Monday, January 30, 2012

Desperate Manipulitius!

Ah, Maxie, making up diseases to describe Elizabeth. AHHAA. Too fun.

Jason has had so many head injuries, shootings, you name it. AngerBoy has swelling on the brain.  I  guess Sam stopped cramping or at least she didn't go to the hospital yet.

Lulu: "Everyone tells me your home, a Luke sighting-- like a comet"out! Lulu was so right about Luke not even saying Happy Marriage!! Good scenes with the two of them. "I just needed you to be there"--- Luke and his martyr syndrome.

Carly telling her "bad girl" stories to Johnny. About AJ  in the shopping cart with the vodka! She's DYING to know the secret. I'm glad she found out. She was at least compassionate about Claudia.
Umm WHERE'S JOSSLYN? For all the time Carly spends with her, she could be with Jax! LOL

SKate and the restaurant. Ok,  I'll try to get into it. I wish it would MOVE faster and be a bit more exciting with more people involved but ah, whatever.


  1. Today's show seemed so much better than anything in months. There were laughs - actual times I laughed! Like Liz saying to Matt that she won't be there for Maxie if he dies! Hah!

    And the scenes with Luke & Lulu were wonderful. About time someone had a happy reunion.

    Is that the sun I see coming up on the horizon?

  2. Sam did go to the hospital. She met Jason there.

    I also loved the comet sighting line. That's a classic!!

    And I even liked Lulu today with Luke. She was less whiney and came across much better. I hope this keeps up.

    And that scene also reminded me of why I missed Gotta love him.

  3. Thought today's episode was really good.

    I don't care about the Sam storyline, but luckily it didnt take up much airtime.
    I love Elizabeth and Matt!!
    I don't want a romance between them but I love when they are in scenes together.
    So fun!
    I'm sorry but I still miss KS as Maxie!

    Loved the Lulu and Luke scene.
    Awesome job by both.
    I actually teared up a little.

  4. Missed today's show I'll have to watch it tonight!

  5. No, I meant Sam didn't go to the hospital from when we saw her cramping on Friday. I thought Spinelli would be taking her there for that reason, instead he went out and got Chinese food!

  6. Like Lulu or not, she is a fabulous actress. Powerful chemistry with AG.
    btw-AGREE are better with Tracey!!!!!!!

    Whether KS comes back or not, can't the writers do something with this obnoxious character?
    LOVED her sweater. She has worn it in the past.

    I can't help but wonder....did the storyline with Steve/Maggie fade out? Benched? Forgotten hopefully.

    Writers..STOP writing Liz as a medly nosy women. Give her a storyline. If she is so over Jason, why does she all but break her neck or hide during his discussions with his wife?
    Give her Matt. Some diverstion from Jason. Jason is an obsession with her. She should have a better purpose to the show since she is so well liked by most.

  7. Deb K, I agree. I wish they'd stop writing Liz as a meddling busybody. I hate her skulking around corners listening.( Way too much skulking by too many characters lately.IMHO) I like Liz' conversations with Matt and even with Ewan.

  8. YES Di, but Liz has to get Jason off her mind before she can move on to Matt or Ewan.
    I don't believe she has a clue that Matt is interested in her. IMO the writers are 'teasing' the fans who were hoping for a reunion between Jason & Liz. Its not happenening, so writers, MOVE ON!

    Karen...where did all the Anons go?

  9. Testing this to see if it works. :)
    I agree the show has definitly been better lately although it was a little heavy today with all of Lulu's crying. I think they're trying to rescue the Luke character from all of the horrible things the writers made him do last year.

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  11. I too enjoyed today's show, which is still surprising to me. The only frustrating part was that Sonny and Kate were in the episode, but thankfully, it wasn't mob-centric even when they were there.

    I do think that Spinelli should have realized that there was something more wrong with Sam than what she said.

    One of the things that stood out for me was that Maxie was listening to Liz and Matt, but didn't pick up on the fact that they were talking about Robin possibly being sick. Is she really that caught up in herself that she didn't pay attention to what was being said? Maxie may be a bit of a skank, but she has always cared about her family. I think that scene was an epic fail. (Also, should Matt and Liz really have been talking about a patient's private information? Isn't that a big HIPPA violation?)

    The scenes with Johnny and Carly stole the show for me, although it was a close tie with the ones between Luke and Lulu.

  12. I agree - really good show yesterday. Julie and Tony were outstanding and heart warming. Liked Johnny and Carly. Thank heavens they got her away from Shawn. Always enjoy Liz and Matt. Improvement is in the air!

  13. I liked Monday's epi to a point. I thought it was quite insensitive the writers to have Sam say a miscarriage would solve a lot of problems. A woman with fertility problems no matter her situation would never say that ever. But this is a soap and this is Sam we're talking about.

    The Luke/Lulu scenes were necessary give the Spencer destruction the writers have put us thru, with them re-writing Luke/Laura history and all.

    Give me more Johnny and Carly! Absolutely love them together! HOT! Plus, it will drive Sonny crazy. BONUS! LOL!

    I'm really trying with the Kate/Sonny stuff, but I'm not feeling it. I really do hope she's going to rat him out. It would actually make so much sense as there is nothing like a woman scorned.

    I agree about the lurking, skulking around on the show lately, LIW, Jax, Helena, now Liz. Reminds of when the writers got on the laying around on the hospital bed kick or the closet therapy needs to stop. Although, if I were Liz and my ex and his wife were around the hospital all the time...I'd be in their med files in a hot second! LOL!!!

    And the Maxie stuff with Liz...I just can't. It'a been done to death so I'm over it as well as her shrieking voice.

    Looking forward to hopefully another good day of GH :)

  14. Hey the whole time Carly/Johnny were talking all I could think about was her and those fries outside of Colemans when she went into labor w/Joss. Didn't Johnny take her to the hospital??

  15. Loving GH, and I agree Johnny brings out something different in Carly.

    I also am thinking Kate is gonna turn on Sonny. That would be SOOO soapy!!!! Please TBTB let it happen! That would be an interesting story and will keep me watching sonny & kate rather than FF them, like I do now.

    I actually like Liz being nosy. She does a great job at it! I think she will always love Jason and he will her too, there is history there and if that was me, I'd do the same exact thing! I'd want to know what's going on! I think it's great and plays out well!


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