Monday, January 2, 2012

No Soapies on ABC Today!

 Mean Face Sonny wants some GOOD WRITIN' in 2012!

Well, we get a break. No new show today.  Coming up? Sam gets the news she's PG-- Michael works for the enemy-- and Robin will ask Liz to be her stand in. 

So it goes.. Ladies and Gents... we are into 2012 now, new writers will be in the "house" Jan 9th and stories rolling in Feb.  Can they save our show? Will anyone still be watching but us masochists?


  1. Does this mean we only get 9 more episodes of OLTL?

  2. Karen, is there any way you can speak with the writers? You have a large following, and we are the hard core fans--maybe they would be interested in hearing what you have to say.

  3. Karen, I meant the new writers coming in. . . .

  4. I hope one of Cartini's resolutions this year is to improve GH.

    Persuade Nathan to stay, get rid of LIW and bring back Lexi.


  5. AntJoan, wish I could! I've tweeted him. He's from here, about a town away. I've tried to lure him out with coffee...some dinner at a great restaurant. They are here to clean up, GH is gone. I hate to say it but with Couric comin' -- I think it's done deal.

  6. You really think its all about 'clean up' and its gone???

    I guess I have been fooling myself with hope since Frons was fired.


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