Monday, December 14, 2015

Curtis has a

Lulu and Johnny Z are plotting to 'get rid' of Valerie. Bake her into a pie? What? 

Monica, Tracy and Paul meet in The Metro Lobby to discuss the Gala.  Monica reminds Tracy about She and Paul's rocky past.  Monica wants to buy back guns and donate toys. (Amnesty for Gun program). Paul's all ok.

Curtis and Hayden. Nik catches her. Hayden tells Nikolas that Curtis is an interior designer. She was going to have the office all "decorated" for him as a surprise. He doesn't buy it but needs a drink and tells her the whole Liz story. Later, Jason walks in and looks all "angry" (Hard to tell). He is because he punches Nik and says "I'm comin' for you" before walking out. 


Liz hears Jason. Goes on the porch. Sam is calling. He pushes "ignore"... He tell Liz he's moving out.  Becky is awesome..her face, her tears. So real. Billy? I just can't. I know you all like him from ATWT but he ruined that scene for me. Wow. Terrible. 
Later, Diane comes over with papers for Jason. Liz has a mini-meltdown and says crazy things to her. You can see her slipping. Then she finds Jason's shirt on the floor and rocks and cries. 

Curtis breaks into the PCPD.  He sees Jordan. She's all "what are you doing here"? He's TJ Uncle! Interesting. HE says he came by to 'congratulate' her so I'm assuming he was a cop? She asks if he was looking for a job. He says no, he already has one. 

TOMORROW: Carly vs Liz 


  1. After all is said and done, who shivs a git????????

  2. Soooo. Does that mean Curtis is Shawn's brother, Thomas Sr.'s brother, or Jordan's brother? Also, TJ??? Who's he? (JK, just haven't seen him in forever. Is he still living at Sonny's?)

  3. Karen, ITA about Billy Miller, no love for the actor at all. However, that said, I'm sure it is not an easy role to play, trying to fill the shoes of another actor, the character's not knowing who he really is--I don't know if anyone else could have done a a better job.

  4. That's right, what happened to TJ? I think someone mentioned here that the actor is on another show? If so, that still doesn't explain what happened to the character, who, that's right, should be living at Sonny's, I forgot all about that.

  5. They call him Stonecold for a reason...

    1. That's right! I don't recall SB over-emoting at all. Jason not the emotional type. BUT he beat that bag a bit at the gym...That's something.

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    4. That's right! I don't recall SB over-emoting at all. Jason not the emotional type. BUT he beat that bag a bit at the gym...That's something.

  6. jonathan jackson got a Critic's Choice nomination for best supporting actor in a drama series for Nashville

  7. I was so mad that they gave TJ a great social issue story line only for it to be a plot point for Sonny.

    1. EVERYTHING HAS to revolve around him, God forbid it doesn't......

  8. Billy Miller came from Young and the Restless . I think Billy is trying to emulate Steve Burton's "Jason". Steve always had the same expression too, no matter what was happening, which I found unappealing. ( Stonecold ...yup )
    Becky Herbst is amazing. She is so real. She deserves an Emmy.
    LOL about what Johnny might do with Valerie. I don't care what he does---just get rid of her!!! I am really disappointed in Dante though ...

  9. I thought today was good. However Billy Miller does seem to have the same expression all the time. If this iteration of Jason ends up the same as Steve Burton's and gets back together with Sam, I'll be FF-ing.

    Not looking forward to Carly smacking down Elizabeth tomorrow. I know Elizabeth was wrong but I cannot stand Carly.

    Hayden may not be necessary but I think Rebecca Budig is a good actress and I like Jordan also, so I hope this story with Curtis goes somewhere both with Hayden finding out what Nikolas has been up to as well as giving Jordan a story. I would be glad to see something that isn't mob-related and doesn't center around Sonny.

  10. Becky was outstanding today! Even though Liz is pretty despicable finally Becky has a storyline she has long deserved. Billy is playing Jason M. per his personality so I can't complain, but Jason Q had a much livelier personality which should be more apparent. I like Curtis!
    I hate to see Carly snarling tomorrow.

  11. Metrocourt hotel: Tracy and Monica scenes! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh Guns for amnesty! Awesome! And Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: And you were much more fun when you were an unrepentant slut.


    The haunted star: Johnny shirtless and he has hair! :) I don't remember him having hair. Did he always have hair? Anyway, so basically,

    Lulu: Whine whine whine whine whine whine whine.... Whine whine whine.

    Johnny: Okay you are getting off track again.

    Lulu: Sorry. Whine whine whine whine. Whine whine whine whine.

    So Lulu goes from whining, to gushing about her wedding to Dante! ROFL! Hmmm Johnny what is your plan? Are you going seduce Val? :) Oh oh Lulu and Dante scene. You can tell she wants to rip Dante's head off!

    Lulu: Payback is a bitch Valerie. And it's coming for you.

    Oh do you hear Lulu growling?!

    The police station:

    Val and Dante: Oh they are having eye sex!

    Jordan and Dante: And she notices the eye sex! All that talk of her saying moving on and letting go, and then they show Curtis.. So is she talking about him?!!?!

    Jordan and Curtis: Hmmmm. Soooooo Curtis is TJ's uncle! So is Jordan's husband Tommy Curtis's brother?!!?! Did Jordan have a fling with Curtis too!!?!?

    Curtis: Nice big gun you got there Curtis! :)

    The floating rib: More Carmen Sandiego and Curtis scene. Oh hi Nik! Ooops more lies. OHHHHH Jason and Nik scene! Awesome!!! :)

    Liz's home: Great Liz and Diane scene! :) Liz scene with Jason. So sad. :( Liz on the floor!::(

  12. I've always liked Diane, but Liz sure called Diane out and it was the truth! Great scene.

    1. Me too, love Diane but yeh I enjoyed her sticking it to Diane. I enjoyed the scene. Of course I enjoy any scene with Diane. My mouth fell open when Liz went off LOL!

  13. Today was a bit of a snooze fest....I know Liz was wrong, but I really felt bad for her. Loved sexy hairy Johnny, more please.


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