Monday, January 9, 2012

Five Days Left of OLTL Let the Crying Begin!

It starts now, the last of the OLTL Episodes. One Week... 5 hours. It's just criminal this great show is going off the air now--especially with it's critical acclaim and ratings. But that's the Biz For You. Money, Money, Money. Heart? None.  I understand the bottom line, doesn't mean I have to like it.
LUNA!!!!!!! and Max mentions. I am so teary-eyed just hearing Luna. Megan and Gabby were on in Heaven.
Sorry but that's the only way to show dead people, and I'm taking it. Viki seeing Megan was so wonderful!!
CLINT goes to hell and sees GO GO STACEY!! She wants her heart back! pffffffffft. She was even on a stripper pole.  Stacey Pee Pee...on of my faves.  I had no idea she was coming back.
BO and Gabby--Gabby is still such a sleeze mo. LOL. she's trying to seduce him even in heaven! THANK goodness that didn't work.
Death comes for FORD and it's Eddy!! Oh man.. one more time with that psycho!  They are in hell too. heh. I thought maybe Ford would be in limbo or something.

I am SO GLAD Nat shot Mitch. She's a kick ass soap chick. Didn't need John to save her. She can save herself dang it! 
COLE could be dead, I don't care. Poor James-- he's so second choice. ;/ 
I loved the show today, fantasy and all. But I'm weird like that. GREAT ending. Loved Mitch being dragged back to HE double L. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL! (not excited)
So  we find out that Cassie Cassadine isn't a ghost! That was so spooky.NOT. Weird. So glad that Siobhan wasn't in the room with all those damn accents. WHY is that chick in Wyndemere?! I need to know. They'd better say. She said she feels "safe" ...okay. Whatever. Why did we see her run every time Dr. Ewan came in the room if she knew him?
Johnny and Carly were in the hall with Michael on Friday, now they are at his apartment? WTH?  Her having xex with him to "save Michael" is a hoot. AHAHAAA.

Sam and Monica...Monica was in "Mamma" mode.
Patrick was nicely snotty to Jason!! Jason was like "I don't keep track of all that" referring to his numerous wounds.

Robin and Liz: Like Liz is the most stable person for Patrick. Now, I love Liz but she's not got the most straight track record. LOL Robin should make her Emma's guardian or something not just stand in a locker room.

Robin asking Liz to basically become Patrick's lover
Johnny wanted Michael in the Z's because hes' "like Jason"--uh..he was hauling around coffee bean bags.
Carly's "exchange"..come on. 
Lady in White: is she even ON the island? How is Ewan "letting her stay there" Why did she run when she saw him for MONTHS? Why the nightgowns. And that scream? Bad acting. 

Monica and Jason my only fun part.

JEN LILLEY wrote this on twitter today:
 Thanks for all the thanks!! The GH fans truly touch my heart! I'm gonna miss you too! I'm savoring my last few days in Port Charles. xo!


  1. I hope Cartini comes in and kills the stupid cross-eyed mute (not mute anymore, eh?)off the damn show. The dumbest storyline ever!!!

    Kill her off!

  2. Happy Monday! Loving this warmer than normal weather in the Northeast! GH...not loving that as much. I could pretty much sum up today in a couple of sentences...Robin and Sam are still keeping their secrets from their men. Monica was on today encouraging Jasam to procreate...not chewing anyone out as she did Liz recently so that's good. Jason has head trouble of an unknown orgin. Carly is once again proving she will do anything; lie, cheat, steal, or hire herself out sexually to Johnny, for her kids. (Setting mothers/women back thousands of years!) Johnny is being his usual passive-aggressive self..."I didn't come to you, you came to me." He utters that line a lot to justify his actions. Yeah, that's true but doesn't make it right. You would never think that several years ago, this guy was so distraught about Michael getting a bullet to the head because of the botched hit his sister ordered! Daddy Z would be proud of his son! Skate was boring and had sex. The most exciting thing? The Lady in White...Wow..IT TALKS! That was the only excitement. Why do her scenes remind me so much of Brenda's when she came to town though? She's so bewitching, so appealing, no man can resist her mysterious charm, yadda, yadda. At least we go to see Ewan. I am quite sure he and Cassandra (they gave her a name today...Cassie Cassidine; I like that! CC!) are more familiar with each other than they are letting on to Ethan and Spin. I guess Robin's leaving us this week. Not sure when her last airdate is or when/if Ethan and Spin will also be going. New staff...where are ya? Judging from the ratings, something's gotta give. Let's hope it's not the show itself!

