Friday, January 27, 2012

Kris Alderson Tweets: I Signed 3 Year GH Contract!

That's right... Starr Manning has a 3 year stint with GH. NO comment on the "Three year" bit. LOL. She's a long timer though.  "Todd" and "Blair" are on for a LIMITED run-- maybe Starr will be singing for L&B  records. What are the odds baby HOPE comes too? hmmmm. 


  1. Three Years. Hmmm. I will be in shock if GH makes 1 year.

    I think that this is ABC's newest ploy to keep people thinking that they are not going to cancel GH for Katie Couric.

  2. GREAT freakin News!!!!! Thanks for sharing so promptly!!

    What does it mean? It means that there is still HOPE for GH and nothing has been cancelled yet.
    That is what a 3 year contract means.

  3. Andrea said...Three Years. Hmmm. I will be in shock if GH makes 1 year. I think that this is ABC's newest ploy to keep people thinking that they are not going to cancel GH for Katie Couric.
    Yeah I agree with everything you said. :(

  4. sonya said...
    Andrea said...Three Years. Hmmm. I will be in shock if GH makes 1 year. I think that this is ABC's newest ploy to keep people thinking that they are not going to cancel GH for Katie Couric.
    Yeah I agree with everything you said. :(
    Sorry but I disagree. If they knew for sure they were being cancelled, they would not have been left holding the bag for the remainder of her contract.

    This show isn't going anywhere, except maybe a new timeslot. :)

  5. Sorry not happy about this. This gal has no flippin ties to this show & isn't even all that great. This is not what most diehard GH's want to see the old OLTL writer do. I do like Blair & todd & even John but I like Mac better, along with several others

  6. I think people are jumping the gun here. Carolyn Hennesy had said that these new writers were not turning their lives upside down and moving across country for a few months. They are genuinely trying to turn GH around and save it. Everyone just needs to support it, watch it and not give up on it.

  7. the same thing was said about amc including the move across the country. we seen how well that worked out. actors/magazines are told what they can & cant say. they'll spin it to sell more mags. gh has been a sinking ship since the early 2000s.

  8. Congrats but that really don't mean squat. I guarantee you there's fine print to cover if and when GH is cancelled. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it!


  9. Deb K said...Sorry but I disagree. If they knew for sure they were being cancelled, they would not have been left holding the bag for the remainder of her contract. This show isn't going anywhere, except maybe a new timeslot. :)
    I hope you are right hon. :( We just have to wait and see what happens. :(

  10. LOL!! I find that laughable! But o.k. They cannot disclose if they have been told the show is going off. I don't buy it as many shows that are now gone had similar announcements (GL, ATWT, AMC, OLTL ). Poor Susan Lucci announcing on tv that the show is staying on air not knowing that ABC had made the official announcement of cancellation. I felt so bad for her and how they made her look like a fool. I am still hoping that it will stay and that carlivati will write good storylines but it is not up to him as he said in a recent interview at daytime confidential. It is disney and ABC that I don't trust.

  11. The person overseeing daytime tv at ABC is known to promote reality tv. She produced reality tv shows. I hope she does not want to get rid of daytime soaps altogether.

  12. I read that tweet and people even replied to her that they hope the ABC president doesn't cancel GH before the 3 years. Others wrote, like GH has 3 years LMAO, in reply.

  13. 3 years? GH is doing what AMC and OLTL did. They are bringing back the characters we all loved and miss. Too bad they are doing it when they are cancelling the show. If they would have listened to the viewers and had characters like these on all along, GH and the other soaps would not have been in so much trouble. Who needs more of the talk shows? Not me! 33 years of viewing these shows and they will soon be gone.

  14. I agree with Jen WE DO NOT WANT OLTL TO TAKE OVER GH.
    If they wanted to bring this actress on why not bring her on as a GH character? Why not add her as Sarah Webber, Sarina Baldwin or even a never before mentioned child of Jimmy Lee Holt or someone else with a connection to GH's core families.
    The more and more I hear about OLTL taking over GH the more convinced I am that the 30 plus years I have been watching GH will soon come to an end.

