Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Surgery: The Saviors

I give this offering to the altar of redemption 

Another week rolls by and I have to decide if I am going to do a Sunday Surgery!! I feel like I'm failing but hey, as you know NEW DOG (only 3 months still) and this is my push week to do all the year end reports for work. Year end being June. (yes, they are due in March!). So, I hope this is better than NO blog. 

Watching this week was...well...a bit sad. I so loved the pace GH had a few months ago and how everyone moved across the canvas. I wonder if production came into the writer's room and said "NOPE! Go back to our 'tried and true' formula of snore and bore'!! Don't get me wrong, there have been near perfect scenes--especially with the Mike story. Other times? I just can't even. 

Daylight Savings Time -- UGH. No thank you. 

It was definitely a JASAMMER's week... that's for sure. I even had a friend who's a giant fan text me from Florida. "FINALLY" she said--then was pissed they didn't kiss. LOL. Me? Meh--I'm ambivalent between Dream and JaSam-- I enjoy both pairings. I do think Kelly plays more "in love" with the Jason character and more "having fun" with the Drew character.  So, if you didn't see it...JaSam went through an explosion (supplied by Guza?) and then Sam cracked and told him she loved him.  They finally touched. Got all teary-eyed. I think their theme song played. Sam then went back to GH where Drew was laying in bed after the freezer door incident. What will happen next? I think we can map this out using our Soap 101 text. 

Let's talk about the BIG EVENT.... The EARTHQUAKE.  First of all, if you're doing a disaster, please make sure your editing team is on point.  If things are off--they are OFF.  Everything was so disjointed and scenes were too choppy to enjoy.  No one even got major hurt! Predictable? Here we go: 

Jason and Sam save Franco-- Sam's moved on, why should the rest of the world? 

Franco saves Drew-- because we need a karma circle 

Kid Drama bring together Baby Daddy/Mama-- I was so hoping Oscar at least lost a toe to frostbite. 

Julian saves Molly-- because-- you know why. We all know why. 

Liz forgives Franco--because, well, he's alive! I didn't even hear her ask where the hell he was all that time? 

The Floating Rib Destroyed--because Jules owns Charlie's and you know,  that has to be the meeting spot in town. 



Anna and Maddox in Monaco--er...Belgium -- I was dying laughing because the "cafe" is the same as the "cafe" in Monaco. Someone on twitter even pointed out that they used the same chairs. Every time we "go somewhere" (see: Mexico with Curtis/Jordan) it's at a cafe so they can dress the environment with props.  Yeah, yeah.  Remember the tents in Morocco? Ok, so Anna and Maddox (who is released from prison by the WSB to help with mind mapping) are looking for her midwife. *sigh*  Instead of the older lady that delivered Baby Faison Jr. we get her daughter. Who happens to remember the date Anna gave birth--because.. well, it's a soap. I thought maybe Valentin had hired the girl but nope. She was legit. All of a sudden she trusted Anna, ran to her house in 4.5 seconds and got a birth certificate.  And guess what? It was a boy! Valentin lied!? (who didn't see that coming?) 
Said son (or supposed son) is talking to Maxie. How? Well, she's wandering around The Metro because he doesn't want to stay at home. The two of them are all of a sudden chit-chatting about Maxie's fear of her baby having Huntinton's disease. Well!! WOW! That's what Peter is anxious about --and so is Anna. See how it ties together? By the time this scene is over (yes, Peter had his shirt off for half of it :eyeroll:) Maxie is taking Peter to her amnio!! Why? Oh, Lulu's out of the picture, she thinks Nina would freak out too much and her own mother couldn't "take it".    I actually swore at the TV when she was saying those things. 

NELLE and the Bae-Bae: 

Finally!! Nello is going to move into the Q mansion! Her apartment was destroyed in the quake and Monica was all "come live with us"!!  Michael is less than thrilled. My other wish? Michael liked her...even loved her. It's so much better when the guy is being blindsided, isn't it? I look forward to Olivia and Nello scenes! 

So what's coming? Sam's going to supposedly tell Drew about her hand touch with Jason. We saw he and Kim bonding over Oscar's blue-lipped trauma. Friz was busy naked showering-- and who knows where evil Harvey ran?  Will Franco remember more? Why does he have that damn rabbit's foot? Did they eat a rabbit in brotherly solidarity? 

Jules 'saved' Molly...which made Alexis look at him adoringly. Molly was grateful. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T WE SEE STELLA ? I'm really pissed about the Stella stuff. She was all up in the Charles' Street story.  Don't tell me that Curtis and Jordan bedside scene couldn't have been replaced with Jordan finding TJ, Stella and Molly.  What's the deal with this new Harry guy? Sure he's pretty but WHY NOT MAKE CURTIS DANTE'S PARTNER? WHY??!! It would be great. I could see those two bantering away through many SVU type stories.  If Kiki can finish med school in less than a year, we can make Curtis a detective by mayoral decree or something


Mike. Oh Mike...!! Max Gail is killing it. You know I'm glad he took the role over if we couldn't have Ron Hale. He and Maurice are in great sync. He was wandering during the earthquake and CarSon realized that he couldn't be on his own.  It took Sonny awhile but he finally came around. Mike found out Rita left him and realized how different life was going to be in the future.  I really hope they let this play out. It will be a long and painful journey but worth it. Please don't mar it with some stupid mob side-story. Just have Sonny deal with 'life' for once. Maybe Bobbie can help-- go to some workshops for memory care. Many possibilities. 


