Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday for the Foamy Soap!

Jax finally talked. Wow. He's SUCH A BETTER DAD than Sonny is!!! GOD! They need him on the show as the other end of the compass. I miss Ingo!!!! Aww, Jax came back for Michael to say he's sorry about Abby and to give him advice.

Sonny and Luke: LUKESON!  Yeah! Sonny got the birth certificate! 

Connie and Olivia-- at least they are talking. So that's ok. Who was Kate on the phone to? I think her botoxin doctor!

AHAHHAAHA...Carly got rejected by Johnny and she couldn't TAKE IT!! wow..

Tracy/AZ wedding farce. There was a "famous' goombah actor on. Not sure who he was but  I think he was on the Sopranos. 

Jax and Kate just "run into each other"

CLIFFHANGERS: Jax sees Kate and vise versa. Luke comes into the AZ/Tracy wedding but I think he's NOT going to stop it-- and SONNY well, he's going to tell Johnny 'somethin'!!
GEESH real cliffhangers.


  1. Aside from seeing and hearing(!) Jax, today's episode was a snoozer. Any sightings of CasSUCKra? If not, THANK GOD!

    And as for Carly - LMAO! She's an idiot!!!

  2. Liked Liz and Patrick scene but robin needs to come clean. Just foolish that she hasn't confided in her husband. Glad Jax spoke but tptb are truly stupid for not keeping him on the show. I'm not interseted in all the newbies they throw on. The real Jax would NEVER leave his children! Poor writing!!!!!Claudia reveal/cliffhanger doesn't really interest me. Johnny is a good actor but of course his character will be rocked while Sonny continues on never paying any dues.

  3. Oopse! I meant Brandon is a good actor but the character of Johnny will take a hard blow while Sonny continues on never paying his dues.

  4. Yeah he played Big Pussy on the Sopranos!


  5. I meant to say his name is Vincent Pastore sorry I gave you his Sopranos name instead of his real!


  6. when Carly got rejected by Johnny did I hear her call him Sonny???? If someone has DVRd this scene ,let me know.

  7. As many people have said, Jax's scenes and the fact that he actually had dialog today was the only saving grace of Cliffhanger Friday...if one can call it that! I even found Michael more tolerable in those scenes, maybe because he wasn't shouting for a change!

    No dilly dalling around Wydemere today, so that was a bonus! So was not seeing Jasam and the baby bit. You know this whole thing could have been avoided by one trip to the doc after you thought you were raped, Sam!

    The Kate/Olivia thing was a snorebore. The old, "I just cannot handle Sonny's life and put myself in danger" thing. We've heard it enough from any woman remotely involved with a mobster on this show and it's boring as heck!

    Carly and Johnny...the writers sucked us in again, huh? Kind of the same way they did with Johnny and Maxie years ago. "Should we boink, well, maybe we shouldn't, oh, let's just do it since we both such edgy people, well, nah..." I could have cared less what they did, but it was interesting to have left the nice side of Johnny's schizophrenic character (nice guy with a heart of gold/bad guy who could give a chit) come back out for a bit. Even Johnny had to shake that off at the end of the scene!

    Sonny and Johnny...oh we go again! I was surprised bullets weren't flying yet, but we were at the tail end of the show. I do wonder how he'll react to the bombshell, if indeed it is that Claudia is his mama. I still wonder how in the name of all that's holy they are going to pull that one off! The Ziblings never looked all that far apart in age. Ten years maybe? And Claudia sure didn't give birth at ten. If she was about fifteen which was around the age she was sent away, if Johnny is supposed to be 30 now, as we've been told by characters, then that would make Claudia 45...SB doesn't look 45. I don't know...I give up on figuring this one out until it unfolds.

    Robin and least they are talking. I hope she comes clean with him.

    Venus, Cookie and AZ...funny stuff. I had a feeling Luke would barge in. It won't be to stop it. Maybe he'll give the bride away!

