Friday, January 6, 2012

OLTL: Too Much Crazy for One Dang Day! :SPOILERS:


 I loved all the crazy!! Loved Mitch talking about the "Ravens and the Vultures" because it's so ZOMBIE TALK!! wheeeeee!!
Alison was a fun girl. 
"Can I have some ice" says Hannah?
"You want ice, you psychopath? No, no ice for you"!! says Todd back
SO, Clint is both Nat and Jessica's know, without false DNA tests, soaps would have nothing to do!! It was hysterical to listen to Alison.
Todd and Hannah were an AWESOME pair. Just chatting. LOL Two cray-crays just sitting around. 

ELVIS COSTELLO SONG!! "Allison, thy aim is true"......... brilliant
Kris Alderson was fab today too as was Hilary B Smith. Both did a great job. Kris really cried well. 
THE ENDING!! DAMN, did not see that coming at ALL!! Only FIVE left.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason's fist might have a  Franco Robot implant! LOL. 

Monica and Liz seeing Ewan! He's not too hard to look at, that's for sure! It's probably a clause he has his shirt off every second day.

Monica, I love you but you are wrong to blame Liz about the Jake thing. Tracy and Monica!! And Tracy and AZ's picture in the paper. 

Michael is an idiot.

Sam pulled out a Pee stick box from her coat pocket. 
DEAR SAM: O is for OVULATION! ahahaa.

I love Maxie and AZ Too fun.

ExMayor Floyd is now the Todd Manning of PC. 

Wyndemere is officially stupid. I hate it. Bring the real characters back! Surely TC can't cost more than 3 newbies? 

LOOK: Did Spinelli get his hair cut in between scenes from Kelly's to Wyndemere? AHAHAA.

LOVED Robin and Liz...KM and RH have been on GH together forever. Not that you'd know it from the writers.


  1. OLTL today. WOW! Who saw Vicki & Clint both dead on the floor??
    Soaps better do miracles....I have waited years for them to get back together.

    Few ???
    Where did McGuyver get a car?? Did he buy or lease? And his Dr bag?? I mean, c'mon!

    Dr Balsom?? Who is Dr Balsom??

    Why didn't Jawn shoot that idiot Mitch instead of having a conversation with him for so long?

    Very good day, does this mean that OLTL is really ending next Friday?

  2. OMG OLTL was great!!! So many people lives up in the air. I know I'm in the minority but I hope Ford doesn't die and leave Jessica alone. Everyone else is getting their happy ending she deserves one too! Crazy Allison is a gift from God and Clint & Vicki laying side by side broke my heart. I still want to know where did everyone get their guns from I mean was there a box of guns by the exit that said "please take one on your way out!" when the prisoners escaped?

    GH....{sigh} so the only reason Monica was brought back was so that she could bitch at Liz. I so wanted Liz to snap back and say "I've never slept with a married man....unlike you!" I had to shake my head at Windamere where men are just popping out of hidden doors all for TLIW(Cassandra). I did enjoy Liz and Robin! OLTL friday cliff hanger.....great GH's cliff hanger.....who cares it's just Jason passing out!


  3. OLTL: Was fantastic!!! Oh no Clint and Viki!!! :'( Jessica and Nat BOTH Clint's! YES!!!!


    Ethan and Spinny: They both are looking for the mute woman in white at Kelly's Oh look there she is! Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Wyndemere: Oh great. Now everyone is playing peek a boo! UGH! ENOUGH!!!! Oh there is Ewen saying that the mute lady is his patient! UGH!

    Monica and Liz: Dang Liz what is with the attitude?

    Monica, Liz, and Ewen: Hmmm can Monica have a fling with Ewen? :) Pretty please with sugar on top? :)

    Liz and Ewen: Zzzzzzzzzz. OH! Matt shows up thank you!!! :)

    Sam: Oh come on Sam! Take the pregnancy test already and stop freaking looking at it!!!

    Michael and Jason: Oh come on Michael quit whining!

    Liz and Robin: She confides in Liz! She wants Liz to take her place in Patrick and Emma's life! :(

    Papa Z and Maxie: Delicious!!! :)

    Maxie and Spinny: Oh just live together and get back together!!!!

    Tracy and Monica: Hahahahaha the wedding announcement is in the paper!! ROFL!

    Tracy and ex mayor Floyd: Can they have a fling? :)

    Maxie and Matt: She wants him to move in with her! ROFL! Maxie are you afraid to live with Spinny? ROFL!

    Jason: Woah he passes out!!!!!

