Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Twister Of A Soap World Expands!

So.. how are we today? So far so good ...looks like I'm home this afternoon! What do YOU think about the OLTL/GH news? As a HUGE OLTL fan, I'm happy-- as a GH fan, I'm scared. Not sure how to react yet. It will all come down to the writing folks. If the writing is there, it will be gold. Bringing the strongest from TWO shows together might just be great
In other news, it's a BAD WEEK for me to start work! My phone went nuts-- eek!! I'm scrambling trying to learn and do all I need to for next week. We shall see. Just when everything gets good,  I'm not around. I think my schedule will allow me to view GH live 2-3 times a week? I'll try my hardest. 

NLG was tweeting Kassie DP about schools, where to get good martinis! Some soap bloggers/writers and media people were going back and forth about ratings and such. Some hate the idea, some love the's kind of funny to watch. Many want Sam to come over as well (Manning, the little kid). Would we have to call Sam Samantha then? :) 
If Starr and Michael hook up their parents: Blair/Todd and Carly/Sonny would be the biggest psycho square EVER! LOL 

OLTL TODAY: It's day 3 of 5! booo. The OLTL news makes me feel a bit better though. Rex and Gigi, thought they were done.  Guess not! 
Natalie needs some sweat pants. She looks like a cocktail waitress.  She's a mom and a police person.  
Shawn could come over and be with Sean..or is it Sean and Shawn? Hmmmm. Someone told me Shaun and Shawn. Good gravy. If we get Sean Donelly back, well, helllllo.
Today's show was boring given all the news. LOL.  Looks like Shane got into art school. They are moving to England.
Natalie and John were hot.

And Destiny sounded like a MAMA today! You tell 'em!!

Bought these therapy stickers for my new kids-- LOL I'll be reminded of Franco 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG.. please.  Like a doctor would let someone wander around who doesn't know who they ARE!! LOL in a Mansion on the lake no less. Who's paying for the ferry??
Tracy and Lulu were really good as usual. Love how Tracy wasn't even around with AZ and Maxie who are planning a wedding she doesn't even want!!
Johnny and Steve were ORANGE. wow...big time.
Luke is back. To help WHY did she have to HAVE HIM THERE? Stupid reason for him to come back. They could have Skyped. I get he has to come back but that's dumb writing. At least he was drinking coffee. 

Spinelli and Diane. Bradford is doing a good job at subtly changing Spinelli. He's not as hyperkenitic.
Olivia hates Mulva too.  I hate Mulva and Maggie! She and Steve talking about those pictures her patients drew? WOW. zzzzzzzzzz. 

Gotta fly! See ya!


  1. Put this in the previous post, but thought I should maybe put it here...

    There was a story that Ted King was going back to GH...what are the odds that this is to wrap up the whole who killed Victor story for us since OLTL is no longer going on-line?

  2. WTH!?! I'm in shock! Is this really real? Why can't it be my beloved Todd? Can't "Victor" and Tea go to GH too! I'd be more loyal to GH than ever!

  3. I just hope that GH cast doesn't get pushed to the side for OLTL characters. But I can see them bringing them on to wrap up the who klled Victor storyline. If anyone came over I wanted it to be Roxy she could play Coleman's mom and help run! Or they could bring back Mike and have them run Kelly's together! I loved Destiny today she went all Waiting to Exhale on I understand his life changed while he was in a coma but man up!

    Karen my son would love those monkey stickers his speech therapist gives him stickers after his sessions he's autistic....both of my boys are!

    Didn't wath GH today.


  4. Also if the Mannings have to bring Jack can the please recast the role...Drew Garrett would be great!


  5. Thanks for all the news this week, Karen. Just my gut impression...the GH/OLTL merger is either going to be a good success or it will fall flat. If viewers are fans of both shows, having all these new folks pop into Port Chuck might be fun. I have not watched OLTL in decades. I do recall Vicki, Dorian and some of the vets, but am fuzzier on the newer folks. So, having the OLTL folks there, for people who weren't regular followers might be a bit of a crunch. While I am glad for those OLTL folks soon out of a job to be getting some work, I really hope we get the GH vets we've been promised as well...Robert, Anna, Alcazar and dare I hope for Laura?

    The strongest part of today's GH in my mind was the one to one interaction between actors/actresses that just gel well together...