    So Jen Lilly is staying as Maxie for a bit? I am not sure what's going on with Kirsten, but it honestly would not surprise me to see Jen finish up as Maxie. A shame really, if that happens, since Kirsten's had the role for a long time. My gut tells me there is more to it than an illness though...not saying she's not been ill, but it just seems more to it.

    Bracing for some snow in the Northeast...oh goodie! I am not a fan of the white stuff!

  8. Lately when I am watching the show I find myself drifting off trying to think up storylines. Yesterday I was trying to think of what Lulu's new job could be. Today I was thinking about who Kate could be secretly calling/mtg. I think it should be her old Sugar Daddy Trevor. Sonny's head would explode. Then when it is revealed that Claudi is johnny's mother it should also be revealed that Trevor is Johnny's father. And of course Kate knew this all along but kept the secret from Sonny. Anything that causes Sonny grief and pain I can get behind.

    Watching the scene's with Maxie and Tracey today I also realized watching todays show just how much the character of Maxie has changed with this new actress. I think the new actress is fantastic but it seems she is playing Maxie smore vulnerable, innocent even. i can't picture this new Maxie telling her mother off at her sisters funeral, or drugging Lucky and faking a pregnancy, or sleeping with Franco. I am torn as to which Maxie I like more...

  9. I am thrilled that Johnny did not sleep with Carly because she is too old and fuglyfor him.I think he was shaking it off because he was grossed out by her.And her kisses turned him off.They have NO chemistry together.

  10. I think LW is one of the hottest women on GH. Her, RH and NLG. All REAL women.

    And I think Carly and Johnny have tonnes of chemistry.

    For a while it looked like they were going with a Carly and Shawning pairing but with recent scenes i see more chemistry between Carly and Johnny...and Alexis and Shawn.

    further to my earlier post my other idea of who Kate could be talking to...Shawn or even Anna or maybe this OLTL cop guy they are going to force on us. I think Shawn is a secret agent working for Anna to get dirt on Sonny. Perhaps they convinced Kate to be an informant...she is calling Shawn or Anna to provide info on Sonny. Again, I will support any storyline that leads to Sonny's downfall. Hell I'd even support Casey the alien coming down and vaporizing Sonny.

  11. Frisco, I was thinking about Kate too,it will be in Sunday Surgery tomorrow!

  12. I didn't understand what happened when Jax ran into Kate, as I thought she had called and arranged to meet someone there, and it was him. However, maybe his shock was, OMG, IT'S A DIFFERENT KATE!!

    The guy on the boat did look like Big Pussy from the Sopranos, but I wasn't sure that it was him.

    Johnny was pretty hot with Carly, I thought, especially when he turned away and showed his good side. There's something about the bad man/good side that's a REAL turn-on for women--it's what hooked us on Sonny so long ago.

    I see in your other post (which I haven't read yet), that KS is not coming back? The new actress is great, but this makes me very sad. . .

  13. I knew Johnny wouldn't go thru with sleeping with Carly. For now.
    I knew it!

    Luke & Sonny. Great chemistry. Great scene. Sonny's expression was priceless!!!!!!!

    Loved Liz & Patrick scenes. Well done.

    Jax. What a man/father. I agree,he is sorely missed.
    People I think we get busy writing messages and emailing to bring him back. GH needs more gentlemen like him. I was actually able to tolerate Michael with Jax.

    Olivia & Connie. Here we go, back to high school, bensonhurst. Ugh I can't listen to it!!

    Did I hear correctly? Did Luke acknowledge his daughters marriage?

  14. I know I will sound crazy, but I have thought that Claudia was Johnny's mother for a long time and thought they were going to tell the story while she was still alive. I remember the way she would talk to him and treat him. She was sent away at a young age. People were so freaked out by the way she was w/Johnny because it seemed almost incestuous. I thought only a mother would act that way.


  15. Trevor states in interview on Michael Banks page he is OPEN to go to GH. Could he be the next transplant?

    If Roger is going to GH then I want Trevor there as much. Stories written about the both of them together would be nothing less than amazing. This is Ron's chance to show what new daytime tv soaps could look like!



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