Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soap Opera Source Becomes TVSourceMagazine.com

Our friends over at SOS, a popular site for all the soaps is expanding to include ALL of TV! That's right, they will launch TVSourceMagazine.com the beginning of February. Congrats to all!

“We are very excited to launch the TVSource property,” said Omar Nobles, SoSource Media’s founder and CEO. “This project has been in development for over a year and we look forward to this new step in our evolution as a company. Editorial content will be a major centerpiece of TVSource Magazine, showcasing the diverse opinions and strong personalities of our editorial team.”
“Much has changed since the launch of Soap Opera Source three years ago,” said William Dallman, Media Relations Director for SoSource Media. “We decided to re-think our approach to publishing and the content we provide. Doing so required going back to the drawing board and creating something fresh, new and exciting, while expanding the types of content that made Soap Opera Source popular among our readers. Part of that expansion will include coverage of popular and up-and-coming online web series like The Bay, Pretty The Series and Venice.”


  1. I see this has a further decimation of Soaps. I am glad they are not losing their jobs over this but still very, very, very bad news for Soap Fans.

  2. I am going to miss the Daytime Soaps I have watched religiously since the 80's and web soaps (unless they are AMC, OLTL and probably GH) do not interest me at all.

  3. hey all since the news and Gh have been terrible lately go to youtube.com and do a search for General Hospital Gag Reels it will crack you up with all the bloopers and outtakes they go back as far as 1979

  4. I read in the Wall Street Journal that it's only a matter of days before Soap Opera Digest calls it quits.

    That's completely unfair when we all know that it's ABC Soaps in Depth which should perish first.



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