  15. Frisco, as usual, ITA!! BRILLIANT suggestion!

  16. Okay - she'll be on GH for 3 years...but after 1 year she will be all alone on an empty set.

    GH is done as of September 5, 2012.

  17. I just want to see who dies in this new "boom" My guess that the last two standing are Carly and Jason. Carly's dream finally comes true.

  18. Anon 8:45am. Jason and Carly are like termites, we could have a nuclear meltdown and they'd still be going about their business as if nothing happened. That said, I think Carly is an important character. you either love her or hate her, but if you hate her you love to hate her. She's totally "soapie".

  19. there is ALWAYS an out-clause in contracts... seriously. I think it's 9 months? It doesn't mean at ALL GH is sticking around.

  20. i think that it' a 3 years for the ABC networks so i think that she can be on other ABC shows in the future

  21. Lisa's post says it best. This show just isn't going to be around after late summer. I think RC & FV were brought over to cut the budget further for a few months, and to attempt a proper burial.

    On the plus side, I truly believe the next few months are going to be fun and exciting, and I don't mind bringing a few OLTL'ers over. All writers bring new characters - look at the collection of tree stumps Wolf has given us. I'd rather see some familiar faces from Llanview than more Maggie's or Mulva's.

    What have the ratings been like since GH has been the only soap on ABC?

  22. Seriously why you people watching GH with all your negativity??
    The show has sucked to hell for the past year.
    We finally see a change, a positive change, and people still can't accept the positive.
    Stop watching. I for one, am excited with this news. The news is telling me that GH has hope that they will remain on tv. So much hope that they are signing 3 year contracts. If they were 100% sure the show was over, they wouldn't sign a contract like this. They will have to pay her once the show goes off. Why would they willingly do that? Will the show be cancelled?? Maybe. But it hasn't yet, nor is anyone aware it has been cancelled. Apparently GH has an idea to keep going. Get on the train and enjoy what is to come, or stop watching the show. Geez if I hated something soo much I wouldn't waste all my energy on negativity. I would stop what was turning me into the negative person. It is what it is on GH.

    The 'Jasam' comment is ridiculous as ever. LET IT GO. There is no 'winning & losing' with this couple. There is NOTHING between Jason & Liz. NOTHING. They had a child because they had 2 nights of sex. Do I like Sam? NO! But Jason in this story,loves and adores her. So get over the Liason crap. NOT happening in the near future.

    For those of you who are interested in blogs that think positive here is a link:

  23. Anonymous said...
    Okay - she'll be on GH for 3 years...but after 1 year she will be all alone on an empty set.

    GH is done as of September 5, 2012

    Could you send me that memo? I didn't receive it.

  24. did you just put a link to another BLOG in my blog?? LOL

  25. I've lost all enthusiasm regarding the "One Life to Live" crossover now that I've learnt both Kassie DePaiva and Roger Howarth will be staying less than a month.

    This was just a cheap tactic TPTB concoted in their desperate minds to [momentarily] inflate the ratings and absorb some of the fans that are missing the show they have loved since 1968.

    Once Blair and Todd are gone, the central focus will go back to mobster Sonny, his overweight brain-dead sidekick Jason and his dim as dirt girlfriend, Sam. Yawn.

    No wonder the show received record breaking lows last week. It's not going to improve this spring.

  26. Life time Gh'er here.
    Actually I watched all ABC soaps.

    As for my thoughts on GH being canceled...
    I still hope not!!

    It is my favorite show on TV.

    I actually think it has gotten quite good lately.
    Way better than the last few years.

    Story lines seem to be fresh and new, not just recyled ones that we had to deal with in the past.

    Are there story lines and even characters I dont care for? Sure.
    But not enough to not tune in over.

