Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Yearly Check-Up 2011

Ah, 2011 came to an end and what did GH do? Redux of the Claudia Birthday surprise (right down to the people trapped in the elevator) and blood stained bodies on the road. No one does it up like our GH writers. If I didn't know better, I'd say Mr. Grinch of a Guza snuck in there and fiddled with the scripts. But that would be cynical of me, wouldn't it? We all know I'm not cynical. :wink: At least no one got bashed in the head by a teen wielding a baseball bat. (yet) 
AH, 2011 you have to love it. 

GH ushered in 2011 with Michael having rape flashbacks, Molly meeting Sean, Sam seeing Dr Kelly and having her operation, Abby getting beaten by Brandon and Mr. Balkin still alive and kicking. 

Brenda showed off her ring...Spin and Diane wrote their book (and we lived through the "commercials" for it all year.) Lisa was a psycho-killer not once but about 3 times.  Even brought back from a coma from Anthony Z. Why? Because he could.

We had a food-less Sonny and Brenda wedding-- complete with drama of the car bomb. Brenda wore her dotted veil down the aisle and for a second, SnB fans were happy. (Note: I said a second). All of a sudden some kids (one real, one fake) came in to muddy the mix and all was thrown away, jury is still out on that one. Brenda finally accepted Sonny until she became a mother. Sonny never warmed up to the kid anyway. Yada Yada. 

When Cam opened the door, Luke hit Jake. Lucky didn't marry Siobhan then, but he did later on only to have her killed by Anthony Z and leave a lipstick message behind. No one really cared about her murder, did they? Police wise I mean. She warned about that Bakery and the drugs. Remember the bakery? With the dumpster Spinelli about lived in? Ah, good times, good times.
Luke went on to face his Intervention--kicking and screaming all the way. 

Jake's death proved--yes PROVED that the outside world could be just as deadly as the MOB world. Well, in Guza's convoluted head anyway. In an unheard of move, Mr. G himself did an on camera interview with Steve Burton that defended killing Jake off. It was a really eerie moment, watching that. I don't think I've even seen (or will see) anything like it. 

Siobhan dies, Abby dies-- the Balkan and his wife--into oblivion. The Spencer House burns to the ground-- Lulu goes to find her Daddy in a Hooker House. (her house actually). Nikolas leaves, Kristina and Morgan are sent away, Jax flies off and of course, Brenda is gone. We get a NuKate--all fresh and young to bring Sonny back to "life" with Bensonhurst stories and banter. Luke takes about 4 'breaks' from taping-- and AZ moves in on Tracy. 
The endless: JaSam marriage/baby talk-- Sonny/Carly Sheeze... Jax and Carly discussions forever and ever... Dante and Lulu Should we or Shouldn't we? I could go on and on. Pick a character or couple and loop the dialog about a million times. 
Krissy gets a make over to look older...a lighter moment in 2011

Maxie and Matt finally "did it"-- Spinelli became a gum-shoe from the 1940's. Diane left her lawyer position to be a gossip columnist for the paper (now owned by the former Mayor) . ELQ was up and running for 45 seconds and Michael tried to be an exec. That was  until he couldn't take it anymore and started slinging coffee bags in the warehouse. 

Skye came back for a bit... can you remember why? 

The JaSam wedding'honeymoon came and went...and it only lasted about 4 months!! At least Monica was back in the picture. We had a nice Chinese wedding in a restaurant. Then the happy couple returned to the reception and this time, we had some food!! They talked about the stars for days and went off to Hawaii, not knowing that Franco was right behind them.

I love the smell of wedding dresses in the morning!!

Olivia and Steve had hot lust sex all over the place. Poor Olivia, sex and cooking pasta. She could coo over the Lante wedding though! So could a lot of Falconeri extras--but  no family for Lulu. Lucky was stuck in the Oyrish Graveyard facing his future-past. Or at least I think so...the dropped that like a hot Pertayto! 
The Lady In White showed up at Wyndemere. So did Helena. Helena also came on to hold little Aiden for a bit. That, my friends, was it. Ewan is skulking around too--his chest was seen for weeks before his face. 

