Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lulu's on her 12 Bottle of Wine!?

Woman in White has such an inappropriate outfit on for WINTER! It's like Easter!! Plus on a launch in January. Oh you toy with me GH!! Where is HELENA?? HOW fun would it have been for her to show up at Tracy and AZ's wedding!!??? 

LULU's still drinking? It's like five hours later! She'd be under the dang table!! LOL. Goodness. Liked Tracy stopping by! Lulu noticed her giant ring. LOL
 TJ kidding Molly about MyFace, too fun. He's right and she's right. They can help each other. Alexis and Shawn looked nice together. I HATED Cassandra's bedazzled tam..ugllllly.  
WHO SAW THE BAT!! IT'S A STUFFED BAT!! ahahhhaaaaaaaaaaa. OMG so Feta worthy! I loved that BAT! Name him: Vlad, Feta, Stefan or LASHA!! hee hee.

OMG, Alexis and Sam. :THUD: Alexis found out Sam is PG!! She knew!!

Johnny is so angry... BB was great to watch!! He almost strangled AZ and he stuck up for his MAMA!
Did you catch where Johnny said was his birthplace? Italian for Devil's Whirlpool? Good dialog about Claudia. The explanation was good too-- even the Tracy Gino tie in. Brandon did an awesome job today again.

Sam and Jason..yada yada... I would love it if Franco got "Mystery Sperm" for Sam's  baby LOL. We could take years to figure it out. 

Looks like Michael shot a guy? Hmmmm, maybe just a ruse? Probably Ronnie did it.

Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany)  is having jaw surgery today...hope she makes a good recovery and gets back to GH!!


  1. Kelly's: Molly doesn't like seeing Cassie and Ethan together! Yeah I don't think Krissy is gonna like it either! She will be furious when she learns that Cassie and Ethan slept together. When Alexis and Ethan were talking and he said that he likes a challenge, and Alexis says just like a Spencer, I am thinking, no just like a Scorpio! :) Molly and JT cute scene. :)

    Johnny and Papa Z: FANTASTIC SCENE!!! I love it!!!! When Johnny said SHE WAS MY MOTHER and then he had tears in his eyes, I got emotional!! Poor Johnny!!!! :'( I just want to hug him!

    Jason and Sam: It's sweet that he wanted to get food for her. That's all I got.

    Police station: Whiny Michael harassing Dante and Mulva again. Oh look there is Cop domestico upset that they let that guy go. You know, the one Michael is angry about. Olivia was great ROFL! Yeah Mulva get a different perfume ROFL!

    Dante and Michael: HUH?!!?!?!! Michael shot the guy that the cops let go?!!?! Or not?!

    Ethan, Cassie, and Ewen: Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Sam and Alexis: Poor Alexis is all hot!!! Her hands are sweating. And she is forgetful!!! Pari menapausal? Go to the hospital Alexis and find out what's wrong!:) Come on Sam tell your mother she is gonna be a grandma! :) Oh wait Alexis knows! :)

    Lulu: Lulu you are drinking MORE than just 1 glass of wine!!!

  2. I thought Johnny and anthony z had great well written scenes. I am sick of mob but it they were good scenes.
    Lulu's new career as the town drunk is an annoying story but sadly, Lulu is more palatable drunk and married. I couldn't stand Lulu's previously self centered whiny personality.
    Jasam-well you know I find them to be a big snooze.
    I wonder if they will do the story previously rumored where both jasam and scrubs will go to liz for help and liz must choose. That would be similar to Mr.Craig/Jerry forcing Emily to choose between Alan or Liz being released ( liz was pregnant at the time ). There is going to be "big bang" at Sonny's fundraiser. Could Mr.Craig return to exact revenge :) ? Is Jerry alive and will he payback Sonny for trying to kill his brother jax? Will it be Alcazar?
    Karen, I wonder if Franco had her artificially onseminated with someone else's sperm or implanted a fertilized egg?

  3. Hopefully Cassie & Ethan will be long gone before Molly figures out things. Like by next week.
    Where is Kristina?? Surely Lexi is coming back.The Lexi who was hired was suppose to be on around the holidays. Since it didn't happen, I can only guess Lexi is coming back??

    Mother Budinski. Anyone know who I am referring to?? lol

    Michael didn't kill anyone. He went their to kill the goon, and the goon was already dead.
    Haven't we seen this play out 5-6 times already?

    Not so over excited about Anna & Roberts return. They been B O R I N G for quite some time. Rather see Bobbie or Alan back. jmo

  4. Oopse! Sorry for the typo! I meant to type inseminated.

  5. Loved Anthony and Johnny's scenes and Alexis hot flashes I could of had an entire hour of just that and would have been completely satisfied!!!