    I have even suffered through the comericals and JaSam, so my TiVo will know I watched the entire program.
    Ratings! that is what will keep GH online.
    If they can get the ratings up, I believe it will stay.

    Im a little unsure about bringing over OLTL characters.
    I agree somewhat with another comment, I dont want GH vets to loose airtime for Starr and John.
    But I dont think this happen, once the story line introduction is finished.
    I don't think they will have storylines on their own.
    I think Starr is being brought in to give Micheal a S/L.
    And heck I'll take that over him going around town throwing crying fits! Cant take much more of that.

    And John, well....
    I have actually wanted him to join GH for quite awhile now. As long as Natalie doesnt come with him!!!
    I cant stand Natalie. Actually bummed they didnt kill her off on the final episode!!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed somehow he will have a S/L with Sam!!
    I loved Caleb and Livvie on Port Charles.
    And besides Steve Burton, Michael Easton is the only other person I thought KeMo had online chemistery with.

    So I'm kinda looking forward to see where that goes!

    For the first time in quite awhile I'm a excited to see what happens on the show.

  27. Primitive Place-Ditto!!!!!
    As a long time viewer as well, I won't give up on the show like most others do.

    IMO until there is an annoucement made of its cancellation, I am going to think positive, believe positive, and hope that the new staff behind the scenes has a vision for GH. IMO they do.
    As for those who are so miserable with anyting this show tries to do for the viewers, watching GH can NO longer be entertaining for them. So why bother??

    Karen...I did post another blog on here. Not that I am trying to take away from you, but there are a few people who think like I do. And for them, it would be a nice place to go, to support how they feel.
    The blogsite is nothing like yours. It is slow with forthcoming news stories. Your right on it!

    The difference is, there are people over there who believe in GH. And there future.

  28. I am not a gambling man and even I would gamble the whole farm on "General Hospital" dying a quick death this summer.

    It's pretty much written in stone. Alderson's three-year contact means: NOTHING!

  29. Can GH trade her for Florencia?

  30. Michael and Starr sitting in a tree, KISSING....

  31. YEP I see Starr and Michael getting together.
    Hopefully another rumor will be put to rest, and this Michael stays on the show!

  32. I guess KA will be on the Katie Couric show if she has a 3 yr. contract. I've watched snippets of OLTL over the years and I have to say she is not a great actress and not very appealing. And if she believes she has a three yr. contract she is dumb as a rock to boot.

  33. Re: Kristen Alderson

    She USED to be fantastic and most "One Life to Live" fans will back me up on this.

    She joined the show in 1998 at the age of 7 (!!!) and was seriously the best thing about that show up until around 2004 when Starr ran off to New York with Travis.

    The show made a huge mistake of shoving the actress into huge adult drama situations (getting pregnant at 15, being pushed down the staircase [while pregnant] by her dad/uncle) and a whole bunch of stuff that Alderson just didn't rise to the occasion for.

    I am sure the actress is just doing the "General Hospital" gig until she lands some small part in a chick flick or something.

  34. She isn't a great actress. Not by far. I think she was offered a more permanent contract because she has relocated to CA.

    Should GH become a success, abc wll find them a home.

  35. I hope KA has a big fan following because that would really help. Just makes me sad to see the direction this is all heading. At least it looks like The Revolution is revolting to the viewers, LOL.

  36. Ravenbeauty is saying that Genie Francis will be on 'loan' to GH and JJ will come back for Liz. Also the ABC contract is not as iron clad and that perhaps GH and OLTL will be combined an aired on another network. I would love if ABC didn't dot their I's and cross all their T's and another network picked up agnes' gift.
    Deb K everyone loves GH as much as you they just are not so quick to drink koolaide from ABC. Fans have been lied to flagrantly and they are just tired of the BS. No announcement has been made , smartly , on their part but that doen't mean that Anne Sweeney and TPTB haven't DC'd GH. You are right in saying we( the viewer ) don't know yet and should keep watching to boost ratings. The show was better this week and I'm certain there will be lots to smile about in the coming months when they bring back Faison and someone else ( fan favorite ) from the dead ( perhaps Alan or Emily ). They will go back to old villains instead of sonny. Someone ( vet ) will die and it will be an absolute surprise but perhaps 2 fan bases will put it to rest finally. I am giddy at the thought of old vets but in my heart , I feel GH will not stay on ABC. It may not be a bad thing if another network has the courage to combine 2 shows , revamp, and air it. Then I will drink the Koolaide happily singing 'free at last'! Bye , Bye, ABC!