For GH we did have a lot of weddings: S&B, JaSam, Siobhan and Lucky-- and Lante. Divorces? Tracy and Luke and Carly and Jax...and of course, Sonny and Brenda. (they did last longer than the Kardashians). 
Big News: Kirsten Storms goes off for months to recover from an illness. She and Kelly Monaco starred on the show "Dirty Soap" which looked at the lives of soap actors. Lexi Ainsworth was let go in favor of a "sexier Kristina". Our own Bob Guza, scribe for most of GH's deconstruction, left to be replaced by Garin Wolf. Poor Guy was really in over his head on this one.  The EP, Jill Phelps --gone...and of course, star of the Daytime Demise, Brian Fronz was shown the door. This was of  course, after AMC and OLTL cancellations. We all fear  GH isn't far behind, especially with Katie Couric chomping at the bit.   

 Kirsten Storms Last Day in Sept.

Plant Boy gets Duct Taped.

The year of Luke's many demons-- and endless bitch-outs from his wife, daughter son and most of Port Charles. 
Lisa Niles is dead-- finally thrown overboard--washed up. Now they think some boat chick did it. Whatever. At least it's some justice for the stupid HIV storyline handed to us. Now we are waiting for Robin to leave--or get really sick, or be cured under the new writers. Oh, the plight of a soap fan. At least Anna is coming back. 
2012 will be crazy for GH fans because we will be waiting on pins and needles for the ax to fall (or not). Will the new guys be a good change or will they take the show into yet another even more boring direction. Will more stuff be dropped or evaporate into oblivion? We've been tossled around so much we are a little bruised. Be Gentle. 

NEW SPOILERS are up. Not much there really. Like I told you long ago though, Helena's back Jan 9th!


  1. There were no good story's in 2011. There was amazing acting by JJ & AG, however that got sickening to watch after awhile as well.

    Other than Jake's blotched death, that silly Brenda storyline, the custody fight, there wasn't really a story all year.
    Oh yea. Lisa. Sad but that was the best of the year. And look how horrible that was.

  2. ***SPOILERS****GH2

    Having barely escaped with his life the last time he was in town, Jax is a man on a mission. "He's unaware of what's gone on in his absence. He wants to keep tabs on his daughter. His big thing with Carly was keeping Josslyn out of harm's way, and now she's got a bodyguard living there, which just proves his point that his daughter is not safe. Sonny tried to kill him. He hasn't forgotten about that. He also knows that Michael saw him. He's not going to run away from that. He's not going to pretend like it didn't happen. So, there's a lot going on right now."
    Ingo adds that he had talked with the previous regime about another return trip to tape at the end of January, which is now up in the air due to the backstage changes. However, he's quick to note, "If they want to talk to me about it, I'm certainly open to that. There's a lot of life left in this character, so if they're willing to explore it, I certainly am."

    Patrick catches Robin trying to sneak away. She tells him she’s just going to Africa for an AIDS conference. He accepts this but is confused when he catches her looking at her will.

    Week of January 9th

    1/9 Helena returns to Wyndemere.

    1/12 Jason accompanies Sam on her appointment with Dr. Lee for an ultrasound.

    Sam gets a call from Patrick about Jason.

    Patrick eavesdrops on Robin and Jason’s conversation.

    Sonny gathers information about Jax.

    Anthony makes important preparations.

    Carly goes to Luke for a bargaining chip.

    Steve and Maggie delve into their past.

    Sonny and Johnny face off.

    Elizabeth and Patrick have a heart-to-heart.

    It looks like Helena will be interacting with the younger folks in Port Charles, as well as Ewen.

    Liz and Ewen discuss Helena.

    Sam tells Alexis she is pregnant.

    When Matt loses another patient, Maxie bears the brunt of his frustration.

    Week of January 16th

    1/17 Robin and Patrick discuss her health and the new drug protocol.

    The preparations for Tracy and Anthony's wedding get underway.

    (In no particular order...)

    Is Anthony's latest scheme serious enough to bring Luke back to town? (You bet!)(When did he leave?)

  3. Hey everyone, this is a completely different topic, but I just read through the earlier posts as I have not been on here since mid last week. I realize that we are down to two weeks of OLTL, but just a little reminder that Karen is still spoiler free and some spoilers were revealed in earlier posts...since this is her blog, we need to respect her wishes not to "spoil" the show for her...

  4. Where the spoilers at?? Since I am spoiler free too with OLTL I missed something??

  5. thanks, I won't look at the comments! LOL..although I did see some on twitter and was furious. ;/ Still hoping these 2 weeks are fantastic for OLTL

  6. Happy New Year Everyone!!!

    Just a reminder SoapNet is having a throwback OLTL marathon all day today. My favorite one comes on at 9pm where TSJ's Todd is being put to death and he gives a fantastic performance!


