Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gala Gets Going

Nancy and Lisa tweeted this today in honor of Star Wars!! They are Leia heads! WHOOT!! 

Gala is starting. Carly's dress looks scratchy. Nina looks great.

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Dillon and Maxie are out thinking about Georgie. Maxie's hair...I'm sory BUT MAXIE'S HAIR! wow. EESH. 

Robin is getting killed...but not really. She is wooing the guard. With opera references.  Jerry throws them out. Tells the guard to kill her while he saves the data.

ROBERT is in Greece with Anna and Patrick. See those throw pillows on the bed? That's how you tell you are now in Greece!! OH, Felicia flew to Paris to be with Emma (off camera) 
They find Robin using an "Infra'RED Camera" (I kid you not) and rush in to find her. They see Jerry who tells them Robin is dead. 

Krissy is home! All the Davis girls are together. I'd care more if I thought they'd be on more than 2x a year. Kristina is in trouble at school for some reason, we are not sure why. 

Yea, they have Liz and Franco talking too much. Liz is so boring. Stop with the Todd relationship right now.  

END: Sam, Jason and Liz all find each other in the hotel. Boom boom boom! 

YOU should just watch the show..I can't type it all ##


  1. There is nothing like seeing Robert Scorpio appear on your screen! Love a Scorpio day - feels like old times. I thought Maxie looked beautiful even with the dark roots, and she and Dillon's scene was lovely. I like Franco latching on to Liz. I am glad Krissie is back, too. Aside from the implausibility of a few things I really enjoyed today's show and was able to watch it live.

    1. I enjoyed it too. Although I can do without Carly hovering!! Jason is an adult, not sure child, leave him be! All the ladies looked beautiful. I like Franco and Liz as friends, hope it goes no further.

  2. Missing today's show because a cop was killed in las vegas so, as is the new requirement in this country, if there is a gun in the news, programming is pre-empted.

    Should we assume that Jerry Jax will get away? Like he always does? Like all the villains do on the show?

    In real life, every day people take a gun in their hands and kill someone and it's "breaking news" and yet when there is a villain on tv, no one can stop them. The criminals on GH are still the heroes of the show.

    It is great to see Anna and Robert together. Even though they will inevitably fail and not bring anyone to justice like they did in the 80s.

  3. OOOhhh.... They just showed 2.5 minutes of GH. Woo Hoo! Now back to breaking news.

    ok so robin is in a lab. There are vials in the lab. Can she break a vial in half and have jagged glass with her? And then distract Jerry or the guard and lunge at their throat and slit their throat and kill them?

    Or can that not happen because she is one of the "good guys" and good guys don't kill people to save their life. Has she learned no survival skills from her parents?

    She could have asked for some kind of acid and called it by its chemical name and then threw it in the face of the guard.

    They are still writing this show with formulaic storylines from the 70s and 80s. They need to hire some prime time writers from one of Shondra's shows.

    ok sorry for the "breaking news" interruption.

  4. "you should just watch the show I can't type it all..." LMAO

  5. Julexis's home: Alexis! Don't put the check on the table!!!! Put it in your pocket!! KRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh oh Kristina what did you do? Hmmmmmm?

    The hospital:

    Liz and BobTodd: OH YES!!!! More Lizco scenes! I would love them as friends!! As BFF's!! Oh come on Liz go with him to the gala! It would be fun! :)Liz wins the line of the day.

    Liz: Your compassion is uplifting.


    Liz and Sam: So basically,

    Liz: Sam this is all your fault! Patrick leaving, your fault! The Jason situation your fault! Global warming, your fault! Trump wants to be president, your fault!

    Hotel room: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ROBERT! :) Great scenes!!!! Robert, Anna, Patrick, and Patrick's hair all in an adventure!!!! :) Oh a Robin clue! :) Can Anna and Robert get back together already?!

    Robin's lab: Jerry Jax is in severe pms! Quick Robin give him a piece of chocolate! Hell give him a whole bag of chocolate! He needs it!!! Awww that bad guy doesn't want to kill Robin! The bad guy is listening to opera! Can you sing opera bad guy?! OH! Anna and the gang found Jerry!!!!! :) Jerry was waiting for them hahahaha!

    The park: Maxie and Dillon scene. So sad. :(

    Metrocourt hotel: Oh look Tracy is flying all over the place!! Carly sees Jason. So basically,

    Carly: JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason! Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason! I will give you a room! Hey GIVE JASON A ROOM PLEASE! Kick the other person in that room out so Jason can move in! Oh you want a drink Jason? OKAY!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jason: Who am I supposed to be?

    Carly: I can't help you out with that. You're going to have to figure that one out for yourself.

    Carly's thought bubble: Hurry up and remember who you are Jason! So that you, Sonny, and I can be Carsason again!!!!!

    Carly: But after what Elizabeth put you through, that would be very selfish. Not that it's usually a problem for me.

    AH HA! She admitted she is selfish and she doesn't have a problem being selfish! :)

    Nutcracker gala: Oh YAY! Liz changed her mind and decided to go with BobTodd!! :)

    Alexis: I forgot the check!

    Well duh! :)

    Sam, Liz, and Jason:


    1. When I heard the footsteps and knock I was like Squeee, Robbie!! Love my Tristan! LOL Sonya, yeh I think he might need 2 bags! Today was great, hope tomorrow is just as good!

  6. Helena is a villain I love to hate, but Jerry is one that I just hate. He is so sadistic, watching him taunt his victims is harrowing. I hope this will finally be the end of him victimizing Robin.

    Billy Miller looks so bored, his Jason doesn't even seem to like Carly at all and looks like he wishes he didn't even know her IMO. At the end when he sees Sam and Liz he had no reaction. I think KeMo and RB are doing most of the work in their scenes with BM.

    Any day with Robert is a great day! It is so good to have Robert and Anna together.

  7. "Michelle Latta says LOL Sonya, yeh I think he might need 2 bags!"

    Hahahaha! YES!!! Two bags! :)

  8. Panda, just finished working, can't wait to watch today's show, like you, I HATE Jerry. It is sad, because the original Jerry Jax was not a monster like this one. AND HE CAN NEVER DIE!!

  9. So is Scorpio back with WSB now? Or is director Frisco feeding them info? At any rate, always good to see him!

  10. "Panda said...
    I think KeMo and RB are doing most of the work in their scenes with BM."

    Yep and of course BM will get more of the credit. He's not horrid just not entertaining. Maybe the character isn't a good fit? I think he excels more as the family man/golden boy type and everytime GH veers Jakson towards the Stone Cold persona, it just doesn't feel right.

  11. I agree that this Jason rebirth is not working, now whether it is Billy Miller,or the character. I like Billy but maybe they need to make him more engaging in relationships or something. And seeings as how he doesn't remember anything it should be an easy switch. I too hate Jerry Jax he is so overt the top and annoying and who the heck would kill someone because they cant make them immortal? Yes they kill off all the good people on GH but can bring the real horrid ones back over and over again. Really is a shame.

  12. Why is a repeat Thanksgiving episode airing on a non holiday Friday????



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