Thursday, March 22, 2018

Love Franco? Hate Franco? Read my Column!!

Image result for roger howarth on general hospital gh
THAT'S THE INFAMOUS BLT sandwich painting behind him!! 

Daytime Confidential invited me to do a guest column for them. Any topic and look what I chose. 

That's right... I'm defending that character past and present. Take a gander. If it wasn't for Roger though, all bets would be off.  Hope you enjoy. 


  1. Karen, congratulations on being published! (And now I finally know your last name!) I never liked the Franco character, but I have consistently been in love with Sonny, and look at all the bad stuff that he has done!

  2. Congrats on a thoughtful and thought provoking piece. I wasn't watching GH for the original Franco story arc, so I had no personal opinion of it, but from what I read about it, I was glad I had skipped it. He sounded beyond horrible.
    I was watching when they brought Roger on in the part. I have always liked him in the role. I think Roger has made the character multidimensional, and brought something really good to the mix For one thing, Roger is good at playing comedy. And also at playing angst.
    The possibility of the abuse is interesting; are they hinting that Bobby pushed Drew down the stairs to keep Harvey from hurting Drew like he hurt Bobby?
    Karen, you triggered some thinking about this entire Franco situation. Thanks. I am finding that this story line is the most interesting in a field of ho hum that is the rest of the show.

    1. The whole Franco storyline when James Franco played him was just too much and as a person he's just....weird. Not a fan by any means, but Roger in the role won me over. He's doing a great job.

  3. I both loved and hated Todd Manning, that being said Roger Howarth has the ability to make the reading of the phone book into an Emmy winning performance. Whatever character he portrays he turns it into his own. It certainly would have been a challenge to go into playing Franco without knowing the history of the character and try to figure it out. I despised the Carly/Franco romance, and found most of the stories that they gave the character rather tiresome. He and Nina were doomed from the start and his interactions with Kiki were usually ok, but never had the same spark after the recast. The pairing of Franco and Elizabeth was a surprise to me, and slowly grew from hatred to lukewarm enthusiasm to eventually rooting for them. Having flawed characters is what makes the show interesting, if everyone did exactly what you wanted them to do, the show would be completely boring and predictable. Whether you love, like or hate him, Franco is here to stay.

  4. Karen, you can BUY THE FRANCO MONKEY AND THE DUKE MASK in GH's Auction!!

  5. Matthew I KNOW!! I saw all of those!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! I'm dying here. I don't know which I want more. Those masks are AWESOME

  6. Great column Karen! I read it before I knew it was you that had written it. While I understand and appreciate your viewpoint, as well as others, I still hate Franco and think RH is highly overrated. Just my opinion as someone who never saw him before he appeared here. I admit he didn't faze me the least when he started as Todd, but the Franco character should have been dead and buried. He has shown cruelty even after the tumor was removed, for example attacking Heather and putting that guy who raped Liz in a dog kennel. Just disturbing to watch. I still think Liz deserves better. He's certainly not the worst offender criminal wise but as I said before, the others tend to act fairly normal.

  7. Nice story, and I love RH, but can't stand Franco and Friz.

  8. Really enjoyed reading your column in Daytime Confidential. I've always been a big Roger fan. Great job!

  9. That column got tons of response! I just commented on it before I knew who wrote it. I'm a Roger lover and can forgive him as Franco because the actor is so good.

    We have to realize Franco was created for James Franco by Robert Guza. James F, on an ego trip, wanted to try soap acting and because he had a movie name, GH accommodated him. I hated that, hated him. Really have no patience when shows twist stories out of wack to bring on some guest star--I find them disruptive and because you know they are temporary, not worth following. I was very disappointed when they made Roger Franco. But he has made me love the character by sheer personality and warm acting.

    The Franco Liz love story is one of my favorites. He is so grateful for her love, so needs to be loved. Love that he and Drew are teamed and that they are finding that boyhood camaraderie.

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