  7. GH was as bad or worse in 2011 as it was in 2010, 2009 and 2008 the beginning if this debacle. 2012 well I think we all know what will happen this year.
    I do have to say the SBu/Guza video was the weirdest thing yet shown and SBu looked like he wanted to crawl in hole and should have from shame for participating.
    I'm not in awe of TG or JJ they did a good job but so did BH and no one ever raves about her--she was the most consistent actor on GH even with the crap poured on her this year. She's the one who deserved the accolades.
    I do like the new doctor Ewan and he is a good match for EW. i watched their scenes on YouTube.

  8. I was watching the OLTL special on soapnet but had to cut it off why?????? the dang organ music playing you can tell how far we had come on the soaps lol

  9. Karen says, Divorces? Tracy and Luke and Carly and Jax..
    No Karen! Carly and Jax aren't divorced. They are still married! Carly didn't sign the divorce papers yet. She just put them in a drawer and left it there! :)

  10. Mamaspat Ole said...I was watching the OLTL special on soapnet but had to cut it off why??????
    Wait what? You were watching OLTL, but you cut it off? What do you mean?

  11. BEAUTIFUL post, Karen. One would think it's full of exaggerations but no, this year truly sucked for GH. What's worse is that this isn't even GH at its worst. 2010 was w/o a doubt General Hospital's most horrid year in its history of being televised, IMO of course lol.

  12. Oh joy. Seeing old and memorable OLTL flashes all day on Soapnet. What fun. First I kind of fast-forwarded thru a few I'd recorded, just to see who would be on each episode. Erased one; I hadn't been watching at that time and nothing looked familiar. I think I must have missed Karen on the court stand. I didn't start DVRing until around 11 AM.

    There was Marty and Patrick--how I loved those two and that romance. Nathan Fillion as Joey, making love to Dorian. Wow. And Phil Carey. I was hoping Linda Dano as Rae might be on, but didn't see her.
    Wanda Walak, too.
    Anyway, much of today's marathon was pure gold. I think I'll transfer some of this to a VCR tape just to keep. I will miss this show SO much....

  13. Hi there. If anyone knows any YouTube channel that posts the SoapNet OLTL marathon, can we let Karen know, and Karen, can you share it? I don't have a television (just watch online) and the wonderful gal who hosts the OLTL YouTube channel I watch doesn't get SoapNet. :( Would love to see every episode they aired....

    Happy New Year all you Wubbies.

  14. CareyN We Love Soaps (the website) listed all the episodes SoapNet was showing..I'll see if they are on You tube when I get the chance. I think some were only 30 min when they aired originally. Karen's trial was at 10--the first one.
    My fave to watch was the Wild West wedding, I did love that stupid time travel. LOL. And Blaze!!

  15. I would LOVE to see a CarJax reunion!! IMO they were the
    'IT' couple of GH!
    Don't think I will get my wish. Per Ingo..he asked if he could come back next month and no answer was given to him. His time here now is very limited. Sadly.

  16. My2Cents2 I would LOVE to see a CarJax reunion!! IMO they were the 'IT' couple of GH!Don't think I will get my wish. Per Ingo..he asked if he could come back next month and no answer was given to him. His time here now is very limited. Sadly.
    Yeah Cents I heard about that!!! That sucks!!! Why new writers why?!!?!?! :( I want CarJax back!!!!!

  17. SONYA said:Yeah Cents I heard about that!!! That sucks!!! Why new writers why?!!?!?! :( I want CarJax back!!!!!

    I thought they would bring Jax back permanently. However, I have a feeling, the writers are trying to bring over OLTL key players to gain a stronger audience, and there is no room in the budget for Jax. JMO! Happy New Year girlfriend!

  18. My2Cents2 said...I thought they would bring Jax back permanently. However, I have a feeling, the writers are trying to bring over OLTL key players to gain a stronger audience, and there is no room in the budget for Jax. JMO!
    Nah I bet the new writers are there because GH is gonna be cancelled soon.

    Happy New Year girlfriend!
    Happy new year to you too!!! :)

  19. 2010 was rancid. Please, I don't want to go back again. 2011 came in second in awfulness.



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