  4. Ahhhh! Haven't been able to watch OLTL all week, so I have no idea what's going on! Dang, sounds great, so I will unfortunately not be reading your blog or comments until I'm caught up! Thanks for warning about :SPOILERS: I hope everyone's having a happy start to their new year. It's 78 degrees and not a cloud in the sky where I am (hence, not much time for TV!). Happy weekend. Closing wubs!

  5. I'd be afraid to live with Spinelli --YIKES!

  6. Dr. Balsam was Roxie's husband. He delivered Nat and Jess. Hannah's gun was explained- the cops that took her away said she took it off a guard- who knows about the others. Yes, there are holes in the plot but who cares? It is great fun. That's the big difference between OLTL and GH- with GH there are huge holes in the plots and the storyline is not fun at all...

  7. Oh Roxie husband was the Dr who delivered the girls?
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for the Dr. Balsom backstory. I was thinking it was the lady doc that got murdered, remember her?

  9. the lady doc was the one who delivered Hope.I love how Star sand the OLTL song.Im praying none of them die except Mitch

  10. I don't think Liz was the one showing attitude, Monica was. Thank goodness Robin set Monica straight, basically telling her if she should blame anyone it should be Jason not Liz.

    The Liz and Robin scene was fantastic. They wrote Liz as logical and compassionate...if only they wrote her more like that again.

    I too saw chemistry between Tracy and Preston. I just wish Tracy would get a happily ever after and not a string of losers like Luke and Anthony.

    As for Wyndermere I think I have it figured out. The Lady in White is actually Nicholas in drag! He had a mental break so now dresses in white as that was the colour Emily was wearing when she was killed. It also explains the obsession with Laura's portrait. And dressing in drag runs in the family (Alexis). Honestly, Nicholas in drag would at least make this story slightly interesting.

    What ever happened to the rumour that Holly Sutton was actually a Cassadine and therefore Ethan is a Cassadine?

    If Spinelli could come up with $20 million to pay Sonny back why can't he come up with a few hundred thousand to buy himself a nice penthouse? If he wants to get Maxie back him having deep pockets would help!

  11. I agree, backstory is good. I believe Ford & Cole will live. jmo

    SONYA says: Monica and Liz: Dang Liz what is with the attitude?
    And Robin hands Patrick to her?? YUCK!!

    Dear Writers:
    Get rid of NuMaxie NOW. Edit her scenes OUT. KS is on her way back, write her as a women with a brain and not a brain that is scattered. Papa don't need her to plan the wedding. Luke will stop it.

    Please give Michael a storyline that doesn't involve violence, anger, hatred, revenge or mob.

    I like Dr Ewan. Find something for him. He is everywhere. And yet nowhere. Shadybrook, GH, Kellys, Wyndemere. wtf?

    I care that Jason lives!!

  12. Frisco...You are correct. Robin corrected Monica and I was glad that she did. It was Jason's fault and Monica needs to not blame Liz for that one. Still, Liz's attitude could be a little better.
    This is a girl who thinks rules don't apply to her.
    I do agree with how they wrote Liz at the end. She came across as an andult. What I don't like is that the writers would write such silliness with her past having another women handing her husband to her.

    As far as your theory on Wyndemere, as silly as it sounds, that is a theory that is going around now on some of the sites! lol

  13. OMG, I mentioned the Nicholas in drag thing as a joke. There is seriously a rumour out there about it?!

  14. Frisco said...
    OMG, I mentioned the Nicholas in drag thing as a joke. There is seriously a rumour out there about it?!

    YES! I believe I read it at

    So even though you meant it as a joke, they may be some truth to it or others are thinking similar!!

  15. My2Cents2 said...DITTO DITTO DITTO
    Thanks!!!! :)

    And Robin hands Patrick to her?? YUCK!!
    Robin is nuts!

    Dear Writers:
    Get rid of NuMaxie NOW. Edit her scenes OUT. KS is on her way back,
    I'm going to miss temp recast Maxie. :( I like her.

  16. the only way a sam baby story could be interesting, if FRANCO is the father please. no happy ending for jasam. no one else gets a happy ending neither should they.scrubs and LnL2 got robbed.

  17. Anonymous said... no one else gets a happy ending neither should they.scrubs and LnL2 got robbed.
    How did scrubs get robbed?

  18. I'm happy Liz is growing a spine and not taking Monica's shit anymore. Monica has acted unprofessionally towards Liz. She needs to be told off hard. Glad Robin told Monica that Jason decided not to tell her about Jake. Ridiculous use of a good actress! Glad Ewan also noted Monica's bad attitude.

