Friday, January 20, 2012

Kirsten Storms NOT Returning to GH in Near Future

Maxie Jones for Now!

Despite reports that she'd be back this January, Soaps In Depth got an announcement from ABC saying that Jen Lilley will be staying in the role. No word on why or when/if Kirsten will be back.


  1. Hard for her to break that cocaine habit her rock star boyfriend has got her hooked on.

  2. Boo!!!! I miss KS she IS Maxie..Jenn does a good job and all but KS owns that role

  3. Perhaps they offered her less money in contract negotiations. I hope her medical condition is under control and wish her well.

  4. It wouldn't surprise me if the new regime didn't offer her what she expected. They are bringing in new people at the expense of vets.

  5. Actually soaps in depth has a tweet reply by jen lilley that storms is still not well. It seems she could not return next month so jen will continue the role.

  6. Anonymous...who is the rock star boyfriend??

    I wish KS well and hope she is feeling better.

    I am thrilled that Jen Lilley is staying on a bit longer. I think she has elevated this role to a place it needed to go.

  7. Oh no that's too bad. I hope she is okay. :( But YAY Jen Lilley is staying. I like her. :)

  8. I like Jen well enough as Maxie to easily forget the original--in fact there have been times I was accepting the nuMaxie enough that I forgot she was was subbing.

    She maybe now could bring down the Maxie flightiness a notch and that would be a better Maxie. She has already done this some and it only needs a little more....

  9. On her twitter account a few days ago she was talkiing about a sibling having surgery and being by her bedside when she woke up. So perhaps it a personal issue.

  10. Hey anon, go suck an egg. We love & support Kirsten. At least have the guys to post your name if you're going to offend one of our finest. Kirsten IS Maxie, jen does a great job filling in but there's less meaning in scenes with anyone with history (mac, Robin, etc)

  11. First anonymous- I agree with RitaPita- that was totally uncalled for.

    Second anonymous- what are you taliking about? The new "regime" has barely started and they are already bringing back Anna, Robert and Holly- all vets that people have been clamoring need to be brought back. And since their shows have not even aired yet, how can you say that they are doing anything at the expense of the vets?

  12. Jen does do a good job but no one is Kirsten. In fact I think once the first week passed it just seemed like a different character to me. Bummer. I'm disappointed. I find myself forwarding thru Maxie now and that makes me sad. Kirsten lights up the screen no matter who she is with. And again, this is nothing against the current actress.

    I think the new people anon 2 was referring to was TJ, Nukate, and losing Lucky, Kim, Lexi and many others. It's a bit different though since the first 2 I mentioned CHOSE to leave.

  13. I believe that comment by anonymous borders on slander. This sight has never been about bashing the actors, and I think most would agree we don't want to start now. I wish KS the best and hope she returns soon because she IS Maxie!

  14. Coke habit? Comeon, even if she is super skinny, doesn't mean she's got a drug addiction.
    My wife has had bouts with endometriosis, and that stuff can be a bear. My heart goes out to Kristen to be dealing with that, especially at such a young age.

  15. This news totally depresses me, though to be fair I wasn't in a great mood when I read it. I have no idea what's going on with her personally (if it's endometriosis, anorexia, drugs, family issues or all 4 and then some it's none of my damn business; I wish her well without judgement or assumptions) but I haven't been watching GH lately, just letting it run on the website to give them "ratings" and getting the overall review from here and my mom. I intend to go back and catch up when the show starts sounding better, which I am hoping will be in the next week or two, but seeing Kirsten return is one of the things I've been waiting for. Jen Lilly is a fine actress but her portrayal of Maxie has dramatically lessened my fondness for the character. This is just one more thing to knock of the list of things I am looking forward to. It is really starting to sound like she simply won't be back. =(

  16. Really ticked off at Anonymous..I would love for your comments to disappear. Kirsten has a lot to deal with right now. Not, only is having endometriosis a terrible thing, but her beloved brother is also gone serving in the military. From Dirty Soap Kirsten was very upset about that prior to the health issues. I hope and pray that she gets stronger. I have not been watching GH much since she left and cannot wait for her to be back.

  17. I liked the Maxie before KS took over. It was a hard change for me. I haven't enjoyed KS in the role but I do like the girl that is filling in for her. Nothing against KS.

    OP Anonymous just spouted off trying to rile all of us up. I see it worked. :(


  18. RL, Anon 2 may have been referring to those people, but that all happened long before the new regime took over- can't be blamed on them...