  6. i would love for sam's baby to be FRANCO'S. it might help to make jasam interesting.

  7. I could have a complete hour of Alexis and be happy too!

    Lulu should be a 'bartender' at the Metro court. Wonder if Pasta Mama would let her do that??
    Of course, its really Carly's choice.

    Here are a few tiblets I just got off Michael Fairman blog:

    Reports are in that Van Hughes, who is currently on tour with the hit musical American Idiot is set to reprise the role of Cole Thornhart to help bring Kristen Alderson’s Starr Manning to General Hospital and the Port Charles canvas.

    WOW originail Cole, you screwed up BIG TIME with your one day performance on OLTL. The new guy, who wasn't that good already has a role on GH!

  8. I don't want Ethan to leave with the cross-eyed nut-in-a-nightgown! I want Lexi to come back with a HOTT man on her arm and see a messed up Ethan who is upset that his "gothic" princess has disappeared.

  9. So Johnny causes the explosion at Sonny's benefit! Nice spoiler, Karen!
    GHH is saying that Sam will be happy about the baby/pregnancy, so it must be jason's as we thought. Too bad Franco isn't jason's brother ( not yet known ) and that the twist would be it appears to be jason's but it really isn't.
    Ewan puts the moves on Liz and Maxie goes running to monica about it ( GHH spoiler ).
    GHH is also saying that the HIV protocol Robin is on will work. Wonder what the twist will be to make her leave?

  10. Perhaps Robin is injured at the benefit and things go downhill even though the protocol worked. Karen, Do we know when Kimberley's last day is ? Is she still leaving?

  11. Ron and Frank cannot come soon enough to GH for me! I am not thinking they intend to save the show (who knows) but if they at least send it out appropriately as it deserves, then that's fine.

    Clearly hands down winner of the day, Bruce and Brandon with the Z scenes. Terrific acting and they had me crying! GH has not done that to me in a loooong time! Kudos, gentlemen!

    Lulu has had the longest recorded lunch in history! If she were drinking all that time, she'd be swinging from the ceiling by now! I still hate this storyline for her. Have her be a bored, boring housewife with no prospects for her future and also develop daddy's boozing habits.

    Michael..."I swear, officer, the guy was already dead when I got there!" I muted most of this kid's scenes today! I suspect he'll be in heap big trouble. Whether they send him back to Pentonville or back in comarama, I could care less...just make him go away. Oh, yeah, and take Cassie, TJ, Mulva and Ronnie with you when you go, please!

    Ronnie as the stripper perp. would be interesting. He's got dirty cop written all over him. I will say that I do like how he rides Dante's perfect cop butt though and calls him out on his stuff!

    I wanted more Z scenes today and less crappola at Kelly's. Cassie added more color to her attire. She's still as boring as watching paint dry. I guess we can deduce she's not as googly eyed and innocent as she appears, since Ewen said she knows her way around firearms. Watch out Ethan. I'd hate for the guy to have a bloody exit. I would prefer Cassie to hit the bricks, and Ethan to stay, IF they hire Lexi back.

    Olivia, the typical meddling mama-in-law. For heaven see Lulu drinking once with her lunch and think she's got a problem. Yes, she's been doing it frequently these days, but geeze...they aren't making her a fall down, slurring lush yet. At least Dante did come to check out his wife. I can see the path for this one, if it plays out how they're doing it now. Dante's job and badge will be on the front burner while poor little Lulu cannot find direction in life and Mulva starts to look more interesting. He cheats and she gets screwed yet again in a relationship. This is Lulu and it's inevitable, well at least with how they portray her at this point. Writers can never seem to balance her. Maybe Frank and Ron can. If she's too Luke, then she's screaming, combative and unpleasant to watch. If she's too Laura, then she's a doormat, a silent partner and depressing to watch. She needs to have qualities of both parents evenly...better yet, her OWN identity would be nice.

    Alexis...good scenes. Hot flashes. Been there, done that. A mother always knows when their daughter is pregnant, it seems! Let's just have the kid be Jason's and get this over with.

    I read that the Mannings from OLTL will be coming to PC, but for a very short time. I still wonder how the writers will integrate the OLTL characters.

    Johnny's story has me least BB is getting one he deserves, rather than going from woman to woman, playing a mine's bigger than yours argument with Sonny and trying to take over the empire. Is he going to get really destructive now? Probably. Maybe he will take his ire out on the whole of PC. The villain coming back; was thinking either Jerry, Alcazar or Faison.

    If Michael and some of the more boring stuff would not have been on today, this would have really been one heck of a show, but it certainly was better than some recent ones!