    PS...Glad to see Kirsten's on her way back. At least that's some happy GH news!

  3. OLTL: Megan, Gabby, and Luna! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Uh is ghost Gabby high? What the hell?!


    Monica and Jason: Awwwww! :( Great scene!

    Wyndemere: Oh the mute lady in white can talk. Zzzzz. She sounds like Maggie. Zzzzzzzzz. She has amnesia and doesn't know who she is. Zzzzz. Oh she screamed. Zzzzzzzzz. I'm so bored. You are right Karen bad acting!!!

    Robin and Liz: Come on Robin you are not being fair to Liz!!!

    Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzz. Who the hell is she on the phone with Zzzzzzzzz. Oh they have sex UGH!

    Carly and Johnny: That's my Carly!!!!! Where have you been? :) Oh he is kicking her out? ROFL!

  4. Carly is not sexy enough for Johnny & there scenes together were BORING! I hope that s/l is one that gets scrapped by the new HW!

  5. Karen Alfred here now that there is only 4 soaps left. Do you think they will still have the Daytime Emmy's. I know they have been terrible each year since Las Vegas but it got me to wondering what is the point of them now?????

  6. OMG, OLTL was the best. I still can't believe they cancelled the show. What idiots. LUNA COULD ONLY SAVE ONE? I hope that it is Ford. I don't think that Gabby was very angel like, misleading Bo. I'm going to miss this show so much.

  7. I loved OLTL today--that ending! "We could only save one of them." I really hope they saved Ford. Cole was fine when he was on, but I was over him by the time he left the show. I really like Starr with James, not that they are going for an HEA at this point. So glad Bo came back when he heard Nora.

    About GH, this whole thing with Carly and Johnny is so sickening. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the hooker tree, huh? So sick. How can anyone think that the viewers want to see Carly sell herself to keep Michael from working for Johnny.

    A little of topic, but I was hoping that everyone could keep my mom in their thoughts over the next few days. She is going in for double eye surgery tomorrow morning and if it doesn't go well she could go blind.

  8. Alfred, this year's emmys would include AMC and OLTL since they were eligible for last year.

  9. Didn't watch GH today but OLTL was grat! Unfortunately I believe Ford is gonna be the one to die. It seems weird that Ford is in Hell but Cole was in Heaven. The both did horrible things at least Ford was able to get Jessica's forgivness and even start a relationship. If Cole lives he goes back to jail for what like 10 years plus added time for escaping. That will leave Jessica with another dead man and another fatherless child. I'm gonna miss this show so much I wish they had more time.........this sucks!!!


  10. OK SOMEONE on twitter said NuKate has a TRAMP STAMP on her!! what!! Is this true. Cause...come on

  11. @Elizabeth Your mom is in my prayers I hope everything goes well and that she makes a full recovery!


  12. Sorry I missed your last day live tweeting today 3pm's won't be the same without you! Although, you know me, I'll still tweet you with the things that annoy the heck out of me and make me drink early in the afternoon! hahaha! Hopefully, they will be far and few between once RC gets on the job because I didn't plan on going to Betty Ford for at least another 30 years! Good luck with your new job! Looking forward to your recaps! :)

    P.S. I didn't get to watch GH today but from what I've read, I didn't miss anything :(

  13. Kat said...I don't think that Gabby was very angel like, misleading Bo.
    Yeah Gabby was acting really strange. I didn't like it either.

