Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Surgery: M*A*S*H*

What did I do during the CarJon scenes? Well, I don't know why but she reminded me of Hot Lips Houlihan of M*A*S*H*  Oh she of blonde frosty hair and loins of lust. LOL. Yep, that's where my head was and I'm not apologizing for it. This was all melding into the fact that Johnny is really Claudia's son.  Now, that may have been interesting when Claudia was ON the show...but now? Ummm, hopefully his daddy is a doozie to save this lame plot. I'm going for the guy Tracy was married to which makes him a member of the opposing mob family? I guess? :throwsuphands: 
Oh, my other M*A*S*H* Fantasies? Carly (Hotlips) is making out with Hawkeye (Johnny) when Radar (Spinelli) walks in. You know Spinelli could carry a teddy bear and totally be Radar! LOL 

On to the next topic! Jax...spoke!! Actually spoke. :thud: To another CHARACTER! It was hands down the best thing on the show this week, imo. I still say Jax needs to be on because Sonny needs that other polar-part for balance. Without Jax I guess you have--er... Dante? 
Yep, I have a headache too Kate!
Kate.  Kate, Kate Kate. Here we go AGAIN
Ok, I've given this story a twist, see if you like it: 
Kate was actually talking to Jax on the phone-- he walks into the bar. She looks at him and says:
"You missed" 
He says he tried but couldn't get a clean shot. See, this whole time she's been conning Sonny and really is out for revenge. Her getting shot on her wedding day, leaving her for Brenda..yada yada. It could be an epic scene. 
I'm holding my breath. 

I think Helena probably needs to pee by now standing in the wings of Wyndemere. You know,  I do wonder how people get out there with no one else knowing. It's not like there's multiple launches going out. Would you hear a boat coming up? Oh, nevermind. Silly me--and to think I notice it's FREEZING WINTER and no boat would be out any hoo. That, coupled with the fact that Dr. Ewan is letting a patient stay there to do God knows what is so redonidink I can't even think about it much or my head hurts.  Seriously, here's a chick who doesn't know who she is (but seems to have a fabulous white wardrobe bought by--whom??) where she belongs, and possibly psychotic wandering around in an old house for MONTHS with no shoes on. Malpractice!! I'm hoping Helena just bombs the place and they all die. Like, Tuesday. 

Anger Boy #44  
In the middle of all this, we get "Angry Boy Chip on Shoulder".  This time against the guy that accidentally shot his Dad in the war. Why a kid  would go LIVE with him is beyond reason. Why the hell would his mother tell him that's his choice? Live with your Dad's killer or military school? Ummm, that defies even soap logic. It's stupid. I know deep in my heart the kids' mama is due to come on and reveal that Shawn is actually Tommy Jr's Daddy. See, they slept together one night after a drunken incident and promised never to tell Tommy about it because it would destroy him. Wow,  I can write this in my sleep. 
This week we learned Kirsten Storms isn't coming back after all. Is it health related? Money issues? (ie: Jen Lilley is working out and oh so much less expensive?). We may never know. I like both gals-- and think Jen is doing fine as Maxie.  I wish Kirsten the best and hope everything works out. Since Jen's Maxie started this AZ "Frenimie" thing,  I'd like to see it progress.  
AZ and Tracy. Could have been way better than it was. That's all I have to say about that. Luke showing up at the wedding was cute, but you could tell by his face he's there to witness it, not stop it. 
JaSam moped around-- and given the fact they didn't have her get to the hospital right after the supposed rape it's just plain sad. Sam should be about 5 months along now, and of course she looks about 2.  Time doesn't matter, I know. I'm sure she'll be sporting a giant foam belly soon and grows overnight. Sam constantly asking Jason how he feels and thinks makes me want to throw something at my TV.  This couple has been through the wringer since getting married. I suppose they had some cute scenes on their 8 week honeymoon. You know, the shell necklace and all but otherwise they've been really miserable to watch. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Jax and Michael. Jax was rational, didn't freak out and made a lot of sense. He probably could have Skye'd that in but it was great to see Ingo's face.  Even if he did skulk for 2 weeks.