  12. I wonder if robin is pregnant? Previous rumors were 2 pregnancies and 1 baby. At the time , I thought olivia was the second pregnancy but they dropped her nausea storyline. Perhaps this is a scrapped storyline under the new writers.

  13. Ronny , we know, helped to convict Franco of a crime he didn't committ. Franco served prison time , got out and then did commit murder. Franco ran down Ronny with his car as parial payback. We know Ronny probably killed a police cheif that Dante always talks about from his old neighborhood but Sonny was blamed. Ronny is dirty.
    It wouldn't surprise me if Franco isn't dead. I would show him plotting his comeback while talking to Jake!Involve Liz by getting to her through art. See how fast jason comes running.

  14. BREAKING NEWS from Michael Fairman

    DIRTY SOAP is NOT being renewed for second season!

  15. @Deb:
    I dunno - Robert and Anna on Night Shift 2 were quite well written and acted. A lot of heartfelt resolutions there between Robert and Mac, Robert and Robin, and Robert and Anna!
    The coda appearance for Robin's wedding wasn't as good, but it wasn't THAT bad.
    I have hope - Robert and Anna bickering with affection is entertaining and Robert and Luke are always dynamite when they get scenes together.

  16. ITA w/comments about BB/AZ scenes, although I HATE the AZ character (I know the actor is great, I just hate the character). By making Claudia his Mother, BB is finally getting a strong S/L, and he shows his wonderful range as an actor. Gee, all those men on GH sure can cry!

    LIW, horrible, disgusting, someone here said she no longer looks innocent, she NEVER seemed innocent, she is some bad writer's idea of a crazy, evil, woman-child. Ethan would NEVER like her, or screw her in, like, 5 minutes, she would never be allowed to live alone in a deserted mansion, whoever thought up this S/L needs to be committed!

  17. I FUCKING can't stand this LIW bullshit! And hearing about that this stupid cross-eyed twit is tweeting that she taped a scene today made me PHYSICALLY ILL.

    Enough already - let her leave with Ethan because he has become a COMPLETE DOUCHEBAG.

  18. OldSchoolfan..You could be right about Anna & Robert. After all, they are coming back because Robin is sick.

  19. The scene with AZ and Johnny was so good. Brandon did a marvelous job and the dialog seemed better than usual. Could it be that Ron C dialog is coming thru or have they hired some new associate writers? It seemed to have more substance, more heart and power than the usual script pages on GH.

    I do hope Ron fixes the crimes done to the Luke character, makes Ethan Robert's kid and gives some excuse for Luke claiming he cheated on Laura. It didn't happen--those of us who have watched for many years know that.

  20. Did Helena ever even speak when she was on lurking last week? I don't think she ever said a word that whole time.

  21. JPink said...Did Helena ever even speak when she was on lurking last week? I don't think she ever said a word that whole time.
    Nope. She did not talk. All she did was skulk and fondle her knife. :) She misses Luke that's what it is!! :) She misses their foreplay. :)

  22. The Anthony and Johnny scenes yesterday were great - excellent acting mostly by Brandon. Just think how fabulous this would be if Claudia were still around. I could also watch an hour of just Alexis! Can't wait for the exits to begin - I just hope someone I really like doesn't leave, too. Looking forward to Robert and Anna because I just love the two of them. The Nurses' Ball doesn't excite me all that much with Stuart D. and Amber T. gone, even if Lucy were to come back. And the actress who played Katherine - they were quite a pair. The only thing I would miss about Mulva is seeing her name, thanks to the genius of our Karen. Never ceases to crack me up!

  23. Spuyten Duyvil actually is Dutch, not Italian. It's located in the South Bronx.

  24. soaplover said...

    I do hope Ron fixes the crimes done to the Luke character, makes Ethan Robert's kid and gives some excuse for Luke claiming he cheated on Laura. It didn't happen--those of us who have watched for many years know that.

    January 25, 2012 10:22 PM


    Absolutely not- the crimes were in the 80s and 90s w the whitewash that Luke the rapist got his victim to love him. It took a quarter of a century for them to actually get it RIGHT!

  25. Spuyten Duyvil isn't in the So. Bronx but is actually part of Riverdale. From a former Bronxite!

  26. The scene between Alexis and Sam was nice. I'm hoping Lexi comes back as Kristina, it'd be nice to have all the Davis Girls back again. I'm hoping she doesn't come back to have the same conversation with Ethan for another several months.

    Wonder where Johnny will be headed to after the news. Anthony really did come across as a man who cared about his son, even if he couldn't bring himself to stop villifying his daughter for what happened.


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