Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gala is Over

Dante and Valerie. UGH. NO...and I swear DZ isn't in to it at all... he just doesn't sell this couple at all. 
Johnny talks to Valerie. He's trying to schmooze her I guess. Oh, he is getting photos taken with her by some guy. He gives her money. So, she'll be seen taking money from a known fugitive lol. Ok.

Laura is on the HS, thinks Lulu slept with Johnny. They leave when they find out about Nikolas.

Nikolas' fall is broken by the scaffolding. Liz is pleading with him not to die. Hayden is screaming at Jason. Jordan comes over to see what the fuss is.
OMG I have HAD IT WITH BILLY MILLER. Done. AT Least TRY to do something in your scenes PLEASE. Watching him with Becky on the balcony was painful. Maybe he's trying to act all 'robot" but dear GOD-- do not waste my time anymore. He looks the same in EVERY DAMN SCENE he's in!!!!! I don't think I've ever been like this about an actor ever. I know he can act, he got a damn Emmy but what the HELL is happening here? Ruined that whole after-math of the fall.  

Sam is at Sonny and Carly's. Carly has to go back to the Metro to see "who got hurt". 

Everyone is at the Hospital. Carly is saying it was an accident. Like she was even there.  It was the strangest episode I've seen in like forever. Laura is mad at Jason. At least Lucas is there. You know, since he's the only doctor left.  They arrest Jason. Liz hugs him. Sam sees it. She leaves. 

I guess, MERRY Christmas. 


  1. Maybe Billy doesn't like the Jason Morgan direction they decided to take to the character in. I feel like he works better as a Quartermaine but all things must revolve around Sonny.

  2. Two favorite things today: Laura in full Mama mode for Nicolas. And Hayden, looking Laura square in the eye and lying about what happened. (I still don't like the character of Hayden, but she sure is gutsy!)
    I agree with you totally about the lack of emotion or any change of expression with Billy Miller. And the fact that the man won an Emmy award on another show doesn't mean he is a good actor. It just means he is popular with the voters.

  3. I agree about Billy. And regardless of whether or not he likes the direction they decided to go on, he should still be doing his best.

    When Carly was telling people "it was an accident" today I was hoping that Jordan would ask her how she knew and if she was there. I'm really beginning to hate her.

    I'm assuming that Nicholas can subconsciously hear his mother and he will awaken as a new man wanting his second chance. Wonder if we'll have a dream sequence. hehe

    Too bad there's no cameras on the balcony.

  4. I agree with Ishouldreadmore. An Emmy on daytime means nothing. The genuinely horrible actress who played Emily2 won an Emmy!!!!

  5. I think Sonny and Carly should just adopt Jason already. They act like they're his parents. The dynamic with Billy Miller is just weird. Carly pretty much tells him what to do and BM just stands there and blinks. I've said this before but BM's Jason doesn't even look like he likes Carly.

    So Jason gets arrested and won't talk without his lawyer. I see we're back to the good old days (not).

    For me the only thing more boring than Sam and Jason talking about their relationship is Sam and someone else talking about their relationship. GH let Jason Thompson slip away for this?

    I wish we could move on from stories where various women argue over who Jason "belongs" to like he's some kind of prize. So much angst over a character I don't feel is worth it. Genie Francis signed a contract. Where is her story?

    Normally I would not to rant but something about today's episode (for me) was all sorts of wrong with the Jason focus once again, and the weird vibe I get from BM's acting.

  6. The Haunted star: Mmmmm Johnny in bed with his shirt open! :)

    Truthfully I was trying to charm you. But I must be off my game.

    Me: Never Johnny! :)

    Lulu: Hardly.

    Me: See? :)

    The restaurant outside: Nikson are dancing! So basically,

    Nik: Oh you dance divinely!

    Jason: Thanks you too.

    Nik: I wuv you Jason!

    Jason: I wuv you too!

    *Nik falls off the roof*

    GreenHayden: YOU KILLED HIM YOU KILLED HIM! YOU KILLED HIM! HOW COULD YOU HOW COULD YOU!?!?! I have to go to him! Don't touch me!

