Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rick Springfield Does HOT In Cleveland!

Rick Springfield is coming to Cleveland, but concert tickets are not available. The '80s Jesse's Girl icon, who appeared as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, will pop up this summer on an episode of TV Land's  Hot in Cleveland. 
Rather than going after Jesse's girl, Rick will have his eye on Joy (Jane Leeves). In the storyline, Rick has relocated to Cleveland to live a quieter life (where he, too, is considered hotter!) and tells people his name is Tom. 
Leeves was in an '80's TV series called "Throb" about a record company...wonder if they'll reference that at all! 



  1. I am a huge Hot in Cleveland fan, and they always have AMAZING special guests, oftentimes playing themselves...or more like caricatures of themselves. If you haven't seen it, you can catch episodes online on TVLand. It makes me laugh out loud every time!

  2. It is a good show! And I used to love "Throb"!

    He's still got it.

  3. Last night's episode was brilliant. Loved the old clips of Betty from game shows. Was that her late husband Allen Ludden's voice in the backgroud?

  4. yes it was anon i love me some rick springfield

  5. I love RS, too. Several years ago I went to one of his concerst and he went into the audience, stood up on my chair and his butt was literally inches from my face. And it was a vey nice butt, LOL!


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