something could be wrong. Felix heads him off at the pass. Sabrina is busy talking to Patrick at The Floating Rib and these two walk in. (Like they always go out to dinner!)  Felix warns Sabrina. She says she just wants a "Normal night with no drama" with Michael.  I guess the boom will lower sooner rather than later. Probably in time for TC to give birth in real life.  Why she just couldn't be pregnant with Michael's baby is beyond me. We need a Q.  Carlos will be off the show unless they give him a brain tumor so...??

CATV 3 20151211 1300(19)

UM...HELLO!!! HELL to the ELL OO!! Curtis! You were looking so wonderful in your Hayden scene!!  Hayden got him to find the bullet. They had a cute exchange. Nikolas walked in and seethed to see them together. Poor Nikolas, one lie came out with the Jason thing --is another about to be exposed?  *I'm only hoping Curtis will be 'exposed' .giggle

CATV 3 20151211 1300(29)

Breakfast with your Bratty Son. What a way to start the day! Morgan was irritable and rude and well--MORGAN.  Carly was a mother hen but hell, he'd just been in the psyche ward! In the middle of it all, Ava came in to talk to Kiki. 

CATV 3 20151211 1326(12)

Pleading for her forgiveness. Sure Ava is a wench and slept with her daughter's boyfriend. But boy, Maura can sell her as a desperate hurting mother. She did such a great job in this scene. She's amazing. Now, personally? Kiki could leave and I wouldn't notice. But Ava? She's a prize. One second she's having sex on a box of guns and the next, trying to get her fam back. That's hootzbah.

CATV 3 20151210 1337(8)

CATV 3 20151210 1336(45)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Oh yeah, Brooklyn brought it and brought the house down. She was amazing. 

CATV 3 20151211 1353(31)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Carly finds out Liz knew Jason was Jason for months. She was "relieved" because she just knew it. KNEW It all along. Then Sonny and she plotted to get "their Jason back". You know, like a Husky puppy that went missing. 

CATV 3 20151211 1357(25)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  THE PILL! The bipolar pill that Morgan hid and the busboy threw out. Morgan swore we was taking his meds. By the way, Darby called him for a booty call and he went. Sans this little nugget. What could possibly go wrong? Hopefully she doesn't wind up murdered and Morgan was the last one to see her. (I saw that on SVU once!) 

In the end, I found the "Lie Reveal" so dragged out that I was in a bad mood by the time it all hit the fan. The scenes were good, although Becky out-acted Billy by a mile. Jason Thompson leaving is such a waste. Geeessssssh. It's weird Johnny's back just to skulk around and "help Lulu" avenge the affair but I'll take it. The Morgan-Kiki-Ava thing was kind of thrown into the mix. 

Giant kudos to Becky, Kelly, Jason and little Brook. It was amazing. All the more sad to know he's leaving. WAH!! I have no idea if Emma come back to visit with Grandma? I hope they don't "blow up" Robin and Patrick like they did Anna and Robert years ago. I mean, I can't see this kid go through any MORE stuff! LOL 

I am being optimistic in the Gala thing and that GH may perhaps take a lighter turn in 2016? Not sure with the whole mob-gun thing going on. Why oh why isn't Paul just into corporate stuff? Jules and Ava could have gone legit and done some raiding. Ava would be amazing as a CEO of Doom. Sonny could keep doing his stupid "COFFEE" importing but on the low-key.  Where's RIC? He should be front/center in the mix. Why do they bring on characters (Laura) and have them in the background? WHY!? 

I'll leave you with this: 

CATV 3 20151211 1344(30)

Because I'm hoping that this is the end.  THE END. of it all. Bye. Bye year of my life. Bye frustration. BYE. I'm putting you into the Fluke Box I keep for never-ending stories. 

I'm going to be busy working on the WUB AWARDS OF 2015. You know I'll need some medication for that endevour. Send tequila, any Xanax and cake you may have laying around to me. It was quite the damn year, wasn't it? 