  14. OLTL-NOT feeling it today. Silly.
    I hope it gets better. Who wants to see shootings and death? ENOUGH!
    Did Ford die?? I don't remember that. All I know is let's get back to the present and wrap up things!
    LOVE Monica/Jason scenes as a rule. Today I wanted to put a sock in her mouth.
    This Robin & Liz story is so stupid. Seriously, if Robin is dying why wouldn't she say to Liz to 'look after them', instead she has them as lovers? Really?? Does she think that highly of Liz??

    FF thru Carly. She looked like an old hooker coming on to Johnny.

    FF thru everything Sonny & Kate, LIW and Mr Grasshopper/Ethan.
    This show is terrible. The worse.

    How could Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza put something like this crap out to view on public TV???

    I think I am looking forward to the end of soaps.

  15. Karen -I thought I saw a tramp stamp. YUCK

  16. OLTL - I got goosebumps before the opening credits ran and I was sobbing like a crazy woman by the time Megan and Viki hugged. Wow, just WOW! Lord please let Carlivati bring this kind of story telling back to GH

    GH - yes Virgina that was tramp stamp on Nu-Kate!!! roflmao I saw the tweets about it and just finished the show. You can see it in the very last sexy segment of the show when she and Sonny are on the bed. It is on the left side of her spine (not dead center), just above the kini line, and it's roughly 4 inches across. Looks like it is a scrolly viney deal. (Note my very technical description there lol)

    Re "speak no evil" (aka Cassandra) she looks so much like JMB it freaks me out a bit. They really need to give her 1 dress size larger in the future because that one today gave her a tummy and we all know she is probably only a size 2. She's a lovely gal but this storyline is lackluster.

  17. I have to say that I was never a Luna fan...she always annoyed me. As for Gabrielle, she was being Gabrielle. Death apparently has not changed her! I will be really pissed if Ford died- it had better be Cole. Honestly, this character has been off the canvas for so long, and it isn't even the same actor reprising the role for these few days- why should anyone root for him to live? Can't the show end with Jess being happy for a change? I also thought it was hysterical that Stacey pee pee was there and wanted her heart back! And that she and Eddie dragged Mitch off to hell! Four days to's going to be hard to say goodbye.

  18. and the site that has the oltl spoilers said nope not this last week.Im hoping Ford lives too.

  19. Does anyone know when SoapNet is making the change to a kids channel? Everything I can find mentions Jan. but I thought it was going a little longer. Any info out there?

    Second, when do the stories of the new writer start? Has the cast begun to film those yet?

    Thanks for the help!

  20. Disney Jr. will replace SoapNet on March 23rd!


  21. Thanks LaTanya. At least there are a few more months to watch there. I dread going back to the days of "breaking news" interruptions.

  22. Elizabeth, my best wishes for you and your Mom.

    And, Karen, best of luck in your new position!

  23. Crap is right, Karen. First of all, Cassie and Ewen are trespassing, for heaven's ske. Ethan is supposed to be watching Windemere yet he doesn't even question their presence there. Why wouldn't he have checked out the bedrooms and kitchen checked out instead of always going through the secret passage - obviously Cassie wasn't sleeping there with her hair styled and her immaculate white clothing. She doesn't look as great up close she did from a distance, though - Kristina looked more age-appropriate actually. And the situation with Robin and Liz- Liz has two kids and she is supposed to take on a third child and be a wife to Patrick? Sounds like the pioneer days. Carly is a little too long in the tooth to be swapping sex for favors with young Johnny. The new team really needs to get rid of these stupid storylines. I did like Patrick with Jason, though. Jason T. is always a pleasure to watch, as is Kim Mc.

  24. I noticed the tramp stamp, too, and they are still showing that tattoo on her inner wrist. Hard to watch with Sonny practically devouring her. He just isn't that sexy anymore.

  25. Nathan loves Wyndemere Wendy because she is a know-it-all amnesiac. Of course there's alot of room in your head, dear -- you don't have a brain!


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