Monday, January 30, 2012

Rick Springfield coming to GH for an appearance in March!

Looks like more '80's vets are back! Rick Springfield will make a short appearance as Dr. Noah Drake to tie in with Robin's departure. He is after all, Patrick's daddy (oh, and Matt's too).


  1. Good news and good to see him, but makes me worried for Robin's fate.

  2. Maybe Dr. Noah Drake will come back in March to grieve is daughter in law Robin and meet Matt's new girlfriend Liz! :)

  3. I saw him again in concert back in September and he showed a super cool video montage just before he hit the stage with lots of 80s GH stuff on it. Jackie Z appears in it and speaks. Wish I could get a copy of that.

    Awesome news he's returning to PC to visit. Don't forget Rick and KM have worked together before on other projects. They're obviously friends.

  4. I am baffled with Robins exit.
    I 'read' its a tear jerker, however, its open for her return.

    I have no clue what any of that means. I guess, I should take it with a grain of salt though. Things are changing daily behind the scenes.

    How wonderful ALL parents are surrounding Patrick & Robin at that difficult time. Things like that, have been missing from storylines.

  5. I heard that Robin's "death" will be tied to Faison-- who's a nutter that terrorized her parents and Felicia back in the day. So perhaps, there's some explosion, she's "presumed dead"?? I don't know-- it's good to be wondering I think!! She could just be dying of AIDS after all. We'll see.

    Frank, that video was part of his documentary coming out!

  6. Why is my mind blank to Fiason??
    I think I remember the face, but not the storyline.

  7. Deb K,didn't Faison hold Felicia captive? I remember that story because supposedly it was going to be Laura but Kristina Wagner made a fuss about her lack of storyline and they used her instead. Faison also blew up the boat Robert and Anna were on, ultimately "killing" them, although they miraculously escaped.

  8. Karen, I sure hope the new protocol for Robin works, and her exit will be because of something else. I mean she could die, but don't let it be because AIDS. After she has kept strong after so many years, I think it's important to show her strength and show people they can survive.

  9. I think I am getting dementia. I remember the face, but I can't remember Faison!

    I would love for a recast of Jeff Webber...maybe down the line if the show lives on.

    Dr Drake will only be on for 2 days. Still it will be enough to raise the ratings for Feb!!!

  10. Rick Springfield's 2005-06 return didn't do much for "General Hospital's" ratings.

    The only thing that will help that show's ratings is if ABC brought back "One Life to Live."

    "GH" has had record breaking lows for the past three weeks. Interestingly, enough, that's exactly how long "OLTL" has been gone.

  11. LSV was me, LindaV. How are you guys signing in to Google and still showing your names, not email? Thanks!

  12. Faison! that would be so cool. I'm too young to remember the first time he was on, but i remember when he helped Helena kidnap and brainwash Lucky.


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