Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shooting Interruption

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So, here we are..AGAIN. 

OMG what a day. I was having trouble lasting through this MESS! Rehash after rehash--between Laura/Nik and Pat/Liz..GOOD GOD LET THIS BE OVER. It's obvious Sam's NOT ready to move on even though we sat through days of her 'deciding' then redeclaring her love to Patrick. UGH Patrick says that she doesn't love him the way she loves Jason.

Hayden and Tracy. Should we team up? Yes..No...Yes.No. They are at the Metro. Saying nothing. 

Liz to Jason: Just go, you don't have to stay here. Jason: Oh yes, I do...Liz: Oh no, you don't..blah blahc

Dillon: I'm leaving for LA. Maxie is like NOPE-- Please stay. I hate Maxie right now.  LOL She hired him to work at Crimson? Bleck. 

Nikolas is never going to tell the truth because of "Elizabeth" and HER happiness. Um, okay then. 
Laura hates Hayden. 

AND ANOTHER freaking shooting. I'm just so sick over this. My son, who's in his early 20s doesn't even blink at these anymore. Another month..week, day-- another one. 


  1. They didn't even air GH here in San Antonio....God I am so sick to death of these shootings...

  2. I'm sure the west coast won't be airing GH either. Isn't it great that GH is doing a story where Ava just got a GIANT crate full of guns? Classy.

  3. The hospital: So basically,

    Carly: Okay you are not going to tell me what's going on with my son?!

    Dr. Maddox: CoughcoughHIPAAcoughcough!

    Sonny's room: Oh damn it!!!! Morgan made me cry!!!! Brian Craig should have won in the daytime emmy's! Maybe next year!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Tracy and GreenHayden: No Tracy don't dump her!!! What if your plan fails!!! It's best to have a plan A AND a plan B!! Oh Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: Circumstances changed, and now I can get ELQ back without having to rely on you or your slow cooking wiles.


    Tracy and Dillon: Awww they were having a nice conversation until Maxie showed up.

    Laison home:

    Liz: I need to let you go.

    Jason: What do YOU want?

    Liz: I want you!

    Now since there was supposed to be sex today, and there was a breaking news of a shooting in California, I can assume that Liz and Jason had sex.


    The truth: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! The truth will never be told!! MUAHAHAHHA!

    GreenHayden: I guess I'm interrupting something?


    SamTrick home: So Sam is pmsing and peeing all over Patrick! Poor Patrick!

    Crimson: Boy Nina sure has a lot of confidence now! And also, she acted like she didn't even know Dillon! ROFL!

    And that is all I got. :( It's like there are shootings every day now. :(

  4. No GH here at all today, wonder if it will be shown at another time, the shootings are beyond horrible, but there was no need to preempt all programming, including the other news of the day.

  5. ‘General Hospital’ And ‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: Soaps In Danger Of Cancellation? Frank Valentini Given 6-Months To Improve?

    Panic alert; Fans of “Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital” are downright scared their favorite soap will vanish off the network’s lineup. The daytime dramas are in danger of being axed from the network’s lineup as soon as next month. “DAYS” recently experience a surge in ratings, higher than they have seen in years. Is the surge in ratings enough to save “DOOL” from cancellation? “General Hospital” is in real trouble, and if something doesn’t happen soon, the ABC soap opera could be canceled in 2016, according to 24 hours.

    According to 24 Hours, “DOOL” will find out if NBC decided to keep the show in late January. Based on the success of November sweeps, it seems extremely likely the soap’s contract will be extended at least 12 months to prove their ratings are not a fluke.

    Related: Liz Gives Jason’s Ring Back – Sam Has Showdown With Patrick – Morgan Upset At Sonny

    At ABC,”GH” future isn’t as bright as “DAYS” and a cancellation seems possible. The daytime drama barely brought in 1.5 million viewers per day, versus “Y&R” whose ratings top five million views per day. An insider revealed that Frank Valentini was recently told he has six months to improve “General Hospital” ratings, or it will be removed from ABC lineup.

    “B&B” future is also in limbo. The CBS show’s contract expires at the end of December 2015, and no official word if the show is picked up, yet. The only information released was Bradley Bell assured fans that if the show was canceled, it would continue as a web series. It wasn’t very comforting to soap fans as it almost felt like he was embracing a definite cancellation.

    Related: General Hospital Today – Tuesday 12/01/15 Full GH Episode HERE!

    The only soap that is not facing cancellation is “The Young and the Restless.” The CBS soap is doing well and rated number one in almost every demographic on the ratings. The show was picked up until the end of 2017.

    I'm not surprised. Is anybody else?