    Jordan: What is going on here?!

    GreenHayden: Jason pushed Nik!!!!

    Jordan: Well I have to get to the bottom of this! How do you like my bouncy hair? It bounces all over the place and it's shiny!

    GreenHayden: Who cares about your bouncy, shiny, beautiful hair! I have to get to Nik!

    Liz and Nik: Supergirl flies to see Nik! Nik what are you up to??!!?!?!

    The park: So basically,

    Val and Dante:

    Val: Dante what is going on between us? Where are we going? We haven't seen each other in awhile! You need to tell me what is going on!!!! TELL ME!

    Dante: I'm a mess. Kiss me.

    *They kiss* Oh look someone is watching them! The back of the guy looks like Sonny. Oh he is Johnny's man. I think I will call the guy Guido.

    Johnny and Val: Oh Johnny you devil you! :) You charming devil you! :)

    Sonny's home:

    Sam: Jason Jason Jason. We had a good talk. Jason Jason Jason. Jason Jason Jason. Jason Jason Jason. Jason Jason Jason. Jason Jason Jason. Jason Jason Jason. Jason Jason Jason.


    GreenHayden: Jason pushed him!

    Carly: Jason was defending himself! Nik was trying to kill Jason!

    Me: Carly were you there? How the hell would you know that?!

    Jordan: I have to get to the bottom of this!

    Carly: Hayden is a lying liar that lies!

    Lulu: My brother would never kill anybody!

    Jordan: Does anybody like my hair?

    GreenHayden: Jason pushed him!!!

    Laura: How could you do this Jason?!!?


    Jordan: You are under arrest!

    Carly: You can't do this!!!!

    GreenHayden: When Nik wakes up, he will stand by what I said!

    Me: Not if he has a plan and says that HE started it. Hmmmmmm. Will Nik blame himself? Will Nik tell the truth?

  7. I think Billy Miller is a great actor. He was great on Y&R. Sometimes recasts don't fit the character they are playing. Billy Miller should have just played a different character on GH. Maybe a Q..

  8. I agree Sonya I think BM is a good actor also,he's not always spot on but then again nothing or no one has been spot on on this show for a very long time. Things seem to be coming back around but I'm just taking it one episode at a time right now. As for Nicholas going over the rail all I could think of was karma's a b***h! Both Jason and Hayden told him to stop,like quit while you're ahead. But one thing I haven't heard any comments on is Tracy finding Paul in bed with Ava thinking she was going to have a romantic night with him herself! Is it just me who thought the whole seduction scene was a little too racy for daytime? Is anyone else bothered by the gun smuggling storyline? I'm just wondering. Just saying there is a bit more going on that's somewhat watch worthy than the Jason/sam/Liz/Nic/Hayden/Laura storyline. Hate Dante/Val/LuLu stuff,wish Michael and Sabrina was written differently because Michael may have forgiven Sonny and carly but he's still embracing his Q family too. Anyway,I've been enjoying all your blogs Karen and everyone's posts and I also want to wish everyone a very merry and blessed Christmas!

  9. I do think maybe Billy Miller is suffering from very poor writing and directors. They want him to be "stone cold" with no memory so they leave him standing there with no direction as to how to react and no dialog. He hasn't been used well since they brought him on the show. An actor needs to be in a part for awhile before he can make it his own. I don't think he's getting the support he thinking.

  10. "sonya said...
    I think Billy Miller is a great actor. He was great on Y&R. Sometimes recasts don't fit the character they are playing. Billy Miller should have just played a different character on GH. Maybe a Q.."

    Billy Miller would have been a perfect Lucky or Dillon recast. Or even a lost Q. He has the most chemistry with Monica and Michael. Somone made a bad decision and wanted to cast him BIG instead going for want made the most sense.

    As for the character of Jason, I was happy when he was killed off and pissed when he was brought back. Someone was obviously so clueless that they couldn't take the time to look at the numbers and see that the ratings went up when that charcter died.