  19. Hey anon, go suck an egg. We love & support Kirsten. At least have the guys to post your name if you're going

    First anonymous- I agree with RitaPita- that was totally uncalled for.

    I believe that comment by anonymous borders on slander. This sight has never been about bashing the actors, and I think most would agree we don't want to start now. I wish KS the best and hope she returns soon because she IS Maxie!

    I am so glad I came back today and saw these because yesterday I was shocked at the lack of compassion and the accusations that were here. This is NOT that kind of a site, so right to say that!
    Whatever her problem is, and I do not believe its drugs....its a health issue, she deserves compassion and support,, because that is what SOAP FANS do! And espcially the WUBBERS~

  20. Storms has been dating one of the members of the grungy rock band, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for years now.

    Of course we all remember her arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol a couple of years back.

    Is it so hard to wrap your minds around the idea that her rocker boyfriend has led her astray? It happened to Whitney Houston (America's 1980's sweetheart) when she wed Bobby Brown in 1992.

    And it happened to Amy Winehouse. I imagine Storms' family is doing their best to make sure 27-year-old Kirsten doesn't meet the grim reaper in the same manner 27-year-old Amy Winehouse did.

    Stop living behind rose colored glasses, folks.

  21. if you are so sure you are right then why dont you use your real name?

  22. KIRSTEN WE LOVE YOU! ANON get lost. We are supporters of our beloved actors, whether they have a drug problem or not (which I personally don't believe but hey, people have problems). Just because she got a DUI doesn't mean anything. Any one of us can get a dui thinking we're ok to drive after a few cocktails and BAM. Stop the judgement. None of us are perfect. Many of us take drugs every day to feel good prescription maybe, but hey they are still a drug & no one judges when there is depression or other issues, people sometimes need help. You don't judge when someone reaches out for help.

  23. Anon 3:04..STFU.
    Campus Disco...YES its slander, and unfounded lies being spread.
    Like RitaPita stated, if you make accusations like that, stand up and sign your name instead of hiding.

    All that said, KS left for 2 months. Its been 4 months now.
    Sounds to me, KS isn't coming back.
    She will be missed.

  24. Anon 10:09 'Stop living behind rose colored glasses, folks.'

    You stop spreading rumors until you can back up what you are saying. Then we can take our glass's off.
    I would HATE to live in your world.

  25. Kirsten is Maxie, i don't care for Jen's portrayal but respect her emensely for trying

  26. According to People magazine when Kirsten Storms was arrested for her DUI along the 101 Freeway in Studio City after they say they saw her toss a lit cigarette (a littering infraction) out the window of her Mercedes.

    Officers then issued sobriety tests, which she failed, says the CHP, which declined to state her blood-alcohol level.

    If she is willing to kill innocent children like she was four years ago when she got that DUI, she probably doesn't care what she does to herself.

  27. Anon-(the one hiding behind the anon status)

    KS was charged with a DWI 5 years ago. I dispise people who drink & drive. DISPISE.
    However, I also believe people make horrible decisions in life sometimes. I know I have. More than once.
    With the goodness of people, I have been forgiven. I chose never be around people who care to bring up the past. There called 'bitter people'. Who needs such negativity? I don't know about how most of you think, but negativity takes up too much energy. Rather save it for positive.
    If you truly believe your JUNK your spreading, why don't you wish her well??
    Is it really that much more fun tearing a person down?? A world full of hatred is what you live in.
    I pity you.

  28. For me, Robyn Richards IS Maxie just like Kim is Robin Scorpio.

    To recast, I now like Jen Lilley in the part. (and I have nothing against KS...and I totally wish her great health and happiness..I thought she was Belle and no one could fill those shoes).

  29. Whatever KS reasons are for not returning, they are personal.
    IMO it is unprofessional for her agent not to make a statement, but in reality, these are people. Not our friends. They are entitled to privacy w/out someone thinking and spreading venum about them

  30. I agree with RL that I just cannot get into Jen as Maxie and I ff thru ALL her scenes and it makes me sad too.. She does not have the same chemistry with other actors as KS..She is ok as a replacement but def not as good as my KS. I really hope she comes back.

  31. "Anonymous"...

    For you to make assumptions like you have about someone you do not know is hateful and immature. KS deserves some measure of privacy especially when it comes to medical issues.

    You obviously know nothing about this actress and are hiding behind your "Anon Colored Glasses".

    Please grow up.


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