  19. Monica was being a beeatch... it's totally weird writing. Although Monica always WAS a bitch lol..but not like this!

  20. kdmask said...Monica was being a beeatch... it's totally weird writing. Although Monica always WAS a bitch lol..but not like this!
    So you are saying that Monica was always a different kind of bitch? ROFL! :)

  21. scrubs got robbed because of crazy lisa and now killing off robin. robin and patrick should be written off together. not killing her off. GH is done in a few monthes anyways.or get a replacement for robin. they seem to have no problem replacing others on the show.

  22. I don't like Dr. Eeeeew-en, I think he's totally unprofessional, and I am sick of his six-pack already. Haven't they heard of HIPPA laws and doctor/patient confidentiality, you can't say that someone is your patient.

    And, yes, Liz with Robin was wonderful.

  23. Monica WAS a bitch back in the day. Slut too.

    She does need to stop riding Liz about Jake, that WAS Jason's decision not to tell the Q's.
    However, isn't it fun to watch Monica getting all bitchy on Liz?
    Professional?? I wouldn't use that word though in the same sentence as Liz.
    Let me count the ways how unprofessional she has been.

    Robin won't die. She has been on the show since she was 5 years old. She can't be replaced.
    Besides the new writers will change the storyline where her and Patrick leave together or the new prodical will work. I have faith with the new writers. IF GH is cancelled, and it is truly happening, I see Robin staying on until the end since the behind the scene situation has changed. Would you have wanted to stay with the horrific writing? Her career was on the line. ALl that could change now.
    But is it absolutely cancelled??

  24. I'm going to miss recast Maxie as well. I was never against her since I knew she was a temp, but she's done a great job.

  25. Didn't get to see GH today. Another sad milestone coming with OLTL ending next week. I used to watch AMC and OLTL along with GH with my mom, but stopped watching AMC and OLTL...only kept up with GH, which I have taken a break from at points. In any case, I did watch the AMC finale back in Sept. and I may watch the OLTL finale for sentimental reasons!

    I've given up trying to second guess what will happen with GH. Personally, I think it's a goner still. Frons' job was to obliterate the soaps and revamp ABC daytime. Unless they are just strapped for daytime programming if the Chew and Revolution fail miserably, I just don't think GH will remain. Even if it does, it will most likely be moved from its 3pm time slot, which it has had for decades because Katie Couric is taking that time slot, or at least it's been said she is.

    Pee sticks, people lurking in the shadows (first Luke was doing it for most of the autumn, now they have Jax lurking around), mob stuff, hospital staff lying around on is very hard to keep the faith that the new staff is going to turn things around or that they even intend to. Their task is about as great as Barack Obama's was when he started his first term as President!

    Oh well...have a good weekend. Mild weather here in the Northeast. I am certainly not missing the frigid weather and snow! :-)

  26. Karen, it was Dr. Joplin that delivered Hope. She didn't get murdered, she committed suicide. I can't remember any lady doc getting murdered, but that could just be my memory. I don't know a whole lot about Dr. Balsom. I know he was Roxie's husband and supposedly Rex's dad (until the whole Schuyler storyline) and that he was abusive and a psychopath and somehow linked to Mitch, which is how he came to be Vicki's doctor and deliver Nat and Jess. In the whole Schuyler/Rex looking for his "real" father storyline, didn't Roxie say Dr. Balsom (can't remember his first name) "gave" Roxie to Mitch?

  27. Wyndemere Wendy needs to go away. This whole storyline is so reakin' lame.

    I hope Ethan doesn't leave with her but it looks like it will happen. Personally, I'd rather see Ethan get killed off violently than walk away with this cross-eyed mute.

  28. Love4dogs said...I'm going to miss recast Maxie as well. I was never against her since I knew she was a temp, but she's done a great job.
    Yeah I was never against her either! I think she is doing a great job too! I wonder what she is going to do next after GH. :)

  29. I personally am happy to see Dr. Ewan with his shirt off as much as possible. Smokin' hot! And my fav part... he wasn't sporting the fake orange tan. He looked very natural... and hot. haha

