Thursday, January 19, 2012

NEW Spoilers including a CLAUDIA Shocker!

Um..check it out. Our suspicions are confirmed about Claudia... WUBS NET.  
Johnny and Carly --will they or won't they? 


  1. Claudia RUMOR-wasn't that an 'assumption' when she was on the show?? Mmmmmmm....interesting..

    Also..just got this off of GH2:

    GH: Recast?
    Posted by ghhshirley on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 In : General Hospital Rumors
    Rumorville: Those of you who follow our News Page know there is a new casting call out there. I have already said in the Spoilerholic thread in our forum that it was most likely a male. I have now seen the side and the fact is that the role of "Erik" sounds suspiciously similar to the role of Michael Corinthos, currently occupied by Chad Duell. Oh...and in this version, Jason agrees to allow "Erik" to join to mob. Stay tuned..
    NOT looking good......:(

  2. My2cents, I did put that up yesterday-- about Michael. I can't see why they'd recast him NOW. But who the hell knows.
    Changes are going to come fast/furious

  3. on twitter Chad said he was staying but maybe he doesnt know it yet???

  4. I just want LIW gone -- and not with Ethan.

  5. Sad to say even if the actors know they are leaving, and they usually know before we do, they have to keep it under wraps. I think Chad is a good actor but we only see one expression from him - angry and mopy. Can't remember the last time he smiled. Not his fault, though. And we always suspected the Claudia/Johnny connection.

  6. I never understood why Drew Garrett was replaced.

  7. Now this Claudia thing would be a better story, if they didn't kill her off years ago.

  8. LindaV....I can't remember the last time this Michael smiled either. However, its the writing.
    Not him.
    Most likely it is his choice to leave. Remember, the actors on this show opted out when their contracts came due. Robin, Ethan, Lucky, now probably Chad. He will be missed. He has been the BEST Michael by far.

    Yes unfortunately this is one rumor I am beginning to believe.

  9. I'm betting that Ronnie is the killer. Bor-ing. Character was useless anyway. Just another recycled Sonny storyline (Remember Taggart)?

    I wish it was Todd and Blair who were staying long-term and not McBain. I never understood why people like him. He doesn't talk, show emotion or show any energy at all whatsoever. He's just the strong, sensitive hero who always comes through and doesn't say a word. Just like Jason. Blah blah.

    Todd and Blair on the other hand are great. The characters are dynamic - they are sensitive, caring, funny, impulsive, angry, energetic, etc. Something new every day. McBain never changes.

    In my 20 years of watching GH I have never skipped episodes with such frequency or cared so little for the stories. I plan on tuning in with Robert and Anna but I'm not optimistic considering how they turned the characters into buffoons the last time around.

  10. If some of the posters at ABC GH MB would take their heads out of their asses maybe they'd see how much of their "beloved" show is being flushed down the toilet.

  11. I regards to the Claudia rumour, I guess that makes Johnny's father an even sicker freak then we thought he was, if he's the father. I definitely won't be looking at AZ the same after this. He definitely will no longer seem funny or endaring.

    And I'm so over Michael and his juvenile petulance that I don't care if they replace him. I would like it see him gone, along with Sonny and boring kate.

  12. That was the Claudia rumor years ago.
    I am going to wait to see how this plays out, I read that the z's are going OFF the show.
    So who knows??

  13. So Michael nails Claudia (Johnny's mom) with a bat to save his newborn sister and mother. So they decided the best way to make Johnny and Michael even is by having Johnny "nail" Carly (Michael's mom)?

    Thank you GH, you've found a new definition of an eye for eye!!

    Love4dogs, I too never understood why they replaced Drew Garrett either??

  14. Who is Johnny's father? Trevor??
    That would make him & Ric brothers???

  15. Yeah that would make Ric and Johnny brothers....wouldn't it be great if they bring Ric back so he and Johnny could team up and take down Sonny! Even if it's only to ruin him financially that would be great!


  16. If they brought Ric back, the ratings would sour upward.
    More than Anna & Robert imo

  17. I like John McBain because his sex scenes were always HOT. Didn't care if his acting wasn't the greatest...

  18. Maybe Michael Easton sticking around means a reunion with KeMo? I didn't follow PC much, but I caught a few episodes and they were great together.

    This Claudia/Johnny story is so ridiculous. There is a four year age difference between Sarah and Brandon.

    Seeing Jason and Sonny today made me miss the old GH (yet again). While their friendship has always been on the dark side, there used to be so much more to them than just outright talking about killing people. Mo & Steve look miserable. I would love to have an honest conversation with some of these actors on what they really think about this show.

    Once again, thank you Frons/Phelps/Guza for ruining our once iconic show.