  1. What a depressing show to watch now. WHERE is the heart on this show? What a downer for a season that is supposed to be upbeat, joyful, and about families connecting/reconnecting. WHERE is the LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON? Not everyone cheats,

    Major turnoff for me. I deleted 3 shows after watching for a few minutes only. This Jake/Jason crap is one big ZZZZZ fest leaving ME stone cold. WHY did they bring back character of Jason? I blame TPTB for losing Jason Thompson, for hiring Billy Miller and focusing on him at the expense of Jason Thompson and Patrick. Patrick and Samtrick never had a chance after that. Patrick was nothing more than a prop for Sam since then. And so over Sonny and Jason.

    Highlights for me? Definitely little Brooklyn, she stole the show and the week outshining everyone! Olivia railing at Dante and Val, that was a thing of beauty. Excellent. Long overdue speaking for all of us. WHO is this Dante on my screen? Not someone I've known and loved for 6 years. Writers are doing same with Dante and DZ, isolating character and making him exist to prop Val and other characters. Making him look STUPID. Weak. What happened to Dante and Anna? Dante and Sonny? Dante and his brothers and sister? Not much fun to watch this at all. OOC writing has made it unbearable to have any patience with, can't look forward to watching.

    Lulu and Johnny? Weird. Great chemistry, but so what? You know it's temporary and a plot point. Lulu and Dillon? WTH. Another plot point. Can't with anything Morgan or Carly either now.

    Never saw Anna or Anna Mac or Bobbie (who WTH propping VAL?-UGH. Just UGH) as I turned off show without watching. Not loving Ava anymore either so not tuning in for her either. Way too much PAUL. Everywhere. Worse than EDD. Not interested in anything serial killer Franco either. Just NO.

    You know, two of my favourite new primetime shows are Code Black and Chicago Med. Like Gray's, these shows ARE drama centred around a hospital. Doctors, nurses, family, extended connections like police and firemen and EMTs all interacting and getting it on with each other. Something that General HOSPITAL used to be. Why don't they change name to General MOBSTER? And why can't the writers adjust the pacing to modern times? FASTER. Not everything has to take a year or two to play out.

    And what the heck with all these new characters under new writers? Not buying that they don't get paid a bonus for creating new characters. Canvas is BLOATED already, yet keep adding MORE? And having the newbies DRIVE s/l ?? Doug Marland shaking in his grave. Get back to basics Soap Writing 101.

    And with the actors mostly MIA from twitter I find myself almost totally disengaged from not only watching but interacting and supporting the very minuscule stuff I actually did enjoy. Like Brooklyn and Lisa LoCicero. If more of the actors can't be bothered to interact and acknowledge feedback from fans why should I bother supporting them on social media? I don't buy they don't have time. They have LOTS of downtime between scenes, enough to play games and post periscopes and selfless.

    Sorry about the rant. I'm just so utterly DISAPPOINTED in General Hospital. Almost ready to say it should be euthanized and put out of its misery. Guess the diehard fan in me still puts the 'almost' in there.

    I feel for you Wubs. I do. Sharing my tissues and antacids with you. Grieiving GH.

  2. So, dilly has been gone for 8 years. How the hell did he know who Johnny is? What a twerp.
    Also, very minor, it is spelled chutzpah.
    Poor Emma, gonna need therapy for the rest of her adorable life.
    Jason, have we forgotten he was called stone cold? Sure is.

  3. There is one thing missing from your review: Jordan. In the middle of the week, there was a throwaway scene where Curtis was sitting at the counter at Kelly's, flirting with the server. The camera caught Jordan passing by the restaurant, and then stopping in her tracks outside the window when she spied him sitting on the stool. She had an oh **** look on her face, and said "Curtis"? I take that as a Good Sign.

  4. We appreciate you giving a written critique each day. You voice the opinion of many of us.
    It gives insight to see the storyline broken down. We Do Appreciate your time and efforts. Thank you!

  5. thanks Karen, you can always make me laugh even after a week I mostly hated

  6. Brooklyn killed it!! Carly, Sam and Sonny make me want to root for the unthinkable...Liz! And most importantly, why in the heck is that baby not Michael's? Only couple I even like and they are going to implode soon. Sigh.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I can't believe they aren't making Michael the father! Wish they had left Carlos dead, so stupid!


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