Friday, January 13, 2012

The View and One Life To Live Today

What a send off! WOW... Erika was co-host and Robin Strasser came on dressed to kill. So many stars saying goodbye like Nathan Fillion and Lawrence Fishburne. 
Bo and Nora were so cute too!! Or Bob and Hillary. Sheri went NUTS when Bo came out, just like a fan girl! LOL... Bob and Hillary with the rubber chicken-- he gave it to her. Phil Carey used to use it all the time Bob said. 
Kassie and James! They are so cute. LOVED when Tina/Andrea came out. I wish she had brought David Vickers the doggie out.

"I Pity the Fool that TOOK THIS SOAP OFF THE AIR" said Whoopi! Damn straight. It's such a shame. The Audience was FULL of fans. Every actor got a standing O. Now, The View has been on the air forever and if they had done "tributes" like this a couple of times a year for AMC and OLTL who knows what could have happened? ABC IGNORED it's soaps. IGNORED!

Judith Light was great to see too. I saw that scene with her on the stand LIVE..and was just glued to the TV Set.

Andrea Evans was trending in the US!!!

One Life to Live's FINAL cast photo. IT's GORGEOUS. I couldn't snag it as it's ABC's property but you can order one. I heard AMC's sold out in hours. 

Indulge me today with the OLTL stuff!! It was a great tribute, wish it was longer but what the heck. Soon it will be the final episode.  Not happy. 


  1. I was so happy about the tribute show but really thought it was edited badly. We only got a taste of each segment, not a juicy bite!

  2. If you missed this live and don't DVR, you can watch full episodes on I'm gonna watch it tonight, and that will be the final time I tune into an ABC program.

  3. It was edited badly, i agree but what are you going to do? Just happy it was on and everyone seemed happy. Whoopi got in a jab too. LOL

  4. OMG, Trevor St. John (Victor Jr.) was on at the last second being held by Allison Parkens. GREAT job keeping the secret, OLTL

  5. I didn't get a chance to watch the View but I did DVR it so I'll watch it after the kids go to bed tonight...but I did get a chance to watch the final episode and I was very happy and sad at the same time.


  6. Today's View, (Whoopie's comment) was brilliant. KUDOS Whoopie!!

    I cried like a baby. Flashbacks took me back in time as well.
    Naming new baby Drew. Cole. Todd. Victor. Vicki & Clint and the girls.
    Everything about todays last show was brilliant. There were no mistakes made imo.

    I will say, I learned something to day. Never believe an actor when he 'swears' to something. Trevor in an article I read recently, 'SWORE' he was not in any final scene. Aha. :)

    I can't wait for these brilliant, talented people to get to GH.
    99% of viewers think GH is over.
    I am the 1% who thinks GH is just beginning.

    Now I will go watch todays CRAP!


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