  19. The new spoilers have me afraid, very afraid! Robin staying? Why would she tell Max about her HIV issue...maybe that's supposed to be Mac! It would be nice if she'd decide to stay

    Claudia being Johnny's mother...must we revisit that? Is Claudia the not dead person coming back for revenge. (I was hoping for Alcazar.) Is this the tidbit Luke got on Johnny today, seemingly with Skye's help? Now, the timing just does not jive. Maria was shot when Johnny was like eight or nine, and Claudia was supposed to have been sent away not long after when she was 15? Maybe I have the ages wrong, but chronologically, it just does not make sense. Is Johnny's dad Anthony or is it Trevor? Being that she was messing with the family lawyer, that is a possibility. I just don't know how they are going to do this. At the rate Johnny is currently going, I expect Sonny to gun him down any day now!

    If I were Julie Berman, I'd leave this damn show. Watching her is soooo beyond painful! The sum total of her scenes this week has been screwing Dante, walking a dog, sneezing, and filling out an online survey about careers while finishing an entire bottle of wine. Can we say beyond pathetic? Why can't she help run Kelly's if Bobbie is in Seattle? I am not interested in seeing her become the town lush only two accentuate she has the Spencer boozehound trait!

    The TJ kid has only been on a few days and already he is beyond annoying. I liked that Alexis put him in his place! I see that kid as a mobster in training. So what are they going to do...a bullying story with TJ and Molly? Well, that would be timely, but considering they couldn't handle a teen abuse story well, I am not sure about that being interesting.

    Jax actually said something today...Yay! Now do something, like blow Sonny away, please! Oh, and no need to stop Michael from doing something stupid. Let him! Stupid is as stupid does!

    Carly...the only thing good about her presence is seeing little Joss. She's walking now! Carly...well, she's always been a, dare I say it, skank. (A very overused word to describe women on this show.) Her actions with Johnny are really nothing new. I don't find them hot...just find her pathetic. Nothing hot about people using each other for a purpose, which is what they are both doing. She's trying to keep her kid out of the mob and he wants something to hold on Sonny...."Hey I boinked your ex!"

    LIW...just wrap it up!

    Maxie...she's again going to play one boyfriend off the other. Do something to one to make the other jealous. Haven't we been here before?

    I agree that some of the actors do not look happy...almost like they are on autopilot. I would imagine it is hard to be otherwise with all the shakeup going's hard as a viewer too!

  20. Melody..and that is why I wonder if Chad isn't leaving by his own choice. He is a pretty good actor, easy on the eyes. Maybe he thinks he can get primetime gigs.

    Also I just heard on TV about the Jack Wagner & Heather Locklear fight. They are BOTH in trouble with the law. WOW he looks different than his Frisco days.
    Did he have work done on his face??

    LIW when I ff'd thru her laughing scene today I thought she looked like a freakin monster. I don't know about you, but if the new writers want to drop that storyline with no explanation, that is fine with me. Just make it go away!

  21. Oh more thing. Carly. I always adored Carly. Though she can be a bitch, she 'owned up' to what she was. Most women on this soap don't. LOVED her and CarJax.
    However, since Jax left her, her character is more skanky than normal.

    Speaking of Jax, is he going to see his child? I mean, did the writers think bringing Jax back for one day of shooting, would satisfy our missing him? He has done nothing but lurk. No story. Nothing. I miss Jax and I miss the opportunity to have seen him more this past month.

    btw-I did read at ghhappenings that Robin IS still leaving the show. It will be a 'surprise' how she leaves, but we will need a box of kleenex. Not sure what that meant.
    I also don't 100@ believe anything until I start seeing Ron's work on the show. Anything and everything can change daily. jmo

  22. Like someone said previously this is like Boardwalk empire's Jimmy Darmody's relationship with his mother only I don't see GH pulling this off like martin scorcese.Claudia reveal is not surprising but what will they do with it ? More mob war? Today's show was mostly mob and Lulu drinking. Hardly encouraging.

  23. I thought LIW was cute today. *shrugs*

  24. That Claudia and Johnny spoiler, I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!! I told people on the abc board for GH, back when she was alive!!! :) And they got mad at me for saying that!!!! :)

  25. My2Cents2 said..Claudia RUMOR-wasn't that an 'assumption' when she was on the show?? Mmmmmmm....interesting..
    YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  26. Sonya...I agree, but why now bring the story out? I thought Trevor was Johns father. But why now? Honestly, with the new writers coming on, I am taking everything with a grain of salt until I see it unplay. However, it would be a 'juicy' storyline!
    I will tell you, and this IMO that the mob boys are all going down. For good!!!!

  27. I really hope the mob guys do fall on this show, but they never do. We should do a poll of how may times has Sonny been shot over the years ? I say sonny has more than 9 cat lives! What say you? What is everyone's guess. I know Sonny has been shot by Alcazar, by Anthony Z, 2012 mystery man, Faith Roscoe tagged him.

  28. LOL, How many cat lives does Sonny have :) ??


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