Monday, December 21, 2015

Toys For Tots PSA

What the HELL with the hair? Laura looked like Naomi Judd in the 90s'!! EESH..

Liason.. and Sam. NOTHING Happens in the hall way. LITERALLY nothing. 
Monica says she's grateful that "Carly knows how to handle Jason" to Jason. Geesh whatever. 

Liz is chugging champagne. She says all drunk things. 

 Monica looks at the ultrasound photo. Says it's the size of a Pontiac. Michael goes to confront Sabby. Monica also tells Carly the baby is coming REALLY SOON. 

Ava and Paul basically talk porn-like around the sculpture in the lobby.  She leaves him an envelope with her roomkey and panties in it. He has to stuff the panties in his pants pocket before making his speech.  He leaves after his talk and finds Ava in her room, naked I guess? And the porn music plays. 

Sam is hanging around after giving her Mom the check. She goes out to the hall with her sisters. 
Julian asks permission of the  3 girls to marry Alexis. Even Molly is ok with it, appears. 

Their proposal was cute. Elvis Costello mention. 

Dr. O wants to make peace with Nina. Nina's like "ok" 

Jerry shows Anna/Robert/Paddy a photo of Robin "dead" Polaroid. He says he didn't do it.  "I know nothing"! Just like Hogan's Heroes lol. The guards rush in and Jerry says to show the 3 Robin's body then "Kill Them".  They stand around. They are SO SO Batman. UGH

Sabrina goes into the toy room to log the toys. Carlos is Santa! (saw that coming a mile away). He gives her is address for when he runs away. 

OMG SO BORRRRRRRRING.  Today had to have been one of the worst shows in recent memories. WOW. Even with the Scorpio crap happening! 


  1. WHAT?!?!?! I loved today's episode. LOL

  2. I have to admit Julian's proposal had me tearing up a little, and I loved Liz's drunken scene. Everyone looked beautiful, although I think Molly looked the best. I also happen to like Maxie's wild two-tone hair. It looks like rib bones on a skeleton!

  3. Nutcracker gala:

    Sam, Liz, and Jason: OH! THE BOMB IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!! GET READY! GET READY! *Splat* Oh what happened?!

    Liz, BobTodd, and Dr O: Hahahahaha great stuff! Wuv my Dr O!!!

    Liz Laura, and Jason: Oh oh Liz is plastered!!! I won't be surprised if she passes out right in the middle of the gala! :)

    Michael and Monica: I love it! Great scene with Michael and Monica! So basically,

    Monica: Something is wrong! That baby is huge! Sabrina is going to have that baby any day now!! Any second!!!

    Michael: ????????????????

    Monica: Oh Carly! Sabrina and Michael's baby is so big! It is going to come any day now!

    Carly: ???????????????????

    Ava and Paul: Sexual innuendos.. I like! :) He says tomorrow, she says tonight! She says tonight by sending him a key card and her panties! ROFL!

    Tracy and Paul: Tracy with hearts in her eyes for Paul. Do you see the hearts in her eyes?! :)

    Ava's hotel room: Horny Ava wants to devour Paul! :) Karen! The porn music plays! ROFL!

    Julian and the three Davis girls: Awwww Julian wants their permission to marry their mother!!! :) Love it! :) Molly gave it! Awesome!

    Julexis: YAY! She said YES!!! :) Great scene!!! :) Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: You are never going to get a home cooked meal that you will survive. And I don't think I ever told you this, but I dressed as a man for about 6 months. That is a really good story about that.

    ROFL! Oh Alexis! :)

    Alexis: I have never loved any man the way I love you.

    Awwww! :) Wait what about Ned?! :(

    Alexis: Thank you for loving me.

    Awwwwww! :)

    Maxie: Gee Maxie your roots are really dark. When are you going to touch that up?

    Room with the gifts: Oh I KNEW it was Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos Claus! :) Sexy Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos Claus. :) Oh you are leaving baby? I wonder if Sabrina is going to visit you. Oh oh Michael wants to talk about the baybay!

    Metroucourt restaurant: Jason and Sam scene.

    Jason: I am sorry that I didn't believe you. Blah blah blah.

    Sam: Patrick and I are over. I love you!

    Blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sonny's home: Carly your hair is lopsided!! You forgot a piece of hair! Awwww Kristina and Sonny scene. Sweet! :)

    Robin's lab: Jerry has a picture of "dead" Robin! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Come on Anna, Patrick, Patrick's hair, and Robert! I can't believe you are all believing this!

  4. "CareyN says . I also happen to like Maxie's wild two-tone hair. It looks like rib bones on a skeleton!"


  5. OK, didn't finish watching yet, but, so far, LOVING the show--Karen, why didn't you love it? LOVE my Dr. O, love the gowns on the red carpet. Only watched about 20 mins., still in the middle of working. Comments so far: Liz's boobs look HUGE, did no one else notice this? Also, Monica also has two-tone hair!! What is going on with the two-tone hair?

  6. Karen, also, sorry, but I thought that Laura looked stunning!!

  7. An actress from OLTL died, Patricia Elliott

  8. "dar said...An actress from OLTL died, Patricia Elliott"

    Yeah I heard. :( She played Renee Buchanan.

  9. Wasn't Renee Buchanan the former "madam" who married Asa and became a matriarch on the show? She was good! Sorry to hear about her passing.

  10. I loved Julian proposing to Alexis. The only dumb part to me was in the lab with Jerry. Very poorly written. Sam has huge bags under her eyes.

  11. Sonya, I liked your including Patrick's hair along with Anna and Robert LOL! What is up with the hair on GH ;-)?

    Why would anyone assume Robin is dead solely based on a picture of her with her eyes closed? Like when Faith Roscoe faked Michael's death when he was a child.

    I didn't like Monica kissing Carly's a** about Jason. Carly has done so many wrongs against the Q's but they make Monica grateful for any little crumb from Jason just as before.

  12. "ishouldreadmore said...Wasn't Renee Buchanan the former "madam" who married Asa and became a matriarch on the show?"

    Yes she was!!!!:)

    "Panda said...Sonya, I liked your including Patrick's hair along with Anna and Robert LOL!"

    Hahahaha. It has it's own personality! :)

    "What is up with the hair on GH ;-)?"

    Some are rebels. :)

  13. I had the same thought about Laura's hair


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