Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Wubbly Chit-Chat on a Thursday

One of my old patients called me "The Chit-Chat" girl when I gave her therapy in rehab. It's actually a perfect description . I am the chit-chat girl! Whether it's on here or in therapy, that's what you get, my mouth running.
Looks like I'll be starting a new job in a few weeks! Which in a way, is great because GH is probably ending anyway and with a kid in college, I need some moolah. I bet I start right when the new writing starts to kick in or something!! LMAO...oh, it will be interesting. Maybe I can sneak in episodes at night. We'll see.  (or can I schedule everything AROUND GH?!! just like my old college classes?!!) OMG, I GOT THE JOB! They just called and I start TUESDAY!! How could I say: Uh, but..but OLTL is in it's last week! LOL OY!

One Life To Live. I want to say I personally like the stuff that's happening. It brings in old characters and storylines. Watching Ty and Roscoe is awesome. Remember--the thought they were going online pretty soon after ending the soap. That's why it's not all sugar and light.
Today's show-- LOVE Sam and his GUN!! Starr making out with Cole. Too bad BB had to mess up and not be on set for that. 
Friar Mitch...heh, I wanted him to bake some bread!! Natalie didn't need that short of a dress, thank you.
HANNAH and Lindsay both show up! LOL 
ALISON!! I did NOT know that was coming!! woot!! 
Another Oprah comment...they are getting her on this show. LMAO 
"Twin sisters from different misters-- Slutty Slut and Coo-Coo" Ppppppppft and I think Clint is really Jessica's father! 
Lindsay was brilliant. I love she and Nora!! Nora "You crazy bitch" heh. 

Oh, now it's time for GENERAL GURNEY GAZING. 

"WHO'S the Daddy" crap... is so stupid and so overdone and so 1985. Kinda like Maxie's chartreuse dress.  What a horrific color.  Maxie thought Lulu was going to stay? LOL
Ewan and Molly--pass the feta!!  I did like the Molly and Sam  talk. ;)  Molly's in HS now! wow. MOLLY had on the same shirt that Maxie once wore. People saw it on twitter and NLG basically said "yep" AHAHAAA.
Alexis was hysterical in her menopause meltdown mode!  
Michael needs to be bitch slapped.  I don't care by whom. He's mouthy and unlikeable. I don't care if Abby did just die.
JMB looks like she has a baby bump but I know nothing. Just stating that fact. That sweater today was great but looked really flowing like the rest of her stuff lately.

Speaking of stars, someone at GH Has a FIXATION on them. Goodness. What's with the gurney-gazing? Will it turn into Gurney-Sex?? How bizarre. I wish for ONCE they'd try to show how a real hospital operates.  Just a BIT. Look at all the successful medical shows, GH could really ramp it up in that area. Having doctors and nurses lay around -- well.. I'm at a loss. Easy stuff to write though. Epiphany should be shown laying on one, throwing stuff up in the air to the ceiling saying "let's see what those fools make of this"!!



  1. Congrats on the new job Karen!!!!

    I missed OLTL I will have to watch it later on youtube. I don't know what to say about GH so I'll just say that I did like Alexis meltdown also. Also if there is no one to bitch slap Micheal I'll be happy to do it. Just give me a simple role to where I ring his door bell he opens the door and I haul off and knock the crap out of him and yell "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" then I turn around and walk off and I won't charge them a dime.


  2. Congrats on the new job Karen!!!!

    I missed OLTL I will have to watch it later on youtube. I don't know what to say about GH so I'll just say that I did like Alexis meltdown also. Also if there is no one to bitch slap Micheal I'll be happy to do it. Just give me a simple role to where I ring his door bell he opens the door and I haul off and knock the crap out of him and yell "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" then I turn around and walk off and I won't charge them a dime.


  3. Sorry about the double post!


  4. LaTanya, that's fine-- blogger is a weenie sometimes! Thanks for the congrats. I need to get back into my profession. I've loved being home and doing private practice work but it will be great to have a more steady gig!!
    I HOPE I can still blog a bit!

  5. That's great about the job Karen- congratulations!

    I also am enjoying OLTL- I live having all the statesville inmates running around town. And I also think that Clint is Jess's father.

    I have no problem with the fact that everything is not sunshine and roses right now. I don't think OLTL is going to end with this though. I think this prison break will be resolved with a few days to spare (I have no spoilers on it, it is just a hunch). My one concern is that the Todd/Tomas storyline will not be resolved because all parties involved had signed on to go on-line...

    As for GH, the tv stayed on long enough after OL ended for me to hear Sam tell Jason that a lie to protect somebody is not really a lie...that was enough for me and I turned it off...

  6. Sorry- it should be I "love" having all the statesville inmates running around!

  7. Congratulations on your new job!!

    OLTL: Doesn't it seem like Statesville prison only houses Llandview residents? Or is it that the Llandview folks are the only ones smart enough to walk through an open door.

