Wednesday, December 9, 2015


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Today's show. MADDENING!! 

Jason and Sam:  She knew... How you know she knew? I know she knew. YOU SURE SHE KNEW?

OMG STOP THIS!!  Sam's like: Look at me, then go look at Liz. See who's telling the truth. 
Jason leaves to go back to Liz'. To TALK. 
Liz finally at 2:58 says she lied. They'll TALK MORE TOMORROW.  @@

Patrick and Sabrina.  He realizes he's in the same place he was.  He cries a bit. You know, gentle tears. Then he leaves. 

Michael realizes that his baby is the size of a pony. Starts counting on fingers and asking Felix. They walk into Floating Rib and see Patrick and Sabrina. She's like WHY are you here? Michael invited Felix to dinner (??) Felix gets a chance to tell Sabrina that Michael is suspicious. 

Johnny and Lulu doing shots. Then Dilly walks in.  Johnny hides behind the bar.  They talk about Dillon going 'back" to LA. I thought Maxie hired him to work at Crimson?  Anyway, Dillon finds Johnny. 

Dante and Val almost have sex but Olivia comes in. Val goes and hides. Olivia is all like "GET back with LULU"... Did you see that side Wine Rack in the loft? WOWZA.  Anyway, Dante leaves to get Rocco baby aspirin and of course, when Val is watching him, Olivia comes back. WHOOPS.

Patrick breaks it off with Sam. They both sit there and cry.  "We are done" ...

ROBIN is on tomorrow. 


  1. Johnny behind the bar was the highlight of the show for me. lol

    Sam got what she deserved. She insisted she didn't want to go back with Jason but she had to break him and Liz up. I hope Jason eventually forgives Liz.

    I don't like the character of Valerie but that actress must be really nice. She's the only one I've ever seen Rocco interact with on his own.

  2. Watching now, hate stupid commercial breaks damnit. Dilly does work at Crimson he said after that and the Christmas Gala he's going back. Stupid Val....ugh! Love Johnny!

  3. Olivia is being all sanctimonious about marriage. How has that worked with the fathers of her 2 sons?


  4. Olivia was never married, David. She never made a commitment to anyone or took vows.

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  6. "Karen says Michael realizes that his baby is the size of a pony."


    Lante home: Oh Valante sex!! Oh oh a door knock!

    Valante's thought bubbles: Crap!

    Valante's body parts: CRAP!

    Julian thinks Leo is getting a cold so Rocco has to stay away from Leo, but that is very ironic, because it sounds like Dominic Zamprogna has a cold. :) Olivia wins the lines of the day!

    Olivia: You're lonely? So you are going to take up with your good time girl?! You got to man up, and walk away from your bed buddy!

    ROFL! I love Olivia! :) Oh oh Rocco has a fever! Oh the mistress talks to and takes care of Rocco. Isn't that so sweet? :)

    Haunted Star: This was great! I love how Johnny is just hiding behind the bar and making all these gestures, and I love how Dillon hears a noise, pretends he is gonna leave with Lulu, and then runs behind the bar! Hahahaha. Great stuff. :)

    The hospital:

    Michael and Felix: Poor Michael!!!! :(

    The floating rib: Oh I guess Caaaaaaaaaarlos didn't kidnap Sabrina. Great scene between her and Patrick. Poor Patrick. :( This whole Sabrina situation with Michael and the baby, I'm so confused.

    Samtrick's home: So, let's see... Jason goes from GET OUT GET OUT SHUT UP, to I'm sorry tell me what is going on, all in a minute! Awww Samtrick are over. :( Poor Emma!!!!!!

    Liason's home:

    Jason: Did you know who I was before I did?

    The truth: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are NEVER going to know the truth!!!! NOT EVER! HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHA!

    Jason: Do you want me to say them for you? You want me to do that? Sam was right! You knew who I was and you lied to me.


    Liz: Alright I lied! I lied. I lied to Sam,I liked to everyone, and I lied to you.I knew who you were.

    The truth: OH SON OF A BITCH!

  7. Di...

    That was my point. Olivia always comes across as this holier-than-thou Catholic, spewing her beliefs on everyone and yet she, herself, had 2 children out of wedlock. Well, at least 2 we know about. I am willing to bet she "forgot" about the daughter she once had as a teenager, just like Monica did. It's only a matter of time before her daughter, Ladonna Bernadette comes to port charles.

    Catholic mothers who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones at their out-of-wedlock children.

  8. David said, " Well, at least 2 we know about. I am willing to bet she "forgot" about the daughter she once had as a teenager, just like Monica did. It's only a matter of time before her daughter, Ladonna Bernadette comes to port charles."


  9. Brahahahaha love your comment David, thats a great name and yes that probably will happen lol.

  10. I thought the performances by Becky, Billy and Jason T. were excellent yesterday. Love Johnny being back. I do think Olivia was right in giving Dante hell. He and Lulu aren't past the initial hurt period and aren't communicating well and of course Val is a factor. They are married and have a child together and should at least give counseling a try.

  11. Anyone else notice that the voice that spoke to Robin on the previews sounded like Mr. Jerry Jacks?

  12. omg yes I did :) I was trying to think who that sounded like! Figures he would be in on it.

  13. LindaV THANK YOU!!!! I rewound that bit about 15 times trying to figure out the voice. I thought I recognized it! :)


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