  37. LOVE FAISON! Bring it!!!

  38. Lisa..I agree with you. I am not 100% convinced this show is staying on abc. @2:00.

    What I am convinced about, is that there is no cancellation date set in stone.
    I believe the execs at abc/disney decide come this summer if it stays or goes.
    Alot has to do with the future of the next 6 months of writing.

    Drinking koolaide? Maybe. For now I like the taste!

  39. I also noticed a difference on the show this week, a definite improvement, especially with Tracey, Luke and the Q's, lots of Johnny, less Carly, etc.

  40. DEB K, LOL! I like your words. "For now I like the taste". You made me smile :), and please know that I hope I am absolutely wrong and there is no cancellation, but now I wish another network would nurture soaps and take GH aand OLTL on with carlivati writing.

  41. Alan coming back would make me happy. Faison and Helena , happy dance! Less sonny , I hope! Where can we write to sweeney , ron etc...?
    Looked at twitter and Steve Burton kept saying they were advised not to say who they are working with in the coming days. Guess they are trying to keep storylines quiet.

  42. I was on twitter and Steve is doing take the Steve Burton 90 day challenge for weight loss. His pic is HOT.

  43. It's actually
    I thought the pic was hot too!

  44. Is steve doing the personal training ! Sign me up! I would work out night and day if he was my personal trainer, LOL!

  45. Just saw Kristen's twitter. Did you all see she said Nathan Parsons gave her a rose? Didn't he send roses to Lexi on her last day too? Such a gentleman that man is!

  46. 90 days with steve burton! HOt Pic!
    I'm actually doing turbo fire and p90x but I'm curious.

  47. Steve Burton put a clip on you tube for his fans talking about a 90 day challenge to get fit and healthy. He's certainly doing a lot outside of GH!

  48. That was my New Year's resolution and I got derailed by chocolate cake, LOL. Perhaps I should start again. GH fans, it's time to get fit and healthy.

  49. I wonder how appealing LindaV is?

  50. I agree with the posters that said GH was better this week. Brandon Barash was amazing--made me remember why I loved Johnny to begin with (back when I felt he was more "the mobster with a heart" than Sonny, and while he has changed a bit since Claudia's death, he is still a lot smarter and a bit more sympathetic than Sonny). Right now, Johnny is actually the best part of the show for me, probably because he hasn't been all about the mob. I like that the writers are showing his pain (odd since i hate all the angst from Sonny and Michael), but i think for me, Johnny is a character that originated while I was watching and his family difficulties have been in the here and now (despite the fact that Claudia and Gino were about 30 years ago). Nothing that happened between Sonny and Deke was shown on canvas, so it is a little further out for me. However, if this show is still on in 5 years and Johnny is still angsting over the fact that Claudia was his mother and not his sister, I will be ready to reach into the screen and slap him, which more often than not is the way I feel when it comes to Sonny.

    I think the reason I like Johnny is because I like the Zacharas in general--even Claudia (even after she was responsible for Michael's coma). Despite being a mob family, I feel they are very much a FAMILY, which is what soaps are supposed to be about. I don't think I ever felt that connection with Sonny, well, maybe when he and Carly first got together (Maurice Benard and Sarah Brown had great chemistry, imho). With the Zacharas, you can see the family dynamics, especially since Anthony and Johnny live together. (Their relationship actually reminds me of my relationship with my aunt--not that she is certifiable.) You can see that they both care about each other and that they both exasperate each other. Anthony may be completely nuts, but there is no question that he loves Johnny.