    Still a great show. Loved the ending. This is what happens when you allow talented writers artistic freedom.

  8. congrats Karen. If they tried to do a prison break on GH who could escape? Blackie Parrish? Does anybody remember that? Really nobody on GH ever stays in jail - they don't need to escape.


  9. Big Congrats!! Yay!!

  10. They could let bert Ramsey out of the mental hospital he has been in for all these years. I wonder if it is Shadybrook?

  11. I had to go over to the hospital to pay a bill. There was obviously something wrong over there. I didn't see any doctors laying on gurneys by the nurse's stations. I should probably inform the chief of staff so can correct such a mistake.

  12. Congrats, Karen! Selfishly, I hope you are still able to blog, I so look forward to your posts :)

    I guess Molly will have to be recast now that she is in hs. A busty bimbo is sure to come soon!

    I get more upset every day about oltl, I can't believe we only have one more week in Llanview.

  13. Ok, two thoughts:

    1 - if Robin's viral load is up, shouldn't she tell her husband, because wouldn't that put him at an increased risk of getting the virus?

    2 - why on earth is Michael so awful? he was mad at Carly when Sonny was hunting Jax because Carly was trying to keep him safe, but now he's mad at Carly for keeping Jax a secret because Morgan and Josslyn need their father?

    Thank goodness I can fast-forward through this show. I might have abandoned it by now without the advent of the DVR.

  14. A GH jailbreak? Lots of possiblities:
    - Burt Ramsey
    - Blackie Parish
    - Grant Putnam <- best bet!
    - Heather Webber? <-what happened to her on her last run? I can't remember the end.

  15. Congratulations on the new job! Like everyone else, I also hope you can continue to blog. At least Sunday Surgeries! But whatever you can swing, I'm sure we'll all appreciate!

  16. Congrats on job!

    OLTL is terrible. The acting, the plot, OMG what have they done to us these last few days???

  17. Having watched AMC wrap up and now OLTL, I wonder if RC would respect fan wishlists for GH's demise. If there is any bright side, at least now that Prospect Park has shown it's true colors, GH won't have to build up cliffhangers that will forever hang. Anyone for top 3 wishes for the end of GH?

    1.Robert, preferably arresting Sonny

    2. Luke/Laura

    3. Cassidines, maybe something wacky on the level of the weather machine...Helena drugs PC, side effect being victims have vivid hallucinations before they die giving an excuse for "ghosts" to have one last showing....but for the love of anything holy, after years of Guza Gloom, end it happy with Luke/Jax/Robert/Frisco/etc saving the day.

  18. That was the widest hospital gurney I've ever seen.

    And I wish someone would slap Michael too. He is way past annoying.

    I liked Sam's talk with Molly too. maybe they're aging her by moving her to HS and the talk ablout "keeping her innocence" could be a good lead in to keeping the actress too. The writers should go visit a real HS. Not all the girls are tall, busty, and overly mature.

    And congrats on the new job!

  19. My2Cents2 I have to disagree I had my mouth so wide open on the ending of OLTL.I loved it.....Congrats Karen on your new job go get em sista

  20. MaMaspat..I am NOT enjoying the fake fighting, the gun shots, etc on OLTL. I have seen these actors perform better. jmo
    I am disapointed with the acting..everything!

    GH-is it just me, or did NuMaxie look like ketchup & mustard today?

    How long does Jax LURK before he leaves again?? I know he is here for a brief stint, but jeez...!

    Sonny's expression toward Alexis today PRICELESS. And FUNNY!

  21. I am finding it hard to stay with GH...I'm trying, but not doing very well with not wanting to throw something at the TV lately!

    Was this the start of Spin's exit story today? I didn't quite get it (I iz a college graduate too!) so...he has this new nifty thing he does with his phone instead of a computer now and has a group called FOS or Friends of Spinelli? I should start a chapter of FOS...only mine will be called Eff Off Scribes (as in GH writers.)

    I chuckled at Alexis' meltdown and Maxie's too...Heck, I did not even realize that Lulu still lived with Maxie! I thought she moved out months ago to Dante's place. I guess Maxie needs a new roomie now.

    Michael...Johnny, please just give him a friggin job so he stops whining. Though, between perhaps giving Michael an "in" to the mob and then maybe getting involved with Carly, I worry for Johnny's future health and well being with Sonny around. I don't get why Michael is so POed about not knowing Jax is alive...did he ever like Jax to begin with?

    Sam and Jason...Zzzz

    The Kelly's scenes were cute, with the dog and also Molly there. They seem to be putting more makeup on Molly these days...I guess that'll do until they decide to recast her! I liked her sisterly chin wag with Sam...indeed, some girls can maintain their innocence! It is admirable when they do!

    I just wish Robin would say something to Patrick. I get that she believes she's sparing her family pain, but really, he deserves to know. From their talk today, we know they didn't kill Lisa, or so they mentioned.