STUPID SCENE OF THE WEEK: Dr. Ewan's storage closet therapy. I mean. REALLY? First it's the ceiling gazing and now this. "Imagine you are in an elevator" could have been a fun exercise if Liz was really in therapy with him and they were you know, having a session. But in the closet?? Good God, build the guy an office set. What's next? Maybe they'll go to the rooftop and imagine they are balloons floating into the star-lit sky. :eyeroll: 

I do have to say that Sonny finding out about Johnny's paternity and Luke supplying it gave me a little thrill. I don't know why, but I did love seeing LukeSon in cahoots again. Sonny's face when he walked into Johnny's place? Priceless. Dimples at full watt. Should be a good (if not implausible) reveal. 
So far my work is not really impacting GH too much. Thursday is the day I can't watch live. I'll keep trying to other days. I am getting the Spoilers let's see how long I can keep it up.  (that's what she said heh) Thanks for reading/commenting!


  1. Karen, I LOVE your Jax/Kate theory, better than anything I came up with.

    I'm still SOOOOO SAD about KS, even though I also love JL, KS does own the role.

    Glad you still can watch almost daily, otherwise we'd all miss you TOO MUCH.

    Got snow yesterday in Brooklyn, probably 3 inches, not bad at all, esp. after last year, I know that upstate NY got more.

    ITA, Dr. Ewwwwwww-an's behavior is so unprofessional, he would lose his license. As a mental health professional, I am appalled and horrified at this depiction of what we do.

  2. I also liked the Luke/Sonny scenes! It was nice to see them doing something other than talk about which one of them is more screwed up. The Carly(Hot Lips)/Johnny scenes to me were awesome! Carly really is Hot Lips!! I'm loving their chemistry. It was nice to see Johnny being honest with Carly at the end. Wow. A man being honest on GH?? What a concept! Was very happy to see Jax finally had lines!! Lots of them. Great moment with Michael. And you are right Karen, having Jax and Kate in cahoots would be AWESOME!! Angry kid, Ewen, freaky blonde chick LIW...they can all go away. It would be nice if LIW turns out to be Nicholas's twin that Helena kept hidden from Laura, but with all the stops and starts in this storyline I just don't care now, it's too dragged out like the whole Franco thing. Sorry to hear about Kirsten Storms not returning. I still say there is way more to her story than what we're being told/led to believe. Regardless, I still wish her well. Looking forward to next week's Patrick and Robin scenes. I'm sure Jason Thompson will have me in tears.

  3. Let's try not to get too worked up over any new storylines until Ron really gets there and things change.
    I agree though, why now is it coming out that Anthony is NOT Johnnys son?? Years ago, when Trevor & Claudia was around, it made more sense. But since when did GH make sense? Long long time ago.

    LOVED Luke & SOnny scene. BEST scene of the week. Especially Sonny's expression and him looking at Luke. LMAO.

    I do not agree with people thinking KS is on drugs or in rehab, however, I don't believe she is ill and that is why she is not returning. More to THAT story. Someone will find out.

    Ron did state, to get out the kleenex for Robin's exit. Oyyy they are really going thru with it?

    Karen,I am sorry. I missed your theory on Kate & Jax. I will go back and try to find it. In the event I can't, what was your theory in a sentence? (don't want you to re-write anything)
    Hopefully it involves more Ingo!

    Read on Michael Fairman blog that TSJ is OPEN to join GH. Just thinking, as much as he would be a great addition for future storylines, that only puts Ingos' chances of returning even slimmer.
    And Uncle Mac?? With John coming to town?? What will be with Uncle Mac??

  4. Loved the Radar/Spinelli comparison but another obvious similarity is their love of flavored soda. Radar always drank grape; Spinelli orange.

    I saw Ingo R on Twitter last night (early this morning) and sent him a compliment on Friday's scenes with Chad Duell. He replied back:

    "@FrankStrovel @duelly87 loved those scenes with Chad. He was awesome."

  5. Kate seemed surprised to see Jax so I don't think it was him she was arranging to see. As I suggested before I am hoping it is Trevor she has been in contact with. she use to have a very close connection to Trevor, at some point in the past Trevor confided to Kate that Trevor and Claudia are actually Johnnys biological parents. Kate has been keeping this secret from Sonny. This of course means Sonny will feel all betrayed again wehn he finds out. It also means Johnny and Ric are half brothers, opening the door for Ric to return!!

    If it is not Trevor she is speaking with I want Kate to be an informant feeding informaant feeding information on Sonns activites to Anna, Shawn (who is secretly working for Anna), Alcazar (who is also secretly working for Anna) opening the door for Ted Kings return.

    Regardless I hope it leads to the downfall of Sonny and also signals the exit of he and Kate from our screens.

    It is time for Skye to return...with Lily Rae and Jax.