  30. DAMMED Right he is SMOKIN HOTT!

  31. The GirlWithTheStarTattooJanuary 6, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    Luv Dr.Abs :D
    Love even more snarky Matt with Dr.Dundee!! Ciao! Starry night in the ceiling tiles! Ha ha!
    Monica, Jason went after married women too... Also, Liz saved Jason's life more than once. So shut the F up.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. Liz, love you girl but do not defend Monica. After what she said to you do not defend her. Dr. FabAbs was correct. Working with a COS who carries her personal feelings into her professional life can’t be a good thing. Monica, Jason is a cold blooded murderer. He kills people and has no problem with it at all. Remember how you felt when Emily was murdered, well that is how Jason makes other parents feel. He makes women into widows. He carries a big gun, wears a black leather jacket and black shirts; I think he can take care of his own fidelity. Really Monica, keeping Jason faithful isn’t Liz’s job; he is the one married to Sam let him be responsible for staying faithful to their marriage. Maybe you should concentrate on keeping the hospital running and not worry about poor little murderer Jason. OR maybe you should pay more attention to Jason and see he is once again suffering silently. You might be able to help him or not because he won’t listen to you, he shows his mom such respect, such a good little son.
    I am liking the hospital being featured in General Hospital.

  34. Love Liz! Tracy used to tell Monica off in such a sweet way. We need to see that again.

  35. loved OLTL. cannot wait until Monday. Vikki, Clint, and Bo cannot die. They just can't. I really hope that Rex or Gigi come looking for Vikki and find them like that. As for Bo, I really hope that Lindsey returns with an ambulance and that Troy saves him (and doesn't go all psycho after he's done).

    I also really hope Ford doesn't die. I agree with whoever said that Jess deserves a happy ending. I also want him to live because poor James is going to need someone to lean on--even if Cole lives he needs to let Starr go; she obviously still loves Cole.

    I loved Todd and Hannah. They were hilarious together--some levity to fill out the episode. It was seriously needed.

    Starr broke my heart with that song.

    Am I the only one who kept thinking "Shoot the hostage" when Mitch was holding Natalie? I had to keep reminding myself that Mitch wasn't Dennis Hopper, Natalie wasn't Jeff Daniels, and John wasn't Keanu Reeves.

  36. According to GHHappenings...2 are moving to GH. One male & one female.

    We know McBain is going to Pt Chuckles with his detective skills.
    Who is the female? Please NOT Gnat.

  37. No twocents I think most of us did not think it was fun watching Monica be a bitch to Liz. Most of us feel the way Echo described, and beautifully put BTW!!! We certainly don't agree with what the writers have done, but almost every woman on every soap thinks rules don't apply to them. The shut the F up by that other poster was really tasteless though!

  38. The enjoyment i've been feeling watching OLTL is how I used to feel about GH back in the day (from the Labine era on down). I greatly doubt they'll be able to recapture that feeling - new writers or not.

    There's SO MUCH CRAP that needs to be trimmed from this show from Dr. TeethyMcTeeth (don't let the gurney hit your ass on the way out) to this whole BORING Lady In White nonsense (really, did anyone find this interesting? AT ALL?). At this point, once OLTL is done, so am I - which is sad considering that I was brought up on GH...

  39. TheGirlWithTheStarTattooJanuary 7, 2012 at 1:26 PM

    "the shut the f up" is addressed to Monica btw, not to a poster. Monica being a bitch to Liz since Jake died: now that's tasteless.

  40. Mrs B some of us DID though enjoy watching Monica being a bytch.
    Was it professional? NO. Never said it was. Jason needs a pow-wow with mommie dearest to let her know it was HIS choice to keep Jake's birth right private.

    In the meantime, I liked hearing Monica bitch. I also like when Alexis rips Carly a 'new-one'. I like when Carly goes into one of her rages with EVERYONE!
    There isn't much to enjoy on this show, so why not enjoy what you can!

  41. DJ Rogue said...There's SO MUCH CRAP that needs to be trimmed from this show from Dr. TeethyMcTeeth (don't let the gurney hit your ass on the way out)
    ROFL! Dr. TeethyMcTeeth? ROFL! Is that Ewan? :) ROFL!

  42. I don't enjoy the Liz bashing by Monica or anyone else. Monica has found a place for her anger and blame and it is fixed squarely on Liz, regardless of the fact that Jason has treated her like crap for years turning his back on his own family! Monica doesn't want to see that because she wants to reconcile with Jason since most of her close loved ones are dead. She ignores the fact that when she saw Liz, Jason, jake and Cameron in the park , she commented on them appearing to be a family, encouraging it. She is greiving and angry, understandably, but one thing she didn't used to lack is compassion. Now , she seems to have no compassion. She is consumed by bitterness.

  43. Monica needs some lovin'!

  44. thank you about Dr. Joplin!! ;) that's who I was thinking of. Sometimes the damn soaps run together in my head like mud. LOL

  45. Jason has been carrying "sympathy baby weight" for Sam even before she became pregant.



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