    The newly posted GH spoilers have me afraid...I don't see anything there that gives me hope, unless these things are a continuation of the current staff in place! The spoilers seem to reaffirm the fear that the new staff is coming to ride GH out, and not save it as fans are still hoping. I guess time will tell!

  22. i agree on the fake fighting but the end is what got me it was a cliffhanger on thursday yeahhhh

  23. I was just thinking the other day how believable Molly and Kristina are as sisters in the looks department.

  24. Reading the spoilers, thankfully they are only for the month of January. We knew we would see no change until at least February.

    That said, TJ comes to Kate how?? Is that who she has been hiding? Can't wait for that explanation!!

    Ethan & Cassandra sleep together?

    Looks like Carly & Shawn stay friends and she is on to Johnny now. How sick, a mother, willing to sleep with the enemy to keep him away from her son. Another nomination for Carly for 'Mother of the Year'. Besides, Johnny is mine!!

    GOOD NEWS...what wasn't said.
    We learned 3 months ago NuKristina would be back by the holidays. No mention or sight of her yet. Is our Lexi regaining her role?? Any info on that?

    Luke returns? Was he gone? Where does he live at? Park with a brown bag & bottle?

    Ohhh February I await you!

  25. Ethan and Wyndemere Wendy doing the horizontal mambo? Excuse me while I go throw up. I'm guessing she's not a screamer.

  26. Congrats and good luck with your new job Karen!

    My2Censt2 - Yes, that did look like mustard and ketchup, LOL. I still find NuMaxie too shrill. Can't wait until real Maxie returns. NLG tweeted that a really funny scene from NYE with Alexis and Diane was cut. I guess they needed to show more ceiling tile gazing. I am still really pissed that Lucky's last scene was left in limbo. We never saw who walked into the cemetery. Either that was a big boo boo, which happens quite often, or they are leaving it like that for JJ to return someday. If I recall correctly, Michael was totally on Carly's side against Jax and never really had much of a relationship with him before he disappeared. He needs to be slapped. Molly is adorable, but why didn't anyone notice Ewen's missing button. He's been wearing that suit for a week.

  27. LINDAV-Your posts are a riot.
    Thank you for allowing me to laugh today!! lol
    I have to disagree though on one topic. Lucky. WHY did they shoot that scene with him in a cemetery? Why wouldn't they just have left him leaving on the plane with his wifey and kiddies?? Be done!
    I would have much rather of watched a Diane/Alexis scene than Lucky in a cemetary. YIKES!

    And YES, it was obvious Diane/Alexis had scene shots cut.
    Never do we see them together, yet not really have any conversation. They utilize BOTH when they have them together.

    I hope we get some new editors. I never realized how important their job was until these past 10 months.

  28. My2Cents2,
    I guess the writers thought the cemetery was such a hit with the viewers. Poor JJ - look what winning an Emmy gets you!

  29. Kirstin NEWS via Twitter

    Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GENERAL HOSPITAL) had a lot to say on Twitter ( last night. The actress -- who has been on medical leave for several months -- has been dropping hints regarding her GH return for several weeks, but seemingly confirmed the news that she'd soon be back... without actually confirming it.

    "Handled some bizzznaaas today. being a grown up is tiring...AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS!" the actress tweeted. When a follower asked if she had signed back on at GH, Storms replied, "well then you be happy with this news. (and good guess btw)." And when another fan pointedly asked Storms to confirm if she was indeed coming back, she posted, "I'm trying to give you as many hints that I can without getting in trouble....sssshhhhh."

    As revealed on DIRTY SOAP, Storms took a medical leave from GH as a result of her endometriosis; ABC temporarily cast Jen Lilley to play the role of Maxie, and there don't seem to be any hard feelings on Storms' part about the decision. (Lilley is due to report to the GH set next week when the soap resumes filming following its holiday hiatus.) "I think we should def[initely] go to lunch or something," Storms wrote to her recast.

  30. Ceiling tile is their attempt to be like grey's anatomy ( GA had scenes with residents lying on gurneys talking about life).
    Supposedly , some shocker surprises are on the way ( michael and johnny discover something, and luke tells sonny something shocking ).

  31. CONGRATS ON THE NEW JOB KAREN WOOT WOOT! :) The chit chat girl ROFL!

    Patrick and Robin: Patrick thinks Robin killed Lisa and Robin thinks Patrick killed Lisa ROFL!

    Michael and Johnny: Wow! Michael REALLY wants to work with the Zacharas!


    Alexis: What the? ROFL! She is crying! :) She doesn't want to date Ex mayor Floyd, or Mac or even Sonny! ROFL! I love Alexis and Sonny scenes!!!! Jax is watching YAY! :)

    Molly: Woah she is in high school!?!?!! Damn the writers sorassed her!!! She was 12 and turned 13!!!

    Wilson: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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