    I am also interested in an actual relationship between Carly and Johnny. I didn't like the idea at first because she was pimping herself out to stop Johnny from bringing Michael into the Zachara organization. However, after the scene with Luke when she was really upset about the fact that Luke told Sonny what he found out about Johnny. She seemed really concerned about him--and not in the way someone who only planned on sleeping with him for her son's sake. She is a bit of a harpy, but I think they could be really hot together. (I also agree with whomever said she is very soapy.)

    As for Kristen Alderson, I loved her on OLTL. What first drew me to that show was the relationship between Starr and Cole. I hope GH lasts for the full 3 years of her contract, although I am pragmatic enough to know that it probably will not happen. I am, however, along for the ride.

  51. Lisa said...Someone ( vet ) will die and it will be an absolute surprise but perhaps 2 fan bases will put it to rest finally.


    Could it be Steve Burton's (Jason) exit story??
    And, the 2 fan bases that are being mentioned are Liason and Jasam? That they will stop the fighting? Maybe Jason choices someone else altogether? Robin??

    I would love it!! Finally, shut Carly up! Hahahaha

    If this is indeed the case, I hope it coincides with Robin's exit story. Perhaps they leave together?

    Maybe, Jason finds out Sam was behind the whole Franco ordeal? And, the baby is Franco's afterall? This could be his reason to push her away? Be the final nail in the coffin so to speak.
    It wouldn't be farfetched either considering JnR have been confiding in one another as of late. Perhaps, the spark being rekindled?
    Could it be that TPTB finally decided to listen to SBu and pair Jason and Robin again? It's been said that he wanted Kimberly back to get Jason and Robin back together

    Maybe Jason fakes his and Robin's deaths because they have been given poor results concerning their healths?
    Or, they decide to go together to seek treatment for their health complications?

    Oh the soapy possibilities.

  52. Yeah....I absolutely do not believe KA signed a "3 year GH contract". The show is a done deal come September. I'm sure her contract is perfectly worded to ABC's specifications. Even if the Revulsion tanks, I think ABC will still dump GH. They've made it quite clear they want out of the 5 day a week "love in the afternoon" soap world.

    Overall, I've been pretty happy with the changes this past week. The pacing has improved and the choppy, no-sense writing has been cleaned up a bit. What I'm looking forward to now is a respectful send-off for my beloved GH.

  53. Deb K: Youa re so wrong about Liason. They were friends and as close as you can get Lovers for years. They didn't have to have sex. Utube it, Whether you like liz or not, their chemistry was there. I am actually a die hard L&L2 fan (only with JJ), but I hate to admit I still get butterflies with Liason. I also like Kemo, but find her boring with Jason only because she doesn't have a life outside of being on his couch. Liasons fan base says it all, they definitely have more than just 2 memories of having sex. Having a child together is kind of a a big deal, BTW! How dumb that statement sounded when I read it. Wake up girlfriend.

    On the other hand, Jason ending up with Robin sounds sweet and all, but I couldn't bare to watch Patrick be upset. That actor is so good with his emotions.

  54. Steve Burton + weight loss = a big fat impossible.

    But at least he recognizes that he has a few inches around the gut he needs to get rid of (NO MORE STEROIDS, STEVE!) and for that I applaud him.

  55. Hi Karen! There is a great interview with Bradford Anderson on we love soaps tv ( where he talks about what has been going on backstage.He says some days they feel that GH will be cancelled because the Chew got better ratings than GH all of January and primarily because it costs less to produce. Other days he sees the great work they produce and feel that they can change things. It depends on tptb and where their head is at in terms of cost. He says the actors are in and out faster in order not to pay overtime in an attempt to keep cost down. It's a very revealing interview!
    lisa ( I always would sign in with my name, lisa, but with google it's love2chat)


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