Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2:30...Jumping in with Both Feet.

So, who thinks Nelle is going to run that new chick over with the car? SQUISH...Later, Nelle sees a hallucination of what she thinks is them talking about taking a trip.
Yeah, She's gonna stab that girl!

I see Ava and Griff are as boring as ever. 

Betsy Franco has purple hair on my TV. 

Looks like Drew swam to safety.  But Franco isn't there..oh wait, yep there he is. Then they go to the PCPD where Sam and Liz are trying to report that the concrete was poured over them. 

Michael Easton
Billy Miller
Nancy Lee Grahn
Laura Wright
Maura West
Wally Kurth
A Montgomery
Hudson West
Hayley Erin
Chloe Lanier


  1. Laughing....or smiling, happy to be alive? Back to work today so I have to dvr. 😓

  2. So they swam through the sewer to the harbor? You pump sewage into your harbors in the states? ewwww

    I'd like to see Michael move out and go stay at his mom's hotel till his apt is ready. Then Monica will have to decide if shewants Nelle living there or Michael because she can't have both.

    The little nurse was nice but she talks too fast. lol

    I'm glad things are moving along so quickly. Hopefully Betsy tells them the truth by Friday.

  3. March 20th episode.

    Police station:

    Jordan and Liz: JORDAN! WOULD YOU JUST LISTEN TO HER!!!!!!!

    Jordan: I'm listening.


    Kidnapped basement:

    BobTodd and Drew: Oh look it's cream of wheat! Oh wait no it's paint!!!! And the paint is coming so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwly. Does Harvey want them to die slowly? Oh BobTodd is standing on the paint! He could die of paint poisoning! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Harvey's hotel room:

    Harvey on the phone with Henchman: Hmmmmm Henchy doesn't want to kill them!!! I like Henchy. :)

    Harvey and Landlord: Someone complained about Harvey's SUV? Was that person who complained Sam? Oh hi Sam! You must have fake complained eh? :)

    Buffalo N.Y. cabin: BUFFALO!!!!! :) Ohhhh fantastic find you found there Curtis!!!! YAY!

    Jurtis: Curtis won the line of the day.

    Curtis: So you teleported here?

    BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Writers have you been reading message boards or blogs? :)

    The hospital:

    Mike, Sonny, Dante, and Griffy: GAH hreakbreaking!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    Dr. Benchy's private room:

    Benchy and Kiwi: HOLY CRAP! I am surprised nobody here mentioned this!!!!! I was so uncomfortable watching this scene!!! I looked at the time and the show was almost over!! Whew. Then when Kiwi left the office, I shivered!!!! Massaging her shoulders, SO INAPPROPRIATE!!!! While she was leaving, he mentioned the shadow program again, and I thought he was going to change his mind about it because she rejected him. This whole scene gave me the creeps!!!! She don't want you touching her Dr. Benchy!!!! BACK OFF!!!

  4. "Di said...So they swam through the sewer to the harbor? You pump sewage into your harbors in the states? ewwww"

    ROFL! Well they DO smell badly! :)

  5. This show is really good now and this week has been a real nail-biter! I'm pleased with the Drew and Franco team-up, I do like Griffen and Ava, though Ava is not someone I could wish happy-ever-after to, I love Anna and Finn together, I am eagerly looking forward to Scorpio returning and I dearly hope by then TPTB have seen the light and have Genie back and Laura in a goood story with Kevin. Robert and Laura were good friends, adventure-mates at one time, so some interaction is necessary there.

    I was so anxious to see how Drew and Franco got out--and then my TV was on the blink for the first 1/2 hour and I missed it.

    I have little patience watching Nelle and Michael stuff, and right now theirs are about the scenes I want to skip. I am even a bit caught up in the Sonny-Mike story.

    And Kiki and Dr Bench--boy, that was nerve-wracking. I remember so many years ago when I was in middle school, a female teacher was acting so odd with me that it really scared me and I simply didn't know what to say to her--much as Kiki was struggling. This was my teacher, an older person who could make me stammer anyway. I told my mom and whatever she did, it stopped and I got moved to a different class. I imagine most of us could tell some story about this. Kiki is in that lose her shadow program, her place in her class, which of course, is how predators manipulate. Funny, I didn't think they would have this well-regarded actor in such a story.

    The actors on GH are marvelous and deserve every Emmy they get!

  6. I agree with those of you who mentioned the creepiness of Dr Bensch. I was hoping that eventually they would give him a decent storyline and he'd stay around. But if they are going this way, and it seems obvious that is the intent, I want it to end quickly. I see this on the news, don't want to see it in my entertainment too. Loved the scene with Drew and Franco getting on deck. Drew says "we swam to shore" and Franco says "well, the Navy Seal swam, I sort of paddled"... lol Then Drew pats him on the shoulder in a friendly/brotherly way. Good scenes yesterday.