  11. Even if you're supposed to be "stone cold" you can do that with subtle nuances. I get nothing. He plays the scene with Liz the same he plays it with Carly the same as Sam. And he's "NOT JASON" right? So let this "NEW Character of Jason" be SOMETHING..anything!!

    Did I talk about Ava and Paul? LOL. it was very weird and inserted into the Gala. It was awkward. Tracy's face close up was just like Laura's face close up. LOL.

    I think things are being smooshed together right now and everything--EVERYTHING feels "off" in a big big way.

  12. billy was a good actor on y&r. he had different writers, different directors and different actors to react from. i have to believe that it is the directors of this show that is making him be a zombie and telling him to act a certain way. he'd be better off on the walking dead series.

    where is the romance that the new writers promised?

    why werent brad, lucas and rosalie at the nutcracker ball? like dr. o said, it is mandatory for staff to be there, right?

  13. on a positive note there was more than 2 people in a scene together. and they did have a scene in the hospital. i guess we should be grateful for that.

  14. "gracegirl said... Tracy finding Paul in bed with Ava thinking she was going to have a romantic night with him herself! Is it just me who thought the whole seduction scene was a little too racy for daytime?"

    This was tame compared to Lulu and Dante years ago! Remember that time when Lulu and Dante had sex and she was naked, and they blurred out her cupcakes?! That was really bad!

  15. "Michelle Latta said...I liked him better as Jake"

    Me too!

  16. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!!

    Today's GH:

    Jason's jail cell: Jason and Sonny scene! Awww nice bromance bonding. :)Oh he is free from jail YAY!

    Julexis's home: Christmas it not about Santa! It's all about Jason!!!!!!

    Carly: Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason. Jason belongs with Sam. Jason Jason Jason Jason

    Kristina wins the line of the day!

    Kristina: If your husband doesn't even remember you, are you still married? Or is it like a tree falling in the woods?

    ROFL! And Carly just ignores her hahahaha! Oh look the old star necklace. Blast from the past!

    The park:

    Visiting Santa: The way Rocco smiles when he gets his picture taken with Santa! Hahahahaha! Adorable! Rocco wants his daddy. :(

    Maxie and Lulu:

    Maxie's hair: I am having an identity crisis!!!! Do I want to be black or blonde?! I have no idea!!!!!!

    Awwwww baby Georgie!!!!!! Is it Harper playing her? Hi Spinny and Ellie!!! Love Ellie's hair!!!

    Ava, Kiwi, and baby AJ: Cute scene with Kiwi and her sister!!! Kiwi looks cute in that outfit.

    Carson home: So Morgan is blaming his rudeness on his meds!!??!?! What the hell?!!?! Oh a selfie stick. To quote church lady

    Well, Isn't that special.

    Awww Kiwi was able to get little AJ to be with her daddy! I wonder what Ava is going to do with her time. Probably be with Paul and have an x rated Christmas eve! :)

    Sam and Jason: Woah! He has a memory!!! That is strange, they use Billy Miller for the flashback! ROFL! Can't use the REAL flashback eh?

    Star necklace: YAY! Me being here works!

    Fake flachback: Meh.

    Star Necklace: Yeah I know. It's not a real flashback. :( Ah well what can you do?

    Liz's home: Damn the boy who plays Aidan looks just like Rebecca Herbst! :)

    Jake: I hate Christmas.

    The way he said that and hit the table, was so robotic. ROFL! Oh hi Jason!!! Jason and the boys awwww! :)

    Paris: Love the Robin and Emma scene! Awwwww! :)

    Patrick's thought bubble: I am so happy!

    Patrick's hair: I'm so happy too!!!!!

    I love seeing Robert and Anna all dressed up! :) It's strange seeing Tristan Rogers both on GH and Y&R! :) Very odd. Patrick and Robin scene love it!!! They are kissing! Awwww! Are scrubs back together?!?!!?! I hope!!!!!


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