    LUKE (wasn't expecting him!)and Caroline...he makes her likable. I don't like what they've done to Carly here of late. I was just a bit amused how he knew about Jax? The guy didn't even know his daughter had murdered someone and eventually went into the looney bin years ago...Tracy had to find him and tell him. By the way, does he know his son is in Ireland and his daughter is now Mrs. Falconeri?

    Anthony and "Cookie" (Maxie) and Anthony and Tracy...was a riot! I guess no Friday the 13th wedding? Maybe that's the day Jason's going to blow Franco away...There IS a God!

    Diane (another welcomed sight) and Spin...also good for some laughs!

    Lulu and Tracy...they still have Lulu acting like a 12 year old with her feet up on the desk, but I have always liked Julie and Jane together.

    I am bored to the gills with the Lady in White crap. It is so unbelievable that a doctor would share the information Ewan is sharing with Ethan about his patient. (Who probably isn't really his patient, so I guess that makes it ok?) I would just guess that they cannot completely drop this story with Helena scheduled to come back soon.

    With bringing the vets back and knowing that the budgets for soaps is probably next to nothing, I would think some of the newbies or characters who are completely stalemated are going...

    We know Ethan is out and possibly Spin is written out.

    Maggie, I could do without. I really do not care what happened in Memphis anymore. Gee, they have a lot of people blackmailing others to get what they want these days...Johnny and Steve, Carly and Johnny, Anthony and Maxie, Anthony and Tracy.

    I could do without Mulva. If they needed someone to be Dante's partner, they have Ronnie. She's been added, I think, to be a third party issue for Lante. Mama Pasta already doesn't like her!

    I could do without Mayor Floyd or whatever they are calling him now.

    Matt...I like him, but if they don't intend to do anything with the man, then he's another one who can go.

    As I said, the Lady in White stuff is boring, so unless they are going to spice that up a bit with Helena, I could do without Ewan and Cassandra.

    So, they could still trim things up a bit to allow for those OLTL people and GH vets. I imagine they are going to have to trim the GH fat. Maybe we'll stop seeing this endless stream of newbies they end up not using because they don't know what to do with them!

    GH is still in holding pattern while OLTL approaches its swan song. I do feel for the fans!

  6. (previous post) I don't like this. I'll post what I said on twitter about it:

    *sigh* I love #OLTL, however, I don't want their characters to overshadow or steal the existing GH cast's thunder. No offense, but they already got their vets back, their epic story (ending or not), etc. #GH needs their own time.

    #GH shouldn't have to share its end...'s a bit unfair. Yes #GH sucks, but so did #AMC and they still got a good send off that was true to their show only... It wasn't shared.

    I understand Cartini looking out for their friends and employees at #OLTL, that's admirable. But it shouldn't have to be at the expense of #GH's proper swan song...

    ...our cries for vets didn't mean #OLTL's leftovers, we want OUR vets.

    I just feel you could get more viewers if you give #GH viewers what they've wanted for a change... ppl onsceen we've missed and actually like, making ppl likable again, etc.

    It'd be the same thing vice versa. I wouldn't want #OLTL to have to share their ending w/ a whole other cast. Let them have their sole ending.

    Yes, it's a bit repetitive and long winded, but it's twitter lol. Sorry ;)

  7. ...however, I do like that idea that you tossed out Karen. I hate Michael, but him and Starr would just make sense. I so agree about the levels of psycho there would be between Sonny, Blair, Todd, and Carly! lol

  8. Raven mentioned something about a fanbase split up. Could it be Jasam? Could Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco get back their Port Charles chem and cause a Jason/Sam/John triangle? Anything would be better than what Jasam are currently serving on they're own

    Maybe then I could get Liason? If not, I wonder what's in store for Liz romantically. Could they be positioning her into a triangle w/ Matt and Pat (per Robin's request)? That'd be cute. Or again, will Jason be hers for grabs? I'm liking all of the above possibilities

  9. The idea of even 50% less Sonny and Jason is extremely appealing and I am pretty sure that Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini are aware of this.

    And please, no Drew Garrett coming back. Andrew Trischitta (who is actually easy on the eyes) will suffice.

  10. No more JaSonny show!!! Oh happy day....sing with me!!!

    Starr will need a friend. But who? Maybe this girl named Kristina who used to live in PC?

    I can see these two little minxes mixing it up!!! HOLLLLAHHHHH!