    1. from Nathan Varni at ABC - he's the exec in charge of GH. He posted this on FB yesterday:

      quick note to our many loyal GH fans. Technology is fantastic but I want to just remind you that there are hundreds of GH based websites that can virtually be created by anyone with internet access and an opinion. To set the record straight, General Hospital is not being cancelled and Frank Valentini continues to be one of the best Executive Producers working in television today and we are honored to call him our partner and friend. For those who enjoy getting true fans up in arms and in a panic, I'm sorry to burst your bubble but all rumors circulating around this week are absolutely 100% NOT TRUE. Thank you for your continued support and viewership of General Hospital. It is appreciated more than you know by ABC and all of our actors, writers, producers and hard working crew who all work tirelessly producing over 260+ hours of scripted television for you each and every year. We look forward to celebrating the soap genre and bringing GH into your homes for many years to come! Thank you!

  6. The only reason DOOL is doing so well is because it's their 50th anniversary and they are pulling out all the stops, as GH did when it was their 50th. If Frank has been given 6 months they'd better damn start listening to their fana!!!!! I don't want to see my only soap left standing, canceled..:(

  7. I saw something on another site that seemed interesting. One of the few new stories the two new headwriters have created since their stuff has started airing in Oct (mostly they've been continuing or wrapping up Ron's stories) has been Nina & Maxie taking over Crimson. The poster on the other site suggested that this story might be a commentary on what is going on behind the scenes, i.e. two women taking over a brand (Crimson/GH) that is close to being cancelled, struggling with a corporate boss (Julian/ABC) only interested in the bottom line and secretly planning to shut down operations whether they make successful changes or not. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

  8. Oh skeebob!!!! Very interesting observations this person made.

  9. I dont care anymore. I just... dont care.

    A few years ago when there was rumors of GH cancellation I was outraged. I loved this show. I loved the characters and the actors and I still DVRd it religiously and watched it every night. Not in clumps on weekends. Every night.

    THe new writers started their reign of storylines in October. It is Dec 2nd and you know what? Liz's lies are not revealed. Jason doesnt have his memory. And brad and lucas are not on the canvas. The show teases and teases and just drags things out. They dont care about their fans. the show is on autopilot. You can have a pair of monkeys in the writers room and it will still be the same shit day in and day out.

    There has been a big deal about the wact that the new head writers are females. And yet, look at what has happened to the female characters. Desperate. Possessive. Needy. THere isnt a strong woman on the show at all.

    6 months? DO the math. That comes right up near the anniversary on April 1. Coincidence? The shows' last episode will be April 1. Mark my words. you heard it here. I live in las vegas. lets bet the over/under on this one.

    the ONLY way they can possibly survive (and they wont because they are complete and utter idiots in the boardroom on the show and dont know their ass from a hole int eh ground) is for them to create storyline that begin AND END in a relative time frame. For the "Payoff" of storylines to happen within days, not within years. If they start a storyline on Monday, they have some answers by Friday. Meaning 4 days from the start, and not the Friday a year and a half from then.

    There is a phrase called the "MTV generation" where people what instant gratification. Waiting 1 yr for fluke and then another yr for Jason is NOT catering to the 2015 viewer. Bringing in 2 seasoned writers who have worked in the business for generations will not work. ,They should have brought in younger writers, who are writing for 2015, not 1985.

    Its over. Bringing in lame ass writers who have no clue how to write for the 2015 viewer and who drag storylines out based not on the yearly calendar but instead on the nielson/sweeps calendar is a certain deathnell.

    Years ago I lamented over the loss of the soap I have watched since 1977. Now? I dont care. I just dont care. SInce the new writers dont, and Frank doesnt, and ANC doesnt, why should I?

    Help em out here, Karen.

  10. Wow, David-- great post. I've watched since 1977 too. Sad. And you are right, the major stories are NOT moving forward. It's maddening
    SkeeBob-- interesting idea.. probably true

  11. Yeah David you are right. ABC wants out of the soap opera business. When you say here has been a big deal about the wact that the new head writers are females, what does wact mean?

  12. wact = fact

    it was late. i was tired. didnt spellcheck or proof read.

  13. "david said...wact = fact it was late. i was tired. didnt spellcheck or proof read."

    Awww poor David. I hope you slept well last night. :)

  14. Please, TPTB, contact Karen, and the rest of us, we will tell you how to fix your show!!

  15. Probably too late, if they even cared....

  16. Days has brought back veterans and are using them at front and center...that is why they are doing well. There is a storyline for Caroline Brady, the matriarch to the Brady clan. Yes, they pulled out all the stops for the 50th, but I think they did it better than GH. Better storylines that are creating new storylines and actually closing old ones. I want GH to do better. I really do, but I know I stopped watching when they had Liz learn that Jake was Jason and didn't tell anyone. Like I really want to watch my favorite character go down in flames when everyone finds out about her lies!

  17. "Dustin said..from Nathan Varni at ABC - he's the exec in charge of GH. He posted this on FB yesterday:"

    Hmmmmm. Just like AMC and OLTL. All the denials and then the ax fell.



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