  6. I wish Trevor were still alive. Loved his character/acting.

    Kate bringing Sonny down?? Now that kind of a storyline I can like!
    I was thinking Shawn was in Pt Chuckles to bring Sonny down.

  7. Think Trevor molested Claudia.

    BTW, have you seen Loretta Swit's face in recent years? Very, very scary.

  8. My idea for Kate: She got Jax to shoot Sonny :) she's conning him and really still hates him for shot/Brenda.

    that was my DREAM wish... not what's going to happen!!

    Trevor is dead.

    I think it's going to be Soleto-- ergo, related to the Tracy side of her other marriage.

  9. OMG, i've been rendered SO NUMB by this show, that I can't even remember who Trevor is...


  10. Trevor is dead. Fell from hospital roof so would be difficult to bring him back...unlike other forms of death that are more "undoable", haha. I am just really hoping for a Ric return...making him half brother to both Sonny and Johnny would certainly give him a lot of storyline potential!

  11. Hold on here aren't wrong. This isn't the Kate Howard who was here 3 years ago. I don't mean different actress's either.
    Kate Howard would never 'crawl' after Sonny like this one does.
    So I absolutely think its possible she is bringing Sonny down. I don't think Jax would shoot Sonny though. Jax was always an upstanding guy, I can't believe he would resort to killing Sonny himself. I do believe he could be with Kate on this, or not. I DO think Kate is bringing Sonny down.

    Whether GH stays or leaves, I honestly believe by summer we will have seen the last of Sonny Correnthos.

    Now is everyone writing tptb about bringing back Ingo??
    I understand how it feels to be 'numb' with a show and forget who is who.. Been there plenty of times!

  12. DJRogue, Trevor was Ric's dad. I don't recall a funeral for him - he supposedly jumped but I don't think they had a body. Of course no one gets a funeral.

  13. Frisco, I like the way you think!


  14. I like the way you guys think... but I have a slightly different scenario.... make Rick Johhny's dad.... that would make Sonny his 1/2 uncle lol.. Claudia and Rick slept together when they were teens..ergo Johnny. Claudia had a thing for Rick anyway... not sure they slept together. can't remember, but I know they were doing a bit more than talking lol.
    That would just be a great story & it might bring Rick back; he never "knew" Johnny was his! lol

    I totally could go for Kate even working for Anna, and or Robert (they all have links to Paris). Anna & Robert are of course concerned because of Sonny's connection to their daughter.. makes total sense :)

    Ahh... we should be the writers...

  15. I saw something else that made me smile today. The possible return of Lucy Coe and the resurrection of the Nurse's Ball. Robert, Anna, Lucy Coe and the Nurse's Ball. I would be tickled beyond words! :)

  16. TheGirlWithTheStarTattooJanuary 22, 2012 at 10:25 PM

    Love what Liz told Dr.Keenan during the closet/elevator scene. Nothing stupid about it. Those few minutes were more profound than all the crap on this show.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I am only posting this, because I literally thru up vomit in my throat reading this release:

  19. How is it that 'spoilers' hit all blogs at the same time?

    I just want to say this. After reading the statement abc/disney made (above link) and the speed of things to come at GH, something tells me my 'hopeful outlook' is all for nothing.


  20. Spinelli is the one following Maxie around. I have really grown tired of that character and would not be sad in the least to see him leave the show. for a while he had this stupid other personality...perhaps they can reveal that he has not totally recovered and have him suffering from a split personality. Hell, I don't care if they also make him the hooker killer.

    After being revealed that Anthony pimped his own daughter (Claudia) out I also see no redemption for this character now. Have him show up dead with a good whodunit storyline - Johnny, Tracy, Maxie, Sonny, Skye, new Soleto girl they are supposedly casting, zombie Claudia...

    IF Anthony turns up dead does Tracy as his wife now get all his money/possessions?

    Imagine if Johnny and Lulu got back together. Tracy would be Johnny's Stepgrandmother and Lulu's Stepmother.

    A big explosion coming up? Sonny, Kate, Luke, Delores, LIW, Ewan, Spinelli, Anthony, Maggie, Shawn, Shawn's new kid and Ronnie should all go boom. I also wouldn't be too upset if it also involved Steve, Dante, Bernie, Max, Olivia or Sam.

    Kelly was on the show yesterday. When is the last time we saw Epiphany or Coleman?

  21. Karen,just wondering..Why were you thinking of Mash while watching Johnny & Carly?Were you trying to find a way not to vomit while watching? Or were you just trying to stay awake?


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