Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Life To Live: In Port Charles??? Big News!

CONFIRMED! OLTL'S Roger Howarth (Todd), Michael Easton (John), Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Kassie DePaiva (Blair) all headed to GH!

Tweeted by SOD around 12:15 today. Yep..they are coming. NO Word on Jack (please no) and Little Sam (yes, yes!)

How do you feel about this? You know Sonny's in big trouble! LOL... I bet Todd buys the Paper from "Preston". This may shake up a LOT of GH people on canvas. Not sure the fall out. Will keep you posted. My phone is exploding!

John McBain is a police guy with super powers of knowing just what happened and when it did.  Always gets the bad guy. Sonny? Watch out.
Blair is a mouthy, strong woman that is in the Cramer Women family. 
Todd, It will take awhile. He is evil, funny, fun, sad, loveable all at once. Owns The Sun  Newspaper
Starr; their daughter. Probably for Michael. She has a kid, Hope. (teen mom story)


  1. Oh, the bittersweet irony. Getting my beloved Kassie DePaiva and Roger Howarth to live on only this time in Port Charles.

    And to lose them once again, this upcoming summer, when "General Hospital" bites the dust.

    Life is so evil like that.

  2. Kassie vs Carly, I'd love to see them go head to head!

  3. Okay, so based on all of this... are all 4 actors confirmed as coming as their OLTL characters??? I can totally see John but it'll be interesting to see Blair or Todd worked into the canvas. I haven't kept up on OLTL... Are Blair/Todd/Starr being moved in as a "new" family?? I think a lot of GH fans are going to be very displeased with this news. I always had a weak spot for Roger Howarth, so I am intrigued to see what this will mean for the canvas.

  4. OMG OMG OMG!! Can we get Caleb and Livvie together!?!!? (aka, John from OLTL and Sam from GH).


  6. I could KISS you for sharing this information with us non tweeters!

  7. I can totally see Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati SORASing Starr's daughter Hope into a tween.

    Oh hell what am I saying, they'll recast her with a teenage actress. =)

    And yes, I know, Kristen Alderson is only 21 but they never take stuff like that into consideration (hi, Lisa LoCicero and Dominic Zamprogna, separated by only nine years).

  8. Yes, the characters will be from OLTL, same people. I think the Mannings will move to PC to maybe have Todd buy the "paper"?? Not sure. John will be on the police force.
    I don't think this will save GH though.

  9. You don't think this will save GH??
    Tell us what you know!!!!!

  10. I wanted to see wrap ups for GH characters, not an invasion from OLTL instead. See ya, GH.

  11. @My2Cents: Our local ABC affiliate aired a promo for Anderson Cooper's new show, which is airing at 3PM and they showed the entire ABC schedule for noon to 3PM and there was no "General Hospital" shown.

    In "GH's" spot was "ABC Daytime."

    You pretty much have to have been living under a rock to not know that "GH" is toast once September hits (if it makes it that long).

  12. YEP I am under the ROCK then!

  13. Karen Alfred here just think if this news broke on Thursday instead of today what would you have done while you where at work.

  14. Not happy! Especially if we lose some cast members - not concerned about newbies though. I don't watch OLTL but I think the crossover idea is not good. We don't get to see enough of some of the actors on GH as it is. Would rather see Ingo, Tyler and Rick H. return.

  15. Just as long as they don't get rid of our people to these cast members! I hate how of course once again the story centers around Sonny! ENOUGH of Sonny already!

  16. Just as long as they don't get rid of our people to these cast members! I hate how of course once again the story centers around Sonny! ENOUGH of Sonny already!

  17. The name "hope" is going to hurt JaSammers! That is not considerate or fair to GH couples history..

  18. Now that I have been thinking..I think abc is BRILLIANT to try this:

    The reason they are doing this, is to bring over OLTL fav’s to keep GH going. LAST ATTEMPT to save GH.
    Gain viewership from OLTL fans.
    Should GH start to make money through sponsorship its a win win situation for all.
    If not, these people are only on for a 6 month contract.
    6 months is long enough for abc to decide if GH is worth keeping.
    I give them an A for trying.
    As much as some of us have our fav’s from this show that are gone…we are still viewers. They need to gain more viewers, what better way than to bring OLTL over.

    Wasn't abc SHOCKED when they cancelled our soaps and the outcry they received? This is there way of trying. I honestly believe that. Time will tell if it works !

  19. My2Cents2, you might be right. If that is the case I am all for it. I just don't want to see even less of NLG, JE and CH. I'm all for less of Sonny, Jason and Carly.

  20. Linda I do think I am right. Will be seeing less of Sonny? I doubt it. Not right away at least.
    Yea, I never thought of it, but where does this leave Alexis??
    Where does it leave her now??
    Nowhere. So it can't get worse.
    I do bet we see less Jason/Sonny/Papa.

    Either way, IMO things aren't as dire with abc as we thought yesterday. Right?

  21. I LOVE this idea...for now. I don't want them coming over and then get backburned like Jax did.
    If they come as their characters, look out Port Charles. John without Natalie though. That would make me very sad, especially since he has a kid...But, if John takes over the PCPD, then things better get better for that so called Police department.
    Todd vs. Sonny: Blair vs. Carly. I think that I would lOVE this!
    And I agree with CareyN. SAM AND JOHN TOGETHER AGAIN!! Get her away from boring Jason.

  22. I don't like this. I'll post what I said on twitter about it:

    *sigh* I love #OLTL, however, I don't want their characters to overshadow or steal the existing GH cast's thunder. No offense, but they already got their vets back, their epic story (ending or not), etc. #GH needs their own time.

    #GH shouldn't have to share its end...'s a bit unfair. Yes #GH sucks, but so did #AMC and they still got a good send off that was true to their show only... It wasn't shared.

    I understand Cartini looking out for their friends and employees at #OLTL, that's admirable. But it shouldn't have to be at the expense of #GH's proper swan song...

    ...our cries for vets didn't mean #OLTL's leftovers, we want OUR vets.

    I just feel you could get more viewers if you give #GH viewers what they've wanted for a change... ppl onsceen we've missed and actually like, making ppl likable again, etc.

    It'd be the same thing vice versa. I wouldn't want #OLTL to have to share their ending w/ a whole other cast. Let them have their sole ending.

    Yes, it's a bit repetitive and long winded, but it's twitter lol. Sorry ;)

  23. Please oh please let Edward Quartermain have a crazy brother who had consensual sex with Addie Cramer, making Blair a Quartermain. That would be fun.

  24. Anon8:03...that is a BRILLIANT idea!! Blair vs Monica, Blair vs Tracy, Tracy vs Todd! Oh....please let this happen =)

  25. I'm a 20-year fan of both "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital," and take it from me, a lot of the "One Life" fans that experience "General Hospital" for the first time are going to be completely turned off by the antics of Sonny and Jason and the way they are force fed down our throats 24/7 and will stop watching.

    So, ABC, Frank, Ron, whoever: do yourselves a favor and put Sonny, Jason and Sam on the backburner for most of the spring and summer!


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