  11. Those Twitter comments echo my concerns about the GH/OLTL merger. It is a creative idea and the nice part is that it will keep some of those OLTL actors in a job. However, my thought is also this...AMC and OLTL all got their swan songs without any infiltration from any other soap. If GH is going out (and I still think it is), then let it go out on its own merits with characters GH fans would love to see return, rather than having this schizophrenic situation where it's almost like we have half of Llandview still existing in Port Charles. It might be fine if the writers can pull it off, but if they cannot, then it would be like the cast of Star Wars coming aboard the Enterprise at Star Trek.(Hey, Spock, where did the wookie come from???) Gets a bit muddled. "You got your peanut butter in my chocolate. Well, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!"

  12. Not sure about the Victor story. If they bring Ted King to GH, remember he was Alkazar so-- I can't see them doing that?
    IT's been CRAZY today!

  13. When Ethan sleeps on the couch in his clothes, does he change his underwear & brush his teeth ever??

    WHY would Carly 'comp' Luke at the bar? Wasn't she part of the 'intervention' with him? Or we suppose to forget about that?
    GH NEWS today. Yes Karen its all in the writing with the future of this soap. Personally, after the outcry from fans of OLTL/AMC, they are afraid to cancel this show. In order to 'gain' fans, this is the best alternative. I give abc an A+ for trying it out.
    Please Jawn leave Gnat at home. That is all I am asking for from you!!!!!!
    I see the end of Maggie, Dr Ewan, Delores, Ethan, Spinelli?, LIW and possibly Olivia.

    Again its all in the writing the next 6 months. Have to wish the best.
    OLTL..Star going on the road with Rick and leaving her baby? Who saw that coming?
    Shane get your haircut.
    Gigi the only way Rex will marry you is on fake tv!!!!!!!!
    I guess Todd isn't going to jail.
    Go figure.

    Did I say Jawn leave Gnat behind?

  14. One more thing..I don't see the younger actors coming to GH.
    That would mean they would have to be be awfully good & loved by fans to move across the country.
    Kristin and her family were planning on moving out West. That is why I believe she was asked to join. As is Bree moving to CA.
    But for now, we have to get thru the next 6 months. If GH survives, there is plently of material and actors ready to come on board.

    Forecasting Sam & Jawn IMO is a little premature! As is Liz & Jason. I doubt these brilliant writers are going to write backwards in time. Its time to move on and make a new soap!

  15. Wyndemere: Zzzzzz. Where oh where is Cassie?! Oh where oh where can she be? Zzzzzzz. Oh there she is! Hiding again listening on Ewen and Ethan talk. Oh she kisses Ethan. *Yawn* OH THERE IS HELENA YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Maggie and Steve: Zzzzzzzzz. Steve wants Maggie to leave and go back to Memphis. Oh they kiss. Zzzzzzzzzz. Olivia watches! Kick her ass Olivia!

    Luke and Carly: YAY a scene with them! He is gonna help her out so she doesn't have to sleep with Johnny! ROFL!

    Diane and Spinny: Great scene!!! Spinny has the line of the day when he talks about how Diane when she was a lawyer got people off even when they are guilty! ROFL! Then when Diane talked about Sonny, Spinny says HA! ROFL!

    Olivia, Mulva, and Dante: Hahahaha Olivia is making damn sure Mulva knows Dante is married to a beautiful woman! GO OLIVIA! :)

    Olivia and Dante: Awww Olivia wants to get serious with Steve! Tell him Olivia!!!

    Maxie and Papa Z: Delicious!!!!!

    Tracy and Papa Z: She don't want to marry him! ROFL!

    Tracy: Oh oh she was abducted! :) ROFL!

    Johnny and Steve: OH! Steve killed someone in Memphis!!!!!

    I only watched 20 minutes of GH yesterday. I will watch the rest of it. :)

  16. Sonya....Ethan kissed LIW today? I ff thru them. Did he brush his teeth first?

  17. Melodybluez, you mention Helena being back soon. She was on at the end of today's show!

  18. Karen, it is far from unheard of for a soap to bring an actress back to play a completely new character- GH already did it with SB. Days did it with Judy Evans- there is no reason why they couldn't have Ted King come on as Tomas- knowing RC, he would even write into the script long time GH characters telling "Tomas" he looks familiar...