  7. Really enjoyed the show today. Did I ever think that Drew would be acting so Buddy Buddy with Franco so quickly? No. But I kind of like it, and Sam will most likely use it as her way out of her marriage to Drew. "I can't be married to someone who is friends with Franco!!!" Goes back to Jason, barf. Liz wins line of the day for me.."You might smell like a landfill, but i still love you" Aww...The Kiki/Bench scene was very well done, the creepiness came across very well. He's grooming her into a position where she's going to feel like it's her fault if something does happen to her. Very realistic. Nelle is going to go full on psycho here soon, hope Mikey the IV is out of the oven by then.

  8. I think that if you crawl through sewage you should get decontaminated before you kiss your spouse. Of course, they came up through the harbor, so wouldn't they get clean from that and not smell? As someone else said here, is the sewage connected to the harbor? Also disappointed that they didn't show them getting out, just reemerging in the harbor.

    Re Dr. Bensch, I always thought he was kinda creepy, but he did seem like a nice guy when he dated Alexis. I think that it is very timely that they are showing this story now--GH often takes their stories from the headlines, which I think is a good thing. I think they showed very clearly how, when someone is standing on the line of inappropriate behavior, but hasn't quite crossed it, the victim is put in a position where it is hard for her to show a strong reaction. She just kept trying to get away and not offend him, which likely is what most of us have done when put in similar situations. I remember a male professor I had while in college (I was about 19, he was about 45, which I thought to be ancient at the time) who came on to me, and I tried to back out of it (which I did), then I got a C- in his course, which wasn't fair. You wouldn't even think back then of telling anyone, as he never touched me, so it would be my word against his. I'm glad that times are changing!

  9. Really disappointed that Finola didn't get a nom - she is always outstanding. Amazing how no one told those two that the water is freezing and they shouldn't act like it was summer. That whole escape was so farfetched but nice surprise that Betsy was found. I don't see much chemistry with Mikey and the new girl. He's kind of a bland personality anyway.

  10. Could Billy M and Roger H become the new Robert/Luke bromance? I have to admit, in the few scenes that I bothered to watch yesterday, I kind of like their vibe. Both are great actors and this could be a fun friendship if the writers play their cards correctly.

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  12. Harvey's hotel room:

    Liz and Harvey: Man I am so glad Liz and Sam are a team!!!! :)

    Buffalo cabin: I was thinking is that Betsy? WOW IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to see you Betsy!!!!

    Jurtis and Betsy: Come on Betsy just tell Jurtis the truth!!!!!! I don't want to wait until you tell Bobby and Andy!!


    Michael and Franscesca: Huh? A job interview? Oh wait Francesca was joking. :) They are so cute together! Someone on another soap board mentioned that she looks like the woman who played adult Avery in Ava's dream! Yeah I think she is!!! :) Oh oh Janey spying.. Yeah Janey is not going to like Michael dating!

    Janey: You are not someone else's happily ever after Michael. You're mine.

    RA RO! Is she going run fransceca over with her car and pretend it was pregnancy brain?

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Janey: Hmmm yeah I wonder would Ava want to help Janey when she realizes that Janey is using Morgan to get to Carly? I don't think so. It's good that Janey is hiding what she is doing from Ava.

    Grava: Oh oh more insecure alert!!

    Outside kidnapped basement: Yeah you all better hurry up! The paint is spreading so slow!!! The men could die any minute from slow spreading paint!

    The pier:

    BobTodd and Drew: YAY!!!! They are alive!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

    Francesca and Michael: Awwww they are over before they began. :(

    Francesca: Hey. Save your number in your phone. Just in case, I don't know just save it.

    YAY!!!! There is hope! :)

    Police station:

    Mr Frowny pants and Harvey: Oh you don't believe anything this jerk Harvey says do you? Oh whew he doesn't. :)

    Friz, and Paint and Wall: They are stinky!!!! Do they stink worse than baby poo in diapers? :) Wow!!! Friz who have broken up, kiss long! While Paint and Wall give each other a long hug without kissing. Did anybody notice that?!!?! Now is Paint not kissing Wall, a hint that she loves Jason more? :) BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: The navy seal swam out, I paddled out.


    Mr. Frowny Pants: Hey!!! He smiled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA! Sound the alarm!!! Chase is smiling!!!!

  13. In a picture I saw somewhere of the actress playing Francesca I thought she looked like Brenda. . .

  14. "AntJoan said...In a picture I saw somewhere of the actress playing Francesca I thought she looked like Brenda. . ."

    I can see her play Brenda's daughter! She looks like Brenda. :)


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