Oh boy..this mess is what happens when writer's don't think about the future when mapping out stories. Sure they didn't know Ron was going recast Franco so they made him as nasty as possible and killed him off. The single biggest regret I have of Ron's tenure is the decision to have Roger play this part.  We've had years of the 'redemption' story. Either have people move the hell on and have "Franco" own it or NOT. That means having him either turn evil or go to jail. It doesn't mean hooking him to the angelic nurse lady with 3 kids.  Geesh, I'm so sick of this! I wish James Franco (who's not doing much since his scandal) could come back, say he was the twin that did all that crap and Roger got the false memories. I don't even care how they do it. Just do something.  

LINE OF THE WEEK:  OMG..Sonny!! He's trying to make Carly mad and evokes the NAME OF BRENDA!! 

Let's see if I can tune in more next week. There's not a lot motivating me. I was rushing in for awhile to catch the show. Not so much now. Tristan is coming back, that should be nice. Nelle at the Qs could be fun as well. Here's hoping the Mike story is moving forward. 

Photos from Twitter--thanks to @PamPetrakos  @MJQFF @The_WSB 


  1. Thanks for the very comprehensive SS--even more impressive since you say you couldn't watch all that much! Any word yet on Laura's return?

  2. So the hospital - it was NOT at all in the quake vicinity? WHERE is St. Luke's Church geographically?
    WHERE the hell were Mac and Felicia?
    and not having Stella anywhere is an insult to all of us - and I liked that new cop DOES follow the book and DOES have an attitude - let's work with that....
    I actually like Julian with Kim -
    I read that Liz decides to tell Drew about Sam - JUST when I thought 'she is nice again' they take her character and make her into doing something NONE of her business.....

    1. True, none of her business, but he needs to know. It was unfair of Sam to do this to Drew.

  3. Karen - vey good Sunday Surgery. Totally agree with you on the error of casting Roger as Franco. I think the story with Rebecca has been good. They both have great chemistry together. Why not introduce Todd back to GH and make him CEO of Aurora. Find a way to connect Franco to Todd. There is a huge story flaw with Jason, the guy kills people quarterly and never needs redemption. Why does Franco need redemption at this point when there is a medical reason for his behavior? Why the double standard?

  4. JSL,i agree with you about jason. He is written so superior.

  5. I totally disagree about the Franco character. He was tried for his crimes and found not responsible and he has changed. He doesn’t need to go to jail anymore than any other character that did terrible things like Sonny, Sam, Jason, Julian. It’s only because his crimes were against the exalted mob leads that they still get rehashed.

  6. Excellent SS! I agree about Franco - he shouldn’t be treated any worse than the other “criminals”, but as played by RH he always acts like a lunatic. Not sexy or attractive. They really need to stabilize the way he is portrayed before anyone accepts fully his redemption. That is the difference between him and Jason, Julian, etc. it’s beyond quirky but more like unstable. Greg E. Is also doing a great job as the smarmy Harvey. Great idea to have Dante and Curtis as partners. Never knew earthquakes were selective in the areas that were hit, especially in one small town.

  7. Thanks once again for my Sunday morning addiction.

    kdmask said....The Floating Rib Destroyed--because Jules owns Charlie's and you know, that has to be the meeting spot in town.

    *** I found this odd as Charlie’s is on Charles Street where the epicenter was, and I don’t think the Floating Rib is.

    And I agree about the error of casting Roger as Franco. That character was irredeemable in my books. They should have had him be anyone else but Franco. Maybe Liz could forgive all the things that Franco did to other people but how can she forgive the fact that he kidnapped Aiden when he was a baby? And having Roger constantly playing the immature goof wouldn't make anyone think he'd be a great family man. Tumor or no tumor that was a very poor decision.IMHO

  8. Great SS this week!

    I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of bringing James Franco back for a (VERY) short amount of time to just clean up the mess that seems to be getting worse as time goes on. I've NEVER liked him, but would GLADLY put up with him for a few episodes if things could get sorted out. I can't really fault RC for doing what he did, as he really did get stuck with the short end of the stick, so to speak, when it came to recasting. That said, after watching his time when writing OLTL, and what he's done with DAYS, since he started there, there's no doubt that when he is fully "on point" so to speak, he knows how to write for soaps. Unfortunately though, I'm seeing a LOT of the same themes, storylines etc.. over and over again.


    1. Totally agree, not a James Franco AR ALL but maybe for a few episodes it could help. I love Roger and he made me love the Franco character and I didn't think that was ever possible. Wish he could come back as Todd, ditto for Michael Easton.

  9. Okay, I have a question, and I don't know a lot about earthquakes. If the Floating Rib is on a boat . . . Wouldn't it have been okay?

  10. Billikers:
    "Okay, I have a question, and I don't know a lot about earthquakes. If the Floating Rib is on a boat . . . Wouldn't it have been okay?"

    The Floating Rib, despite its name, is not on a boat. You might be thinking of The Haunted Star, which is a boat.

  11. Wanda Woman, you are absolutely right, that's what I was thinking of. Thank you!!!

    Side Note: Instead of having Julian become a bar owner, I wish they would just bring Coleman back. :p

  12. Billikers said...

    Okay, I have a question, and I don't know a lot about earthquakes. If the Floating Rib is on a boat . . . Wouldn't it have been okay?

    ** The original Floating Rib from about the mid 80s WAS on a boat. (I can't remember exactly what became of it, off hand). The "current" Rib was originally known as Jake's for quite awhile. I can't remember when or why for certain that Jake sold the place to Coleman, at one point. I want to say it was around the time when AJ destroyed Coleman's strip club. Just at one point she was gone and had sold the bar to Coleman. After Luke hit and "killed" Liz's son Jake, paid Coleman to change the name so everytime she had to drive by there she wouldn't have to see the name of her "dead" child flashing in neon. Renaming the place to the "Rib" was completely "textbook" RC. I.E. throwing in little references here and there that long time viewers would get a smile or bit of a laugh at.



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