  19. Sorry- also, by bringing OLTL characters on GH, they may be hoping that the OLTL viewers that dropped GH (like me and many others), will then come back to GH and raise the ratings...let's face it- this "REvolution" crap is not going to get the ratings that OL gets, and that means even less of a lead in to GH...and most of the GH characters now are newbies that nobody cares about anyway. Push them out, keep the vets, bring back some of the vets that were let go and bring on the OLTL characters and they show could be awesome again...

  20. With GH...I had a work related phone call at the end of the final segment. I missed Helena. Glad to know she is back.

  21. adding more actors to GH is not going to save the show. it is the writing. besides i would rather have tyler christopher, ingo rademacher, jonathan jackson and kimberly mccoullogh rather than a bunch of newbies.

  22. My2Cents2 said... Sonya....Ethan kissed LIW today? I ff thru them.
    Yeah! She kissed him first and he kissed her back.

    Did he brush his teeth first?
    I hope so! ROFL!

  23. Crap, I'm gonna have to start watching Gag Hospital again...

  24. I am a cynic re: GH these days, but I am still hoping for good things here. It IS kind of like those crazy comic book crossovers where Batman meets the Predator, etc. It's so wild, it could work!
    #1 - A Sonny/Carly/Todd/Blair faceoff would be FUN
    #2 - A McBain/MultiScorpio take down of Sonny/Jason with McBain and Sam flirting it up and being torn between sides would be FUN
    #3 - Luke and Todd just talking about their grocery lists would be brilliant...Give these two actors some real scenery to chew and they would blow some stuff up in unreal ways. FUN AND INSANELY GREAT
    #4 - Starr and Maxie...Star and the (old) Kristina...Either friendship would be good to see.
    #5 All 4 incoming OLTL actors are proven commodities...They are good at their craft (Robert H. is actually near Tony Geary levels of acting - yes he is THAT good). I'd rather see them than some new eyecandy who can't act.
    #6 Hell BRING SKY BACK NOW TOO. She has done time on OLTL and GH, so she would know all the characters. Could be good!

    And with Robert and Anna returning...COUNT ME IN UNTIL THE BITTER END!

  25. Why can't GH get a good send off, because we all know it is as good as canceled, with characters that viewers love rather than a bunch of newbies from another soap opera?

  26. Raven said Katie Couric getting 3pm time slot in Sept. and GH going away. Raven also said Michael Easton etal signed for 6 months. Confused-GH in 2pm time slot on West Coast. 3pm time slot is talk show with Nate ???(can't remember his last name).

  27. Here is hypthetical idea. What if TPTB have realized that they made a huge mistake cancelling OLTL. Because of their egos they can't admit this error,so they are bringing cast and writers to GH. This way they start a new soap with the characters from OLTL and slowly eliminate GH(Sonny Jason MOB people etc)and its violent mob stuff. Then if it catches on they are heros and GH doesn't get cancelled. Just a thought.

  28. When did Raven become CEO of daytime television??

  29. IMO this brilliant idea is a way to breathe life into a failing show. Let's just say KUDO's to daytime tv for making this decision for now, and not cancelling GH. I don't care either what Raven says, (sorry this isn't a bash) but really, NOBODY knows the next 6 months of GH. Not even the lovely Ms Raven!

    Like Karen said earlier, its all in the writing for the next 6 months. If this show gets HOTT again, we will be viewing it somewhere in the future!

    NO NEGATIVITY right now! Trust the writers on this one!!!!!

  30. Yay, Helena is back!! Too bad she will be involved in that ridiculous but hopefully short-lived storyline. Glad to see Luke back with Caroline - he seems to be the only one she doesn't shriek at. Love that Johnny! Lulu and Tracy are always good together. I get the impression Anthony is going to marry Tracy and try to kill her. I wouldn't mind T. King back as Alcazar.

  31. The Nate Berkus show was canceled because it was horrible, so maybe Katie can have his spot and they'll leave our GH alone. :)

  32. Great News! Thanks for the info!
    Nate doesn't need to work anyway. His bff is Oprah.

  33. Has anybody else noticed in the commercials for Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show, they are showing the complete schedule of shows before his and at 2PM (or 3PM, depending on where you live), there is NO "General Hospital" but instead it says, "ABC Daytime"

    In my opinion, that pretty much settles what ABC has decided for "General Hospital's" future. =(

  34. Believe it or not Nate Berkus was listed as one of the producers for the movie "The Help"! I thought he was an interior designer. And the movie was nowhere near as good as the book.

  35. I didn't know Nate was a producer.
    Glad I didn't see the movie....
    Thanks on to GH now


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